Taking It Outdoors 11-27-16

Monday, November 28th


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What's up everybody thinks for joining me today we have a whole program. In store for you on the the board we have a show mono and she Loomis pros staffer. My friend Mark Hurd line he's a local fishing guide and tournament angler. He's gonna stop by the studio and give us some winter that's they seem tips and also talk a little hurts your game. Air in Johnston from Johnson RV country it may be offseason for the camping and RV community. But it is the buying season so aaron's gonna come in here and make sure we are well educated as we approach the upcoming camping season. And also been Williams returns to the program. Then Williams is the vice president of the greater Rochester southern tier Q deal made branch he also runs old tin cup habitat restoration and enhancement. We're gonna talk a little under safety we're gonna get updated on this year's riot and how it seemed miraculously. With opening day of gun season. Now Ben normally joins us in studio but I knew I was getting a little greedy. Reaching out to aim a little too often been is joining us via satellite today because guard I fall studios. Are within walking distance of this tree stand how you doing this morning bent. Good good eSATA and prominent is settling a little bit far creative you know there's Doug in the woods and it is to be very worried also. That'd take little time has matured since Morgan. And conversational and about small and so you know moral. While bin last weekend I don't know if you saw but we had two fatalities. In the region on opening day of gun season opening weekend rather both involves hunters falling from trees stands and look it's not my place to come in here in lecture everyone about hunter safety we all pretty much know what we're supposed to be doing. But when I hear stuff like that happening and it makes me. Reevaluate. What I do. In the woods to say safe and number one and is I checked my equipment what scares me the most is these people. I this feeling sometimes they leave their trees stand at the end of last season and then the night with word. Opening day they get their stuff out of the basement they go climb up in that same tree stand without having safety checked it before. And what are some approaches you take to make sure you're safe in the woods. What the big thing is unsure of and with a heart whenever a multi entry. When it comes to doing your options. You touched down a little bit let's check industry stands every year plus a lot of trees and shoot lanes and stuff like that we have and grow and so good time to get out there terms acutely into the spring or summertime. We're in the wintertime sometimes. And to make sure that you and your good. Loosen up the stretch I understand there's a little bit. And always when you're doing stuff like you know make sure you got somebody William in case something does unfortunately happened just so you got yourself covered in that sense. He has been Williams the vice president of the greater Rochester southern tier quality deer management association branch were talking a little hunter safety this morning. I where the body harness and also utilize a product called the lifeline there's different versions of it differing companies make it. And now also have a tether strap at the top of the tree. So once I get my tree stand hung and I use that climbers strap all along the way it's and make sure I'm six year. And when I get to the top I'm paying that lifeline and if you don't know what it is it's about a thirty foot rope you'd attached to above your head in the trees stand. And it has a press sick not if I'm pronouncing that. Correctly in year old. Use your care being there and attach yourself to that not on that wrote. So as you climb up and climb down there is a never a moment you are not tethered to that tree. Is that a product key utilizing and your hunting. Typically in later setting you a lot of that pre season preparation with a lot of my stance. Going into it is that something they utilized pretty muscular guy probably between on property of the house I got over 35 stand there maintain every year. So you know put a lifeline and every one of them a big investment you know what I'm vulnerable words you know he's in my dad or my mama when my body is always known what stand and sit and and it's a very select list them over the stands are by the way if you know in case something happens or don't come back and the forbid the night. You know they know we're able conforming well again that pre season preparation. It really key to keep illustrations things. Do you encourage people to use. The store by temporary stands I mean I know a lot of people that have been injured but not her hunting in tree stands that they don't make the news I'm talking guys it's fall and break and Armon collar bone you know dislocated shoulder something of that nature. And a lot of guys that I know that have had these injuries in the woods faced comment that is you know homemade tree stands they're put lumber up there. And that lumber can rotten they can sail on news if you don't safety check that and even if he's