Safe place to sell items online

Monday, October 23rd

People sell stuff online all the time. But where can you meet to close the deal that is SAFE?! 


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Jerry clever or. I think I have a problem. You finally. Hey hey I'm right here I've. So for the longest time I never clicked and that little thing that that's the I call the virtual garage sale on FaceBook where people to sell other crap on FaceBook. Home. So coupled. And a half ago I clicked out of it yeah now I'm addicted. Now Biden crap I don't really need. You try to get need to bite eighties Mercedes this little slight bit and that. This are so do I body a very nice camera which I'd always wanted to nice DS LR camera yeah. Never really been able to afford why am I try to really great deal on line great super happy with it. So my laptop that have been using year for years is kind of on the outs it's dying a slow death so I'm like you know I find I use the laptop. It's cheap that's it doesn't have to be knew it doesn't have to have a ton got Stuart I just it just needs some specs so I can edit audio and stuff like that's I found one okay. And it's a hundred bucks. Traditional that's cheat. So. The the girl that was selling it as a college student her in town and I usually you have to find a safe place to be to do these interactions right absolutely soul. He said you know what you choose the place real Erica a dude. I'm not worried about it if her role refer to dollars I'll just handed to you can't really have a nice day and walk away so. She was downtown yesterday. Said hey I said you know I'm out of work in the evenings so let me know if like 630 would work for you. She can that be perfect downtown for conventions like Augusta at the convention center perfect two blocks from here. She sent a message back okay I'm done early. Is at 5 o'clock did you did you come now I know I can't come now but I worked too well actually you can come here or we can meet at 6630. Site wow. I can come their QB the address given the address and only ten minutes later she sends you note. All the little messenger stubs you probably heard it on my show yesterday if you're listening to my page should they get done cop but it went to. We're really comfortable with this. Odd to me someplace that's maybe a little safer. Like OK let. It's safer place to her is the parking lot of the cost goes down in Brighton. Public now point oh can now count this port holdout. Holdout. I don't say anything but I thought it. And they are late you don't feel safe meeting at the convention center the zillion people you don't feel safe meeting here where there's a receptionist. And people in and out of the building all the time you wanna meet the parking lot and at this point I'm like okay. This is get weird so. Go back for a couple more times try to mail about a time she just stick tape of the dad. Just take you this card dealership my family owns the place and I'll I'll feels safe there in my mom's work America to remain there well that's right there. And I after a fire up the computer makes everything hurts I handed the money like our. What was the deal woods' agent location if the that she's a college kid yeah she appeared to be maybe twenty years old. And she laughed and we know this for a fact because we tried to have concerts downtown she does. I'm not familiar with the city and I didn't really feel comfortable trying to explore a new neighborhood to me subject to just be easier to meet places that I do. I'll. Remember we tried to do concerts yet and a certain venue. Yeah and people came down once than I'd ever had rendered our coverage of the city did and it was like I was like oh my god there are people in this world we're terrified of the city yeah. Terrified. I know. And because I and he we are here every day. And me at all hours of the day and night yeah I don't think twice about it but I know hey I'll live with one. How about this my little hometown of the pneumonia. It is weekly. Weekly on the blotter the police blotter. With people be a busted for drugs people be about spurt some girl does got busted for driving with there's license suspended like 29 different dot com Mike you know. All those crazy stuff and but nobody down. Stuff goes out all the time here. We don't see anything here or anything happened here yeah other and their dog had walked. It's so weird that she guys she was like yeah can we meet the parking lot of constant. You don't think we should feel safer in a parking lot of a box door. Then she does walking into the front lobby of our building and we'd scared everyone away even I had guys.