Taking It Outdoors Podcast April 1, 2018

Tuesday, April 17th

This week we talk Turkey Hunting with the National Wild Turkey Federation's NYS President Brian Gottfried.

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8 friends good morning and welcome to another episode of taken it out doors happy Easter I hope you are enjoying the first day of Trout season. Lots of stuff going on as we said about. I don't know a month this away from Turkey season so we invited our old pal Brian got free down. He member Brian from the national wild Turkey federation. From the Lima chapter word on the street is you're the head honcho now. And and congratulations. Again good. You have to actively campaign for president of the national national wild Turkey federation. Hard for so long as the Mitt the president of the New York State chapter of the national while Turkey federation could you know I was uncontested so I was the only person that was going to. That was dumb enough to step in those shoes excesses. You can look at it. And that's a big job but it's a very important job at someone's listening that's unfamiliar with the national wild Turkey federation. Can you kind of explain your mission should. The Turkey federation was initially started to conserve and increase Turkey population basically beckon the early seventies there currently any turkeys and people want to change that so they started to. Put forth the effort to come find ways where they couldn't restore populations and they did that by trip and transfer. And today. With Felix the populations are at a good sustainable level some people argue that there below book everybody's remember that there is cyclical and you know if there's ebb and flow with populations all the time. So now that we feel comfortable with turkeys and where they are there in all 49. Of the lower 49 states. Now we're focusing and say they have a tendency on. We are working oppressor preserve habitat. Increase. Public access to public plans create new public plans and we're working really hard to. Recruit new wonders whether it's kids or adults that don't come from owning families. Now what kind of benefits does one get from membership then how much does that cost. Standard memberships 35 dollars and that gets you a magazine every two months. And knowing that you doing something good for the environment all the money that's raised by the Turkey federation goes back on the ground in the state where it was raise. And then there's not too many organizations that consider that that's the case but it's pretty transparent organization can find that out easily. So you're 99 huge salary as state president. It's all volunteer and adoration. This death Bryant got freed is his name this morning's broadcast made possible. They still Johnston RV country 28 years of creating generations of Stanley funding Aaron Webster. Elmira and online at JRV country died on thank you declared he's mass it and bill Grey's restaurants. Destiny auction company country living from farm credit east. And Bentley Brothers to go to and Rockport and Albion. Save a horse riding the vote here in our area in the five county region around Rochester. What's our Turkey population line pretty healthy. Healthy they mean a pretty healthy but what's with the pause. There's other areas of the state where that your he thought population is better than around here but. We're we're definitely. Better off than some other areas of the state to OK best part the state ams and guess Mohawk valley. That's one of the better areas have. I had a lot of friends at time down in the region well what do we need to do in our region. Did to help that out you know and I mean it's funny over the last. For five years I've done with some old guys you know. It just it did to pull the winner winner was to Bradstreet was to it there's an excuse every year. Yet people still get earns yet we've actually had a couple. Really good spring seasons as far as Turkey catching those this past spring I think was a little work. If you if you're looking at technical records. But what people can do is you know every little bit helps and that's preserving. Habitat in through the brooding and you know raising their young turkeys prefer. Early succession of forests and things like hedge rows and you know many places to hide from creditors and to hide from the weather. That the biggest factor in our area there in the greater Rochester area is probably the weather. You know we get that lake effect whether that makes it pretty well most the time and it's real hard to raise young turkeys when it went out. Is it is there a parallel to the deer running like with and there are restrictions. Is it. Can we benefit the population if we pass on Jake's. Mean no because in the spring time. Killing no Melbourne doesn't affect the population because if one Melbourne is gone another Melbourne it's gonna step in and take his place. If you're just joining us our guest this morning from the national wild Turkey federation and he is from the Lima chapter now of this state president Brian got treatises name. Were tackle Turkey today here on opening day of Trout season I didn't Trout last week to get people ready for today. So now we're getting ready for Turkey season which basically runs the month of may. And now hunting hours one half hour before sunrise to noon why is that. Originally. Looses. And give the birds a rest from pressure from there's other reasons that you know Muppets. Time we get back to work. I don't know the real answer right and it's been it's noon since I started honing in there's a lot of states that allow running all day I know that's something that's. And we've considered in New York but. It would really help a guy like me man because you know it's tough for me you know on petition Terry Dion