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Wednesday, September 28th


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Good morning welcome it's taken it out. Outdoors I am your host Jeremy Newman I hope you are having eight let's start to your Sunday and I appreciate you spending some time with this this morning here at 925 WBE. Again this is a brand new show it will happen each and every Sunday morning it's called taken it out doors in this as well we're all about. It's been a long time coming. This program is entirely dedicated to outdoor recreation. Whether it's hunting white tail Turkey waterfowl creditors big game small gains fishing whether it's the big lake you're out in the Finger Lakes for best maybe your fly fishing in the streams and tributaries. We will budget time for conversations. And education. About your hobby and it's not. I'm limited to hunt and in position anti entrapment we're gonna have guessed in conversations discussing guns and munitions not the politics of it but. The ballistics. That you know the cool stuff. Shooting sports ATVs. Boating jet skis hiking I have prison go to the Adirondacks do backpacking. They climbed peaks we will have conversations about that hobby as well this kayaking canoeing and skiing whether it's on the water whether it's on the snow dragon at two behind upon soon vote on one of our lakes it doesn't matter if it's recreation. And it is fine and it is outside. We will discuss it here on taken it outdoors our goal is to learn together look during the week on the copy club. I'll admit I come across mad Xanadu a number of his ads radical madrassas some Smart Alec expert but hey this is my baby this is my hobby. I love the outdoors I hate sitting on the couch anytime I can get outside I take advantage of it I am an enthusiastic. Student in that is my goal is for us to learn together and become better outdoorsman. No matter which area. We focus on whether you hunt fish. Europe boulder whether you're hand glider any and all outdoor recreation will be on the table here it's taken it outdoors again it will happen each and every Sunday morning at thank you for joining me today. For our inaugural broadcast season one episode one. So not you know kind of a general overview of what to expect on the show in its entire thirty. Today I'll let you know for our first broadcast sub lined up a few guest we're gonna reach out of my. Hunter safety instructor he is Dave Dan Dino he is probably license more hunters in Western New York. Then anyone the man is a fountain of information. With a lifetime of field experience we'll have a conversation with instructor gave about the changes in New York State white cell hunting regulations will have a conversation about wage you can stay safe in this field and we'll also reach out to my friend Chad Draper now he's a friend of mine Chad's also a sergeant with Livingston county sheriff's office any runs drapes outdoors there aren't apart and basically Chad is mile wide tail unseen coach he has taken me from getting lucky. To actually have been strategic currents and put me in front away more deer. Then I used to be in front of before I applied that knowledge that he gave me will also talked to chatter about wind is that's very important in the upcoming both seasoned sin control instead also turn me on to the moon dial in its application to white's hill hunting. And also ladies and gentlemen the little star power that's right I had the opportunity to meet Bob bull ride. If you don't know Bob he is one of America's. Most prominent personalities when it comes to hunt and television shows he can be seen and heard in his articles read. Across the entire United States of America. I catching those stopped and I DVR shows on the Outdoor Channel is on Winchester legends he's also one rack masters as the bass pro shops show. And I wanna talk to Bob does he hunts all over the nation I wanna give his opinion on how our trophy bucks are big New York slob but it's stacked up against bucks across the nation I'm talking where we in compared to Illinois where we in comparison to the big slobs we seek common out of Iowa. I'm interested to get Bob's. Opinion on that since Bobby is one of the foremost experts in this country on archery hunting. I want it's odd to him about three scandal location in some other general concepts that you can go out in two weeks on opening day of Marjorie. And apply in the field to your mind. And hopefully make you a successful harvester. On that day harvester. I'm not talking like that this is a show where we have the freedom talk about Dillon in brittle and folks it's called taken it out doors are very first episode. Here at 95 WP. I'd like to take a quick moment and think our sponsors without them this program would not be possible companies like Johnson RV country. These guys at 28 years' experience creating generations of family find easy to find them they're in Webster com Ira also online at JR the country dot com and FaceBook is well and Lakeland equipment your trusted John Deere dealer that's where I got mine John Deere 110 that's right now lawn tractor hasn't got much work this year with this drought but that's our right Victor Chevrolet at 7200 pits for Victor road and Victor. Online Victor Chevrolet dot com. Even has need auction company in Geneva. And auction company