Taking It Outdoors 10-2-16

Friday, September 30th


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Waiting wake the exhibit eighteen it's time for another episode of taken it out Doris. I'm Jeremy Newman I'll be your host for the next hour this is a brand new show here in 925 WB EE. We're in our third week. And we are all about outdoor recreation hunting and fishing camping and anything and everything in between it's an app. Happens outside and it's fun to do it's gonna be part of the conversation right here on taking it out doors. This brand new program which is brought to you by Johnston RV country 48 years of creating generations of family fun and Webster. Or Elmira ended JRV country dot com Lakeland equipment your trusted John Deere dealer. Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor. Larry he's massive and filled raise restaurants now on the program today since its opening weekend. Sure archery season and white tale I've extended invitations to two people Mike Price he is gonna join us and talked about both fundamentals the teens we overlooked in the heat of the moment when it's time to harvest that slob but Mike is a national instructor for holy archery he also runs haired age outdoors out and Phelps. Chad Draper will come back to the program we're gonna discuss which add them to dial where most Chad is a sergeant down with Livingston county sheriff's office he's now why tell unseen coach he also runs drapes archery in new York and unknown not everybody is and says Boeheim. Right now there's hundreds if not thousands of people chastened salmon the salmon run is in full swing we will welcome local drift boat captain can scramble. Into the studio and get an update on the local salmon rhyme and if you're like me you have a lot of friends that are in the camping they're pressuring you today did you want onset of shopping gravel ponds or whatever part they like to go to whether it's trailers are these so I've extended an invitation to Aaron Johnston from Johnson RB country -- is agreed to come in here and let me ask them the hard questions from a consumer I'm noting many years and I trust he's been issued a straight. Now let's get after we welcome back it's taken it out doors our first three. Pounded down and living stink Downey also Lindsay county sheriff's department sergeant all around. Eight guys. I Chad I had to have you back on the show after your first appearance the lady listeners flooded the station with the emails and we gotta get that sexy voice back on the radio. Certain Dierker. Now the reason only had to have you on Chad is a couple things always brag on you Myanmar white -- coach quick question it. God forbid anything bad happens to you. How much do you think act and sell your amounts in your archery shot to about us more. And the. Governor memorable. Whatever he's being modest folksy she going to drape shop in take a look around that's truth in that the reason why get him on the phone whenever I had questions about hunt and white tail wanted to ask you about a couple things three things actually. One is the moon dial are still got to pick one up for this season you turned me onto the moon dial and it really put me in a more advantageous position. Once I started using it I'm a true believer. The other thing Alan nasty about is their moles. Because to be honest with you I know you've explained it to mean that ever since I've just pretended like I understood what you were talking about. And then the other question I wanted to ask you. Walking out to your stand let's start here walking out to your stand first thing in the morning for the morning time. I know it's best to use as little light as possible that if I absolutely have to use a flashlight. Is why eight. Red green what's the most advantageous to use. Are you agreement. Our understanding current trainer Brian definite change would be yet with the white healthy and actually during inexperience or I'm eager to we got within. Fight aired a three year old Clark and that was pretty cool you know who are there are made to strip them. And the discreet and I'm not about the tree before mid way through. So I would say that you know you look there's a couple times than never early interception he thought in this business and prequel our. Now the moon dial I gotta come get one. That is how would I explain. The moon down unknown you can access than this information on a lot of hunting apps on your Smartphones. But you can also get an actual physical spinning moon dial that tells you this stays in peak time mr. deer movement. In my explain in that correctly what Miley even now. You know you got it this if you're not report them or there's something about certain WW debt moon guy I found. Is where right. Your mind and actually characters are ordered body don't know what they're just once via. Knowing you're right and it's basically it goes through remarkable Meyer here's. Certain Argus. And then goes through the following year probably in the January. And work are the break down your your three different types of parking areas and and how we move directly affect. We're here I percentages and the chance to report it here or it could be. So it will not only tell you that time a day where you can