pressure treated lumber. Overtime that stuff can give very very slippery so I've always been a proponent. As using the temporary store by once you can take them up and down every year. And they lasted longer and you know what they guarantee your safety in your right. Those lies lines are thirty bucks a pop. But I don't have thirty tree stands I had seven. And it that's enough money I think my life is worth 210 dollars or whatever I don't know me to the math on that. But when it comes to hunter safety you know the teens we have to do number one is where warrants once gun season starts. Or on the phone with been Williams vice president of greater Rochester QBM made branch. Then I under orange I'm not gonna lie -- sometimes I go out in the woods and I'll just have a blaze orange cap on. How much do you where. To and from there and or. And orange who want some of the century because I've had such issues and trust says there's just a moment comes. When I'm in the tree I have all Euro or done. Because every thrust faster than that caught on my property wasn't wearing orange and they know. You know they see somebody out of a property that is going to be one of us to boss them so. Analysts he would jump don't speak in this sense. On what I am going to address several errors you know they're under well there might be somebody you're in neighboring property or something. You know they might want and there won't let them vote and he's saying kinda under orange for the most part. What is and because in this situation political irrelevance they've lived so my body's. I'm always. That. You name it and it just dependent situation that you're in. That's very good advice you know as you were as saying that I thought of this stat that I read earlier in the week and over the last ten years of all of unseen fatalities. In New York State not one person. Who was wearing hunter Zorn was mistaken for game and killed in New York. Now on the contrary. Big game hunters across the empire state that were involved in firearm related hunting accidents. All of those were not wearing. Hunters orange. So just keep that in the back here mine as we proceed through the season here I'm one SIT also while I had via about the rise. Last week in ages seem it's it's a light up on fire on talking down where I hunt Livingston county I got guys out west as town and Kendall. Byron Burge in church bill even nine east is Rochester out so it is way wolf it. Last season our last weekend so many big bucks now and they were chase and those like crazy when's the last time. You remember the rut pop and on opening day of gun season. Biggest thing for me I guess we're about I think five years ago and now on a personal bigger book that more than on there's the probability areas a couple of pictures here that more than. On the kind of pressure and I just you know kept on my column a little bit. A little bit of sleep in a little bit growth and exit of the brattle and then on them like 1130 in the afternoon on just have to be in the right place very dependable as though I think it was the nineteenth of November there's one open and they saw that year. Somewhere around that ballpark and then last year opening day saints saying that connection. Christina downward side of that field you know this crew and look at and a bill. I'm I was able to capitalize on it to last opening day over and there's a pretty good for me. Again because of pressures terrible because those and when it kind of follow the road. Then Williams is vice president of our local QBO made branch also runs olds and cut habitat. Restoration and enhancement. He's level to dear Stuart pending level three I don't know if that's come through yet for you now. But with your science background with the white tail here how much longer do you think this run last. Well I think the big singer announced to come and play a little bit it is. The harder vina there's serious and all the other Western New York. And not very close to Lake Ontario guy. How to move additional a lot of these honored are going to be you know maybe I'll and the numbers that they had been seeing in the productivity and there's also the builder going to be moving much either at the box like with a bill. He's probably pretty close to a food source are you just gotta get up go out in the field or producing browse and maybe get in this and Matt Stairs where that some samples near an orchard or something on the and then Bucky and I believe her exact issues so big thing is getting kinda close to. The food sources and would this option all on the spot the stock has an excellent technical right now they stick out really well. He could slip around pretty quiet down to. He has been Williams another thing I want nasty regarding the science you know we are mentioning I get now orange dup and making sure we're safe out in the woods can you reassure people. That dear cannot take you out of that tree like a humanize while you're all blaze orange. This view of movement you know movement movement essentially and go back village oral culture we talked about that other segment Taliban or. But you're gonna primarily pick up. Red blue those type shapes. Orange Vodafone today here