servicing the Finger Lakes Syracuse Rochester and they do everything from estate sales liquidations my favorite being. Are there gun options even bill Gray's restaurant that's right after a good time after a good hike after a good day on the kayak. Yet built up an appetite and there's no better place to scratch that itch. Then bill Gray's restaurant so all these fine sponsors thank you so much Mike has said I hope to learn a lot too through the course in this program Ayman enthusiastic student by no means while wanna come across is an expert I hope this show is not only entertaining but I hope it's educational with that in mind let's go ahead and reach out of the very first guest on taken it out doors ladies and gentlemen he was my hunter safety course instructor one of the coolest man on the planet's. He is instructor Dave Dan Dino good morning instructor Dave are thirty years you've been teach in this under safety course if you had to approximate. How many people are out in the field with licenses that they receive thanks to taking your course how many wooded being. Our very well over 1000 people holy mackerel and you're teaching a class currently is that correct. Expects third last night they ever let them be in jail or armor deal that the the barriers studio we'll take part and I. That's fine knots at the course with instructor gave many many years ago we had it out across men that's where instructor gave work for many many years now enjoying his retirement hopefully budgeting more time to get outside but instructor Dave when I got admired licensed a couple weeks ago you know they give you the the booklet that comes along with that that has the updates of the hunting regulations. And the first thing I wanted to ask you about is why do you think the state backed off that two week ambler less restriction that we had last year. Well I have an inner may a lot of harder that or eight or. I made it eight on what animal bearer of the earth do we and we really helpful. Here we really did he hit out there in the air America and but I had a lot of honor their amendment or bring it. Ronald they've dealt. There and for side it's the only issue though epic activate Spinner we all could be undermined their. Doubt is honored and they're based there there's there's the controllers are so we should be used to it though I think but at that. This is and there are ultimate wisdom was kind of big data on what we hear partners and one and in order it like there. A lot of my friends you know how it manifested itself when they said in their zone c.s so officially I hunt down an eight film eight Mary. So why didn't have that two week restriction last year but my friends that did. They didn't go out shrines. Stack up though. They just waited two weeks to start hunting. It was counterproductive so when not want to open up the new booklet you give when they give you the license. On page four I think it is it tells you that they've rescinded that. But if you skip straight through to the white so regulations and pass over. Page for the book still says we have the restriction for this year I guess because it was printed. Both for. At the DEC I made that regulation change. Exactly and that and that happened a lot when they're regulate and another. And another are in the book as a network all over award there's no doubt there he spoke. Every year they're split apart when your buyer like you read according Philip that they make here. You have no bias at the guideline is that he's got there's both but. Are we are you noticing fewer kids and adults stake in the class. Are we do we really have fewer hunters out there or is the population of these courses stronger than it. I don't think we got you are harder because I thought that the same. Part of it and young lady that I have no I have two women in my plants that are over sixty. I think in the course for the bird there's still an abundance of young. People come and now and email your comment or not well enough instructor in the states I mean I don't. I I it's it's collected this year may build up but that two hour. Why is there a shortage of instructors. And they're big gap. Green went I would be. There over you know that certain that the millennial excelled there watermark. And it's been Arnie and they're bad they're worth it in there it now. There's a lot of single spam rate you know they'll all there I think that whole group of braided hair and now they're. Kurt Kurt I maverick streak. Mike Lara at. Under the commoners are there other bird that could be used if he definitely he web site they're double back on how to summon up. US CPAC. And hope that sounded funny. He is New York State hunter's safety course instructor gave Dan Dino one in my favorite people on the planet instructor Dave I want to ask you one more question before I let you run all do so after the break. It pertains to field dressing white tail and million reference value butchered here as well so wanted to ask you one more question before I let you run. And as we continue here we have more guest Chad Draper. From the Livingston county sheriff's office will join us. He is my white sale unseen coach he also runs drapes outdoors down improved our New York I don't know exactly what it is it's right there on the border super easy to find we'll talk to Chad later and ladies and gentlemen