Taking It Outdoors 5-21-17

Sunday, July 2nd

This week we're talking tractors, chainsaws, and more with Darryl, from Bentley Brothers Kubota and turkey calling with Hunting Instructor John Arneth.

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A gang welcome back to it's taken it out doors where talk in Turkey today of this morning's broadcast. Is made possible things that Johnston RV country 28 years of creating generations of family fun Aaron Webster pound Mira. And online at JRV country dot com. Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor celebrities Maceda in bills Gray's restaurant make this program possible. I'm happy to have back in the studio. Local honing instructor in Turkey hunting pros staffer. Jon Arnett made the trip been from LeRoy today happy to have them in the studio now John hasn't been a big Turkey under done as seminars. But you're also involved in calling competitions as a caller whereas the judge. Enjoy used to be. When I was younger I used to do some competition Collins got into that because I wanted to force myself to practice to become a better Turkey honor by becoming a better collar. And in that world you know if you don't wanna embarrass yourself in front or room full of people you know you better practice soul force meeting give batter. And and you know so it was great you know had some success there are you know calling contest on forcefully. In a lot of ways one away a little bit New York State. You know we used to have an unbelievable state championship where it got tons of guys from Pennsylvania and other states have come up there was big payouts. I mean there was unbelievable the days of Jim Pollard in madman sign you send and Damon Davis and you know. I'm Brian goalless at come up and all these guys from Pennsylvania. It was it was unreal. On their kind of trying to rectify that now they're Dura bass pro shop and Auburn which is a nice outing for it. You know we used to have couple hundred people watching and you don't really get down anymore on the payouts are quote quite well they once were so no I judge I don't I don't. I don't call too much anymore. I mean next year go back into because they Madison divisions but I don't leaders and judging them their money and you know there's money you have your big national level not so much at the state level if you start to call those big the world championships grand nationals some lows seen no yell there's another contest don't sell your old bill Plummer down solve. Midland victors and a little column in last opened here pull those big contests in a national level you know if you place there's some money in it but you know you're not gonna get rich. How's it work though I know I've seen waterfowl calling competitions sure and those guys they get up on the stage and will do these 92 rolling deep calls that are jest. Elaborate it's like Mozart. Composition sure there so many notes and it sure you do that the blind. And a one Bergen a comment on it right. So are there is that calling done in a competition the same as you would do in the feel. It's a whole different it's tough little different you know certain contests they'll wolf they will. You don't they'll add some things you don't they ask for Yelp in all. You know what the state love hold your kind of just doing they yell that they asked for if you're the big you know appear at the world championships of the grand nationals in Nashville. Those guys are adding things in their tomb. You know older and it's not quite is quite as dramatic as those water following competitions you know. It's a little bit different and also if it is a little bit different but not not like a lot of talk you. You mentioned divisions a moment ago where you're talking like age and experience or were you talk and variety of calls like a slate competition a box competition. I now call divisions would be it lake. Like the isle alluding division would be division and there's a friction division. Then there's an open division so yeah they're gonna bring back the how old division here in New York this year and I used to do that and in did very well in years ago. So all that bright B division I might get back into rules of friction division those two divisions. Or can you kind of give me as a demonstration you got a bunch of stuff laid out on the table if I was at a Turkey calling competition. You show me some dynamite here. You know you probably hear you'd hear some some some clock concurs oftentimes it will be you know usually can't tussle 45 calls. That they will designate that are gonna ask you for. You know there there's an MC he rules you know he might say cutting and cutting and excited and and you would you know you would run through civil series of some Conning. And then you know you'd nod to Allman then he called the next call so so you gotta react to. Absolutely they're told knew what to do in non you do that not everybody gets up there and does the same five things nor everybody gets up and does the same five things each division will have the same exact caucus so arrogant guy so you're comparing a score sheet. Each guy so. It all concur would be. OK we're real soft call you know oftentimes and I'm during the woods actually bury the call against my leg couldn't do that here with a microphone but if it's a real dead sounding called real soft call and hand would make when she's. Kind of the content call when she's feeding your long they're just kind of move along and she's content. They'll