in color spectrum where they involve their vision really pops solve. They're orange if you put it against dear UV test Judy and they wrote. Great article on a couple of years back now I'm about what you're seeing everything it's minimal but again movement movement. And when your deer you think everything out there and we're just tranda. Particularly acerbic thing is just you know keep the movement to a minimum entry in wearing orange. Will then I thank you for your time man appreciate all that you gives to a series taken an outdoors and you gotta get back up in that tree so I'll let you run menu be safe out Terry thank you wouldn't throw a by the way how much how much of that middle butterball go way. You got my guys just set the scene this this I've been harvested just towards the end of those season how big bushy. The issue of arms ended up being seven here's old Imus under for a two of the way double checked. On but she was should just out of what sixty or. Now there. He needs them to do some of that back strap you know your buddies over here always looking for a meal. We're an industry more ready than trying to. And take care men looked like Houston. Yeah hey guys build rays as the home of the world's greatest cheeseburger and they now have fourteen locations which includes liberties and massive and you can download special offers and coupons that bill graves dot com. But right now text of the word of burger. It's a 94092. And you'll have a chance to win that's when he five dollar bill raised gift card one lucky person. Will be randomly selected at 8 AM this morning. Message and data rates may apply. When we retired will be on the phone sock and winter bass tactics and perched here again. As we reach out to show mono inn Jeanne Loomis broke staffer marker line. Next on taken it out dollars 925 WB EE a good morning everybody welcome back to it's taken it out doors a quick thank you to Ben Williams for joining us in the upper segment then as the vice president of the greater Rochester southern tier quality deer management association branch. We talked a little hunter safety and also data forecast on the rest of this year's times. Oh you're white cells season is going well hope you're successful but more importantly I hope yours say about the woods. This morning's broadcast is made possible by Johnston are the country. 48 years of creating generations of Stanley sign in Webster now Mira. Ended JRV country dot com Lakeland equipment is your trusted John Deere dealer. Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor. Clerides Madison and build Gray's restaurant. At soldier earlier we're gonna toxin efficient so I reached out to a friend of mine. He is a show mono in G Loomis pro staffer. A local fishing guide and successful. Turn him an angler he is mark hurt line mark you do and now you're doing what order I'm good unknown you don't just this year you've been on Deere run this year. I I gotta open. Opening day and I I didn't hear a thing I I could let them. Had good for you guessed it he should've waited so us Sunday man that was the day it was happening when the snow's line. Yeah it was pretty windy out by the late door and live like a plug stay home watch. And areas mark always living by the lake because fission is his main being unmet market many years ago announced her smooth it down and he's partly responsible for my obsession with the large amount and small mouth bass. I haven't winterize the boat yet mark I still think I have time to get a couple trips out there. But I wanted to discuss with you this strategies for catch in these cold water. Windsor bass how does my approach change from the fall pattern in the fall you know lunch on throw in a lot of reaction dates. What am I doing now that the temperature and our fisheries has dropped. It what you're doing it's it's slowing down your presentation water scroll all the apps to be a lot. All moral argued the large mall are generally I'm dragging it on the bottom of the growing states and all that that is that it's Mort you know really small back for the bulk of what. Molly ball. You could still use a lot of the same package you do during the summertime because while it a lot more aggressive and all the water. What kind of Jaeger you dragon answers for these just a football ahead Jake does it really matter. I don't drink too many what logic most of the time I'm using a regular recorder ounce jig and pig striking. All black and blue. And up prayers with rock. Maybe a little bit dirtier water and I don't want as early and I let the. He is mark hurt line show mono in G Loomis pro staffer were talking and winter bass fishing patterns now mark I know yeah Europe bureau power fisherman you'd you'd like to slip that Jake 3400 times on a trip. How does the size compared to your summer jig to that your winter Jed. All and there are expected the same most third time competition. Create order out you'd hit a widget tournament. And I get my limit I'll go to a bigger game in a while announced today it be really productive question on sort spay area. Well aware I'd I'd outside and I IQ you resist the smallest guy can brawl well. So are you even using my putting Grubbs on Jake's