very excited to be joined. By Bob full ride as we continue here and taken it out doors on 9825 WB EE. Good morning welcome back then taken it out doors on your hosts Jeremy Newman right here in 925 WBE. Happy to be bringing you the very first episode in this new program. Where we focused entirely. One hour a week on outdoor recreation what we're all about time station floating shooting sports guns ammo kayaks. Good news hiking backpacking. Any and all outdoor recreation. In gang I am not an expert I do not pretend to be one. I am an enthusiastic. Student our goal is to learn together. And hopefully have a little fun in the process and joining me in the first segment was my hunter's safety course instructor he is Dave Dan Dino. I had one more question for you instructor Dave before I let you run in it has to do with field dressing the year you mentioned earlier that. You process deer in your spare time during the season I am always self conscious whenever I take my dear to a process there. But is I don't think gas field dressed it properly. The deer they come into your shot do you find that people do it the right way or do you find just I chaotic scene with people. Just trying to get the big stuff out. I didn't bet the biggest issue you have at you harder game. It's prospects they're properly. We get a lot of you know allotted here with a lot of yes I still want to. It's not clean now you know the biggest thing or near their feel. Is it yet I doubt it Amal Arnold from the cavity in the back pay period and it's already here and there. And leave behind border covered their best form a majority of your immediate they're not I'm ordered there's very though I did hear from and and we're a wide open like before our flight eight. And had spent three year deal where are currently dried up but no earlier. I used to be that guy I used to use the biggest nice by known to make the longest incision and I could. But through years. Experience I've learned so to be honest with you than ninth I used to steal dress is no longer than the index my index finger. Yup are you need. And I have I have a video that I XP video by employees. And my wife still dressed in a deer who it step by step that I still might blast that's quite an adventure you've never been part of that. It is I'm not gonna lie do you the first couple times I've big gated did it there was a little bit of a gag reflex it is gross but it's part of the deal if you're gonna go out there and harvests and animal you've got to be willing to take the next step after that thing hits the ground now are almost mentioned earlier I don't know how in other hunter's safety course instructors do it but if you're lucky enough to get in one of instructor Dave Dan Enos courses they guide does it right he brings and variety of firearms. You get to see touch your hands on all the different. Utilities and tools that you'll use out in the field. And so much emphasis is focused on safety. And another I wanna throw this action before islets Iran I know you're a busy man but did you notice last year fewer reports in the news of injured concerts. The last two years prepared no fatalities and that dude it artwork the of the instructors and take care and people in the class and it and it there's not been more important. In the end they all on most of the experts there are I think I ever. But early exits are offered what I though that all make re air it every street bailout a prayer walk them through the what would your brought it there and now. I'll look at it before your card grade you're it and Byrd Biden that the beer so I'm pretty dark but it's. That's right all valuable lessons I learned about in years and those sitting in that classroom with the instructor gave. College Iran I appreciate you make in some time forest today always brag about what a fountain of knowledge you are and what how much better hunts here I am saints today the coaching and advice you've given me through the years. And if you wanna get out and get your kids there may be yourself take one of these hunter safety courses. It's probably. Hard to get in one right now at this point in the year they go to the DEC website they'll have a chart. Of all the different options that they earned their free you to sign up for the hunter safety course and you gotta have it before they'll issue a license to the instructor Dave I hope you have a great season please send my love to Brenda. And now the boys especially those praying kids and now wish you well sir thanks for your time. Booker fighter thought since they're you have a third followed good luck to him. Your. Appreciate it you're listening to take in and out doors right here in 925. WBE. A brand new show all about outdoor recreation focusing today on a little bow hunting since opening day is right around the corner. Are right I promise still little star power on the first episode has taken it outdoors I am happy to welcome to the broadcast. Responders. End the world much less North America we have some mutual friends in fact I think one was just on a few seconds ago. Ladies and gentlemen joining me on the phone right now from Pennsylvania the legendary Bob's full ride good morning to you sir. Hey good morning to New York all the owners out there it's a privilege to be on your show. Dave Dan Dino do you know him are brewer. Walker he's