expect the most movement from the deer but what I also liked about it Chad. Is it kind of puts me in the right stand to remind going to be hunt in the field that stand in my going to be hunt in the food source and my Minnesota and abetting area. All of those things come into play as well correct. Yeah I mean basically it was done just Marie Cox and has since at Paris. Her answer was who started it and I got a bit turbine units for a ministry twenty years but there was just have a court that he. He did but they didn't like and they continue to produce between seven and nine year study with a radio telemetry collars and what they did was pick out. Perry will put it altogether and it picked up that. Here directly. Affected by that one's position above the year below yours and basically. When the moon reaches the peak below or above the year greedy animals or chamber stomach. Animals will get up go eat and then return but it they're betting areas neat though eager to teton and choose their current psychic power boat so. That's that's really what this spelled out it's gonna tell you when the gear on their feet and one they're eating it's not. They stand and say it which a lot of people get hung up in one case. That's it's actually when you're looking minister be above or below the earth and its rotational forces Whitaker. And it's absolutely perfect I'm just telling you that thing has been wildly advantageous. For me that doesn't mean you're not in the CD here if it doesn't say so on the moon dial. It just kind of makes you more efficient and yours in your planning in and gives you a little more strategy. When Chad first turn me on to this man and I'll I mean I'm telling you it really was a game changer forming. And it sounds like it something that's really expensive but what's rather they get it from you heard that website you mentioned earlier anywhere but he dug in ten to fifteen dollars. The you know what they in my sold. When Jeff asked. So add it up when one of proprietary Seagram for about working the inbox like he says and now they're big enough to order on when he by a box which you're right you efficiency. I'm your your free frequency when he sees it here will increase you to take you a little bit. Studying your yours which are heartened by an order transitions on servers yoga is editor dispersants and ridges and and jokes or something like that. Once you get squared around where you know your your area real well it's gonna up its output to generate spot where where your you're going to be open. Where on the phone with Chad Draper sergeant with the Livingston county sheriff's office seized part of their canine team his partner is Vader of the ever seem him and his partner out on the town Chad's that's Holler one of iTunes. Chad I know you've preached to me about their moles in the past and I'm looking at the long range forecast for the beginning part of archery season. Wanted to ask you questions about thermal skin you explain to people what exactly. Is going down when you hear people talking about watching your therm moles are pretend like I understand that are really down. We I think you you learn a lot Newman won. We were turning trying to three year old six point Ottawa extreme might have done the very first time on Bebo. I told you you don't wait and we watched it happen we're we are sitting on top of courage. And that as the day progressed and that. Temperature started to warm up in that you know is here brow rising it's either it is kicking yourself up and not an area mr. we have a pretty good the captors it was so addressed that. And you're seeing how we had we had three or four Richard Gere. And also reversed and then we weren't getting busted because the thermal were strong. There's very little wind and a and a little more in hot and it was carrying are sent up an oddity area so we we were surrounded I think it's remember just before we got. You talked about this before before we yet. Got a cricket there one big six point you you seem swung doc he helped the one side so they're on all sides of us in origin busted. It definitely you know attempt to understand the semen to court date. It's not a didn't indicate this but when you get a day when a country really really changing. I'm from you know I twentieth now so it's 45 degrees and continues to change. That's good I mean there's a lot of it and it's just that definitely helps you manage your order. Drape is there ever a situation where the the climatic. Factors here in the year environmental factors will actually show viewer sent directly into the ground. Well no when the temperatures drop and when it's cool and obviously your thermal and we dropped and in the same concept you're joke but it's not a windy day they're gonna stick poster tree stand and on the ground. It's still have a pretty pretty good route but if the winds crank in there and it's your temperatures drop and it's certainly going to look. Do that but sometimes that temperature dropped depended on it and it's in gonna put these books and her friend where they get terrorists and not give you an opportunity might not get other worries because there are. They're so caught up and right now I'm belt. Drapes archery dot com is his website is