Taking It Outdoors 7-2-17

Sunday, July 2nd


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It there good morning welcome to taken it outdoors happy to be joined in studio today by the director of the New York State summer classic Tim Thomas is in studio with this today. Our sponsors this morning. Johnson RB country 28 years of creating generations of family fun in Webster pal Meyer and online at JRV country dot com. Thanks to Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor buying new roads. Clarity is massive and and bill Gray's restaurant. Has the auction company country living from farm credit east and Bentley Brothers the voter and Rockport and Albion. Save a horse riding the boat what's happening to him how are you a long time no see you ask. I'd be back and the show things are going good. Tim Thomas is the director of the New York State's summer classic he was in here several weeks ago to kick off the big tournament. And it's off to a good start. Absolutely and yet that's a really nice fish weighed in are ready. I'm anglers on across the Stater competing we even have 51 years so far in the event fantastic I know I was on the website earlier this week in that. Got in on the action I registered on Wednesday and I would encourage everybody else to do so. If you are unfamiliar with the New York State summer classic fishing tournament. Put it in a nutshell for our audience eyes so it's the same as the winter classic that we ran this past years are you looking at a state wide event. You fish any waterway. Any time a day. Anywhere in the state closets New York State waters we get ten different main categories we've got three additional us species of wars that are cash awards. And you know huge price structure not only for the adults for for the use as well. And that's again if there's any waterway at any time there's over 65 Wayne locations that you bring your fashion to. And it's only 2.5 bucks to get into the event late here reason playing lake theories and plays Bosnia are squatters same at Lake Ontario Camby fission on the Canadians. Absolutely raised stacked pines is lyzard side DEC OK it's OK with me I asked that specifically I was out of this campground. Last weekend doing a remote for the V gravel ponds you ever heard of it and Wheatley and yup yup they have like thirty acre gravel pit. Just loaded with stage man I was out there and burn down and they got some giants in there now let's spread the word to be campers a gravel ponds. All about the New York State summer classic those people are at their fishing with why pots. Early this in with marshmallows kitchen large mouth bass perched in the eyes odd odds that lets see what happens when he's a real Leuer air. In holy smoke that being is loaded with them and there was an absolute riot out there gravel ponds and wooden be too disappointed if they add me out there more regularly. Our guest in studio Tim Thomas director of the New York State's summer classic online at NY as summer classic dot com. That's where I went and signed a 25 dollars to get you in the tournament aegis said that five bucks the kids not to ruin another ten I got in on this longer pool tell everyone about that. So it's it's basically an extra pull money needing to. Just two win. Some extra cash. Those some more into it similar ads for for the people who do terrorism into the Calcutta. You know cash bash that sort of things just an extra pull money is at the top three cross all the categories. 503020 split. And I just waited wince more cash. All of New York State waterways are included river's tributaries. Drain stock ponds or farm. On whatever you want a column. All of that is in play and let's go through the ten categories. I was on your website New York NYS summer classic that on check in now the leader boards today. And I think I'm in Ike in navigating and reach them and fish right now. On item is wide open at this point got some good bass weighed in on this thing. But there's ten fish categories or is that eleven tenacity on and we added brown Trout. Brown Trout is a monthly. Rise so we've got yep both then. Brown Trout and rock bass or disagreed that aren't full categories and a lot of water down the payout structure. I thought we ask 500 dollar prize for the largest rock bass Marino yep pretty good will lead and it's over a pound pound was a town point 15 I think. And then overall both then again we have really days both in was made in a theatre IMAX earlier this week bounce real nice fish weighed in. And now the for the brown joked I'm sad to split them up little bit more and so we're doing monthly prizes 125 dollars for the biggest brown wade and for the rest June and July and then another hundred points I award for the month of August 10 I tied. You should just started this tournament June 1 not June 17 because not fish to rock bass tournament out on sonus. And I weighed in a one point 72 rocky movies state records just under two pounds like right. Fractions of an ounce below. Under two pounds and I didn't even win big stage there was a 184 weighed in Spain I also that you gotta you gotta dig on the board there but he can't be beat for sure absolutely you know you can get after these Wright mess don't even have to. To get a vote so anchored anglers of all skill levels right. Right that's a thing you know we're we're not talking about the pros here going after this thing was that the idea is that this is a term for the masses. It's tournament for those who don't have votes for those who can't go out under the big water and the down or yours that sort of thing. You can fish for sure you can fish from new