the he was your opening act I just hung up with team he was miners' safety course instructor. And I got to know instructor gave the end Dino by the person who put me in contact with you Mike Price. Touted here it is archery. And another connection. Is mr. Volcker ride here isn't visits and friends with our sponsors that Victor Chevrolet. So all kinds of connections here I appreciate your time this morning. And what I wanted to ask you. First off right out of the gate I'm not senior on TV for many many years first dog here had a real job every use always then professional Unser. Act act of up. I guess started as a guide no murder and then you know I've I've stayed ahead of the curve my whole life you know articles the videos from the video of deviant. And knowledge kinda TV and cultural video so there are a bit. Been blessed to be ahead of the game at all. Yes hi all over the world all over the globe whether it's in Africa and you get the world slam on the turkeys but when it comes to white tail I'm sure you get an opportunity act have seen it on TV. But behind all over the nation and perhaps a New York State but stacked up against the legendary ones we hear about out of Illinois and Iowa and states like that. Well yeah I think the gene pool is Jeremy you've got some incredible beer for sure. Basically you know you got to port a John stormy got to give him a place to hide the middle place to drink. You know let them grow up and then and all of that but at the same time we don't want to take away from mid Ohio are just don't have the opportunity to have their own land and and things like that to build a hostile we have we weren't say any dares take is is this troop withdrawal 311 thing you know Clinton and Wisconsin did the same thing I mean you look at Wisconsin some of the Beers they pulled out of there would you. But it was a shotgun state. And that's the same way were New York State when it was a shotgun state coming your whole method of allowing strangers. You know your 50s70. Yards and also do be you usually that don't pick up a rifle now in my whole strategy of owning strangers you dog I can reach out torture middle longer distance. Now your main thing is archery hunting it's the best of my knowledge and our archery season opens up here in a couple of weeks. Do what do you think he you know wait you go to the store in you see all the options as far as the cam lo and there's the saying control cam oh. Why is that important in your opinion or is the main dangers paying attention to the wind or is it a combination of the two. Well I played both danger and all mean. I don't believe you can afford bigger nose and they saw obviously to me they sell a lot of products to put people bit. Impatient and something you wanted to roll right shake rattle and roll try to get a beer to do what you want to wish that a learners have its. I mean. Archery season when that first season opens up that's. Primetime secure yourself appropriate gear you're done any homework at all. Natalie you've looked that your camera you're seeing where these here are your pattern of your wait for the right time right wind conditions and everything you're going there which is probably their early season. Going to be. And here after known because there's so it's hard to get in there in the morning to you right spot so when you when you play the game like that it'll be used standard excellent chance. It is well understand patients have. Special all the toys that first part archery season leave all the old story derailment near grunt 2% cure or or certainly that's Oklahoma and just get the Spanish state. Why not it's interesting that so what I've always done but yeah I'm one of these guys that starts doing my homework for both season at the end of July. And I checked camp trail cameras two weeks ago. And Bob I got but sparring on my trail camera already but in spite of that leave it Oman. Yeah there's there's no reason on the you know if you take these to me probably what you got when you're she did. Beer bar back and forth through your younger bark or year and a half two and a half year old beer it's like. Like guys going to the gym and they're flexing her muscles you know hold that walks and he knows what he has reason is that dominant in old man that they that they helped. Globe and at the same way it was handled that that big old school report he doesn't have the you don't have the flexes muscle everybody. And that's pecking order know who is. He is bomb full ride one of America's most prominent hunting personalities. You can see him you can hear ain't. And read a batting all across the United States of America anchor Judy DVR on the Outdoor Channel Winchester legends. Also bass pro shops racked masters. I enjoyed Bob's worked on both of those shows. And we will have more with mr. bull ride as we continue on the very first episode. Of taken it out doors that's right a brand new show here on the where we focus entirely on outdoor recreation. We may be a little archery heavy today but it's only because it's the season. Opening day two weeks away more with Bob full ride as we continue. Next right here on 925 WB eat good morning earthlings welcome to the first step. Episode have taken it out doors on your house Jeremy Newman from the I've been lobbying management for this opportunity for many years and that