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Friday, September 30th


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Well good morning welcome it's taken it outdoors I'm your host Jeremy nowlin. And this is a brand new show we're at 925 WBE. Where we are all about outdoor recreation. And stock in hunt. Fission can't bend and anything and everything in between if it happens outside and you have fun doing it. I wanna know about it reach out Jimmy Newman at WVE. Dot com you can even go to the peace FaceBook page if you have an interesting hobby. Let me know about it. This program is made possible by Johnston RV country 28 years of creating generations of family fun in Webster how Mira. Ended JRB country dot com Lakeland equipment your trust in John Deere dealer. Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor Clerides and. Bill Gray's restaurant. On the program today very excited. We're gonna welcome into the studio Tom baker from traditions archery he is here to discuss new compound bio technology. What's new in the field of broad heads. Tom runs the archery shop in Henrietta traditions he will be our first guest today we're not all about content today. Captain can stroke global join us he's the host of let's catch fish on our sister station. 957 ESPN. He is a local drift boat captain and it is time the early stages of the ball salmon run. Is years the world definitely have a conversation with captain Ken about that. Also on the program Tim Andrews grew up in holly Tim is the host of rush out doors he's a member of that team a real treat. And we are gonna socked it to him about the differences in white sale behavior no matter where you mind if you're close to an urban property if you hunt rural farming property anything and everything in between the deer act differently. And we will have that conversation with Tim Andrews coming out that Tom baker welcome into the studio from traditions archery I you Dylan I'm doing great thank you traditions archery super easy to find it's over by the DMV's suburban plaza got an indoor range there and spectrum of products you sell ranges from what. To what we sell everything from. Bowl lines mission Matthews. Employee UV and then resell mission prosper as long as with template trust us. You know everybody's Russian in last minute to the archery shop some surprise you even had time to come in here today. Why did though hunters wait till the last minute to get their those red October 1 changes every year. Alison I don't know it's just the nature of the beast with the industry they you know I've had people open up their case the day before the season's noticed that the strings broke comment. Danny inner strength well. You have to hit a couple days you have bow hunting hunting in general means a lot of different things to a lot of different people my seasons here around. I'm shoot my bow at the end of June and I'm in the backyard didn't practice that you know I'm a single guy I don't have kids I had the luxury. Of time on my hands so I definitely keep that in mind the one economist says the new compound those the ones your cell lines. How would they change the those that are on the shelves in your store today vs the Bose let's say five years. I would say the biggest thing that you're gonna notice is the back while which it what I mean by that is when you beautiful draw the bold doesn't wanna creep forward on you so if you noticed probably when they only had 65% flat out you don't hold more weight you know at full trial we're now you have 8085%. And the fact balls Marseille it's what has it deeper now so if your home and on and two year long enough and all of a sudden it has slick move behind a tree you can hold it there. There longer and again the photos on it or not. What makes it do that isn't just an. It's your extra what I don't know forgive me under the terminology that one of those little knobs that are on the cans. No it's actually how the cam is designed and also on some of the vote as they put drop stops on I'm now. So you can you know hit the lamb with that we view each series or on the Matthews they have so it's the people. A high end though today is thrown an arrow how fast. Average speeds higher or around 330 to 340 IBO what I mean by IBO is that it seventy pounds. 350. Green narrow. Omelet thirty and stroke. And how does that stack that two of those just five years ago how far along as the technology products I would say speed vice having changed that. Much it's against enemy more efficient than those going to be quieter it's gonna have less vibration and it they're going to be more parallel in designed. So you're innocent low risers longer but the lambs are more compact so it's gotten or Prioleau to a so when the bullets fired at the vibrations going up and down and not out in their eyes there. He is Tom baker owner operator of traditions archery and server urban plaza super easy to find in Henrietta right next to the DMV. You're listening to 925 W. Now is most season starts in less than a week by. You know staying on top your skills as an archer. You know it sometimes it's hard to find a place to do it in the time to do it but I want everybody to to be aware that it traditions archery you have league's going year round correct. We don't have ongoing year on Iraq come from from January through April. And our league is more focused on 3-D so we do is we have 33. You know anywhere from sitting standing Neil Lane. A bomb anywhere from five yards to 32 yards. We have stuff that goes from the smallest of fraud to as large as. The mule deer. And if you've never been sits on shot traditions archery there he's