Taking It Outdoors 11-05-17

Wednesday, November 15th


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Here we go here we go good morning everybody welcomed at taken it out doors we're gonna have some fun today talking about content. Those white tailed deer that's right our guest in studio today. Then Williams welcome back then night event on that too bad men had a little love rough start the other weekend but. We'll get to that I think later on this the so damn happy to talk to you about that man does it live vicariously. Through you with the the Major League Baseball playoffs going on I've been spent in my time. In the recliner not in the trees standing right hopefully that's about to change because from what I hear from you know my friends that have been in the woods a lot. Brought activities taken up. Well no no you're just you're in the same thing yet seen Jason's in the activity Collins become a big we'll talk on that to today I think so. No endeavor into one government. Then Williams is our guess been has been with this many times he's a valuable resource he runs Ole tank up habitat restoration and enhancement. You can go to all ten cup dot com. Then is a level three dear Stuart that's like he's a dear doctor. Close now there's some like that and he serves as vice president of our local greater Rochester southern tier quality deer management association. Chapter now will tell you man one I have been out in the woods. Which has been you know once or twice a week over the last. Three weeks really. Amman noticed some rat behavior in some of the younger bucks announced they are right there are little more aggressive. Little more eager than the miniature bucks so I didn't really put too much stock in it. But man word on the street is their dog and like crazy. Or it's stepping in to be that time first though you started your crew and that three people grow as well we're really get into announced so. Almost a deathly Hedo the next you know week or so this week first week second week in November's going to be huge. And wait till it now when I hear people talk about a different stages. Of the run what are they talking about. Typically people are talking like. Pre rough which is this time right now going into that peak growth which is where most of the bills of common pastors at same time. And serenade me a lot more of that lock down phase of the deer movements gonna slow down a little bit because bucks Earl. They know their girlfriends so to speak and then there's like post run. And then after that post drugs typically can kick into like a secondary route for those those from that first. Peak faster cycle in your bread and they can come back and masters now. Artist. Breakdown of out and they QBM main. Chapters are cornerstones rather. Is a herd management and see what's a good guests can you put it guess like inning in any given deer herd what's the percentage male to female. Typically well spent now weird year it's one to one you know 50% of me balked at 2% though. On the thing is a lot of areas sometimes can draw no tags and his sometimes in a lot of people don't shoot Mendoza maybe is needed so. You know I've seen don't numbers Escude is like six those 21 or even more in some cases. Com you know we're shoo in for like a two to three of those per buck where I am. On the still doing that I get taken Mendoza here on my property on college busy. And it's a farm you probably did management permits right I mean you don't it was noted bodies buddies and friends we get a pretty had dropped there and eight deaths and AJ so on death. Nice man this is the first year I've gotten to eight pounds and since I've moved to New York it's been pretty cool. And I think the real draw is. In November 1 yep yeah and our. Give or they have gone in a kid and I'm telling everybody else to do that I need to take mound advice here. If you don't know you're years right what's the rush. The ride is the mating period for white tail here bait dear basic knowledge to some if you're not a big hunter may be you didn't know that. But it it happens this time a year every year it's not an exact science. As to win it starts when it ends. But what triggers it was in nature tells the dear hey it's time to breathe. It's basically going to be the same for each kind of place regionally around the country some places are going to be a little earlier others Gambill little later. On to just keep track when you see that intense brought activity that chasing. On that really heavy pre wrote behavior that were deal with a right now on where I am on at least. At first we get November's always dynamite you know if you got good conditions I'd be in the woods. Com but is gonna Varian just can't keep track but when you see big peaks you know in your area but people say the moon phase but that just can influence a speeding that's not really brag a huge factor into the rough on the more the photo period as the new money daylight. As it shrinking down get their bodies are just like it does could trigger an off their handlers hardening of stuff like that to sell it all revolves around the sun. See he's used in those big words because he's a level three dear Stuart our guest is Ben Williams. Vice president of our local QBM made chapter he runs old tin cup habitat restoration and enhancement. On line at old tin cup. Dot com now given back to the phases of the rise you told me about the three right. And then do we move right into the rafters at the did. Like your tests saying they kind of this is their first trickle these of those first those that are coming in stress palm net during the quite peak of whom