opportunity is to put together a talk show. One hour a week entirely dedicated. To the outdoors weather is behind fission. Camping kayaking shooting sports guns ammo. ATVs that that happens outside and you have fun doing it. We will coverage here on taken it out doors this is 925 WD EE will continue with our guests from the previous segment a little star power on the first episode here are reached out to a new friend of mine Bob bull ride you knowing is one of America's most prominent hunting personalities you can seem read about in hearing mall across the united states of. America namely on the outdoor channel's Winchester legends program I like his work on bass pro shops rag master Bob let's continue our conversation from the last segment now when he comes to guns season it's it's easy to go out and sit in the same tree you sat in year after year you know hunting is a lot of different things to a lot of people. I'm a year round guide to seasons 365. Days a year for me once asked found out that a top Clinton's the work up front did my pre work before the season. I am around the way more deer in one thing I'm talking matters not only pattern seeing them. But how important visit to take the time and signed the right tree and what are some teams that will tip you lost to it BN. An ideal treated but a standout Dan. Well everything is location a million or trappers said that it all figured out long time we're going to take it a hundred acre farm here trying to get a fox to step in a quarter size. And you know. So location location location health care where your picture with your partner whatever location is the key to everything. And and it changes throughout the season I mean early season you know the deer come into a food source you know you know further. There's no reason to be. Hard into the woods you're there. I know what to fortunately there on your plan or some liberals naturally we're but they're what you find out where the deer feed. We're going to be there morning and evening and then and then you're gonna have it'll. Obviously the the pre rush starts and the boxer. The stove and go to the full source because that's sort of ozark and are going to be there at nighttime because that's sort of those are the rest of the time their Lander scraped down and and rob lines going back into their their bed and areas they won't be there longer give back up and come out toward evening and then a whole rush starts or playing your your your. Your property and Google's three seasons. Stay away from those bottlenecks are no reason the board the bottleneck if you're playing the card games say well that's my last resort realistically actually build a killers they're approach pharmacies in the particular event and I'm gonna set up a stand for the morning and evening up at my food source and then I'm gonna get back into wards in over the hump this great lines in a -- blind. And and how long friend throws but back in the woods. And then you're gonna torture your your erupt in the bottlenecks or if you break your your words down into the Wall Street section and you should be hubris successful. We're on the phone with Bob's full ride one of America's most prominent hunting personalities you can seen hearing read his articles all across this great nation. What's very common up here in new York and I know you've done it here and you have close friends that. Hunt almost exclusively in New York in what you said about have been the best shot the first couple weeks of the season. After that happens it seems like the big deer and go nocturnal they didn't get that big from being down so wide. Can I do what strategies. Can I employee. Just have a better shot at these deer that have gone nocturnal day it is going to be hard to sign during hunting hours. The boys wanna you know good tip you know what's gonna help me be a better harder and I just say if we do believe. You start to walk into what you think about full crowd or American sniper on the view. You pull up in the same bijur get out have a conversation next you're drug plan the truck door than your walk in the words amateur dear. As her view the ticket 200 acre farm and you cannot pull up and parked your car without him knowing that your started to walk in his domain. Then he listens for the second mistake we're gonna move release huge slam and all show on the rifle portion of shored up into the goner. A metallic noise in the tree stand that mature dear knows exactly where you are and always ask you why were to get up and walk by you. Promised my problem take you out you're not even gonna nor have there should noise pollution is worst example can. I can learn to play to win if I got the time there's a lot of people don't have time they get two or three days a year to haunt him walk out they get understand. And they're gonna accept what comes by. And our problem that features a three pointer four point I don't have a problem back possessed all the time that man or woman has the hot. And that's a big deal for them to take it dear I'm happy for that. But the guys that does have the time to play the women play all the games and everything then OK he's looking for something a little bigger I'm happy for him to. But like of that noise spooks can deal. That's a critical do you put on any mature animal. Great piece of advice ominous start hunting my