sergeant Chad Draper for an drapes are tree super easy to find right by your high school if you're down in Livingston county anchor Judy check out straight shots there. All right five bucks for each of these vets UN Easter. Post season known him. The first Florida first but Vegas but. Dollars on the human. Under where you are or your group we can do let's do both. And and we can even put go on a payment plan that's to state of the bad Florian here. I don't know what else these safe in the woods I think you three times jets. Thank you were. In the next segment we're gonna step away from archery hunting for just a moment and focus our attention on the local salmon run. When we welcome drift boat captain. Vince triple into the studio right here had taken it out doors on 925 WBE. Hey good morning welcome back to it's taken it outdoors a brand new show here in 925 WEE. I'm your host Jeremy Newman. Each and every Sunday morning we will focus our attention entirely. On outdoor recreation. Doesn't matter this time fishing camping I acted. ATVs. Anything and everything in between. Is on the table and part of the conversation. Here at this brand new program which is made possible by Johnson are the country. 48 years of creating generations of family fun and Webster Elmira. Online JRB country dot com. Lakeland equipment your trusted John Deere dealer. Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor. Clarity is massive and filled the rays restaurants. Looking forward to the next segment we are gonna get back in the conversations about white tail hunting. My friend Mike Price from weight archery inherited outdoors. Will join missing give us a refresher course on compound those shootings fundamentals. However. I am fully aware. That not everybody is up in the trees stand right now with their boat. The salmon are going absolutely crazy right now so please welcome back to the program local drift boat captain in host of let's catch fish on 957 ESPN Rochester. He is skins trample what's up gap in German how are you well I've been a little hyper focus on the white tail I'm not gonna lie Tia but I am fully aware that not everybody is a deer hunter I am fully aware. That there are hundreds if not thousands of anglers chastened the salmon right now. I touch base with you last week I wanted to get an update on the salmon run in our area. What can you tell me if you have a fishing pole. Any it's a medium to having. Anywhere from 14220. Pound test and get out on the Genesee river go hit the appears. Go get yourself some moonshine lowers Q dear just it's bones. It's spinners pretty much the foreign five this year agony which are the bigger spenders. You wanna have spoon seeking you know chalk out they're pretty good. Let him fall to the bottom I'm a big believer in use incentive put some of your favorite some anise scented peaking going get salmon smelly jelly some soft actually. Stink it up a little but throw it out there let it fall to the bottom and just start working him back if you're on the piers. You can hook yourself and listen kings. He is local drift boat captain hinge trample from Bayside boat and tackle you mentioned peers obviously you're talking Somerville. Somerville char lie. You can go over to Iran equate day. You can go. If you wanna go to a sweet gal if you want official on the river there you can go to the Salmon River you can go hike down. As you can go to oak orchard oak orchard it is there than you can go to Byrd damn there's the peers out there. He can even go all the as far west is Niagara river you can hike down the devil's hole whirlpool. And the salmon are common and they're common in this bond so they stage. In the naming their running for despondent so this is right now. If you wanna catch a king salmon which is this is the trophy of all trophies in New York State you know especially off Lake Ontario. This is the Super Bowl for that if you want to have the opportunity to get out there. Aaron actually ever hope on this is your best chance you can get gigs aches answers you can use what's called scheme which is bigger chunks of the salmon eggs in their diet all of the different colors again. These Bates give off sent salmon smell and parts per 1000000015. Times stronger. Then a dog. They can pick up on that scent so you definitely want to use it here advantage. You can hook into huge huge that now capping kin I know with a lot of my friends that. One thing they love about it is the peaceful and that's the solitude to being out there in nature. Is there a ton of pressure if I go to the Somerville here. It's MI gonna be there with forty other dudes you could. You could in and that's why I like the drift below because I am a drift boat captain people can you know give me a colleague more than honored and taken out. If there's a lot of people that photo was you get to places that other people can't get too can you explain its. Every one what exactly a drifting though it is I've heard about arm for years and years and when we first met you tell me you're drift boat captain. But to shoot you straight. I had no idea what you were talking about until you actually took me out on the Genesee river on morning here charters. But explain to people the advantages. The station