do those old clocks and hers. You'd also who might ask for an accelerated hand Yelp and a competition. Where it's a little bit of a longer call in a little bit louder and a little more. Little more you know excited localism tool than a plane Hani el. And that would sound played this. It right now. That would be 11 plane yell break there are or aren't excited and Yelp and a competition. Or in a honing I might add a couple of a couple of cuts to the beginning toward the end or in the middle of that. Laurel loud but Turkey a little bit more emotion to it than just a plain hand Yelp which would sound like this little little shorter. Little shorter a little bit more subdued a little more relaxed type saying. They might all also asked for fly down tackle. No the grand nationals they would have a very very very elaborate Ron when they do that they would start off of those like clocks. They would start off of those very light each recalls. And then they would move into some almost sounds like cutting minutes and signing it's that hand setting up for that fly down tackle. So that would be one called would be very elaborate a contest. That you may not do as much in the in the real honing woods but a fly down tackle Luke would sound like us. As she she actually doesn't want she pitches out of the tree. Shall make debt they don't always make that noise and I've watched tons over the years. You don't fly down never make a peep. You'll they also do that. You also might hear some flailing about because they're not so graceful when they'd know terrible I actually carry a fake Turkey wing with me. And I will use that lot. And that early morning time also use a later on the morning moral flap it has a dual crow call because it sounds like the wings of a crawl flapping their wings as they fly zone as realism you're trying to shock call. Last lap and a dead Turkey wings know not to shock hell I just is setting up that lifelike realism with a crow call might flap that. From your paint a picture yup absolutely and I would do and also in all morning time sometimes I might not nicely do a tree caller fly down tackle. But I might literally. Slap that wing. To make him think -- -- -- down there amen to that when you just did that that long run back there that's sounds like what I did exactly in my head sure that my friends bust my chops the yeah data. So I don't know what's good or not Colin as I get a bird down and in my belly are called that in our yeah absolutely yeah now also by the way our guest in studio Jon Arnett he zoo Turkey honing instructor and pro staffer for several companies including lodge creek calls is that with your strike in their lodged in his there'll Lott recalls abstract now in the woods and I hate to keep Macon dot Kyle hunt genius analogies but that's not basis knowledge here. When none of the duck blind. 95%. Of the calls on make un imitating. A hand. Sure a Mallard tanner would you know whatever species IMAP is the same said after Turkey Colin. Generally speaking I would deathly idol gobble march. In all I just you know those goblet shaker tubes they may excellent sound okay. You know you could peak some aggression maybe if you if you did set that scenario RP kind of wanna be careful that there was obviously wouldn't do that public property you know if you read. Your own property may be felt pretty confident you were you know you didn't have anybody else and there there were times in new gobble mean I don't personally you know I rely on my name TE percent of all of my of Mike champion and calls you can gal gallery yelled you know gal or Yelp does is a much longer drawn now drawn out Yelp. You know when you make your Yelp of hand. NTELOS just a much lower rolling Yelp. It's not as long as a as a as a hand held by their two little communal free for no Yelp you know why do that none that really mean a pretty much flat on my hand calls at that point. Good stuff John. Fund their chickens is the topic on the board today we continue next right here and taken it out doors nanny to five WP. Gobble gobble gobble we're talking turkeys this morning welcome to taken it out doors our guest in studio. Thirteen honing instructor John. Hundreds of Turkey seminars under his belt and he is here today. Given us all some tips seasoned pros staffer for several companies which includes lodge creek calls he just demonstrated some problem. Here in the last segment maybe we'll get some more here in just a second. This morning's program is made possible thinks the Johnston RV country. 48 years of creating generations of family fun there in Webster on my breath. And online at JRV country dot com thank you to Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of vector also clarity is massive in and bill Grey's. Restaurants OK I know the cause there are no what's that Turkey called John and what is and a Turkey call over there. I imagine those that aren't Turkey calls are shocked calls right. That's correct I love and how old looter and day also was called the rapper night owl from some large Greek. And then in the crow call. Or somebody that's easier dropping in on this conversation or may be there or not this Turkey hunter. On explained to them what exactly as shot call is and what your goal. Owls and crows are natural on and enemies at Turkey's Oslo oftentimes any any you know potentially. You know those those two calls would make a Turkey gobble. All sold you know you could hear train whistles like her train whistles may turkeys gobble