most of the breeding activity. On the then once that you know kicks off in the chasing in the seeking his kinda. You know gone of the leeward side doors are actually. In asterisk you know for that 24 to 48 hours where they can be bright and you know successfully reproduced from that. Com you know that's where the did Brooke's going to be you know so it goes only hot for two days yet Tony for 48 hours approximately. Time. So. Yeah and the latest set of your got lucky one day out of the airmen going to be chasing a fly in and doing all that stuff so it's. You talked into like I don't know that that's it that airmen are right next phase where we going to. After after this part of the rut is done and we surge seamless and the heard some of that. Pretty wrecked two really you know the Dole's start to get back and they're known to dole groups after being you know split off you know for those day or two hours three days or Vegas dot com. And then you're gonna single back to normal feeding patterns and stuff like that Warner to go to be trickling here and there you know is going to be kind of a steady breeding season. On threw well but that peak intense period as a red deer numbers kind of lay low as they're all being locked down Ambien Brad. Now. I think I remember from a conversation we had about this time last year there are situations. Where it's good though doesn't get bread shall come in to heed a second timer restaurants. Yep exactly and that's that second era we kind of talked about home was the 48 days or so after their first session cycle goes through if she doesn't get bread. In social cycled back through home and you run into this where you don't have a good balance between your book and no numbers. Now it all the gun runners are gone on and the riots happen and right now well that's good news for them you know because once gun season opens rested those hot right now and she does and you know get deal bun in the oven death. She'll be open very very business again what's your favorite part about time during this time a year. On stuff like that calling this so much more interactive and you can neo vocalize their stuff like. Palm over the years have had some great encounters in order and taken some really nice voice tells home through calling this time of the year is a huge you know really really. Where it comes into its own feel kinda in the way till it's all that stuff is so much more. You know productive. I gotta get better at it man one week he should bring some calls and hearing coached me up to coach us desire don't think I'm alone I think a lot of guys just go to the store we see a call on the Iraq. We about one day if one costs more than the other may be I think it's better for some reason they'll but what I've learned especially like in calling waterfowl. It's not so much the call on him to call matters yet but it's how I hear what you're doing with cadence entered delivery it's your paint that picture yet as I tried to called dear not swear I scared him off you know I'm doing something to louder too much natural. My favorite thing about it. Is the unpredictability. And I think that's what I love most about it done did you never know menu can go out not see anything all day and sit. There on your cellphone. In the here freight train coming through the woods you look down. And there's your alpha male grow cruising right by you or your tree stand and also another thing. And I couldn't sleep does. Miss timing here I don't know about you but not in the middle of the days. I don't know man in my nuts I think that's when the bigger bucks are cruising right kick I killed my biggest bucket 1145. Now let's start there in the next segment one I wanna get in so why the bigger bucks are. Still active in the middle of the day wind that's counter. To what we do on either side of the road season our guest in studio has been Williams. He's from our local huge deal may chapter quality deer management association. He runs old Inca habitat restoration and enhancement online at old tin cup. Dot com we continue next right here and taken it out doors 925 WP. People look very good morning and welcome back to taken it out doors I'm joined in studio today viral pal Ben Williams Tino banned from old tin cup. Habitat restoration and enhancement. All tin cup that kind mrs. web site. There's a level three dear Stuart and serves as vice president of our local QB you may chapter quality deer management association. The four corners down to see if I get this by now. Herd management skills. That involves. Basically manage and in the books and those that heard you know here are here our strategy is all that stuff. That's first base second base heard monitoring that is taken an assessment of what you're seeing with your management decisions and you know move forward whether. Aren't going to that are here habitat management that's recommend. The fact that at. And not do go ahead expand a tell people what you do little tin cup you know it's a variety of things depends on you know what the clients looking for whether it's you know. Look and it Leino honing strategy which is lower my clients do. Has some great great success this year man was some of the the habitat and stand placements that we put in. On whether it's talking about food plot you know breaking down why you might have a failed food plot on the a lot of people whom might not be doing good site preparation sites election. All we look at all that stuff basically working with the land owner it's help them accomplish their goals objectives for the property. Fantastic goaltending cup. Dot com you can also find him on Facebook