not just the Jagan Hague lead is there are more reversible approach can use like downsized. A little stick worms and things of that nature unlike judges the ball ahead jig. Or you can do that you can use on mr. Pritzker. Double fails. All you dumb a lot of swimming here and I'll I'll discord on the third hole on the bottom more than on pop but it. Like an armor I'm really any personal role but what you uses a four hour during our argues in the bigger trailer because of the bait there they are eating is bigger critic it's been growing all summer. Is top water bay I out of play. This year. Yeah I generally don't there's too much about water once that envelope the guy I'm sure repeated that. All my been thrown brought a lot. And I don't had a law on a little while. M mark's own body is about home body of water is out as soon as they if you ever need to know what's happened in on that fishery march 3 line is the man to start to local fishing guide bass tournament angler. A pro staffers for sure mono in G Loomis. Mark in my gonna have to club you over the head to get some finesse. Fishing advise I know you love that power efficient but what about the drop shot what about the shaky head what about tactics of those that nature. Well I am it is huge. All it would drop shot and I to a lot of late geared for the Molly and I use that very purchasing art and that built the drop shot it works pretty good that I'm here with the wall presentation. What kind of beats you that non but the bad reviews and a screen shot by experts seeing. It's not have been mandate. I used the yacht jackal bosh had lot of guys who put on a wacky warm and then use that. Now mark when you get out on the oil on the water bass fish in this time a year chances are you're going to be one of the only people. Out on the lake and that's a big body a water to break down whether you're fishing Tunisia is Iran to point me sodas made it doesn't matter. Where do you start if you're again and try to have the best day use you can have where do you start in my looking served for deeper pockets MI look in at the shallow stairs. Walk me through what I should do. First welfare I would look at. Point main point because this person Molly's start the roof off and they'll start hating the point here for awhile but in the fall. It really period animals points more. A lot of times the person like you relate I want to point the point here if their school ball there and generally you can get one you're gonna get more in the wintertime they want to up more. It's just finding that. War that that all of the people like some looking for papers on my my wrap and Campbell and point the point and then. As I work point I try to feel like detective and I will you know. They consider is that now that want to. It's hard to keep repeating that over every. Or he is marker lines show mono in G Loomis pro staff are we're getting some winter bass strategy from aim right now on the next segment we're gonna talk a little urged Jerry Kent. This time a year mark a lot of our peers like to bust out that Alabama rigs and throw the chandelier rigor around there. I've never had a little luck I've got one fish on it and however many years I've tried use in this staying. If you had any luck with that. That we are you I don't order at all I haven't I gotten into too much I know I've had my bought or not I'm not an hour or so and armor with that before. Aren't you approach when date and I'm souls all what a month just Gartner rarely did inform but the L memory can be honored to be optical it hit the right situation exit to load the boat or air. Now you talked earlier about as still being able to use the stick mates is here pretty much dead sticking around but those your reaction made so does that mean that may be slow roll in a downside screen made would still work in the cold water. Our great state definitely it would work its sometimes you want to lighten up a wobble on them when you're when you're retrieving them. Wobble via a lot of what I'll wait here wobble or wobbles more than a fighter while obviously that it it wobbles master but later. Later retrieve I'm ranked I'm walls floors down and I will roll like that there eating faith that they'll all winter we are allowed fast. What were placed fishing at certain times of the year sold are still beating her to a little more well our large well. So great great big parade up. So it feels said tie that I'd be happy to have you join me for the next segment. Really quickly Elena let you know about flared he's Maceda in grill and tap room did you know there are now owned by bill graves. Home of the world's greatest cheeseburger it's located in Pittsburgh on come Ira road. And it has been in east side favorite since 1989. Right now I want you to text the word grilled. And 94092. In you'll have a chance to win that's 185 dollars flared he's Maceda in gift card. One of you will be selected at random to win this gift card at 8 o'clock this morning message and data rates may apply. Aaron Johnson is still on the board will talk to him later in the program eased from our title sponsor Johnston RV country it may be off season for camping and are being that it is shopping