on the appears the Dax you know where you can access on the canals you know things like that. It's for everybody and again the grand prize isn't the overall biggest fish is you'd think he'd be you know examiner Trout in some like that. I'm cart is in here are we have big card played in Ari you know Tony plus downer ditzy yeah civilian. But. The thing is that the grand prize almost a gifted to levels and interment. Can go to work pants it should thank you go to any amount that the random drop from the the top places across Alton categories in this is the grand prize award it's up to depending on the amount of anglers but a quarter million dollars cash correct wants this thing really gets kicked in and really takes hold across the state lead pain now some major cash up to a quarter million for the grand prize. In pain down 2.5 places per category. Yzerman and this is. This sounds like the real deal man it's no different than an earn a poker tournament in my eyes they're Lebanese off turn miniature local Muni course. Write us so let's go the ten categories here so you can win one of these ten categories like he'd just said. And you might not have the biggest fish but still get the biggest check that's it that's awesome in the ten categories the northern part. That's one of I was looking at the leaderboard there there's a minimum to get in it right. There are some that we set minimums fer for the summer classic just the curb your allow small fish themed ride in. And net based on our experience from across slowed the New York State waterways what we've seen come in with the winner classic statewide event. Oh settles minimums just do like you said curve this loans coming in and we're pretty sure that doesn't leaderboard still gonna fill up but those minimums Blake tryouts another category of guys and of fission on the big lake hammer nom this year you've been out there absolutely it's been phenomenal fishing in Lake Ontario what's the Trout leaderboard look like. As very much wide open yeah. Well we're still very early phases this we are perfect opportunity no it I should do I should find that the category that has the fewest fish dinner. And -- catch one just so at least for a few hours or. Day or two may be Albion. In the lead you know I mean but funny you say that one man students this past week actually. Was on excited says he can't he cataract Massa sonus. And he waited in. And there was already that the big one guy weighed in as well. And so he did in Disney a final leaderboard either I at least as his name on the leaderboard for a guy that gets trumped sign up quit get to one of these playstations. In the next segment let's finish off Golan through the ten categories we just went through two of them there well we touched on four of them. So we got six more categories to go and let's also talk about what to do with these days once we once we've been here we catch the fish. And we won an eerie let's take up there in the next segment he has ten Thomas director of the New York State's summer classic. You're listening to taken it out doors on 925 WBE. Good morning welcome back to taken it outdoors I'm joined in studio buyer return guest Tim Thomas that tournament director. For the New York State's summer classic view whites Al hunt. I don't fish all season not clear view Turkey hunt waterfowl any of that no time for meantime we'll keep talking about vision and then. Tim is again with the New York State's summer classic NYS summer classic dot com. A fantastic fishing tournament state wide open water tournament going through the end of August the grand prize award could be up to with quarter million dollars cash. This morning's program made possible things to Johnston RV country Tony years of creating generations of family fun. There and Webster come Ira and online at JRV country dot com Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor buying new roads. Clarity is an accident bill Grey's restaurants in as. Has Snee arching companies speak English Jeremy. Has sneak dot com check and opera coming auctions and thinks the country living from farm credit east and Bentley Brothers could go to. And Rockport and Albion save a horse radical bowed out get these marbles out of my mouth and now. Will finished the day interview here. Tim Thomas we went over a couple of the categories but if somebody's just joining in. The New York State's summer classic is huge tournament for all anglers of ball skill levels and of all ages will get into registration but the categories are competing here. Hike lake Trout. We talked about those you touched on the car. Catfish are in play out obviously channel cats are people gonna be weighing in and channels next bull head cracked yep I'll considered saying. That girl how's that April competition shape and a girl's signals categories that's a. Rising only as wide open style could if you guys efficient Oneida and I know. Around the Fred go from a cartels there had a monster. Pectoral last week. And he was precision for one of the bass tournaments and not even thinking about it you toss it overboard in thirty seconds later just. It just hit him in the get this man I never got to pick Roland or this MO ways Cottam accidentally fruition after something announced. I wouldn't even know where to begin benefits wide open does the pick Earl category have a mandatory minimum way it does I believe it's three pounds for the picker and wall eyes. Ed while I'm in now wish I was talented enough to it's inner this we can catch while Lyle all over this state now in the big lake here in Lake Ontario. 