he's got some live videos on there you can use as a resource as you go through the deer season. Now on the last segment we were in our conversation about on needs here. Our focus and it on the run road right now. Ike is reports are your CNN everybody CN Rudd activity beginning this is our go to time and a white tail gunners this bizarre. Prime time then and so that's gonna we're focusing our attention today. Now I mentioned it this time a year I'll sleep yeah I get up at 3 o'clock here in the league for work. And most often for on the weekends to go hunt them. The minister army here I'll sleep to 089. O'clock opted out of the woods you know ten. 1030 that eleven at the latest in and then also till dark. And I find that I see. A more and more bigger. Richer. Bucks. In the middle of the day as opposed to Turner's life. Yen you know week could be you know manipulating their movements with us coming in and out of the woods on key gene the big buffer after last year. Two minutes after a pulled out lane when the farm he crossed right across that lane where amateur camera. I kid you not two minutes right after the fact like you knew we were leaving the farm on. But a lot of led to is the dozer batted up for the morning and go after coming back for feeding that evening there in their beds so he can cruise he's betting here is a lot of times during this rut. Check those dole groups out without I have and a you know waste time going around trying to intercept trails he can just go cruised bedding areas second quake you know and keep making news around source so he's working. All day long even though the the that goes there are batted down somewhere in now are the dove. Just in straight panic mode Daryn there in the right. Well I mean they they have that they'll let. Point 448 hours rather they literally stand former whatever you wanna call on the other than that you know they don't want to pastor they don't want to be bread and has just like you know you given your girlfriend then nudge every night. You know she doesn't know so I want that all the time so. On you know they don't really have breeding on the mind until they're ready to go basically ready for kids if you blunder early it's us. Maybe you're not doing it right. Auto question very minimal let's talk about that on the podcast are I think I'd been Williams's I guess. Then czar local vice president for our quality deer management association chapter. He is a level three dear Steward now. Then I'm not trying to be weird but I have you ever seen him do you know mating. Seen you know. Problem try to get up look Adobe issue on stands for what yeah yeah. You know typically got to be in heavy covers really debris typically gonna have recovered scenarios and stuff like so. I've seen him chase I've seen Tom do all sorts of things that I've never seen. The X video gate closed and I don't know me I try to learn some than on every time. And if you hunt long enough you see just about everything. So you think this next and I have been I guess I haven't done it enough nor have you exit to see that up and I'm damned curious also. You know if the bucks just cruise and constantly all day long look in for a hot and and he's doing that every gate during this time. Once he finds wine. What's there interactions like how it is and how is there courtship busy charge in there like some. Teenager you know. Nine. It's gonna very independent how close she is today asterisk or she's ready to breed she's receptive to on this really says get a bun in the oven source B. You know until that you know hill. Separate route and a locker dollar Noll defender. What does that mean blocker Dan blocker down basically when she's like we talked about those betting for the day so go about most of her normal daily activity. But he's going to be glued newer. Panel and then one other bucks come in as racy like that chasing him pushing and that's where it. That disruption out of that you know otherwise if there was no other box she'd lay there all day with him next door and you know she'd get up stand form they breed you don't typically you know once or twice every hour. So. And blessing in Europe by another Buchanon a push from officer Jason and play inner whatever. It all varies depending on you know what boxer in the area and Al lockdown she has. And ideally if that's your dominant but as soon as she's done he's on to the next one yeah I mean you know as soon as she's you know. Not they literally smell it right there's a gland in the top of their mouth. And they can Lyris knowledge she is at peak asterisk especially those mature bucks like we are talking don't really jump into the chase or jump into that. Thing because they just push those little books off those younger bucks. That's that's very similar behavior to us guys to just think about it like when you're a college like your real slick you really aggressive you know and I mean I know it's a numbers game like when you're out of the party or whatever. Your real aggressive and that's kind of annoying right as you get older as you did come more in the cheered guy a man up you pick up on those cues right and you realize hey man I'm just got to work smarter I don't have to work so hard so. Win when I'm in the woods and I see a lot of rug activity most often it is those younger. Books just out there live no experience. But you're Mormon Church years yours does your shooters. They're not gonna go dark down into the middle of the field they're gonna find that hot though they're gonna work their way downwind right innocent shackled. I'm not one in minis and these slick about to get to work. Turn