season. And he's here to make sure you are an educated. Customers and consumers we continue that conversation with show mono and see them as pros staffer. Mark Kirk line next as we talked urged fiction. I'm taking it outdoors 925 WB. Good morning welcome back they instituted and today I hope your day is off to a great start we're certainly haven't some fun in the we are joined on the phone by show mono NG Loomis pro staffer. Mark her line he's a local fishing guide local tournament angler in the last segment he gave us some really good steps as far as fast strategies. With the winter pattern and we're gonna continue the conversation. On how to catches some purge this morning's broadcast is made possible. But Johnston RB country 28 years of creating generations of family fun they are in Webster. Elmira and online at JRB country dot com. Lakeland equipment your trusted John Deere dealer Viktor Chevrolet. Route 96 in the heart of Victor. Larry he's massive and and bill raise restaurants now marks my guy he's kind of my fishing coach. NASA says the main thing that he's been known to Philip but better to have urged. Mark does the church might been on so dismay so far this year. But Joseph I haven't gotten out there yet this year. Though while I was pretty nice the fastest but a couple of guys whether certain movement with the weather we have always at they could say because. One minute there's actual development sailor and you always seem the kind of work it might bounce the third woman and and candidly explore pretty good with the Marty you and stationed there for purge. Want my employees or about what is that there he gets hurt or everytime he comes out enough credibility with decent sized ones. I've gotten some reports from the ponds Iran to Kuwait may port made people their hand tournament all of those spots that Howard they catch in a mind I can't and our candidate what. Well when I go out there we use our official state site very rarely bring out any medals a lot of times I'm just use 18 counts. That's the shafts and I'm using the maps that are sometimes and I'm also using fact project which are on mr. twister pay. I'm Jake had there's also law on the bottom Eric that are used in the Middleton that also brought more. Now your reluctance to use live bait does that come from your competitive. Bass single lane or is that just sheer high confidence does Wal-Mart. Eight look I know you know how to read electronics. You can sign schooling Bates issued confine these perch on the grass. A guy like me packing get close so I'll throw out that head minnows and tell us find the school and one side didn't. That's when asked which showed her to artificial bait but it's only because it's a time saving things remain in the time it takes to read at the minnow packet RD haven't jig backed down in the water. Is that what is say your strategy is low. Yeah I have not I'm fine with using like they highlights there's a lot and he's a lot of likely that we'll watch you watch you can find him that they're hitting the artificial it's it's. Quicker cleaner. I'll lock as we go out there in the winter it's pretty fallout they're glad that you wanted to hear and black while the middle sometimes it'll lack. Sure and all the ones you know it's warmer a lot better. Now what kind of setup would you recommend to people as far as a ride in real goes like the most versatile setup for perched fission what would you recommend. I mean of the players Roger right now. Sick sick white rod. A lot of guys or hadn't board you want Iran summons for. Haven't they and they're getting them in light actually they want to have a really wolf fifth which means that we act. One very flimsy. Like frosty. Yeah exactly I think as the guys that use wire rod and it's pretty real. But the work. It's pretty neat to see you know god and right over the thing and everybody will choose what what they're called bullet. Is what I like the one thing you know what you might not like that battle the workers in the exact in the war you got there are things out but it's O polite or ultralight rod. They or some guy on straight parade. I just talked to a guy he's orange bravery but no meter on it at all being chased the upper salt Lake Ontario. That's what you I use all carbon or found a lot of phone lines almost all my lines and lines that I used. This guy used in the brainy straight up no leaders is he the real dealers edges some dad telling you efficient story because I've always found and I don't have the the greatest spectrum of perch fishing experience. But when you get into a school. You know to catch the bigger ones in that school lob Boston found that their little more lying chads those use chlorofluorocarbons. It's more invisible underwater too on his is more the strategy. You know use in a smaller. I can't believe the you know that doesn't scare him away that's interesting to me. A lot art art are the same thing but I there's the lake a lot in my biggest large mop ever I'm out here and frequent watering hole where that water. I run straight grade when he talent to Nigeria. And and that fish a lot of their strategic. He is Mark Hurd lining his pro staffer for show mono and G Loomis local