way to the stand not just while uncertain and it that's great advice so with that frame of mind with that information. Should I never use a climbing stand. Well you can go you can use a climate priest and it's you know if you take your time. You know let metallic noise and hit back and forth you know because. If you take a guy it's really knows where he stormed the parliamentary stands out as soon as this sounds like a porcupine grown up a tree but it's the metallic here let that two pieces span hit together later hanging in my on the stand tall again it and then you know one of the things people say well what time should I get into the stands but what time should I get out of the stands. And I always tell people it says if your if you walk again. And your certainly understand also a mother nature comes alive the squirrels or start the birds are playing it it continues to stay alive. Until soft and shuts it down I can you imagine OK I'm a relate to understand and I'm born in the also I'm not disturbing mother nature again that matured bearden knows the true Walken and his domain because your shot mother nature down and you wanna sit there until. Until it's dark enough that mother nature basically quit then get out of span walked back out again. I know you're busy man and I appreciate the time you've already given me today. But has scratched down question here while you were given me an answer earlier and I didn't bring it in back into the conversation so finally. Whenever I'm in the stand when and I see activity at Deere is common and when is the best time to get ready is at the moment you see the deer. All you I mean you're trying to set of I don't care how far is a way is like you're trying to you know I think of a cat in all in the in the yard within certain their plan. And he Indies being a cat also and he looks over and she's a Lugar. Or are. A little mouth she goes and his balk at it immediately the way he breezed her way he walks the way everything Andy's stand focused on that that's the same thing you got to do our country's stance. That's why I always carry arrange finder on my chest you know I stand up and I who are we anticipate word gonna go. Particular range finder and I hit that don't try to remember. Yardages and that's good so people can do that but every time I get that range finder makes my heart. Go back to normal being that my heart jump out of my chest that tells me one thing. I'm gonna make a mistake I need to get focus back on tour again. And I never anticipate the draw I'd let the dual sole present itself and then I draw and wanna make of a mind to draw of aggressive by draw a straight back a lot of people oceans too much weight they had to put the bold ruler had nets so you start race cars but that's you'd drawn a dear to build with the elbow up draws straight back in the paint should stay on the killed all. That's when mr. price tide may pre game drawback anchor. New nose gently touch in the screen circle inside of a circle finger on top of that release and squeeze I mean it's a checklist he gave me. Exactly and that's you need to go through that checklist in your mind and when you see yourself the heart pound in the and then you know take a breath of fresh air you know course dries domestic or what my job as a predator a job is to kill those animals quickly inhumane as possible that's called ethnic. He is Bob's full ride I think you so much for your time today and the time we spent together I think the information you've given me. Is reassured me and also. Encourage Meehan educated me. On have and a better archery season and no concern a couple of weeks again Bob full ride dot com is says website you can finding. All over the Internet the television I mean seriously the man has been a part of just about every time and show he's on it every decent game. From Africa all the ways and Canada I can keep going on that Bob Fulbright dot com. Is this website I don't need to tell yet batting he's practically a household name in the hunting community. And I appreciate your time today and hopefully down the road week our paths will cross again. Yes sir we're here everybody in New York data have been successful season. You're listening to taken it out doors I am your host Jeremy Newman right here on 95 W eat eat eat. We will continue next with Livingston county sheriff's sergeant. She and Draper another one in my life tell coaches will touch base with him. As we continue here in 925 WB ED good morning and welcome back to the very first episode of taken an outdoors I'm Jeremy knew that this is 925 WB yeah. This program made possible by Johnson RV country Lakeland equipment victors Chevrolet. Has any auction company and build Gray's restaurant this is a brand new show it's been a long time comment in this is what we're about. Hunt and fish end. Guns and low shooting sports eighth seed these boats jet skis back packing climbing mountain. Is tied Yankee handwriting. Any. In all outdoor recreation and folks I know that's an expert I'm just an enthusiastic student that likes to get. Better at my hobbies and our goal is to learn together Monday through Friday on the coffee club act like an expert. But for one hour on Sunday mornings I wanna be the best student. In the world so I wanna think Bob's full pride. Legendary. And prominent television hunting personality