appeal or offer whatever and not saying that their big book moronic process feel that she smelling right like she's in masters right then in home. All bets are off for what it's your books tendencies or do. I know some old timers day it will swear to use that they can smell. And I must say that it gland hurts. I don't know definitely probably smells a little bit different. And at this again no that does deer urine locally and see if he can tell the difference. But I don't know. And mysterious man like you hear a lot of stuff from old timers and scratch my head and I wonder if they're just telling me a story here. Their son to it because think about it man who's the better Connor. Mean these men's thousands of dollars on hand though and equipment in here and you know and I mean and ends a year round season or the guys that go out there in the red flannel shirt smoking a cigarette with a trucker hat on. And still drop ten point who's the better honor. That's a hearing man hater do exactly been Williams is our guest we continue the conversation. We're talking about on the white tail today focusing on the right. This is taken it out doors in your listening to 925 WBE. Good better best. Never let it rest until your good is better. And your better is best. From doing tongue twisters now ma'am non N I had a teachers started every class that way back in school are no good and yeah I was just figured I'd try it out here this morning. Good morning and welcome back words to live by about break it down. We don't quote me that's not in original but the good morning folks welcome back it's taken it out doors were talking about hunt in the white tail focusing on the rut the mating season. What's a gain in the life of the white tail. Dear in this time a year and our source of information today is our old Alvin Williams Vince vice president of the greater Rochester southern tier. Quality deer management association chapter. Ben is a level three dear Stuart and it runs bolting up habitat restoration. And enhanced. At this time a year you'll you'll hear guys say if you won nine get a big but. On the go up on the Adobe design beat Dion did those then. You have something in common with that big but right is exactly he's after onto now I'm not the most experienced Smart is woods man. Okay but were outlines I can pattern the dear I can hunt dough with relatively. High level of confidence from and but I attribute that. It's I hunt agriculture. So I got a field I got some hard woods everything's got a section and a place everything's night nice and neat. I'm so why didn't I can find go if I need to you know I mean. Eventually like my chances but what if theory guy that elements just straight woods you're just sit straight up woodland hunter. How do you go about. Finding the dough in those situations. Com look for those areas alleges a cover on and we always talk about here creatures of edge hmmm so whether that's. About hypocrisy edge like we're looking at reached out of bench saddle stuff like that the topography. Of its gonna concentrate them. On whether it's on the leeward side blisters to get you know nasty out there in this second masters cycle play up. Scenario. Com you know you look at it photography look at a different habitat types may be an area that was logged on their property. Or Jason today we're getting a little bit that's session and stuff like that good bedding areas. Com you know it just you hunts a little bit different they would Tony is a lot different than running an agriculture. Com so you just got to read the sign in just tweak globe you know it's just different pieces of the puzzle put them together. Well that puzzles a little more complex because it would threaten behavior happening right now it is seen perfectly. With harvest time yup corns common down all over the fate plays solely means they're common down. A lot of your green (%expletive) you don't mean else it's that time a year in the guys are getting after it. So that's pollution nets make in the woods a little busier now to little more traffic. But that's also removing a food source right so what did I dietary transitions. Are happening right now with dear. Com there's still you know targeting some of those forms visas they're still out there and stuff like that but to start to shift over on their fauna and their stomach the natural vector that breaks up and down. Is start to switch over to their brows type diet. On the stuff like that so they're gonna do a lot more browsing. Com. Still luck getting that last a bit hard mass in oak acorns that are still left around on the ground are such. On the than some of those legs fields that have been harvested area and rolled under a serial ride or winner we still target some of those you know cool season. On tied plants that are out there to. On the nose leg field so it's kind of shifting gears is that stomach and it changes the panel more of that would be diet to get through the winner stuff like that but. Com yeah if the corn stuff is not down they're going to be button on the feed bag and indefinitely and get ready for winner. Now let me have you ever had a situation where you've gotten do a lot of good pictures of the bug consent item issued this kind. And then hunt season comes around you have an opportunity. Damn yard miss that thing. And you go online and I made it look bigger in the trail cam pictures. I ending guys say are well and he lost weight during the rut is that trimming they'll shed a lot of weight like. Whereas no doubt though they can lose I'd say thirty maybe 40% of their body weight. During the rut if they're you know run hard especially