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Tuesday, January 23rd

Scotty is on his way Rochester!!  He has his hands full, a hit song, a new show and an upcoming wedding!!!!!

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Very bad period short. How are you who aren't so good about. Good good good good I'm Terry clustered thank you so much for giving me some time this morning. We are Luke recite the value coming up to codecs theater on the ridge. You know wait. You know at remote there. It's not awesome EU did our Napa last chart you list guitars and stars treasurer yeah you we're just here in the fall. All I got it was a great show it UN sanction fee and based up here you have to know that. It they've been really out here over the years ago when you look it up there. You know what else until now outlaw. Yeah without a doubt. And OK so let's talk a little bit about five more minutes did you room you wrote that song correct. I didn't put that back then it there is it popular song written a good bet that their. Glad to be you know you have it when you when you go to I don't know. I do well. Then there will be because of my grandfather. Undergo what you're in the united Norton but other people. That's the cool at all that this is your a look at a story. I was just gonna ask if you had any idea how much that would resonate with so many other people. And so many ways. I mean there. I really did I really did and that's been the best spend it on Twitter FaceBook and you are paid premiere but it stopped in its kind of you know. Thank threaten us all over it. That's the cool thing is an article one hour or so spoke about. What it's all about. Is it to be able to you know be. Help to someone. Getting through something that's so obviously. Painful I mean most people go to school for a psychology degree for that you know Hulk but there is a gift to music. Absolutely it feeling though I get we're gonna pop quiz caddie though it may do little research are right. I. Your favorite city I'm planet earth. Who. It is video platter there I might have to go home Sydney Australia. Oh yeah it was really it was really fine. Why okay that surprised me that surprised me very good wouldn't get this next question. Favorite football team. Boo but sort of the book so they're gonna light it. But I bet you're doing when. Great epic pitchers. And so sorry gets the rock circuit. I. Have a OJ baseball you'll like based off a deliberate the favorite baseball team. Again probably a ground ball so it is a gonna have to go to Boston that. Oh my god I'm so sorry we just got a telegram your concerts canceled. So sorry about that. Approved by the I'm reading stuff on Saturday. An icy. Your love for Boston now when oh no. We don't tell me. And then I saw a picture of you admit patriots. Jersey Allan. I got to give him props for awareness for his kept it for being photographed him and I got to give him props for. About it if you live by. Our outrage. Readers who want a bigger recovered the ball but he originally is that true. It certainly provoke partners like that my whole life so. Well that's cool that are right you'd you know what your forget then I mean. You could have said Rochester New York was your favorite city I planet earth. It's right. That dollars and alright so what do we expect what are you out with a full band it critics theater on the ridge. Gillard Baird. The what we're told. There are very well at about five that those who liked it better without it. We got to do out of output of the where a lot of bulk of open it hurt like I would have called a little. Every single person. Or Putin temperature also. Yeah I can't articulate. Are plentiful for quite a bit. Cookbook 200. That's awesome that is us and tickets are available right. Ed at the theater rated the box office and this shows can be great February 11. It just occurred to me you're doing all this work here revamping the show year. You know work in hearted the whole thing is this all an effort to. Avoid the wedding plans because that's all we skin always fun for everyone write it up. Yeah. Is this network would want him it was never there for your book operatic all the haters out here for but there was no debate here in college yeah so. Does that the way Hitler and those who don't. Well god bless you good luck after all of that I remember dummy it was 35 years ago for me but it and but you know there when it there's an Evan floats are planning a wedding that's for sure irked you it can get stressful at times. But you don't remember I used to say to my husband the most important thing really is the day after so. You NB we're gonna show up will be out dressed up. It's various. There's going to be a priest is he's my brother but there are studying it. If there is no flowers if there's no band our really care that you push you got the band covered soak. Up that. And it will let them again that they would yeah. Like Europe is all about you know the broad agreement in the next state is not a wherever. That's right certain your new life. Rude well congratulations. You know what you've got the world by the tail I know it probably doesn't always feel like it but. My belief for you the best is yet to come so and we can't wait to see a hair Rochester so thanks so much for always keeping us in mind and coming up here in north as we appreciate it. Absolutely loved it out there. Well we'll try and make sure there's no blizzard but we make absolutely no promises with her career were here are okay. Thanks catty take care and I have a good day. But there were little.