off the drift boat verses as deep team here reminds me did TV or the nod v.s. No those tentacles are designed for bigger water. Days drift boat in and day actually draft where the water lying comes in makes it deeper in the water which doesn't don't know what the drift boat allows me to do. I can go in the waters shale is four inches so if I have clients on my boat. Now others ruffles and ended there's there's rocks render the surface. I can actually get my clients to. Position themselves in the boat which will raise up the back into the boat slot with a motor. Hiking gold through water with rocks that are Latin. That the five inches underneath my vote now a lot of this are very familiar with the Genesee river. How far exact river continue goes there's a hundred full waterfalls wrongfully then it's called or falls there's the our Jeannie planned down there it's a driving park eaten over there it's not the group. You know aunts you know in the city and hiking goal from char lot and I can go all the way back it's roughly five miles. Up to the power plant and be fishing off my boat right Upton. In the big pool. Where is taking Sam largest due alternately they can't go any further so they just stockpile. Anywhere from fifteen. 35 pound king salmon that are just sit in their just and you can just flow fish farm later fishing for blue pills when we're talking about this. Am and Ryan how many waves. Do you gauge generally and where are we end the entirety of the process I how much longer is this window of opportunity. Well the first question is how many ways I don't know but thirst there's Manny. You know so this like though a school comment no make the rise and another school come in the make the right. With our weather that we had this year don't run is actually extremely late so this right now is the beginning. Of or it's getting god. Normally from October to November that's you know them meantime. It's the fish are actually staging style. So were actually I believe roughly two weeks off from where we normally should be so if anybody wants to again get up there and take a chance of getting into these. You are actually stepping into the best time. Of this year 2016. Featuring it here. Hands or your let's say your hawks and one in people come from all over the nation to fish is salmon run in our area all world class this is world class and it just. I just had some union people they came in from Ohio from Pennsylvania I did people as far away as Australia. Come here to go fashion. Unbelievable he is casting can trample from Bayside boat and tackle local drift boat captain. And he is my go to guy after all being salmon and Trout especially when it comes to pullen a matter of the local streams and rivers and tributaries. Off of Lake Ontario you've mentioned earlier in the conversation if you wanted to get out you're not as she mentioned the slide rails. Can land take must spend in combo out there cannot make do. With what out already have heard to absolutely have to go out. Get a senator and or fly set the reason I like Jesus sent her pin or a flyer ride it's because it's. Dole is or my preferences it's as everybody has their own the daily to do these things are certainly it's would be a bowl honor mighty usable in cinema gone. Spinning equipment is actually perfect inning quite in most situations. Is more practical does make sure you put enough line and it. Because if you use a smaller. Samir bass you know spinning or else you will gets pool. Just so everybody understands if you hook into it I hit one just the other day. The fish was within twenty feet of the vote. It's saw the boat it ran a 185. Feet. Right off my real within the less than ten seconds. And if you're using a bastard outfit. Year gearing its old and an everybody it is warning the sport of by salmon fishing usually has that happened home once or twice. And then also they realize OK need to start setting up my equipment. Today specifically for these type of finished so I got a seven foot spin and ride medium heavy action I get the biggest spin and realize haven't ma arsenal. I do want hood of braid back on this thing what's my line set up here I would actually take some of your old junky Matta fell meant something that you had on your real from years ago. Just put enough time maybe two when he. 20/20 yards just so that when you put the parade and it digs into it because if you don't braids is slippery. It could actually spends he wanted to actually had that little amount of bad at small amount of backing and butcher braid. Then what I would do is there and give yourself. For a carbon leader and then your sat in because these fish. They seek color. They have peripheral vision so the benefit if you're going to the Genesee river there it's darker water it's more money. They're not gonna see all that quite you know quit is easily but if you go to the Niagara. Debts gin clear so it just but if you go with for a carbon. You'll never go wrong. He is casting can sample of Bayside vote and tackle he's my go to man for all themes Trout and salmon. In the greater Rochester area. Caddie Ken thanks for your time today we always appreciate your information and the education that you provide force take care yourself her friend