in this like we talk about again those don't numbers down so he's not running himself Reagan. In all they're trying to breed a mall. Com and it's a lot healthier on your habitat you know puts a lot better high quality food out there for all the deer. Home when he takes in those if it needs a dose being taken obviously. On so yeah he didn't lose a total weight for sure. Know also you're hear about guys especially guys that they've managed to land and and I don't know where this lines up with Q do you know Mae and now wanna save maybe we've had a conversation similar to this before. But when you have guys managing errors and they have handler restrictions and then you know they're trying to negate. A good number of shooter bucks round and around. And you have a situation where you have three and a half year old year you know maybe he's just getting jacked up brat you know I mean he's just it's just funky genes. It's never gonna do anything ornamental. And you'll hear guys talk about why don't want him. Marines go out here so prominent call hill who can you manipulate. The genetic Iraq genetics of their heard. By taken out. The males with the less ornamental. Headgear. Love related dislike it's everybody it's not necessary called here on source B. Com there are management tech gear if you wanna put on the neck panic category on the delight the word cold particularly. Com why because insists. It's not like it's not a farm and moment Reynolds a wild population. And you gotta think to discus he's got that funky rack. What is his dad was a stud and he still carries those genes say is dead was you know that big 150 under sixteens dear we're talking about spike and his mom through the bad gene. So adults. Exactly exactly or something like that where you know you're taller closure mom was taller or whatever. No he could've got that in order. Type com. Gene from his mother you know that still gets 5050 you know even though he's got that he can still be care of a good gene. On the only way I would say use him as a management dear maybe is to have more of that. Com higher scoring Hillard dear move into that same age class on that property. Home is what I would use for that com. But I don't you know once they call because again you don't know what his mom spent now has non can be spent now. You know ones like him every year and you won't know that 'cause they don't got that nationally your take it to do and I first facilities. Another kid meant one of these days some Ginn. I'm gonna get an invite to one of those CIA you don't until I get to go to ones my opinion was changing economy boo Ben Williams is. Our guess we're talking about. The white tailed today deer seasons going on not too far away from the gun opener rut activity is happening all over the place. And I wanted to ask you also focus in on the row but the wind. By day here are the really windy days the better dazed deer in the right. You know it's definitely an in closed your movement they're gonna seek you know some of the sheltered areas we talked about what topography. On some of the heavier cover maybe stuff like that. Com you know because that messes with the census and lessen the division of messes with the hearing this smells everything swirling a little bit. You know so they wanna kind of lay a little bit lower during that time. On the as well but you know I look at the wind and I'm looking for big changes like about seeing thirty to 4530 now for our wins. And the next day drops down like five to ten. The big wind changes big temperature changes stuff like that just look for that that influence and really pick up on that their movement. Yank his most often this time of year when we do get high wind days there's a cold front who not far. Behind it yeah I was just curious because I mean I know you know a stiff wind to killing you know ruin your kind. You know if you're not mindful of it but I was just curious to know if they do it carries that asterisk. Yeah I order farther exactly. In all led all that stuff kind of comes into play with a heavier wind on the swirling a stuff lake did too. Com you know put some little bit more on edge though is the one thing that their wins always gonna do for just about what do. Hunt in the Rain Man beginning thing farming. Yeah good ring gear. I think that good reindeer yeah some ground line situations I can go. But I mean I'm not worried about how the rain affects me more about what the rain will rallied effects deer behavior yet. On you know they don't really have a choice sometimes if it's a really hard pounding rain they're gonna lay low they're gonna stay cover. On but they still got to get company is still got a feed they still got you know do all the stuff they normally do throughout a day. All whether it's just during little breaks SY SC maybe get a little taper in the middle of the day or something. You know might be good time to get a couple breaks. Couple are breaker rain. It might be good time to get out there and hunt. On the other reason I don't like coming in the rain so much is because blood trails disappeared really really quick if you gala honoring Conan. You know Cisco have a disclaimer that. You gotta play the play the odds are a little bit of that one as wanting I don't really like but I'm definitely see great moment in the rain. Just this past week I had a great book Perez lender in the rain and down wasn't 11 harvest book. You know and still been effective movement too much I can see where you would be concerned. With blood trails and the rain. You're not as good shot inside you know topic that innate. SI's site wrote most often but