got a thirty yard indoor range there's plenty of room when you think a server rim plaza. You know in your mind's eye your thinking all the stores crammed into one another but when you open the door sister traditions archery it's deceptive. Looking at it from the outside it's way bigger once you open the door on the inside so when he's talking about all these three d.s don't think you're gonna be in a hallway. She missed Lanier and freedoms that all this stuff yes Tony six feet wide by you know ninety feet is further range part. Is it competition based. Obviously it's a league but I added there are people she didn't for money are they mainly there for camaraderie in practice most are their for calmer I am practiced just out to have a great time. They're in the minor who we talked about the evolution of Bos and it they seemed to change every year at least the marketing which seems to change every year trying to get this off our wallets and Brian in nouveau but what about what were put none the end of the Aaron is that something I'm always looking forward to every year. I've shot the same arrows from probably the last four or five years among the injections. With the deep six technology practice. I'm so I've been sheet and those for awhile. And I'll love lumps on stand with them but every year I looked for new technology in broad heads what's the newest greatest thing out there. I would say probably four. Fix played one of my favorite products is the Q eighty accidents. And what I noticed omelet this we did a time testing in the shop on nine because it's played it doesn't have any cut out sonnet and it's a shorter wider blade. It tends to fly more like a field tepid you don't hear any whistling going through the air to sometimes you're in here that. Arms so that's one of the brightest light to awfully push that's what I issue and 45 my staff and I assure them as well. Do you encourage people to mainly shoot fixer McCann holes I prefer fix played only because you know with a mechanically you can have you know which is something possibly happen. On first mechanical as I preferred the tremor eight inch and 38 cut and rage hypodermic. I'm also on another great on its actually is certain to really come on the market is anything by tendering. Yeah you know let not this past everything's archer everything archery event but the one a year removed. I think they were set up their inning guy gave me. Pack of the dead ringers and I'm telling ya. Crime scene I mean this being as a cutting surface and you talk about flying true I really really enjoyed those. And some also he mentioned the grim reaper. I'm mechanical four year compound those but Tom turned me on to the grim reaper is for mark crossbow. And you want to talk about something ugly going down. When you're firing that. Grim reaper bride and I just use the honored grains. And it's got three blades on it so once it hits not only idea that the punch seven but the cutting surface of that being of that probably seven or eight dear I've taken with a crossbow with a grim reaper I've never had one go more than ten yards and does some damage to bones tell you know year year running your shot you gotta believe in the product you're selling do you actually test the broad heads as they come in. Armed some idea area we tested somehow mom guess said pal be about a year ago we tried to. We tried out the traumas and see how they flew on the number one day we just decided to open up the whole package affixed by just to see what they would do as far as play characteristics and sound Tom Enders stuff played difference between some of them. I would imagine for consumer ago right near my friends it's can be kind of pricey to buy a couple packs abroad heads. Just issued them through things. But what it what's the best like if you really want to test your bride head in your bow and your aero. All combined in your again issued through a piece of material is it better to go quiet hood I know some guys whose folding chairs. Like what's the best thing is to use if you are actually gonna do. Real research on me. Well it can get a hold of the ballistic gelatin that's kind of expensive. Com I was a plywood would work and it's really just wanna see what it kind of does have you know on the backside in the letter whenever I know if you really wanna see some such you can also watch on YouTube. And after the open minded because a lot of this stuff is going to be from the manufacturer. On the you can find something that's like an independent study that I mean at the last minute ago. He is Tom baker from traditions archery carved out a little time for us here today intake for taken it out doors Tom runs traditions archery conveniently located in suburban plaza. Right there in Henrietta right next toward to the DMV. Super easy defined. Opening day of those season is less than a week the way and we will continue next with more from Tom baker right here on taken it outdoors in 925 WB's. People of earth welcome back it's taken it outdoors good morning I'm Jeremy him and this is a brand new show here in 925 WB heat. Where we are all about outdoor recreation. No matter what it is hunt and fish in camp then. Anything and everything in between if this happens outside and it's funded new. We're gonna talk about it right here on taken it out doors. I'm not an expert I am an enthusiastic student and I hope we can learn a few things together still to come on the program today we have captain can't trample a local drift boat captain and radio host. Easier to tell us about the early stages of the fall salmon run. But I am fully of Wear. That's the opening of post season