Jeremy thanks for Emmy and the showing you have. Three week. Coming up in the next segment I am very excited to welcome Mike Price to take it in outdoors Mike is a national archery instructor. Her whole weight he also runs scared age outdoors in stilts he will join us and give us a refresher course. On those shootings fundamentals. All the things that can go right. All the things they can go wrong. We have that conversation next right here on taken it out doors at 925 WB's. Good morning and welcome back to it's taken it out doors a brand new show here in 925 WEE. Where every Sunday morning. We will focus our attention in conversation about outdoor recreation. Content fishing camp then. Any being and everything in between I'm Jeremy new man we're in our third week I could not be happier to be involved in this project. And it's opening weekend for blow unseen wife sales and I have on the phone my eighth shooting instructor Mike Price. He works for a boy on a national level as an instructor. He also runs heritage outdoors out now. Now Mike I don't know much. But I had a friend of mine come to my house he's new to archery this is his first post season and he won immediate help him side in his though. Think his mechanics. We're so terrible. I told him how was not gonna adjust that Bo is no matter what adjustments are made. And sell he got his mechanics right we're just wasting time moving that side around would you agree with that. Good morning Jeremy yeah and it's really hard because mechanics among a lot of times is due to the bowl trip because there's two things can happen. The Balkan fit the man or the man can set the bowl and probably 90% of the time the guys to commend your for well actually they're hitting the ball. And that immediately we'll break down their mechanics because of the both feature natural by the geometry. You'll be able to repeat better 'cause archery is nothing more than a sport where you just repeat the same thing over and over again. So fixing your mechanics before you do anything else is the most appropriate thing you could've told now where do you start with that. That's gonna take a pro shop it will be able to take the time and look that your body geometry. Folder are and make sure that the system. Is it stretching your body out too far. But it's also not making burying your arm shrug your shoulders so there's so much muscle tension there pitcher not going to be able to perform the shot repetitive. I'm many rip off the top of my head some of the things it's not mean if you can explain the importance of it. Not only my pre game drop the bow street bad. I got my anchor point consistent every time my nose gently touch in the string circle inside the circle on my deep site. Finger up over that trigger I'm certain amount target. And I squeeze. Now with all of that there's a million things they can go wrong would do you find yourself diagnosing and you're shooters most often. Most often policy guy in that segment. Or set it up in just the small steps that you just gave us hazard multiples that little bit Mick shot. But you have to respect that and you have to train in there are so it becomes so conscience because in the heat of the moment. You get less probable wait till the end there the one you've been trying to get all year and you're gonna forget all the specialists trained and specifically set them. DNC in the first. Your vote should that you so you can have an open stance. Because you'll be able to rotate around the tree stand and shoot in different lanes without moving your feet the next. Is when you come to anchor. You wanna just gently torture knows if you don't you put glasses aren't classes are little different things but then you wanna would address that trigger and then let everything stopped. And then you wanna go through being process. And that's where the shot you're. The subconscious. So you're seeing Amy being. Naming him in the shot this goes feels beautiful. And all that we're asked to be done when your training but when you do get the heat of the moment. This just happens without you thinking about it but every little step that you address my picture is super important now that new. We we used to do when I was kid. We used to trade center each end in sight to see and now we're shooting a bigger quarter inch piece 99% of the sites off every round captors on the you can land a repeat circle. And your site circle. So there lined up left and right in elevation and that actually is just going up your sight picture here's what you write. Where you line up. Iron sights you lying goes up even put among the targets squeezed the trigger and you're gonna get we're hearing so that circle and circle your. Even and then you move your whole upper body. You don't move your voting and independently of the rest your system to gain or else you're not gonna it's the same place. When it comes to practice my do you recommend your students then in your shooters. Tissue it'd actual targets with a bullseye. Or do you practice whereas three d.s. What we want to be able to do is it a spot so there's an advantage of aiming at a spot. First because if you can hit the spot then when I put it treaty targeting pro and you. All we have to identify as where to