Hamas. At least say and hear from everybody what do you think of the news room meant. They're pretty nicely very nice they've upgraded this year and taken it out doors it's all based on our fine sponsors and you folks listening. We got one more segment to go we continue the conversation. About mating season for the new year. Out of context and that sounds really weird folks who have taken it out doors right here in 925 WP. Greetings earthlings and welcome back to taken it out doors right here at 925 WB EE where have been a conversation. About white sale mating season. Those seasons going on right now begun opener isn't too far away and there are rut activities. Going on all over. Western and central New York our guest in studio. Then Williams Ben is from old tank up habitat restoration and enhancement he can see his work and Ole tank up dot com. He's also on FaceBook assaulting cup on FaceBook poll and Cobb habitat restoration and enhancement of days ago. And it's got some cool videos there are some nice pictures of what's been has been able to do for his client's appearance arrested and consultations. He can reach out to link via FaceBook and FaceBook email I mean anything whatever it more convenient for you guys. Learn what if they just popped him just knock on your door give people your home address. But aren't I don't know any people there's at all hours of the night and I area here you amend. So let me I wanted to ask he we we we touched on in the last segment. You talked about track endear I mean we're talking about hunt in the rain but the conversation shifted. Towards the track in the deer. Yet. Third. I'm not asked this question because it's going to be gross to some people but the blood. That you finding your blood trail boot it deep cut pay close attention to Kenya really tell where you hit the deer. Almost definitely you know a lot of cases liquor talk and a little bit got off the air you know and little bit of the breaks and stuff like that you know we're talking about own blood trek in dollars and you know this might say we were in some of that. On the pick up a lot better unlike those gut and liver heads just because it's got a different more pull it tight small to it's got a bigger. Melt profile. On so to speak. On the you can tell it's like long blood you know that ball believe. Lighter pink blood you know stuff that's really heavy oxygenated that's you know got their light pink color to it. On me to tell that to muscle the dark red you know got no guts think who at all so blurred what happened to me now this past weekend yourself. Oh that's tough man your body posture changes. Just so you people know if you're not. Deer hunters. One is the most difficult things and not know who. It may be difficult to understand because our goal is to be out there and kill these things in Needham. But lose in a deer can break your heart you know but I mean yeah we're trying to kill him in Harlem. But we're not out there trying to to handicap them to name them. So whenever a mistake happens order. And whatever situation goes wrong and you hit it deer and don't recover it on in every you lose sleep. Know at least I do a way of knowing you know the buck ahead couple weeks ago you know I've put every effort that could end up. Covered a man deer dogs though attract a 68 hours omelets bacon the video deal the blood aero everything like that. On the whole are okay amount which is good paying get near enough penetration Tebow national there was. You know expendable brought Haddon home you know the problems which make the a fixed blade Neil Minnesota saying that was because of that was a little bit forward the national band you gotta blame some then knocked myself. Yourself for not making the shot man in O'Donnell on me but I'll. You know I'm switching back to the fixed blade to cut out of context stuff and down you know we checked them all up well the next day bomb was on the gas from Deere search and if you get a dear. They know. You put their last effort in to recover and I'm you know give those guys a dear surgical they were great not heard of these dads let alone what's their story. Do you search is not for profit. I did you know give my donation or whatever when we came out looks for me. On the neighboring know in a wide variety dogs as long as it's a certified dog. On the air lead dogs they have to be near state you know through the legality purposes that. You sign a release form says they come on the ground attract the dog contract with the dog to make the call into the DC when their onsite and when they leave. So it's you know very regulated everything in its. No great guys and it's all volunteer guys you know guys it take time in home away from work away from family itself like that to go do calls I was the first one that. On Bobby expose again came out for me the day before that. A home he'd done I think four tracks. It'll tracking all day was this Little League big dog in college crazy down what's a success rate. All the changes on this big thing we talked about was my shot placement where I think I hit Deere where the air was we took all the factors into account. On the he said for that high shoulder you know maybe one long hit and judging by met penetration and then break off I don't think a punch through that shoulder. You know suddenly figured out long so just them also cut isn't gonna probably kill him from the at the bleeding now it may be infections some like that unfortunately. On but the higher success rate is just give him time would that. That that's a little farther back obviously were goal for double long harder you know new angle shots like