09 is stacked to Vietnam guys get a mountaineer he by the buckets full so you know. There's a lot is success I saw a couple of Monroe County charter guys. Just been hammered home lately but the while I will be assigned category four yet. We also have yellow perch and goodness gracious man that that should be a fun one is I mean any it's anybody's game. Pitch in a big bird chino you find us me in school and but some down there and you never know what you're gonna pull out of there you know we got bass small amounts large amounts white mass obviously not included no. And what do we leave in off feared the pan fish and that's an all encompassing. Pumpkin seeds blue gill. Crop we are is that crop these their own category own category that's both white and black crappy and if you missed the first segment the New York State summer classic is a fishing tournament. Any body of water in New York State and those are the ten categories. You register online at NYS summer classic dot com Ivan solid field and stream people signing up last time I was in their load not fun day so you have. Sign up stations and waste stations all across our area and the state directory now believer of the seventy Wayne locations. Most of which also accept registrations. We have a map up online if you wanna see exactly where they are what waterways there around. And the Pentagon's mission that is there as well. I'd mentioned in the last segment earlier in the week I went online and signed up for it it was Tony five bucks super easy to do. I'm right there at the website I even entered the locker pulled because I'm overly confident. In LA when it went up box my horses and the derby. I find that he underwent try to win big right that's who know this is anyone's game and it's a great opportunity so to introduce. Young anglers to the sport. You know it's Ali units is very difficult. Sometimes we have kids out in the bites load and happened a little extra tool there a little more than age. To panicky will focus I think would be cool I would have been excited about that. And grown and and now I can see about the signature numbers here what's that you sign applicant like. We're pretty good bet that 51 using their signed up. And now last week we even had a two year old trying to two years two years old didn't hinder them events early. And nine and get nasty here. Nice to have it by the time they're. Walk in naming me sponsored by phrase. You never know so Tim I'm not fission no matter who I am no matter where I am in the state no matter what on station for. And I find the fish one entered into the tournament. Take me from there I get this thing to the vote let's TSA I can on the bass fisherman. Let's say I pull out at seven and point two pound large mouth bass. From the north and to tenaciously. Legal football head GA I'd stick that thing yeah what do I do with it. Cracks. Once they might find you via cellphone IE can pull up the leaderboard and see exactly where that official place at that particular time the leaderboard to live up on line at all times. And then the next thing you're you're on though is where the nearest Wayne location is Tom now there's there's always a question of whether you pull lines. And head and bring that thing in the way in and save the ounces that potentially could be lost or he put in the line while. Common hope that it union maintains its way and coming into in the day that's close you know calls is determining they'd have to make. Firfer this term at the fist does not have to be alive and so if you don't have alive while you're Fisher on the shore he has a bucket. You know that's fine as lions it's trash no mean has cut that day. That's not asked to be. And so you ideas bring in engineers Wayne's have you cut that the north and a tenacious. Tents tackles by going to be here you're closest that there. Hombre in the Ted's still and you handle it all there yet weighed in for you get your formation. Nominee again down when you register for the for the event there isn't a term it take catering thing you're gonna receive. We track everybody by either driver's license or birth state take your name. And so we cannot tell you around the state no matter where ego and is not afraid to lose my hero session. BS the things you might get in as as soon as he can to maintain the weight to your nearest location. How wildwood officially last sentence this line amen does a lot of things and they spit ups state moves. Eight keeping. It's less there. Natural function is stands on is director of the New York State summer classic it is our State's largest open water. Tournament and it goes through the end of August grand prize award up to 250000. Dollars cash and it's a random draw from all of the first place finishers in that in categories by bass lake Trout. Perch pectoral catfish while I crop be. Cart and and finished and you can finish in any waterway in New York State doesn't matter what it is you just have to using handling tactics don't take as stick of dynamite out there and electric futile my great grandfather used to do don't do Iranians that no boat station. England only right as cracked woody gotten my placed. I imagine there's some knuckle heads out there might try to game the system. You you ready for cheaters and we are we are we've got other of the protocols in place you know lie detector testing and we require all the top three finish to be capped. Thompson did you inefficient and minds of being in the top three require you to open debate in a freezer. Hold onto it to the end of the tournament we view re verify and we scam wood metal detectors the whole works. And that there is you know suspicion Oliver wind shots