I've heard. In all four under me turkeys gobble train whistles. Hard doors slamming. You know you know you name it you know I for tractors you know backing up of the alarm sound make them gobble. You don't firm country so lots of different noise is making gob make that shock gobble. But you know frequently the most you'd use in order in Turkey sees a beer crow and I'll type Carlyle also sometimes use a highly woodpecker call. Why are. Crows and owls. Such enemies of the Turkey because they'll McCrory Al would would trying kill sponsor younger Turkey. I'll crows holed destroyed Turkey and lasts you know you get it's sometimes a Turkey a flock of birds out of field proposal muscle lome you know flight over the pads you know make racquet. No they don't they don't love each other that's for sure. And owls in all the same thing and how would feed on younger Turkey especially. About that nest. That's part of the reason we can only hunt them tell me and that's proud as I've walked there woods I've never seen a Turkey next we're to the where they tend to. And I really old. A lot of times and brush she spots really low brush she spots next to fields because once she starts to really lay inning cubic those ice she doesn't really travel march. Her travel patterns you really really minimized at that time salt. Oftentimes I think Goodson in brush your areas closer to fields where they can get pop out grab some food get back and and then it's also spot where once they do hatch. You know she can take them all their to have some you know grasshoppers and things and pop back in the safety quack when did they start dropping nags you don't depending upon the wild. Her you know all year and you get late may ended June you know old moral last June they'll start do you know did get to that time maybe it was an early spraying. You might even get it late may potentially but typically June. And shall serve on a mall day fly up in the tree overnight it will. You know what she'll do is shoot trying to get the spot ready and then. As she starts to drop bomb you know little by little by little. Before she's now sting yeah I mean I think for one there all laid shall really starting to date I'm gonna dumb question here are all the initial all went long short viewed on and tonight shall staring down. I'm embarrassed to ask this but did Turkey's drop unfertilized. Eggs author of the woods all year long like a chicken does. Don't believe so no no I think they're fertilized from the from the from the you know from the moment in May when they Brad. And when that egg is laid I'm pretty sure she's in all ready to go to a parlor for lags. It right on audit is the eggs wheat from wegmans they're not they're unfertilized eggs right from chickens and chicken firmer it's crushing the demand -- you're. The island and on the Turkey and I'm not a biologist come on man you are right this is our that's all the time we got for John today organ after just yeah yeah. This and let's get back to the shot calls that are aren't you the crows and owls. Sure public enemy number one our thunder chicken yeah now I wanna use what are you having your hands and. And all arrayed here so I would typically used that earlier in the morning. When they're still on the roost I don't use it typically after that. I haven't had much luck doll looting after the flown down so. Ultimately got a call start off soft and soul and I might build intensity. It's like and if I can get another owl going somewhere in the woods often times done you know you can move back and forth to when all that then only makes a batter. You know if you can get an Al going you know especially in places further south from there more owls you can sit back there and who back and forth to an owl he might do their job for you assault. I would typically start off with that eight note who then that are barn owl would make. They said back in the day they used to say who cooks for you who cooks for you wall that's kind of which are huffing and that call so that's of this would sound like. It. A. I might just do one of those and sent. And listened title of the woods wake up see if anything answers CO fly if and Howell answers. Why don't I might even sit their 510 minutes is so pre dark out. You know he might not answer and that I might I might do a laughable barn all and I might do this. Me. One of those right there there's that short no burst. That might make him gobble. You don't typically buy that if that hasn't worked in L and I don't him and other Al's going I might not foul mood again. You know and it competition sounding. You know you would you would really get on that I'll call you would see waterfowl contest like it's only does. So the light deadly you'd never do that Turkey was potentially good. In a competition said he might do that almost sounds like you just murdered and now almost. Now we'll tell what's okay it's what I must say in who you're you're into cooks for you who cooks for you all. I'm not exactly sure what southerner came up but I guarantee someone solemn Mason Dixon line way back in Alabama or Georgia came Opel that cadence on my back one. No matter what your Colin and I mean NN dot Colin you know you'd you'd say words they're your call and goose calling. You say words sure call it's a reference not so much for say in the word. But the the force of Baird. A position you hold here. Your mouth and now we got time for one more shot called demonstration here let's move over to the road this is the one I