for joining us in the last segment. We also had New York State hunter safety course instructor Dave Dan Dino. But before we get daddy here I couldn't do my thirst. Show without inviting my friend and I gotta tell yet. This guy has changed the game for me I consider him not only a friend that my best. Why sell hunting coach he's a sergeant. Down in the Livingston county sheriff's office and he is Chad Draper good morning draped. Being human are you worried interim. You bet wouldn't do must first show with anyone else man I'd Chad is a guy that really took me under his wean where I went from really not knowing anything sit in the same spot every day. Trying to get lucky. Chad's not me a lot of valuable lessons whether it comes to win sent control. Even turn me on to the moon dial. I talked with Bob's full karate and he was telling us in the last segment about hunting your way to the stand that was one of the thirst valuable lessons Chad taught me. And Chad you revolutionized. My white sale hunting I started to see three to four times the deer. Once I started to take your advice and pay attention to the wind. Pay attention to my sense in why is it that you are such an advocate of being mindful of those two things. And so on patrol is that there's one or more hurtful things that you need to consider. The stuff that well by apple currently studying the legend what. Eventually your and I don't unite and a lot of when I was teach you when you first heard Ronald meet. You need to speak to work in our actuators and at this critical make sure that you're not born you're out there or you can get in there. You don't eat and the next thing Abby is making sure pitchers in thank you wanna I wanna around and think. Despite our record keeping it kind of you could play hard. What do you mean like Clinton the same stand too many times in a road too many days in a row not let him rest. Or that that can also affect the that he got a site which you know is going to be a bit vocation you don't want to get an occasional good location. You corner of the for the wrong win didn't you via the good. Myrtle book you're gonna keep the bull monitor for several weeks for the year and players even you know you might human and a bump him off and don't know properties so. Yet only the very when we get an aunt but that it but. Going to be successful. Yet the importance of wind I gotta tell you it revolutionized. What I was able to see and be around and even harvest once I'm out in the woods. They Chad you also talked about the difference between a stands for de hunting. Vs a stand for the afternoon and evening time can you expand on that please. Sure sure when when you consider. What happened in the daytime and in your morning Don Imus we noticed I'm comes up and Victor warmup you have to consider. Are firm vault for employment as well you know convection currents are gonna bring percent. So I was trying to hunt the higher elevation in the morning I'm rich out. And you know so crescent think of that nature. And billiards percent during opening and out of the area off Leo and and so on down on a grounder near where the where box. Will capture order and then countered that in the evening Alec on the house down on the bottoms. Lower land. Where yours you'll bigger certain cooldown on corn down under from what are going to be happening down so. I gonna keep here yourself all in one specific area hopefully obviously you have strong winds it's not going to be. Not the manager went and enable carriers spend spend and borrow quite a bit so. Those boast their roles are critical your success as well again appeared not mine or you're gonna you're burn out that. Now when he comes descent control is it more important to. You know like wash or clues and baking soda erred by the fans he sent free detergent. Is all of that really necessary the marketing about this century closed. I buy into it number one because I feel more confident went out where it. On but that the fact of the matter is is as it was explained to me he got to consider your body. Walked in through the woods is like carrying around the pounders flour and Annie goes. You may not see it every time. But every step you take some U was pollen out of that and onto the ground. So is it more of is it better to just incest and a good base layers think control. And where which he normally would on top in just be mindful not to contaminate that what's your opinion on saint control clothing. Well they're cute you're absolutely right in elbit when you you mean that there relationship and a and a full hour and ending August actually. Well in the 1012 years ago when I started doing in the shares up as we learned a lot about that. And your body it always shedding millions and millions of little stent grafts. Ominous really wanted to think that the bureau back up monitor travel and your standard document set up a lot of those are gonna accumulate. I'm so when you're when you're eaten much years in armored entrap. An expert both want to. What you said if you get those bass players. You you keep it from Warner around. Column. And again you talk about the year in a bit or reverse some products out there and and there are a lot of them are being. But if it doesn't matter I think you do need to in this from the better products. Along would like you sir percent control boating