are looking you know it's you'll feel on the belies looking in the miles things like that. If there's suspicion and then you know we will listen to test if necessary. All right that's it did her million knuckle heads skelley flags out there thinking about violence and cheap and not only really get busted but good luck this. And another tournament ever in the risk your life your name world will be plastered all over eight shots for us. The region is an ideal Ambien analysts note you that we mentioned a couple times how this is a great opportunity for use anglers do you even have a separate youth division. And I'm gonna talk more about that coming up in the next segment if not the last segment. But I made a note here when you were talking about the young anglers don't tell you about a kid. From Pittsburgh. That did really really well on the national competitive bass fishing. Scene will tell you all about that we'll talk more about the summer classic and that will have. And next right here taken outdoors 95 WB. Hey welcome back to taken it out doors we're having a conversation about the New York State summer classic fishing tournament it's the empire State's largest open water tournament advance. And he goes through the end of August you can register very easily online at NYS summer classic dot com. Tony five dollar spurred an adult angler. There's youth registration five dollars an angler and Tim Thomas our guest in studio he's the director of the tournament. There's a separate category birdie guy kids competing against the adults it's. Separate category four for all of the the main categories consulates and we mentioned earlier. However the the rock bass. The brown Trout and the both men. They're going head to head against terrorism overall biggest for the entire term but high mass lakers yellow birch pickle catfish while I've probably carpet and fish. They all have their own competition field correct yet top three for the for the user also opera. Again he's Tim Thomas director of the New York State summer classic this morning's program made possible by Johnston RB country 28 years of creating generations of family fun. In Webster Palmyra. And online at JRV country dot com. Thank you to Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor Clerides match resident and bill grace restaurants. Hess an auction company country living from farm credit east. And Bentley brother's devoted and Rockport and Albion. Save a horse radical vote. Sally segue here target about the use anglers are you hit to this rain Garland. All the rain again is ridiculous. Now crazy when rain is a kid. I'll rant. He's young I read or write yet they amassed saying we're talking about this and yes he was down at the end bass mastered junior nationals in Tennessee after game which lake. It was it's fifty. One. Team event right so there's fifty teams it. And anglers at you know two person team right and then rain. From right here in Pittsburgh his dad his skin dollop. Butcher in their last name and now but it doesn't take away any respect them images when it Letterman know about this kid. But he went down their finished alone. And came in second place in this two and toss tournament. And I wanna say he got locker with them like in eight to. While there's something that this is it. In flat out catch those bass he came in second place at the junior bass master classic the national championship. He got to get out of school early take is test at a time year an educator yet he can appreciate this he did the word god is schooling done so he can dug out a couple days or alien head down to Tennessee with his old man. To compete in this and it. But his name is rain oh garage gullet jet a cop and nose bandages can dollar you know he fished on the FOW survey. Certainly made. You may also know his dad you remember about 45 years ago local guy got on the cover of bass master magazine with the Alabama parade when he provides small amount on one cast yep yeah and it's his boys know to Baghdad schools so awesome congratulations to young rain. And now let's get back to the summer classic here outs yeah things are really student for you when I went to sign up I went to Google has up forgot your website. And I just started tightening in NY and summer and boom you're are readying to a lot of film and you know that. I am I imagine so I mean it said that I might exposure from both the winter classic now's our classic is is just phenomenal. And no other search engines go by you know take words and and you how many people are searching for that sort of thing. And near the post or putting up on there I'm reaching tens of thousands of people for every post or put up there and I put a post you know multiple times a week. And you know that and that the website itself has lighting weary words and it and we're getting at I think the last I sounds like a 150 to 200 hits a day. And the website. That website is NY as summer classic dot com. Check it out while I wanna get back to had one more question and dad didn't get to GM made in the last segment but I'm I'm pretty. Hardcore about tension and release and I don't like to kill fish. Unless I'm gonna eat. Non sometimes you know it happens by accident you get a hook down and go later some it. Overwhelmingly. Like the fish that I can still live. Can I still do that and compete in this tournament. So here's as saying it's it's one of those things where this is a major event to be a make sure everything's legit in an origin to use that. We have to require the biggest fish to be kept if you're gonna beginning some major cash we need to make sure that catch was legit. And