used yeah I just sat at a super cheap. Wal-Mart stream those power crow chair that's all I use sheer. Is that good or not it. And get the job done me any time it'll cost him call you're gonna head start to get up on some better sound quality there's going to be some toning involved. You're gonna have different materials better quality reads it's all gonna sound old battered you know guys are really. On some some a lot of work trying to really home that called the make it sound good barrel length call blanked. In ordered inside diameter and there's a lot of different things they do so this would be. A call word you know or the owner lodge creek really is put a lot of time and a really trying to get some role in escrow calls aren't on him crow shocks the same thing I would start off slow but saw little. In all if I had a partner was me I might have him stand rule further away from me a price star was three short bursts. Three short bursts kind of sit back if that works you know maybe gets in crows go on maybe not you know listen I might go on to something immoral dramatic. Billy detect pro fired up and you almost can't. Make a mistake on then I mean. You know brewers don't sell off some. Turkey is not an only batter you know trying to get those pros player all schools will do that it will and and I just sit back. And I'll lower them you know I'm waiting and trying Colin a couple grossed in my position. You know old and then I'll get him going in and Perino to flying all over the place making racket they used to back and let them do it. Man John of learn so much from yet not only in this visit but the one before. I think I'm ready to go man I'm super excited now just candidacy you know. Planned out today. Turkey hunts around noon bass there's still sunset the other you going to beat you'll be dusted by dinnertime. He is Jon Arnett Turkey honing instructor from Lee Roy of pros staffer for many companies. Including lodge creek calls we continue next right here taken an outdoors nanny to five WV. Welcomed the taken it outdoors. We are joined in studio right now by Darrell Morgan from Bentley Brothers the voter and Brock or. And now the end save a horse riding go vote how are you Darrel all doing fantastic but he's doing fantastic news. And aid noon. Any new sponsor on the show welcome aboard I appreciate you believe in in this program we got here I hope this can be the beginning of great partnership moving forward. And Bentley Brothers they have all the tools you need to do anything I'm talking thin plots today. And I know you got the stuff I need over there how long you leave them with the in the growth. I've been was about seven years now and you are right we do have quite a good selection of a lot of tools are boys or some people called the really you're gonna help you to do everything you need to do outdoors. This morning's program made possible by Johnston RV country 28 years of creating generations of Stanley fund therein Webster pal Mira and on line at JRV country dot com. Think it is Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor. Clerides Maceda N bill graves restaurants. And the gas for mentioned Bentley Brothers go vote and Rockport and Albanian Sabo wars. Riding commode so Daryl this spectrum of tractors that you guys offer. Range from what so what. We get to end everything from small lawn and garden tractors which of course are to do a lot for food plots to let's face it data gets you around the house chores done reporting about the lord's. And we go up to the big agricultural tractors that honestly are more farm oriented and food plot. But right in the middle there that's where wanna focus on the sweet spot that's where you get into your mid range loader capable tractors. That are absolutely everything and everything you need. For the awards in a single. I'm not Clinton 250. Acres of soybeans I may be plan and a third of maker. Of soybeans may be another third of clover. So I'm looking for some and it's really vote versatile for me and obviously I don't have 400000 dollars to plop down on a one of that ones I won it. But something that's versatile than I can cultivate acted so eve then maybe that a fertilizing attachment on it. What did you woody have form. To go to L series is kind of a nice sweet spot where you get into that 25 to forty horsepower midrange tractors four wheel drive definitely. Around here especially with the way whether we're no Shia on mud. You got to build we get into the woods but more importantly you gotta do we get out of the woods wondered though. Come again we talked about motors a little bit before you can plant the food plots you got to clear the area for the food plot so brush debris stones rocks. Lot of the stuff you don't wanna have to go out there and use your own hands to move stuff I mean let's face it that's what we're buying a tractor let's make these jobs easier. So we can equip these tractors will do the necessary tools to get those Johnstone a lot easier plus a lot faster. Do you need a loader I mean is you got some canons do damage do you bench. Tax. Yeah it is still you know it. The tractor have a little bit of the fun it is easy to list them all when they got their deeds tire service on the thing no jacks that. Bentley brother solely smoke so one unit I can do all of those things I got the loader on the front. What do funny to brush jogger Mullen piece definitely I mean after you clear out the debris from the land if you got tall grass her. Let's assume that