next time here. And you know works pretty busy so if I can ducked out like on Wednesday afternoon and go for a hunt. That'd be ideal I always ask in in everybody says it's that I talked to hesitates like you did I think I just don't wanna come on save Saddam other states on all day I intently. But it's it's been proven that all all day owning doesn't affect the population. Anymore. And I think I think it. I think it should be all day but. On the same note. I'm afraid that if it goes Alderman run myself and the ground halfway through this experience help you but if you stick with your bag limit what's it matter what does not always calling for other people I'm rarely earning for myself. And and I don't have the I don't have the will power tonight and a Turkey earnings so I can't just stop at noon because it sounds good idea I'll go to like legally can't anymore youth on. This year Tony personally second of April and what's good for us it's Dielman yet he twirled. Twelve to fifteen and doing very good now on coming up men are really wanna get into some Turkey Colin now on I'm terrible. And I mean a lot of people are terrible but we still go out there and we still do we cans on the sea keeping panic coaches. I brought some calls I asked Brian to bring some calls and now we're gonna get into kind of the basics of the one run down to the basement grab your process. Get some calls maybe he can play along with this I want to talk some deep voice today. I want a toxin firepower you know what's what's new in the world firearms in Turkey hunting. We're gonna talk some scouting all sorts of stuff in Turkey season. As well a lot of moving parts and we're gonna do that sex that this morning. Happy Easter thank you for listening to taken it outdoors and we'll be right back here on 925 WC. People look very good morning welcome back to taken it out doors we're getting ready for Turkey season today thinks for tune in in our guest in studio is Brian got freed from the national wild Turkey federation. He's actually in this state president and NW. TNN this morning's broadcast made possible things to Johnston RV country clarity is massive and builds raised restaurants. Has the auction company can see with they have come and up some cool gun auctions it has sneak dot com. Country living from farm credit east also Bentley brother's devoted in Rockport and Albion. Save a horse. Riding the vote is our guest in studio Brian got free from the national wild Turkey federation. Now that your president man you got lot of stuff phenomenon man what can you tell me about your learn time program. There and hung is gonna happen on April 14 at the tenaciously sportsman's club on stone hill road it's going to be at 2 PM. It's free to the public and it's open all ages. It's going to be very. General start from scratch how to get started on the Turkey Iran and go all the way to. What you can do to get that bird in the last few yards storing get a shot and hopefully if the weather's good will will have an inside at that could sportsman's club there and then this will go outside and maybe do like in my car and run through a couple of different scenarios. Do chassis using calls. And and and really I plan on opening it up and having him be more of a question and answer type of thing where I want everybody to walk away feeling like they learn something. Yet those are great mandate they add years of experience. To use your resume even if you've never punish her for. It's very similar to like taking the motorcycle safety course you know you know its own their six months to writing experience. That there's them a lot of people don't go out and do things like Turkey them because they don't know where to start so. You know there's a lot of hunters adultery and is because it would start so. And then there's guys like me you don't know where to start but I've been runner on the woods realm than that you're gonna benefit too because we're gonna we're gonna cover everything. Right menu some more great stuff from the national wild Turkey federation wanna make sure we point out your Whalen sportsman program yeah that's. Program where we try to get non disabled people. More active in the outdoors. We have the will sportsmen on that we've been doing every year after the this'll be an eight year. Where we do about Turkey hunt is usually an opening day and much worth it this year were actually hold onto private ground in Livingston Tony and so and Monroe Tony. Great stuff also lassie here women in the outdoors that's a shooting event. Yeah we're winning in the outdoors program that's pretty self explanatory. We're gonna have a women only shooting event. In on August 26 that we don't have a venue lockdown for that yet but basically were gonna should start with BB guns work our way up to shooting rifles and shotguns and have some archery. Targets there also. And an education. Education give people familiar and especially these days winners. Lot of people say eons the shirt out experience. Salute you guys for doing that. I'm gonna get back to some Turkey in the new year and he got another event will be shirt threw point that out and then next segment. But I'd just tell me about the life of its very like what's that Turkey been doing for the last. Since deer season. Eating trends stay warm. Trend in that kid Eaton now what do they eat when there's snow all over the ground. Whenever they can they'll find they'll find bugs and stuff even in the wintertime you know foods it's not snow covered Sylvia. We'll be doing you know ponder. Blogs and around the base of trees and stuff they believe to find bugs or they'll find. Some nuts and hard forage. Now whether I guess can be a threat to a Turkey's health obviously I think lieutenant touched on that in the last segment and that would affect diet