so for this tournament that's why are require the top three be kept. Com and so yes you have to keep the top three but if it's less in the top three NC a four pound mass right now and places Seth. Yes you're getting up on the leaderboard but if it ends up staying fit we're paying down five places it's not going to be a whole lot of money is or not requiring that fish to be tapped. So at that point it's a TU Eli do with a nephew Wayne. But the lanky they need it that's fine when you line to release and again the evidence alive while Oregon aeration systems so it can maintain that and you know stay healthy in an alive entity in releasing and that's fine. I'm again DEC doesn't like he transporting face you know it's frowned a time. No pads and honey Elaine releasing tenacious right but again you know once you leave that their way station it's up to you Eli do that if it's not to have three. Now again you know I've I've received a lot of flak from guys saying you know you're just keeping the big Fisher Q taking out the genes you know that sort of thing let me ask you this. If you were to cats let's say eight and a quarter pound large Gianna sodas day. We can do that fish. I'm going to the tax enormous dat and sore about 95% the other people they catch you know a monster fish like that they're gonna place in the top three in this event and that exposes a democracy and myself with my catching Lee this eight that's that says fish of a lifetime that's just and within event like this those top three fish are probably going to be on official lifetime for these people and so you know most of the fish yes father worked keep in the big ones. Most of them are gonna behind attacks there's anywhere going to be capped in this case it's for the term so you keep possession of that the biggest fish. I don't anglers you need to put in today can. The best thing to do is put a little bit borax and there and that maintains the color and he had the text there is really like to see official comment Disco borax because the maintains on that for them. Made it known that men learn in some every day and again this is big money he could be up to 250000. Dollars cash for the grand prize and that's a random draw. Ramallah in the top finishers in each of the ten categories. Again there's an adult division there's a use division. It. Pays top three in each category top three in longer polar going to be paid for each category is it hard to find a way in station now not. Not at this point we've got to SMU locations now across the state more adding more all the time. I'm fact and taken tripped up this weekend Ali have to Messina announced a little over four hour trip. To outfit I Ginsburg and Messina with Lee stations. And looking to put another line in. Over on the Geary this weekend as well. On some travel and all the time on around the state. Now taken up on and the current stations by its. New. I can win anglers Indian word out about the events and a new stations. You know it sort of thing. He's Tim Thomas director of the New York State's summer classic. You've been fishing tournaments tends a big water and I Trout and then in salmon angler you've been Dylan. And good actually as so far this season I've fished three events of fire. And I place in the at the top ten in all three sum up I got pretty good record on right now. Last weekend fished the at the atomic challenge of Oswego. To the fourth place finish there we got the six Romans kings. And the fishing in Lake Ontario is just on fire this year it's it's been very very good Trout fishing was phenomenal. And that's led raid into what looks to be a banner year for kings. I'm hot stuff in the next segment leads. Rookie like me attic that's one of the salmon I give these deaths are right Tim Thomas will talk about that the next segment also got a little coterie the machine information like. Relay Tia. I'm an update on our local anglers Jeannie Hartman fission on the bass masters lead series bass master came out with their top twelve bass lakes and New York Hudson to. Of the top twelve penalty which do. And I want to ask you about this outside jackets at a nagger river I didn't even know existed around here. We'll get in doll that the next segment here taken an outdoors nanny to five WEB. A good morning welcome back to taken it out doors we have Tim Thomas and studio with this today Tim is the tournament director for the New York State summer classic. In this morning's broadcast is made possible things to Johnston RV country. 28 years of creating generations of family fun there and Webster now Mira. An online at GRV country got on Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor. Buying new roads Larry he's massive and build raise restaurants. As they auction company go to has been Ikon C about their upcoming auctions and country living from farm credit east. Bentley Brothers the voter in Rockport and Albion save a horse ride. Let them go to almost. It infringed on some copyright there and says the song lyrics and is still isn't last segment is a big lake angler goes after the salmon in the. Trout now has been haven't agree years so I wanna get into that. I'm hearing just the second but it I was very happy to see I get bass master magazine you know my. They came out with their annual top twelve bass lakes in the United States and Lake Erie came in at number seven. And the Thousand Islands came in at number eleven I was shocked out I don't night. What is slash snuck in there I do it's been on in the past that it was replaced. Guys I think ressam lake in Tennessee. But it's funny you look through there and when you think about