brighter issues that's all got to be eliminated before you can start even prepping the ground. With the intent of doing some plot so rotary cutter we call me industry is going to be perfect throw that to. He is Darryl Morgan of Bentley Brothers who voted they have to stores and are listening area and Brock pork and Albion what's what's up with the boy how old is seen now he's fourteen months man can you believe that nice wood about oh and how's he doing he's his voice like you heard I don't know more map. That's due cool man I did a remote data to Brock sports store there's probably 56. Years ago and this point. And it is just the multi round and around there. And still remembering from those commercials absolutely adorable. Now we wait a week there's a saying when it comes to food plots he can't just throw it in grow you know it might be used like you mentioned before we touched on the different tools. That make this job easier in cultivating and so weighing in even fertilizing moving forward. But even then you got to make sure your parents get it right. A 100% I mean you can you can do it or you can do it well we'd like Tuesday so the big thing we wanted to touch base on here's PH level that's gonna determine how good your crops grow. It's as tough as people make it out to be. You can honestly through your local Cornell cooperative. Get the baskets or even bringing the dirt in yourself and haven't tested. That way you can achieve optimum PH level and really get some good results from all your Hartley do you guys sell like Tom mines is. We don't quite get into that stuff but for the food plots your nightly look in for come lines and you want that crop there when the farmers of combo. Now I know that I'm and avid player. Arming simulator 2070. Fantastic you play that game you got to watch endorsed. How come the boat is an on that game it's its European market hasn't embraced it as much more but trust me I'm for the mod to come out. I know I got to feel that means I gotta crash but it was rain and side to put it on pause. For a team to work go black and get home or day. They will still can't have angered cows American men I got like eleven million dollars in the bank on that game in the real world. He is Darryl Morgan do you really play that game you flatter she usually can't this industry. That's tractor therapy buddy when he can't get out into the real stuff you've got to make do with what to death last month farm and but he's a man you have played firemen simulator like no idea the real thing if you've ever played radio simulator. But there are right if you got a point. All right Darryl Morgan is our guest from Bentley brother's devoted again their stores are in Rockport and Albion we continue the conversation next. Right here in 925 WBE. Welcome back to taken it out doors today's conversation. Is centered around food plots right now in the studio from Bentley Brothers to go to. We have Darrel. Morgan as we continue to talk about the food supplies and make in the labor easier for you instead of you sweat and we'll make this equipment work for yet. This morning's program made possible by Johnston RV country 28 years of creating generations of family fun. They're in Webster Elmira and on line at JRB country dot com. Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor clarity is Maceda in bill greens restaurants. And news sponsor that's right Bentley Brothers who voted in Rockport and now the end. Save a horse radical vote. We are saying that before big and rich and we we've got tagged and at the end that we made. Small modification we feel just just improves the thing a little bit too avoid this cease and desist yeah exactly exactly I don't sing and as Welles Remy parliament to I'm taken up which you're laying down Darryl Morgan from Bentley Brothers could vote as we talked a lot about tractors in the last segment. But I tell what can you tell me about the EU TVs to vote inmates we call our TVs which is a rugged terrain vehicle and yes you do have to drop your voice in octaves when you say that it just completes the tagline you're gonna need a new post is yeah because I didn't hear that will work with a lower with a but that's a good vehicle for getting the large things out to the field or more importantly dead deer back out there. Would be impressive payload capacities in four wheel drive. That's your due would all kind of vehicle that's a nice addition to a tractor and a lot of applications. While tell me about the machine what kind of horse powers dolls are very common residents claim let's frame we have is our art TV 900 the mats are diesel powered direct drive hydraulics don't work course. A lawyer yet it's just a beautiful thing and a half ton payload capacity factory sprayed in bat liner available. One lever hydraulic don't so literally it takes the work out a yard work. Fantastic I've seen and been in the mean them a lot of other makes and manufacturers. But I was on your website check analogy guys had to offer in the side by side checked that. Our TV department at all so I wanted to make sure I brought that up today. It's that Sammy here to where a lot of us are out making improvements to the land we kind. Working on that in proving that habitat in and seeing the properties that we signed. And for me personally in a lot of my friends and a lot of that involves. You know cotton down some trees Lemond a little more light into the woods of the undergrowth. Can't have more likes to Lleyton and you know fancy