is just six days away. We will welcome to the show Tim Andrews post of rush out doors he's gonna tell us about the differences in white cell behavior. From hunting grounds. Near urban settings vs way out in the country what we can expect from the deer in the different areas but here in studio with me right now for one more segment Tom baker from traditions archery in Henrietta we've been talking about new compound both technology. New broad head technology. I didn't nasty nature shop would line. Of those DSL we sell mission Matthews boy annually. Now money posted those were the different brands of Bose. Or is it just the consumers build the sort of loyalty. To the make. Well we do when someone comes and they really don't have brand loyalty to a certain manufacturer we suggest trying every high you know after looking for a high and value definite line try all three of them you know you line grab a Matthews who line. Should avoid you wanna shoot nearly. It's the only way you're really gonna notice a difference and I'm. On this fire as anything being better bill. Over the other right I don't see it I mean there's differences the spurs customer service maybe. But again you wanna come in with an open mind and really trying to figure out what both feels the Bastia so that technology may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. But what about the results when used squeeze your release and that arrow leaves the strain. Is there really a difference now and I really I mean the way the Boe is gonna feel to the consumer and you know hunter the shooter. I'm they're gonna notice that difference however you know as far as. No once you put their right Clinton not once the Bos two and as far as accuracy I don't know if you're gonna notice a huge difference and a yeah it's always interesting to me you know I liken it to guys that are so. Loyal to type and trot the draft right on the draft Chevrolet is my granddaddy of assemblyman Danny Almonte was Dale Earnhardt. Ommission the gap. Well I'm only shot holy smokes I have a wholly now I and my old though was a voice. But that's not because I think waits way better than any other brand. I've never shot another brand I think it'd have been a year place I shot an elite though in the past I know I shot a mission though there in the past but I. Our I was still making payments on that one. But they're all nice. Track yeah I mean they really are that's one of the things you know. Again that's why we you know if you came into the shop we don't even have sights sounds and people like pop and they're not set up like we're gonna move it hurry it up to you. And there's even some shots and actually blindfold people with China because they don't wanna know what though there actually shooting. Now when somebody gets blow. And traditions archery. You'll you'll seldom up you'll adjust their draw a link deals is just there he sighed and you have the range right there you'll leave and will even work with them and get and that's when he pins where to yes. Track so what we do it was a rules you know someone's just come in and will basically figure out exactly what phone they wanna purchase now go through all the accessories as well. On the damn what we do is forget that both setup that we schedule an appointment. So they come back and and they work with somebody one on one and actually know getting the peeps and a lineup we'll figure out what aerials of best match that. And and we helped you get excited and for Tony Harris nine you'll she didn't repay third year are you a laser beam that. We don't really shoot much through paper just because Tom there's a lot of variables kind of commended. In the play with that on that antiquated is that an old way of doing it. Some shots believes so and some don't it's probably 5050 when it comes to that it's great for target stuff. But for a punt team there's a lot of different things that kind of come and play hand towards one on the plane on the shooter. I'm Errol spine that all matters when it comes to pay for tuning so it's really hard for us to kind of pinpoint atlas who knows there's something really funky going politics. The bow itself then I'll shoot it through papers he would still on. When it comes deciding in. When you get cheered when he can say okay let's opt for example I'm. I'm Lou. I have. 51012030405060. I've never in the field I've never used a fifty or sixty and I've never had a shot longer in 35 yards in the woods but I practiced with it. Just because if our practices 6020. Fives apiece a K that's my goal there. But when you set that when he canned. The other should fall in place left and right correct and all I should be needing to do at that point is chase like I'm innocent my thirties and cheated just chase that pin up and down. Yes that's correct and lasts arm you're senator shot on your air arrest is. And that's one of the things that will do is bomb what I really prefer for tuning method is a lock Bechtel. So will happen is if you shoot your Tony our panelists and you go to thirty yards and you leave kind of the one airline that was in the middle of your group at Tawny. And you're still gonna use your Tony are ten there'll drop a little bit and that will show you have to search shift in laughter in if it does and you make a rest adjustment. Now say I get a new boat some make comes engine traditions and picks up a news. Compound though from it he get a mosque that they go home and they practice. Maybe they shoot a 10200 air hose to it. It what point should you bring it back as though doesn't that stream stretch among that tweak things just a little bit. Regular maintenance on it what