aim and it treaty target first and foremost it is pretty important for you to be able to relax. And hit the spot so I go spots. And when we get closer to the fall we start training with three targets steered our facility we got. Awful treaty course and we got a full pop of course were the targets actually moved so what it does. Is it builds a little anxiety. So you get used to shooting under pressure because the wait till beard doesn't stand there motionless. For ten minutes. So so you have to learn to keep your calm and making great shots. But in a little anxiety driven shot if you learn to get that done you're going to be a much better Connor but spots first and treaty terror. We're on the phone with Mike Price from hair to job doors in Phelps New York USA also coaches and teaches on a national level for -- Mike has been an unbelievable friend to me he's tied mean basically all I know about archery and all the fundamentals and I have came directly from him. Can you tell everyone would you tell me. Must friends bust my chops in my circle of friends that I hunt with the I'm the only guy shootings that others everybody else issued in blazers. And they make me feel like I'm the one doing something wrong and I try to explain to on that no you're the winds so can you explain to everyone why feathers are more advantageous than blazers. If it's really an easy principal. And some of their big guys were treated setters because of the maintenance issue and the deal is of being or Federer can only do two things. It'll cause dragon Rebecca Vieira that. That tells here A this is Rebecca viera. And it'll also caused rotation rotation gives it down range accuracy. Rotation also. Takes control away from abroad had. And if you put a blazer. On your aero and it's straight clutched because most them from a factory comes just a little bit of write offs. So they spin but not crazy spin and if you do for you local blazer. It'll spin but still that's been as good as the further further. It is street lurched down a shaft. One sided smooth one side is rock. So there Federer streaked latch rules still start turning hero is it reasonable so now when we put before. He local Horry curve around the aero and your further it will spin. Faster than any product they've ever seen as we shoot forage for other bowl here and I info crowds something's shoots five inch but they're helical bins and corrects much much much quicker common out of Bobo the only thing that is come. Halfway close to it is what's called. And any key on speed Carter and what it has since since then it's looks like a blazer 22 inch Bain. Once that is rough once that is smooth but it also insecure current one side so it spins more dramatically. But the real forgiveness to a further is you're human. In the U the most you know Orton in here the hunt you make a mistake you've slept that trigger you grab their handle their Bono that boast the network as heroes going through if your blazer hits. Your cable which sometimes happens on the way through because it passes Vieira always passes through the cable system and true to rise if it makes current equity had the air was deflected as the blazer but it's better these steps I decide. Stiffer than having and when it hit something directly frontal or it's a cable going through so if you hit the top of the other the other actually leased out and if you're shooting through Ole hole even. But tight shot a book. Two years ago it's the biggest one that I ever shot with a bowl I picked him he came in and I had to kill him in five seconds but I only had the hole the size of the soft ball shoot through which I trained for that so I wouldn't I wouldn't tell everybody he actually through both sides softball. But with my brother combination if I did such a branch or touch something. My air was more likely to go through there. If if they blazer touches a branch it'll it's what. And it'll it'll go away from its past but it further suggest such as it will go right through it and to be honest with your full credit as some awesome video of him killing a monster. That he had to shoot through hole and is aero you concede it's rather hit a branch to branch moose but he Airpwn never deflects the hero goes straight to the animal kills them better and adored. He has Mike Price from hayride age outdoors and still sees got a wonderful pro shop there are nice range out Mac. Everything you could want for in an archery shop again hair did you outdoors his name is Mike Price Mike brought to you today I'm Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor. Go get yourself coached up he has revolutionized. Admire archery game well I'd probably just begun hon if you add cross pass with few years ago my. So I think you three times today a fountain of information things from Macon you know sharing your knowledge with us. And making us a little bit smarter here it's taken an outdoors I guess what it. They do that you know it's great to work with you but it's greater to be here for a polls so it's always a pleasure to do anything you gave me. Got a Mike thanks for your kind words take care of yourself we'll talk to him artwork here. Mike is a good do not think number it's time in the next segment we welcome to the taken an