at the betting Ares and stuff like that and so is sparse chain solves those work who do you also. A week Cary steel and echo for chain saws bolts real good premium brands. With a wide product offerings are depending if you're doing the occasional will call it shooting lane clearing or. It's like a lot of people after the vessel windstorm you have some large trees down. No we can sets up with the right piece of equipment to make that job easier. Now where does niece still MS 170 fit into the spectrum of chain saws stimulus that's kind of the entry level saw its grandma. Hundreds and it's a fantastic power to weight ratio I mean you can work all day where that nice and light you don't feel fatigued. There were some of the bigger so all. A little bit old behind her you know it it may Wear out a little faster but you wanna guess which. Which model I have in my garage and you know. I'd I'd like to say your may be at 250 to ninety kind of guy but I'm I would let's be honest here your probably 17 B let's fourteen inch are kinda how do you think I knew the model. And since you know there's there's nothing wrong with a powder puff teams solve what it. I'm gonna you know eating couple stakes in May be working my way up to that rancher model. If I can do that. Now the Botha's verses other makes of tractors just like vehicles just like those guns you got a bunch of options. Wise to vote. Different from other brands. Well obviously I'm a little. Partial to the orange paint bodies so I'm gonna tell you why I think the voters going to be your best back but. I don't wanna paint wrong picture that the other brands into. That's not what it's all about the things that sets to vote up part is we've got a commitment to quality which is evidence in the all steel construction of the hood and fenders. You get that integrity that long to have to be out of it he gets in easy to use features so depending on who's operating units you've got. Younger children if your wife's gonna hop on there and help out a little bit. Anyone can get on their steel at home feel comfortable on it. Not to mention it's so you're gonna make an investment and you want it to last very long time. And because it's got back to vote quality to you're gonna have it for years and years to come. Now since I got Angel hair arms and use the Gomez won seventy chain saw. I don't like to move then the lumber after act co editor around. So would about some attachments that help me out with that say. You know I can't burn the stuff after I cut it down became India have. Menos a little mulch it. Logs splitters. Are we can Def. We set Joseph put all that stuff so. The awards after you cut up the trees you got to move the big pieces need to do something with the brush. Big pieces is where where what we call it grapple comes into play. It attaches to the lower itself and Hydro quickly has were gonna color claw. It'll actually grabbed the dogs you can pick him up using loader all of from the comfort of the operators platform. Now the brush and stuff like that which you don't want cluttering around in the woods. That we have a chipper that would go on the back of the tractor. As that brush feeds into it outcomes mulch just like you did at your local hardware store. Which is fantastic for weigh in on your walking paths and stuff so you get a multiple benefits there as well you guys rent. We do rental little bit so for some people it doesn't make sense to purchase it it's some new and used once or twice in under kind of done with it so yeah we just. We get into some runs fantastic key is Darryl Morgan of Bentley brother's devoted they have to stores are listening area one in Brock scored the other end Albion. And so when I'm there I'm Rick you probably noticed through the course of this interview that I'm an uneducated consumer you have somebody there that'll help me make the right decision not. Just try to sell me something. Does believe that's actually what we're therefore we have a lot of people that the command and and we encourage him to ask a lot of questions and you can ask a bad question. You know there's a lot of tractor options not just different brands but even within Comodo. We've got a wide spectrum of horse power options drive train options that can almost make it confuse. So we really encourage people to Kamerion sit on the machines tell us what you're doing with the we find a lot of people almost go added backwards they start where is what tractor my hearing get then try to sort out what they can do with it and man we want to visceral what you wanna do with the. Amen let us at just with a tractor to get those jobs done you hunt. To own actions believing that I I love the byproduct of it but man I can't tell you to have the patience to get up in the morning. Get out in the woods early in the day cover yourself and don't prayers and hope to get a sneak okay. I need that guy a guy got. I guess I got a little I got respect for you but I just can't wrap my head around. That's. That sort of things ever been said on this station you know like you said we're a new sponsor and buckle what are you into what are you gonna lead yes he's gonna be that he's gonna get mad at himself and not advertise on the show because of the language that. Do funny never aired Terry Clifford say that honors the be. Awesome Darrell Morgan men you've been a riot I think you heard for all the education that have given me. Our us today I wish you well on mine your easy to find that. Bentley bros ink dot com.