do you encourage people today's. Yeah I hear you that come to after 200 shot to death on our tree in his bring it back just loses kind of go with her really quick to make sure that. You know you're not point kind of stayed the same most likely peep sights that are rotated on you that's normal at even like in new string that we put on. I'm so we always tell people in all fit does turned spring at Mac into this will fix it and and I would say you know on election stringing cables every hundred no 150 shots. Armed and that we always tell people you know off the boat does get wet because you are going to be in the woods let it dry off you know dry area all the screws and bolts and stuff like that off. On the done in a way actually string you know after that as well. Do you apply that waxed pretty liberally urge you to try to get by with as little as possible you wanna put it on armed just a string material part not to serve in but make sure you rub it into the fibers you know take your fingers and Kenny heat you know as of friction heats up it's gonna melt that string lax in the Irish you don't wanna leave it -- on there because and actually does the negative where becomes abrasive. It can actually do marsh damage to your strength and you put on all the strings and cables cracked. Is Tom baker from traditions archery joining us here on taking it out doors at 925 WD. A brand new program where once a week for one hour. We focus our attention on outdoor recreation from hon it's efficient take camp then. Whether it's Tenser RVs we will budget time for conversation and education. About shore hobby little heavy on the bow hunting because seasonally it's go time you make hay while the sun's out we're six days away from opening day. But Tom. The kind of life. Hearted as we approach the end this segment here personal thank you for coming in today we as we mentioned before I know you're super busy at the shop. But when you work in an archery shop again got a buddy that runs. Bait shops tackle store. In he talks about the volume. Of liars. In storytellers. They come into a shop. You deal with that everybody they comes in are they an expert. Are they have the hunt of a lifetime story they still obligated to tell you and you got to sit there and smile and nod. Yeah I hear a story is constantly. Armed. It's our most things that young as part BM part of the industry you have to do is go and I'm very you know. The deck in my mind I know I have you know so many post or come in on this summer sound is the you know they missed the biggest part of their life for. This one got away or some farmer took over the proper easily you know you have to kind of speed like hired and no longer and impair on Salina. Now I know man I don't know what it is I've been in places like now I'll mention my body that has the tackle shop. Everybody. That comes in there once it's all about the one they cot or the one that got away and they can't just tell you about the Fisher the deer it's got to start with a last Tuesday at stake you know it's just as far. You know he needs some work done on your Bo I encourage you to go to traditions archery. Tom has been a great friend to this radio stations for many many years of very valued. Advertise during client. But I'm Sonya I've been do we shop he's got a great range there this election is wonderful and Tom knows his stuff to appear Bos even the slightest bit off. Take them in there. Letting watch each unit letting see what she gagged on nine eat in diagnose and repair and gets you back up in that tree stand. In no time at all again Tom baker traditions archery traditions are three dot net. Tara online and you gonna get a phone number 5854864145. Things are common in men really appreciate your time now get back to where it goes there guy Garrett he needed in the woods coming up we have our next gas. Tim Andrews ten was a local guy from holly New York lives out in Orleans county now also works for the new York state department of corrections. But he is also pretty prominent local television hunting hosts. He has his program rush outdoors he's also a member of team real trees seem on the bill Jordan shows. And we will join us next on the phone right here taken an outdoors in 925 WB ED good morning welcome back segment. That three have taken it out doors bride team by Johnson RV country 28 years of creating generations of family fun. And Webster Elmira. Andy JRB country dot com Lakeland equipment your trusted John Deere dealer. Victor Chevrolet route nine. Clerides and build Gray's restaurant. Gain this is a brand new show here in 95 WBE. We call it taking it out doors and we are all about outdoor recreation. Content big game small games that there's deferred fishing camping tents are being used. If that happens outside and it's fun to do. We are all about it here and taken it out doors I'm not an expert even though I act like one I'll admit I'm just an enthusiastic student. And I hope we can learn something here together when it thinks Tom bay. Hear from traditions archery joining us in the first segment still to come on the program to discuss the early stages of the fall salmon run. Happening right now will be captain pinch triple but first happy to welcome to the program a friend of mine. Ladies and gentlemen from rush out doors Tim Andrews how aria. I don't bank chairman Howard you. I'm doing well I had the opportunity to meats and several years ago with the sportsman shows they used to do over in Rochester tech park I think it's the one that went from the dome. Over to our Rochester tech park and we've kept in contact ever cents. Tim hosts television show local Lee