on the I do use a laundry detergents. I'm I'm very. Very OCD about that he'd like both outside and don't bring a close and side where my are where there's a lot of human order. People men or outdoors outnumber aren't if you wait internal orders. They call it up in conjunction. I'm from from the start with you your nose clean and sent reversed there's. Certain worm produced these and then you don't want to intimidate him. In the mirrors of course there's no latest thing is your home products we knew and which triggered very familiar with. Yeah I was gonna bring that up but I don't know if I got those onyx kind of money. Yeah I I don't know that I buy in India. The ozone unit in the tree. Taking care lawyer order I think it might help. In. They do use you have used Arnold don't you know or I. It's the satellite parts achiever what it doesn't hold on basically killed any leaving Syria. And he the bacteria. On human error prisoners were swipe at section. Would generate strong order for that you're it's well it's the bacteria they're byproduct. Of that bacteria eat up your sweat assault from rocker body. Huge debt actress ordered it this year picked up front so they associate that with human and that that you really were that that some are so. And an autoimmune under close. I'll make you you do want. That there won't be got to be careful over there and it would so my that long underwear man and orders absolutely destroyed elastic and broke virtual. On our proposed in an autoimmune and you don't wanna. You're all you're way to be far yet your excuse for you are right now my heart let. Where on the phone with sergeant Chad Draper from the Livingston county sheriff's office he runs drapes outdoors are you far her York technically. That quotas so far but it isn't that aren't Europe were just a few minutes just humans west Genesee Euro yen and 36. Chad's a great guy he's been a great friend and a very valued hunting resource to me before LH Iran a couple things oh by the way. Three years you're the only 19 news or use in the goes on X for your clothes now they sell unit at the big box stores. I don't know yet seen it even solid double bag that you can plug into the cigarette lighter in year. Hard to keep you. From getting. You know less contaminated. From house to field. And you've seen those and the other thing I wanted to ask you about is the changes in cam goes through the years. In homicide mentioned it before I'm a sucker for marketing. My whole life up until the last probably four or five years the camouflage that we've wanted and has been designed by. Clothing companies for the humanize. Now wearing a day and age where you have wildlife biologist designing camouflage for unseen. Better designed. Entirely. Through the do you think it's worth the extra money to invest in something like Sitka A gear. I know has that effect to it even on farmers ridge reaper their new line. I capitalizes on the same mindset behind the new camera. Yeah I I certainly Alex you said you know that I got nation states and limbs and leafs now that looks great our our bowls but realistically. Read distant look at that stock at twenty or thirty yards system blob. One of the most critical thinker aren't obviously movement had been here and they're upon movement just what we pick up on movement. On where or more weight prevent the year to comment but he opened patterns that are being developed now that I find to be. You know they might they might look hideous door right well realistically when you're an entry in the yet. Very little backdrops sometimes her irbe some ranchers and an LA but other. I do find that some of those some more open patterns are more conducive to keep you conceal urged vs speed yet. He said these are more feeling that you and I. So what's up dude you're ready to go two weeks when he got to do. I'm running and I failed Clinton of Arctic and nurture shop between net nourish you know it but avenue canines have been worked really tired. I'm offer an extra base hit a few Marcel at the goal and then not a stellar award and so spend it if you know what in kids out there but you know I'm on some audio. Same hair I just got to put up by a couple ground lines in Russia man and then chick would take one last look at the cameras and I must stay out of their solar opening day. Agassi. Super seeker Borchardt keeping an iron or Chad too many people know where I Heinz we'll have this conversation off the air it's the same way. You Rhode if I have to live life like tonight tonight tonight. Yet there was a day where I would Bozeman trail can picks on Facebook and then I realized people would go try to coach my dear so we'll have a trail camp conversation. Off the air. Things for your time today Jerry I hope you have a successful save season I'm sure I'll bring you back on the show the feds are right with you as we continue this is just the first episode. That I would not do it without including the man. A marriage that period where and it certainly appreciate it. He's a good guy he is sergeant Chad Draper a friend of mine and one among those value wide sell hunting resource is. Jazz take care of yourself we're at the end of our first episode of taken it out doors where we focus on outdoor recreation. Different subjects every week. And you find this right here each and every Sunday morning in 925 WBE.