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Thursday, October 5th

This School REALLY does Rock!!

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Just as a country that need to five WB EE that's the Brothers Osborne and and not filed. What time does that you can do it times you lack Angela good morning it's time is 1040 a and yeah beautiful voice and I know we're joined by Matt in by Emily from school of rock. Actually Amelie born male and Matt wait a minute I got a bit here and right OK good I. Honestly. I mean there is like why rule of mound for all actors. Do not share the stage. With animals aren't sure. They're just did not get out of a dark Kanye. And I hear that you are sharing the stage was some amazing kids on an amazing kids and to top it all out there playing Iraq instruments live onstage alone that was totally won my question and I are keiki ass every night eight shows a week. They are playing a guy. If there's even a moment when that when they come when the characters compete in the battle of the bands. Where that actual like that depict orchestra comes up and watches them perform with the conductor seat in my. To to see that it's all of them it's not that's not. That's a professional because the orchestra this is the way it was. Described to me which for a child of the seventies is amazing. It was described as a flat out Jesus Christ superstar orchestra in that pet. Ford shares at an amazing. Orchestra that just brings everything to life. And you're telling me they put their instruments down and the kids takeover during battle of the bands yet and some awesome other team's youth day when they do their solos it's all alive I think they really rough but a that is so cool school rock is that the auditorium theatre it's part of the of course and anti Broadway. And the T bank Broadway series now goes on breakthrough in the seventh. Of October cracked. And it. It is it this is to show you want to bring your kids to I I believe oh yeah because they're watching their peers for one thing in mind. What is the coolest thing about being part of the show for you guys this has a lot of heart. It's it it follows a story of a wanna be rocks or do we fan who really just wants to live out his dreams and become rocks at the only way he can do it is to impersonate a substitute teacher me. I am an edge neatly at a prestigious private prep school cult where screen. So he finds his way through. Through these kittens who are. Really talented have a lot of potential but just need to be shaken up a little bit out of their routine inspired. And up wished to be rock stars themselves to share solve what's really wonderful to see the kids change from these little suites. Kids in year four firemen who are in lock step walking around school you know skating treaties. Preparing for college into these kids who are just kind of letting loose in running their voices be heard and and following their music trains you pretty handy so you're now the principal your the other teacher right I actually I and live with my boyfriend and edged legally paid and that outside and OK I that I am the one trying to get do we Fenton kind of grow up and find a path that is right. Out the door yet. Oh gosh this is great it's an awesome show because. You know kids these days are just weighed too obsessed with screens and things that aren't really. Life breathing and reality. And a day that lacks for me emotion. And so when you put this in front of them on the stage in the home booms and it. It just is a this is at this is the one you should bring your kids to to get them a wave from that. I'm absolutely in India reality hopefully a lot of kids will leave our shell and want to pick up an instrument or. Take an acting class or start their own musical careers. You have an it audit. You know I think a lot of times the kids they spend a lot of time on their screens because they're looking for some level of connection churn. That's the face for the they're looking in in a place that isn't always they've now was gonna find it right. And one of the great parts about the show like in my mentioned is how much heart isn't it. And the you you feel that when you watch these kids who are who are essentially unseen and unheard by their parents. Find true connection and choose their own true voices. And that's it's really beautiful. That's how cement and I think you're there you're absolutely right that that's awesome that's great take on it. It runs raped in the seventh of October. So I've got a couple of recommendations. For you guys how long have you been in town. We even here for about three weeks we'll we'll finish up our third week here we'd that we did tech person this is the launch of the whole tour. The guiding these days and see and a whole. All of and I can't tell you anything you don't already know for crying out like you've gone ample taking right apple take paying little ugly death scene Cardona and yeah apps are done and I. Am I do that here I am eleven that you don't have boxed her daughters for opening night again those the perfect treat we all didn't need. And there you're eight. You know what I'm Sonia. Of the how Long Will go for Helen got and what color. 88 weeks. Am in the. Targeting in the contract these I don't know well I know that where we're going to 33 cities OK so far as I know that you guys jumped on an awesome time this rate I mean you don't do the entire runner or doing him. Or do you if you. Lucky I know disaster Erica I'm going to be here for the first year that. Same here. That's so great. Yeah I'll have so much fun with this same here because what a great way to see the country running around spreading rock music and Julie of people that's absolutely and we eighty joy we didn't we damn like crazy so thank you so much for the escape that theater is. And they showed that you guys provide for us really do appreciate his program so saying I you bet you bet ends and come out just are really yeah you seeing NAFTA until the snow flies.