outdoor studios. Aryan Johnston from Johnston RV country. I wanted to know if campers and we will have a conversation with a iron about that and so much more in the next segment as we continue with taken it out doors this is 925 WB's. Good morning welcome back to it's taken it out doors a brand new show here at the B where we focus our attention entirely on outdoor recreation. Whether it's sun fish in can't bend or we live. I yaks it doesn't matter that's fun to do. And it happens outside it is part of the conversation here at taking it out doors. Being opening weekend for archery season we've been a little heavy on the white tailed today we even budgeted some time earlier in the program. With the local drift boat captain. Can scramble he updated us on the local salmon run if you missed any of those they are available at W beam dot com. In podcasts form on demand. But I am happy to welcome to the studio air and Johnston owner Ed Johnston RV country you look just like the guy on the TV yet thanks Jeremy. Thought they drag me in today can Yost who talked. I have so many friends that set up shop they gravel ponds or frost raisers any campground like that in this region in Western New York camping is so popular inning can mean so many things to so many different people from the tent crowds to the pop up camper crowds. The tour bus community there's a broad spectrum of products that are available and a guy like me I've been on the fence for awhile. You know debating what I need I don't wanna get too much I don't want to purchase something and it's not enough what are some good guidelines in determining the right kind of camper or RV to best suit my needs. And Powell followed that up by asking used there like barbecue basis is this this time a year to Bynum during the offseason. I'll certainly answer all that stuff let me start by saying that time you're actually correct to one of the most fantastic things a bowel. Campaign the RV lifestyle is the huge amount of variety chaff in our industry offers the most basic ten campers you know sort of the pop ups on wheels. Mom you know two very elaborates on you know high and as you call them tour buses. And in a lot of different things you know in between. So it's an absolute fantastic way to get out and see the outdoors and to have variety different activities bought. The challenge for someone like yourself is OK there's all this different stuff out there to choose from where I start. What's gonna be right what's gonna be the right size. You know what's the investment going to be. Through our 2830 years you know of experience in the business the most important aspect is it kit with the the you know a good reputable dealer you know people that you can trust so friends family and kids some good information and Justin are being what we try to pride ourselves in this tape can. A bunch of time up front with every single customer so instead of being in a big hurried and everybody's excited when they come in. But we're gonna take time to figure out what your needs are because it's your needs a customer that's most important figure out what are he is going to be right. And then. Things falling from that is now it's time to buy it well people ask Phil tuchman who's the only dealership everybody knows you know once in a win the best time of year to fights. And there's no perfect time but there are incentives at this time of the year and it's it's simple economics. All the folks at the factories. Which are in the north eastern central part of the country these guys got to keep people you know in jobs and working over the wintertime. So they give incentives. You know to the dealers to help sell products on you know sort of going in to the off season. So financially. It's a great time also we do a lot of things to help customers this time of the year you know we'll have people. If you were to buy debt trailer whatever you're looking at charity we can store the vehicle for you for the wintertime do a lot of things. Timmy easier for you to find now and be ready expert. A lot of people get on to me because I like to buy news. And he was on my god he got a shinning you could it got so much more for so much less if you would looked at a pre owned or something used. But I don't know a lot of about the maintenance I'm think in new maybe I get a little Warren C. Maybe a little service somebody's it's a kind of walked me in to the RV experience what would you encourage a first time customer to look at. Certainly with a brand new vehicle. You're gonna have manufactures that offer significant Ortiz she'd have the peace of mind to win that you're gonna have a little bit of an uptick in the price. Used vehicles are fantastic option. Again talking about choosing the dealer in the education because in many of the RVs they're not like automobiles. Dealers don't have to provide you'll war NT on a used RV. It's up to the dealer in their discretion particularly where is your non motorized your tent campers and trailers fifth wheels many dealers don't provide any warranty. And I would really tell the buyers to be very aware of that because in that particular case if you can save five even 101000 dollars but. What happens if the roof is rotten. What happens if