Sweet baby Oprah EVERYBODY IS SICK!!!!

Wednesday, February 7th

Apparently, everybody is sick right now. EVERYBODY. 

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Commentary cliff Burton. Yes Billy can't I'm gonna need you to stay on the other side of the studio until you can be thoroughly do you loud. Minute. Deal allows light I don't know how sick you people are. Sit and lice free think you know every bloody problem everybody in my house is sick of this past weekend. I would run and run and paired right through the house. Everytime I touch steady thing I don't wash my hand all for god sake my son with Hungary's automated supplement from the other room like I'll let. There are better than the kitchen exile got ready to go. Even bring it to bring it to drive T yeah I remember Lou and it's got like a really bad cold. There's like a pizza there's like three things floating round you got the regular cold you got the flu and then there's something in between. And he and my wife had to something in between Rio kinda AT but there's no fever nobody thrown up you just feel like crap. Don't you and I are so flawed it's ridiculous we know when you are sick we need to take care of by your. About ourselves and the owner I just didn't hand it to him note taking care of him bringing him to see who. And the big ginger ran well and good yeah Redskins I'll. Dinner and that anybody. That's her. Dad that's what ads are okay what do we crazy of which would have nine ounces. Haggle over the top idol do anything for example when I'm. I get sat upstairs to my room like I had tenure does bring your food after he makes it O Lou Cooper puts everything in a box. You know like the top Obama. Boxed he gets to just before the bedroom door shot at this point now the door and it brought. Is he really that there is yeah gel yeah that get laps he doesn't. Think she's hilarious you know people. What I've got downstairs I get the third degree. The last time you and then you know all the questions. Is like this combination of bleach in Lysol. Consider. Which it's just that's today because he smokes a house I'm upstairs sick and I won't catch him and then he's cleaning everything. It might get sick right right. I'll I would doubt that counters every time somebody anytime any of the sick people wandered through the capitol. I heard follow up what they with the now by all rights. Sick people they touched the fridge and you have to talk to other community that takes a breaker right do you detect some Micah we're a guy like. Like I said wait and then and then you won't have to worry about them touching any wanna get sick. Really hundred meticulous globe's op and you do not meet a man asking people I think right now that.