fishing and bass fishing on the national landscape. You think the south you know I mean rewrite that covered the big bass are. But the top twelve bass lakes word California had three New York had to. Michigan was up there and I mean they get here Ian. Let player. I think was another one on there yeah that yet so New York. Right up there with all the big name lakes and on talk in chick Monaghan gunners bill all of these legendary Lachey hear about meant we got fisheries. Right there and I step with those guys. Also one update everybody asked our own 315 or Jamie Hartman east nation on the bass master elite series. Currently sitting in its when he third place for angler of the year. And as far as rookie of the year standings go. Jamie is in third place in the bass master. Or the bass pro shops northern open from BA SS is going on this week and down on 09 now would love to be patient with him that I had interviewed Sandra I would. Local guy I want things here before last. Beyond eat. The directive from roster bass masters yeah he's buddies with or sales manager of stairs so that's apps on Jamie. And now what do nastier cigar pike yes you know Derek. I've never Kyle I've only seen them that they're actually pretty difficult to catch to surmount the ceremony. In long and aero I know this guy just from interviewing team in the past. He is as a wing nine. He will put on scuba diving gear loaded down with weights and go in the Niagara river I think it's K have you heard this. I've heard of people doing that don't know anyone personally he goes down there with ice fishing combos. Rigs for small amount and he is actually just let line now. Underwater fishing for small mouth bass in scuba gear and that's Karrie is in nagger river with all of actor. But he was out there efficient above water. Any Assad on his face the page or go our hike it was gold and I'm from the south we got all kinds of our bottle in his car alligator dark. There's dozens of guard finished. I'm not caught on him black lake years ago but it wasn't one of these. And that that mouth on it it's it's like a drink in strong. Padilla is beautifully they look like a pie that somebody it's filed down its mouth an elongated it. But it was this beautiful gold and it had like leopard spots and although absolutely beautiful fish micro said lows that guy's name. I'd go to U2 in the for this guy guy's last name is the old drama guess it's difficult. On our use ZCIDL. Oh. Go to YouTube and punch that in and you can see this dad's underwater. Fishing adventure take that out so let's get out on the big lake man I don't have a lot of experience with salmon. And shroud other than in the fall when they come up into the river I'll mess with them and that out on the big lake I don't even know where did began. Where would rookie like me start. Well. Definitely technical support in a raft of bad you know then going into. And so there's there's lots of different tactics. And obviously new technologies to comment all the time to you know help. Calm down that and make things he's here in and target them a little bit differently. I'm mainly others he's down rears you know put down a big way intentional lying to a clip that's near that way and it takes you down to debt. And so electronics are huge need to know how deep you are seeing need need to have a fish finder or some kind. And one of the most important pieces at any term angler come out there we'll tell you is to have a probe. Even in a play on a pro system and it's a temperature probe and speed drove it gives you boast is that a sign of thermal Klein. Find that there McClain and also because it's such a big delay can. A lot of times if current out there. And so he could be yelling and you know proper speed at the surface but you're lures are doing a whole different thing down below. And a lot of times if you don't have probe down there and know what your speed is at the you know the location of the lure. They're gimme doing all kinds of funny things either now move Nadal that you're going with the current or could be going crazy down there is if you're doing you know five knots on the surface. Never even heard of that system for yeah it's cool fish we used to shock come there's there's several other different manufactures. The site makes real nice unit the four XD. Nine is huge temperature and speed that the ball but it also gives you your true depth at the vault is just heeled us way back because of the the friction of the water. Which brings you wait up. And again based and that density of water in the sort of thing that Perry's. If here again it doesn't have down rigors of woody do you wait till the fall but so they come in shallower you can or I mean there's other methods to you there's there's copper lines are just basically long lines copper line sinks from nuclear at least in the water and so there's different links of copper you can put out. And based on how much you point out it goes down it's different apps. One account and once the 500 copper it's like the bearer of of all trolling out there is it's it's really hard to to bring him back and it's you know difficult itself to bring back and I'm a 500 foot tapper he's down a hundred feet. So now at this time a year those the the bulk of them there and deeper waters and their relating to temperature and schools and be right correct and how Long Will they stand that pattern. Need to come and you have pretty much until we get zoo you know made Iceland hit mid August and be and and then the these findings are to take over the start line to get to there you know wherever they're going to be on what ever river