tournament angler and fishing guide. Joining us on the phone here is taken it out doors at 925 W the I'm met mark probably twelve years ago when I first moved to town. And mark pretty much got me hooked on the bass stations so it's your fault I'm in all of this debt kind of indirectly. A market it mark's been as a bass coach to me for many many years but it's not just me marks a really good guy and I'm in a brag on you a little bit here. West Iran to Kuwait schools has sufficient program that mark is very heavily involved in. Can you tell everybody about the great danger doing with that school. You know basically probably about 89 years ago of course it all means that we like the start searching off and I are the least we got the worked. This club going and our first meeting we had forty there. The goal and where we started found what about these kids and what we do they come in useful and we have a meeting and I bringing guys to make their own board of yet not I require answers base but we do it that beat them all the basic fishing we bought our overall are on we do the ice fishing you name it with a vision and we did it. Well after awhile we had delayed the moment the district and he was really into it and we started out with Bob. The yet about adoration of these kids are all our of yet now and they actually do to earn an at the the end of the year black folk. While we hear that and I don't mightily and what they do is go out with bass fisherman and their ball and I know I have a term that seems. Against other schools that are in the state. And it's just really start to pick up here. Yan man fission is the great unifier when you hear about schools that have fishing programs often times you associate them with suburban districts even rural districts but this is west Iran equate. And and smashing all preconceived notions you got a new school year working with now on this is unbelievable. Yeah this will be our. Started well. I just thought the lady all of when he gave Hilton started it he works over there and now they've looking together we've already done well and here's this whistles. And they just started last month I think. Well that's great news man I know that's a new program led in time I'm sure it will be as strong and drive as much as the program at west around exploit. He is march 3 line should mono and G Loomis pro staffer. Local fishing guide and bass tournament angler mark we thank you for your time today if the you can't get out fishing get out there and wacky at deer woods yet. Number dry up Thursday morning. All right now be safe then we'll talk to you as soon. Thank you very much. Coming up in the next segment we have Aaron Johnston from Johnston RV country as we continue here he'd taken it outdoors 925. WBE. A good morning everybody welcome back we are joined in studio by -- Johnston for an Johnston are the country. 48 years of creating generations of family fine in Webster Elmira and on line at JRV country. Dot com. How are you doing hand. I'm doing fantastic chairman and CF 48 years of creating generations of family fun did you take over this business from your dad or something no he had that the family legacy continues my dad in brother actually wrangled into attacking than 1988. And actually bought the store from my father in 2002 and now he's enjoyed some pretty nice retirement. How's the RV game change that you get and I'll hope with time. We were a small tiny little store and come learn the art in the you know barely enough money and product to fill our driveway and and we've been very fortunate great customers and then through the years now a full array of products to stores tons of employees and that the business is doing fantastic. So the Palmyra store it's on 21 north right yeah 121 that's your forest river in the case yes that's reinforced Trevor and push those grants then on ridge road that the Webster stored that your Jake goes to yes that's the Jake only exclusives now when it comes to our meaning campaign I read a stat that there's over ten million households in this nation and its owner and RT. And those people can fall blunders several different categories you have year. Weekend Warriors you have years long two week vacation families your snow birds people that live in these beings a year round. What are the latest trends in each of those categories let's start with the Weekend Warriors what's new and cool for that type well out of the weaken war. Years have actually started getting into them what they called glam camping I'm buying higher end. Tom but smaller trailer so the thought is not getting you know bigger. But getting higher quality with a features and amenities things like solar panels of the more self sufficient. And then just cool interiors they can be told by smaller vehicles some rumor he frames. In just really different it's a different sort of slant to come by those weakened warriors. Now what about your people that liked says live and hum campus appear back in Asia slate in the summer and soon as we get a week like the one we just add. They hide so as to South Carolina or something are you notice in the same trends and people that utilize RB's in that manner. Actually those