Something WORSE happened on the Oscars than the wrong announcement

Tuesday, February 28th

Think announcing the wrong winner on the Oscars was the biggest OOPS of the evening? Terry explains an even BIGGER oops that happened earlier in the broadcast.

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Gerry Clifford Billy Kidd spent two closets you're done one of these side but it probably sixty Swedish yes that's barely but I love it. I know it you're right at. Silly Oscars last night this is funny because I did some heated morning show meetings in October 27 years yeah and I think in myself. I would not want to be in the meeting at 123 Oscars street this morning. Are not Warren Beatty. And that's what does not sell for everybody doesn't know what's going on yeah yeah Oscars they announced the wrong movie ads that movie best movie. Award winner of the war that everyone waits until midnight and it was late after midnight I think probably so we're talking a three hour show the culminates with that moment and. They handed Warren. And who is it Faye Dunaway they got away yeah. Read the card out loud and they get up there and there are some craziness going on onstage rather up there are giving their thank you reward states. And Rogers out to give it to the wrong movie has of the director. A La La land grabs the microphone and says this doesn't blonde lots. Moonlight was the winner. And you hear. Out the banana. Joking that's not a joke but Billy so that was bad enough okay in by the way if you ask me moonlight should've won. It is a much more. On 2017. And plot line but here's the biggest thing out and not. I know I'm the only one that's not is that Google did this morning. Well in them in memorial alleys watch a gas power they miss 10 yeah. So Janet Patterson who has a costume designer okay Janet Patterson did die in October. And she had done some pretty big movies pretty. Significant move tees putts she had the best friend whose name is GN. Chatman. They put G and Chapman's picture up. The next few. Janet Patterson so the Oscars killed the wrong person yes they did all mine and G and Jan Chapman was not immune because it was. Surpassed my Hamilton she's blocking. And it's her think he's. Now in the audience like. Okay wait a minute I think she's right here are actually worse and affluent that whatever. I experienced it gets even worse. Reason I noticed. Is it that's underneath very quickly they put it. Jane can't be home now G can be alone produced a movie called the piano I don't know if you that I know the movie I didn't see him but I know lob it Alan hunter with he'd been. And at the very end when the piano went overboard. Ship. And holly hunter's legs got cotton by the way based routing the movie. Store. Yeah. She yeah yeah. Yeah I think I'd like. Yeah. How to make it anyway. So now I am so now they got to answer for and kind of had the kind of deals it now one of the. Is what it does is say. Production issue because they put the wrong picture up well vetting issue too yes and the other issue with naming the rock movie as an award winner. I don't know what that is and they just look through that whole thing where there are two. You know each envelope for the Oscars cost 200 bucks. They have two sets of envelopes. One price Waterhouse one there. One in India and. X eight and they're so big stage tweeting about one and the beast when your feet saying I just saw Leo. Caprio splits the outflow since his. What. Do you tell you what the here's the thing. Warner Brady's gonna take the fall for all of this yet he's got it takes and he could he's a guy who read the card right. Right they shouldn't be the guy tick in the ballpark OK you're onstage and you're card it's the culmination of the awards show and it's as Emma Stone block all my dad yeah. Okay I'm look at attic on what may be am as the one who's gonna come up and represent every I don't know and I. And just every that's that's probably what was then on his confused look at me and you know like actually later. Okay did you watch it. You want to look. So I didn't stay out to watch it last night. Of course I'd learned about it the next morning like 95% of the population probably dead. But I'm amazed at how political. The response was. Stupid liberals ohm yeah. Not just annihilate drudgery. You've got to be all right it was instead it was odd twitters. That needs to grabbed me there was hugged his book you have literally have now goes back to politics they Obama that extra good fit at the restaurant I do have to say. We this morning was hilarious I didn't see that would there was some that might gal who was right in the shell like you know like what half. You know he thought you know what kept iceberg of what. Yeah yeah. That's why did I finally Jimmy Kimmel. Oh yeah elderly Sharon. But that's Korea in the throw everything now is politicized. And you know I was talking with effort to do this morning. About are we ever going to go back to the way it was before where you can have a disagreement with somebody but they weren't an idiot for thinking the way they thought. I give feels like we're beyond the point there were ever going to get back to that. Don't I think the only thing that could make I don't even one I'm not wishing this and just saying. The only thing that ever pulled everyone together is some sort of national disaster. And I think that's the only thing that would make I'd remind us on where I was probably have to respectfully disagree because it would turn into this is so and so's fault you know and so on associated dog named batter before this guy became president because that would happen now had that other guy twenty years ago I didn't do that over there and then yeah you're right you're right even if it was this phenomenon. They would still find it completely. You know out of Fergie Hayes is Chris. All the political stuff happening around. You know highly worded their liberals and they aren't they definitely look there's I'm not even are you hit a. They have done all they have for ever they have forever so nobody's surprise my idea but when you see an actor passed away. I think goes viral like that I bet it was a media you know Obama got REP finds it's great I loved him. They'll extend yesterday acts and everybody loans don't ever go below to help connect a bright spot rotten bonus. When Robin Williams as the way it is instant and it was nonstop for days you're right. And and Carrie Fisher and her mom yes absolutely but we post something on her FaceBook page said hey you gonna watch you answered it right. Patriotic American liberals Olga. Bill yeah I'm. I wish you were here last week somebody called you snowflake I'm glad I took last I was on a rant. A funny word. And anyway we all survived. It may be Oscars fond well from Ford JR Peterson rocks up for her she did died but she is. Well whatever the other one at the live is that. So yeah I'll just got a second to this kind of thing going on you know senior and that's the way to make lemonade out of a bagel let the Billy Kidd and.