that when you catch one longing get that liver. In or get that you know intestine and stomach it's just time you know red deer is going to be dead within typically 3648. Hours. I mean I know to some it sounds quite savage been our goal is to stop the flow of oxygen go in that animal there as quickly and efficiently. Them as possible and when it doesn't happen man can certainly. Rip your guts out but. This sounds like minute things going to be OK I've mentioned this yield real you'll pick them up on some trail cameras it happened so often. I mean for Pete's sake man the the resiliency. And the will to live. Of oil tailed deer. Op I ND EL I mean I mean it's just amazing like how many times that he's seen or heard stories or maybe it's happened CU. Yeah you get the. If you hit it within a deer with your car up you're going forty miles an hour to think flies across the hood you know you know I mean totals your car. And you get out in the gears nowhere to be found Roy he's been Lou's done yet exactly and he's probably in the next county I mean that that the will to live for these stings. And you'll see two men not taken dear to where. When I go to butcher on ovulate on I guess somebody clip this guy last year you know. Yep old scars from stuff like that. Scene three legged deer before you know and stuff like that. Three legged and got water front leg blown off. I'm unfortunately in a gun season past and you know when he was able taker on don't know where she got the Warner whatever. Or Omega wrote to look at it so who emotionally men born that way and just said there will live to keep going. On the she was healthy and you know from one of those. Talking known loud sound like she even had fallen so she was even trying to. You know put out the follows this stuff like that to me is just don't like anything else in life he just got rolled punches and keep plugin. And then there's deer are good at it man that's unbelievable. I'm amazed pummeled them now real quick here only two share this with everyone and I it'll cost you look now like I'm just as she straight it'll cost you and earned fifty bucks. But it is among the best 150. Dollars you'll spanned. Dot talked about I've had one for a couple years bin you said some demean our fair the last time you were in here and I was like yeah I'm a believer too. I said Dresser back. All their unbelievable do. There humbly won't actually Tractor Supply right now. Not solicited unless you want to get him as a sponsor mantra get Tractor Supply and the horn what do they got they got sent crush your bag. And if you get online order for an in store pick up the of one of the free ozone goes for your car would not purchase. So he'll throw an extra fifty dollars on top of that. Now see him if you're going name what's the sense pressure bag. Basically it's a giant duffel bag. This has an ozone generator yet. And it's hoarded so you run into events there and up and you put your husband's clothes in there your boots now put your last Dixon there it will. Destroy your lasting up. But he would shoot straight ozone end of that bag. And that ozone kills mediocre yup. Scott no bacteria can actually starting kills the real threat in so no bacteria or older can survive in straight ozone. And it really gets you closer. Today dear man. And you know I got it a couple of years ago that the they were about 200 bucks then they'll and then I went for another forty on the one for the cab in my truck that I still don't know about that is every time you open the door you reset the writing about exactly they got me. Or another half honored on that thing up and they'll even if you if you got big bucks they even have oh hole closets Korea that Betty really is cool man and it rolled rarely I I just can't describe it man. I your clothes picked up voter even when you think you're not you know if you get dressed. In your bedroom and you walk through the house you know I mean here you're taken up house smells its stake in two year closed. Just because you can't smell it doesn't mean amateur no won't pick you up a mile away. Right I mean when me like you know talking about this and control south like dead the nice thing about that sank crusher begged as you can plug or right into the the Al let your card to. And you can run their right in the vehicle so I'll go mad base layer punt boots in the back of the truck in a normal pair of boots. When I get the site changed my socks but on boots on but my last layer on. On in office called an awful carry another layer in the woods and a backpack would mean those are ready in my duffel bag that has meant contaminated L. All love it battle packed and me in my heart my harness harness goes in there Mike. Hit you in the lane you to Niagara Vonage goes and they're all that stuff absolutely. Loved lifting again wouldn't it be awesome if we were like one of those big hunch is what we got all the products we talk about it looks like all of you spent money on it's the reverse here I got you know I try to tell people what I bought that allies but also. And this is tough too because we did you know we make money on advertising but I try to tell you stuff up but. Can you shouldn't waste your money on. I got more of those you know losses than wins for sheer. We'll get out there in the woods been in when you're there be safe this is taken it out doors big thanks to our guests. Bin Williams then as vice president of our local quality deer management association chapter. A level three here Steward from old tin cup habitat restoration and enhancement. On line it holds in cup. Dot com go whacky a big when Eric Berry at this menu to.