they're going to be gone up. And they start. You know basis. Becomes seconds CU's buying spying becomes the the main thing for them. And so tactics change upload they used brighter colors ally potential. You know attack you here beta of aggression more so than feeding. You know things like that mr. Ginn senior us Nagle to its you know it does get harder. CME Shia hooks a shark in the sort of thing howling of the transition is that how long does it take them to do that migration from the deeper. Waters senses. The trees and rivers. Incoming waves. It did they do om and it can be overnight I mean think it can be bear in one day in the next day they're out there especially especially of a dry summer. And then also a year rain event in September and you'll get around and bring that time is ten Thomas director of the New York State summer classic talk attention on salmon for a little bit here. Now you're out there you got your down rigors you find your ideal temperature you find school of bait fish. What a month thrown down Anderson's I would be the only thing I would note I hear people talk about ditzy divers. That's well did he is there are no other way to get your lured down there it's island south. Announcer it's we use Gypsies and wireline. And very very effectively gets out away from your vote. So you know get some new words fish tend to migrate away from your vote because of the noise and you know it's not natural current I would do the same thing if aren't there but your line radio or of those Fisher going to be a moving away. And so hips habits that she's a good bit as far as lowers go there's three main Leuer is used in the summertime yet spoons like you mentioned. And cut bait is another one so there strips of pairing I'm kind count at all elongated triangle gone to a head and they spend. And then now flies there are another one so those. Cut bait flies and spoons when you're using cut bait are you playing in hinted there other senses there in others now and does he sync can smell on the parts per billion right yep absolutely packed as unknown fly fisherman today like won't even fill their truck with gas before they go out there really. There are always worried with contaminating their hands in the intelligence on then. The advocate eventually get near a finish so when you're using cut state. It's not really imitating your men make team. Bait fish in the water is it is it is when they spend on there if you ever look at a wounded bait fish like times it'll it'll spend and tax twirl in the water. That's exactly what these do they they spent in the world just like going to be fixed us. And so there'd be mentioned the other senses as a lot of things we do to tie into those other senses. Chart cannon volley it's for instance have fast on the side. That send out ripple through the water that imitates a school bait fish. And so those vibrations or go out away from the ten involved are picked up bilateral lines of the salmon and Trout species and draws a man. It's that second eagle Colorado blade on us and they're very similar same idea. And so you know and then we use near Dodgers and and slash yours on the knowing have colored but the way they spin. Imitates a sit fish when it goes after being efficient goes through the basis itself that that motion of going through the bay finished. That's what the slasher does and again it gives out a signal to water. You know there's other things like putting like proceed down the the wire cables of I'm down barriers. And so that gives us electrical signal they can pick up. And just goes out and and I said there's all these technical things he can do just to tie into on it what do we do it why do we do it why don't we take some then that was so simple for. Hundreds of years if not thousands and incompetent and a crap about it. We have a tendency to redo absolutely as anglers lament I think you for coming in today I'm always appreciative of your time unknown you're super busy. Pound in the pavement with the New York State's summer classic a stay hot on the tournament trail as well. Again in Anchorage all of our listeners to get involved with the New York State summer classic. It is authors page anglers of all skill levels of all ages. It's easy to find it. In quiet summer classic dot com you can register today. I did it earlier this week 25 dollars per angler the kids can registered they have their own division. It's five dollars an angler for the kids and grand prize award at the 250000. Dollars cash. That will be a random draw from all of the first place finishers in the following ten fish categories hike. Lake Trout pick world while lie car bass yell at her cat. Finish crop he. And fish and there's he'd been as some sub categories for lack of a better term. And I'm talking about for the overall largest rock bats which is I'm the one on gun and four. 500 dollar cash prize there there's also another 250 dollar cash award. But the overall largest dog trainer both fans. Yep same thing right. Correctness didn't wanna mess that so I encourage you to get out there register register register you can do so on line there is anyone at the numerous. Weigh in locations just look for the New York's. State summer classic sign it's it's all over the place it's not hard to find again the website NYS summer classic that done. Enjoy the rescue date now. Thanks in just one more things slowly you know if anyone has any questions they can feel free to contact me at any time a cell phones all over the web site give me a buzz on answering questions yes he is Tim Thomas in the New York State's summer classic enjoy the rest your day.