folks are normally broken down into segments and the folks that wanna told the RV. And and for those retirees or snow birds fifth wheels continue to be super super popular. Tons of floor plans. Slide outs you know huge accommodations for folks who spent lawmakers' time and then the most recent development has been we've seen a ton of folks in particularly this year on back in two motor homes palm for awhile when gas prices were considerably higher. You know that that market is little bit tougher but it's fantastic to see with a stipulation gas prices. You know costs have come down in the motor homes there's tons of people back out there in sort of hitting the open road and then all self contained Mona. Now how does an RV vacations stacked up against a more traditional wind say you have an RV for the family and a couple times a year you compact everybody. Hit it different destination. I'm just curious of the economic differences between. And our team vacation verses buying in the hole Stanley airfare. Hotel accommodations you gotta eat every meal out so you go to Disney World. You got part fees involved is our view the way to go can you get more bang for your buck vs a conventional they killed. Absolutely I mean it's none and you connect. You get a lot of places flying in private jet but most folks don't have to tell that opportunity and you know within our V. You know you can get five or six vacations in for the same cost that you have for that luxury vacation whether to be Disney World there were vehement wanted to tell them they got versatility. You guys affordability. It. You keep the whole family with you throughout the whole thing there's the comfort of the travel because he got somebody drive and everybody else can be doing with day one in the back. But more importantly men out like the flexibility in the convenience. Their absolute and the flexibility convenience doing what you wanna do when you wanna do it. You know how you wanna do it that's at the end of the day what people are drawn to you know in this hole RD game whether it's a motor home or tent camper. And he hit it right and that you can do what you wanna do when you want to. He is Aaron Johnston from Johnson RV country 7874600. If you wanna reach out song they had to stores and Webster and in Powell Mira you can find them online. At JRV. Country dot com if fear on the fence and I know an increasing number of families are choosing to go the RV and camper. Wait for their vacationing. But if one wants to educate themselves on the process you have the Internet you have the dealer you have the RD shows and you have rentals. Is all of those should be exhausted before you pull the trigger I'll have. Salute it's Ambien today with a website we realize you know folks are able to sit at home in their jam is in you know and certainly start there. But unfortunately the second give you everything on the Cheney these are still vehicles that you've got to get it you gotta touch and feel. Bring the family along and see what's right phew that's what stopped by the dealership for stopping by shows. Are fantastic but even then there's there's times when folks need a little bit more and their like before I make this investment what's the next step and that's where the last comment on the rentals you know come into play. How does that work on mine and go in and say I wanna Renton are easy. And I'm in ago. Can't ensure a week in North Carolina. Is it is deposit them anyway how's that how's that price. This will come in any nickel deposit on the vehicle which will secure the dates. And then you basically pay us to rent the vehicle how many miles you gonna go on the number of days that you're going to be able accounts a fantastic way you know to try before you buy. Safety in numbers on a lot of my friends are Jeep guys in there and different G clubs even locally Wiki Jeep she got your offer of clubs. I know guys it draft power stroke diesels even they have a club. Do you see the organization of the RV camper crowd oh absolutely there's tons a clause from you know local club. You know already in town the can be made up of 101215. Families in to huge national organizations you know the famine motor coach association is that thousands of members. They do national rallying so you can be as crazy involved human Indianapolis. Before I let you run and dumb question. If I yearn camper. Did we can you have people in the back if you're driving down the road. New now own unique and put depends on the state pitcher and we don't recommend no hidden it you gotta check before you probably stayed behind stuff. Not always very you know you pass them going down the road and guys like me and I wonder if there's people back there that's even say so is just curious to know about that. He is Erin Johnson & Johnson are the country proud sponsor has taken it outdoors right here at the 28 years of creating generations of family fun again their stores are in Webster that's where they had their Jacque those they have a storm alma Ira. If you're more of forest river person that check them both out easily online at JR the country that time take serious error and they strict eminent thanks Gerry have they went.