it's on my eighteen and Time Warner right. Yeah it's that we're in action network tree here crush regional. New York. Also more the world Russia out goers on the on channel on DISH Network that's another fifteen million homes. Guys Tim is the real deal he works full time if you don't Miami disclosed and with the department of corrections but the man gets to travel across the globe. The 19 just all sorts of exotic times. How does a guy from here in our area get the opportunity to become a pro staffer for real tree have their own hunting show like rush out doors I know you've been a part of dozens smaller. That how does that happen. The Internet I was pretty lucky guy in 1986. Real tree used to have putting magazine put out this. Bringing in the fall they put it edit their bags and looking for local pro members and so under resonating. This before the age of the computers sent an email she can actually write something that elegant. And I mailed it and and the girl got picked Gillick wants later in the senate were overwhelmed. With Spansion over a thousand people. Point again and all the people I thought well at all and looking farm boy from Carly got via called. Oval two weeks later that I was picked. And just ended the first few years you just need the locals so local events and well for years later. They hit me like don't we show in Orlando. Asked me to pop up nationals are trailing form shall I took up the offer and it's just snowballed and shall many things I can you describe. Now everyone Israel and around the woods all of us knuckle heads with the go pro I mean now he heaving got cameras mounted in your stabilizers now offering goodness sakes but all these guys running around the woods with video cameras. What makes a good. Hunting shows to be consumed on television is it's more than just captured in the harvest. Yes I think to me and every got her own opinion at every US ten people you're probably gonna get ten different answers you know like this story Alex's story that. This quick travel to get there yeah. You describe what your win you know shall the lay of the land whether it's in the foothills so why don't mean here let's put the area of the code is whatever. I like the story going along with it and see if things. You know a lot of short talk show the stuff to go wrong and in Baghdad huge library of things that are wrong and video and we short as people as real to people. I always respect when television show show their misses. Yes we have hey that's funny you say that that's like commercial called swing and a mesh and I've been out there many times. And it's it's people in general are Russia and cut crew was amateur version ever show where people. Joining and they send their footage and it was a matter of discussion at her church you know would chuck whatever and our editor brag Kirby clears it up. Cleans it up also all we have people from an irregular militia members and but we mention it's. It's being human so we have essential called swing and a miss Victoria for chalk oceans and show was mrs. It's one of the most popular person show. You're just joining us were on the phone with Sammy Andrews here listening to take in and out doors of brand new program here in 925 W. EEE one hour once a week entirely devoted. So outdoor recreation in with a bow hunting season. The opening of it just well next weekend for goodness sakes Sammy Andrews is on the phone with this he's the host of rush outdoors he's on team real treat semi DVR your show I'm Nagano idea what is it air live. We're gonna start seasons or. You mean she's in can stir this October. And Time Warner sports the local around here I believe it's. It's we air on Sundays and Monday Monday at 111130. AM but we also I don't the other networks times vary for. Well region here and shall vest and check your local listings. And I missed it tend to me out opening day at Turkey season we had a camera set out we had we were surrounded by birds. One was coming into the zone but we just couldn't get it to commit I was hoping that was gonna be my premier debut on now rush outdoors stand. Every Gregory without a lot of bird I mean we had those Jake's command that would that would leave in a long beard did Monica and it was a tree was still here. So you believe that Jakes we believe I'd call. In all Americans together but it was fun I mean it's nice to get big kill and he and all that. He just goes to show you can have everything setup that doesn't happen. Oh I didn't mean I was gonna make the show for a successful harvests I was gonna make that this episode of misses you were just don't. I. No. That's using mice but I've but I usually get a couple of their remains to whether it's water follow. May affect the first episode of season. Watch spoiler but I do. All of this up but I I replay myself and the next Shaq ethic and two degree. Tim Andrews is on the phone with this the host of rush outdoors a member of team real treat his resume is a mile long I kid read it to you but then we'd be at a time for the interview ten post season opens up October 1 now hunt seeing it white tailed turn archery season can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. There's people that live here in the city they have opportunities to do urban bow hunting. There's people that live in the suburbs here at your church bills here week lens here rise against. You're live millions like where I live nav on areas and then get people that live way out in the sticks in the farm country in the rural country. What are the differences. If any that you can tell me about deer behavior in each of those areas. And they're all little bit different