the floor is that so it can take the time as we do to make sure that the customers educated. And were some the right vehicle for their use is what it's all. Non doing OK but am I gonna walk in and pay cash for one of these things I'm gonna need to finance. And when I look at the sticker on some of these I try to do the math in my head. And my my best offensive for five years but can you go longer than that can you stretch the these you know the payments out long enough absolute. Com you know in in some cases you go up to twenty years. But again it's it's a fantastic option that the RV. Business and the lifestyle foraging so that your able to extend those terms. But again you need to educate yourself as to the vehicle that your purchasing. The length of time that you're thinking about that ownership. And I understand that you know we're not a big fan of is I called the dollar and a dream. I'm guilty to put 99 dollars down on something in finance things you know for twenty years. On the other is a big downside. In looking twenty years down the road you might have a depreciation issue and things like that so you get all the marketing educating finding out what is the best mix for. He is Darren Johnson Trent Johnson RV country online JRB country dot com their stores are in Webster and Palmyra. Anchorage you to seek them out of fear even on the fence about taken up the new camper or RV. Yet or have somebody come man and you know they pick one out it's time to make delivery in they're scared to drive it because they're so big. I have an uncle that just by at thirty foot. And he's leave and to come visit from Texas to here. And he scared to make his maiden voyage how long's it take you to get confident driving these big rigs if you don't have any experience we take time to give test drives from even test education classes we've customers that need that extra support. I'm from our technicians that drive these things all the time but you know it's different for every individual but it certainly not something that you can't overcome. You know usually here by Andy your first trip to stories we hear. It's like display attack second time the customer goes out to like I cannot believe that it was ever concerned about drivers it's just like drive and you know my car the other things that at what point will you need a special endorsement on your licence this particular time on there is no. RB so after a full RV nine commercial vehicle where you need a special license. Hans you can go all the way up to a 42 foot class a motor home which is the big diesel bus style on until you start. Getting beyond that will be commercial vehicles and you can get into endorse the so virtually every RV you're good with the license that you. Item and puts in a corner your ass he is tough question because I'll learn this lesson the hard way. I just traded in a perfectly good vote that was paid for her and news raid I didn't take into consideration. The extra auxiliary costly came along with that of the boat was one price but I didn't think bigger engine. Bigger gas staying I'm buying another hundred dollars. 150 bucks more or worth the fuel and oil each month. When it comes time for winter storage I'm gonna be paying for a couple of extra feet. There's all the auxiliary insurance is a little bit more. I don't know what kind of winner is Asian in storage is involved but what can one reasonably expect. To anchor they. Upfront costs are gonna be anywhere between 20500. Dollars for the initial. Accessories you're gonna need things like a water hose it stitching kick good drinking water you're gonna need a shoe warehouse that you get the waste out. Totally chemical leveling blocks. Electrical adapters all the basic tools on the chick any need tees and then from there the costs. Are are really. With a non motorized RV they're pretty alone normally its say and inspection and a wheel bearing in brake maintenance armed done normally in the spring time that runs anywhere between 20200 dollars depending inside the vehicle. And then in your winners nations and the winners nation in the fall. Can be done easy by the customer today but if you have us do it it's anywhere between 5920. Box for such relatively inexpensive that's less expensive than when her eyes and my bass boat yet I've I've did not perception was way off on that I would of assumed. It would have been probably threefold you have to show them enough yet of appreciate small the first week in October. Forest river. Thor Industries wealth to be a great many factions they Brent thanks for your time today and appreciate your. With that we conclude our third episode of taken it out doors a brand new show here at the he'd like to thank our sponsors Lakeland equipment. You're dressed in John Deere dealer Viktor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor. Clarity is now seven and filled raised restaurants and obviously Aaron Johnson from Johnston RV country. Hope you'll join us again next Sunday morning here it taken it out doors at 925. W dean. In the meantime you bow hunters be safe in the woods and good luck to yes will be back next Sunday with more. And I invite you to join me tomorrow morning at 530. For the B morning coffee club have a great day.