I mean when is the farmland here I mean they're usage in the trigger hand bag right on the way way at all how rate a little bit more. As where if you show up. Something like this suburban area might be a different deal and we get this suburban here or. I call with on the edge as big temperature Hungary's boats owned or penfield. There's a little strip. Word suburbia your city meets country and it's it's I think overlooked. I've got a spot. I just acquired this year. And I trail route I'd bet the watch and excited about it. But sometimes there's years there's that are not tolerate you know other issue guessing lady walking her dog in the morning. In the garbage man coming through all the kids play in the backyard but yourself that don't mean they're actually just the biggest thing is gonna players had. Are they entirely I you just mentioned sentiment are they entirely. Immune to noise pollution as well. To an extent I mean anyone else lake and he did make a difference like but I don't know west. I tried walking this one he Latin. I can't happen. The deer and the other guy lunch air not come back I'll answer ranchers to drag out his pickup truck and drug ripped my trees and well literally step from. That is struck out in my letter puppetry. Drivers waited your public veco. Just there usage in certain things they get adjusted to it but they're not like it says when it comes arguments that. Accurately. Tim I wanna I wanna thank you for your time to David before I let Iran I wanna ask you the same question asked Bob's full ride when he called and enjoying me last week. How does some of our biggest stud but it's here in Western New York stacked up against those we see harvested out of the states like Iowa Illinois you know once known for the big bruiser is we can't be too far behind right. We're not that the biggest thing is that I can all of point fingers but our properties as we open up our god she's in during the rod. Were you look at the big states. Kansas Iowa they don't open their guns seasons or run the first week of December with a rush overweight we open our operating an old rug and let it run three weeks. Every here it's forcibly shut. This way they grow to be here or why I feel other one more day after Thanksgiving. You just from the big bucks states. I know literal and a dud season is she lied and you're Jewish accent changes so I guess we do have big bucks is no doubt about it. He is Tim Andrews this show we're talking about is rush out doors I suggest you watch it means a local guides and local showed that has grown son regionally. And it's just receiving more and more momentum have been outstanding years for a long time exempt. I appreciate you breaking us off a little chunk of your data's spend it with this here taken it out doors again my eighteenth Time Warner's sports channels. Is where you can find him show rush outdoors and sim this is just our second episode. But is it all right if I keep your phone number handy for the future. Every call may tagged. Got to get together that bird other well. Got it man thanks for your time be safe from its season Thea everybody. Coming up in the next segment we're talking about the early stages of the fall salmon run with local drift boat captain. Can scramble that's next right here on taken it outdoors 925 WBE. Six more days only six more days until post season opens. Good morning welcome back it's taken it out doors I'm your host Jeremy Newman. This is a brand new show here at the beach and I'm happy to be apart of it we're all about outdoor recreation. Hunting and fishing camp been for Wi Lan aids. He v.s canoes kayaks. Anything and everything in between it's an involves getting off the couch and play in outside. This show will be a forum for it I act like an expert six days a week. But here with a view on this program. My goal is to be an enthusiastic student and maybe we can learn a few things together. This program is made possible thanks to some fine sponsors such as Johnson RV country 28 years of creating generations of Stanley find. There in Webster pal Mira online JRV country. Victor Chevrolet route 96 in the heart of Victor flare at ease and bill Gray's restaurant. Earlier in the program we had Tom baker talked in new compound though technology brought Ed technology he owns and operates traditions archery and Henrietta so thank you to Tom for joining us. Things that Sammy Andrews host of rush out doors. He was a fountain of knowledge forest. But it's not all. About archery season today annoy a lot of people listen and loved to chase the salmon and shroud around. And in the early stages of the fall run is happening right now so I'd like to energy she'd in my friend local drift boat captain in radio host he is acting cans trampled let's get right to it what are some tips. You can give people that they can go out. On stood on. Here for on shore and have a great shot it catch in a keying Eric Trout. I would just encourage people collected as Somerville here you know gold market the fishing nexus here over bile Loc lens hike down the path get out on the here. Get yourself some little clear those picture yourself some KL lob lawyers get some moonshine lowers the moonshine. Is exactly what their name as they've they shine. And if you hit him with a bright light they will shine for an hour kits and sent kits and smelly jelly crayfish cents up that will stick the lowers it. Put him out there. And as you know let them fall fluttered out of the bottom. A lot of times official hit a mother following bar or the ball there cruising along the bills they'll come along these you know these lures. And they'll him and then once they get down the bottom down this bones. Slowly retrieve a man. Don't go quick it's a nice slow steady retreat just fast enough to get the thing to wobble. Don't get discouraged if you don't catch something because I want Larry now we have Bob on our show. Let's catch fish we give out weekly fishing reports and one of the guys they gave us a weekly Fisher report on our show. Was talking about these C and maybe. Seven fish being caught throughout the night on average cell before you know up till midnight and then how many are being caught after and then the techniques. From using eight sacks seasons game to the spoons to during the day used in inline spinners. It's disinformation is good stuff that you can't you don't need a bow to be able to do this you can just go right out of the pit these guys are. They have layer to it that's cool stuff. He is catching cancer ripple of Bayside those exact goal he also host let's catch fish at our sister station. 957. ESPN Rochester. On the bass guys you know that I know we're knocking on the door of the salmon run this is the beginning it's not a pretty day gaining. What's the window like here how longer these fish can become an end stages. Making their way into this. Well we just head it's funny that you mention that we had a what I department of environmental conservation officer there is actually overseas. Southern Lake Ontario is explaining that. These phases star usually something like middle of September. But the main part gets going in October so the month of October if you wanna go out and catch the biggest fish of your life you know especially around here you wanna get out October. But if you get out like they today. You know after you know of course listen the end of the shelves but then go out grab your tissue Paul. And co hosted appear go monster you know casting in line spinners try youngest stuffing green gets stopped and orange gets stuff in pink. You you know get blue's you know try different things. And you know after ten to fifteen cast change it up. Imam wasting my time at Tom Golan to the creeks right now or should I stay out on the front parts of appears to creeks are usually the last to get the trash. So if you're Smart about it you'll you'll go to we're dead bigger bodies of water because there's more and more flow. You can go there and they and plus what they do is they stock fish out of bosh someone marine. They do a fish stacking or where they put hundreds of thousands of fish is salmon steelhead and every single spring and after four years they come back by four years they come back and they sparked. He is acting can stray bullet Bayside vote and sack the local drift boat captain does some salmon and Trout charters. On the Genesee river and all over our area actually if you want to reach out to him it's easy to do you can go to let's catch fish dot net. And his information is super easy to find there now this program taken it out doors by the way brand new to the B we started last week. Our goal here casting gan. Is the focus on end all encompassing outdoor recreation. I mentioned before I've been a little heavy on the bow hunting because the season opener is next weekend. I know we're knocking on the door of full blown Trout and salmon season. That's why wanted to reach out CU and given opportunity for this salmon chasers as sober chasers of the world to get a little information there but we also cover boating voting is a huge recreational. Venue here in Western New York in if you don't know the boat maybe you've been on the fence thinking about Mayan one. There's still time for you to test the waters if you will. Kept thinking and has a boat rental program you can take the Stanley out on Iran equally may. Even up the Genesee river the water still warm and asked that sued if you line. But forecasting in the weeks to come think about romance stink about just enjoying nature when the foliage starts to come. How beautiful visit to take one of those votes at the Jan. We knew go up. The Genesee river I promise you you'll not even realize you're in Rochester anymore you with thinker in Colorado it's just your in and gorge the rocks are ready. Rocks were so used to be in the city. But ages guys. Or ladies put a picnic together get one of the pond to angles they have wireless Bluetooth stereo systems. For the guys they have fish finders bring up Paul. Take the drug okay throw line in the water you just might catch yourself thinking salmon now how far can you get those Ponte ends up to Ginny can you make it descent to green. By a day and that's where I want you to turn around because I'm also Woodruff spoke captain. And there's a lot of rocks right at the Seth Green island area and I know where they are because I hit every single one of bomb. And they don't do them both well. He is casting cans triple of Bayside bode exact bill you're listening to it's taken it out doors right here at 925 W. Captain can has a show called let's catch fish. On our sister station 957 years he in an AM 950. That's where you can catch him every Saturday morning. Thanks for your time sidelined sea captain same do you Jeremy most importantly thanks for tuning in to this new show again it's called taken it out doors. Every Sunday morning. One hour entirely dedicated dad outdoor recreation. Hunting fishing camping. Every team and it's all made possible by Johnson RV country Lakeland equipment Victor Chevrolet. Clerides and build Gray's restaurant. I hope the rest your day is blast in the you'll join me tomorrow morning with my friend Steve house meant. In TJ sharp on the beat morning copy. This is taken it out doors where 925 WBE.