obviously. Coyotes and foxes play a role in the situation. They eat some. I honestly. I'm yet to read any. Hard. Researched that they have a profound impact and Turkey populations mean. Really Weathers the biggest factor as far as Turkey populations pills and my eyes. It's funny I've seen and not so people all the time the story sitting in my tree standard deer season and now watch these two Qaeda it's. Come up on a fielding d.s and get more. And is the most amazing thing we're watching these these things time. And so I've figured adding I guess like you water found Ackerman and as they get you gotta watch out for these. That's ten of them for editors and easily did that's one. Out of how many geese were and that the illness like Elena 12100 ray yeah not a big deal. Not a big deal. As though weather starts to warm up though and you know like did it start to do right now seasonally we changed. How does their behavior transition as we get closer to opening game. Mean it's mating season. A opening day Turkey season is actually. Purposely set on the of incubation. So the majority of the breeding is actually RD had them for Turkey season starts. The majority of the fans in New York State are actually sitting on an incubating nuts by me first. And to believe that. Now that senator resting on. When I saw them I don't know if they were abandoned their steer them on there. Now repeat what has done so the Turkey is an egg every day one mega day. And when they get to their full clutch size which may be twelve over fifteen innings. Then once they have all those things and then they sit on their nest and they'll still get up to go feed periodically and and or affiliates who from a predator they're not gonna go very far but they're gonna go far avoided that that they distract them from the nest. Hmmm so what walking up on a nest of eggs doesn't mean that it's abandoned or that you know there's anything wrong. That that hand might just the notion might be lane moorings before she incubates. Now I'm not gonna get ready you know the last they have a parole and you know go knowing him on this street human be cores you Kim now I know we can't say I want to be successful Salmons homeward one need to do. The Sox scouting a little bit. They're you can do discounting pretty easily most people have a Smartphone or computer you can get in cooler third Google Maps and so are looking around at your place is the home. New York State has interactive maps online that show all the public Lindsay can overlay those on aerial photos. You can do it you know. That pay for apps or even some free apps that show property lines so you can see them. Boundary lines where you are or where you want on and maybe even don't know Paris indoors you know you can pick spots like that. OK so I and I am I'm looking at a map of the weather's publicly and a land I'm gonna behind. What do miles focusing nine. You know edges hard woods next. Agricultural fields. The first word was the key he said edge doesn't matter what Canon edges it can be the edge of hard woods or con offers or fields. Edge habitat is what attracts wildlife. And in particular turkeys they they like to have. The option to be in the woods or to be in the field. So they're gonna relate to edges where new I key in on those edges there high traffic areas. That's green Indian on the ground but he's not necessarily you can you can look where different types of cover you know you might have a block of kind of prison block of Hardwoods. A block of recently. Cleared blamed its re. Grown. Might have had drew isn't content to see funnel there is much what you would for your season composers are forms for your much like there for turkeys and that they go through loses. He is Bryant got freed from the national wild Turkey federation actually serving as the state president of the NWT. As joining us this morning in studio as we prepare for Turkey season. I hope you're out there tensions some Trout this morning. Headed to or from church happy Easter to youth in the next segment Brian everybody get your calls out our right. And I got a slate call here I got a box like got about fifteen different diet brands here only use one of for whatever reason. That lets let's go to the neighborhood of make believe and walked us through. Turkey time. Let's do that in the next segment you're listening to taken it outdoors right here in 95 WEB. A friend's good morning happy Easter and welcome back to taken it out doors we're getting ready for Turkey season today with our friend Brian got free Brian's doing this before. Is it pretty good source of information when it comes to Turkey hon. As C is the state president for the national wild Turkey. Federation. This morning's program made possible things to Johnston RB country 28 years of creating generations of family fun. In Webster pal Meyer and online at JRB country dat time. Clarity is massive and and build Grey's restaurants also has new auction company and country living from farm credit east. And Bentley Brothers the boat and Rockport and Albion save a horse. Riding the boat I mentioned Brian last week we talked pretty good about it. The Trout opener today. So if you are looking for some added needed. A your board goes British strain man we have a world class Trout fishing. And our area from gash people travel from all over the globe with. To fish in Orleans county you know at the oak oak orchard. I'm a YK creek is a fantastic place to go if you wanna stay here in town just in Monroe County. Four mile creek sandy creek Allen's creek what in my forget Enron employees Maxwell Maxwell. Died there there's times you river say that again the Genesee river had the old dirty Genesee and there is there though they're they are eaten get down there throw your met spenders. Some steak maids in that fast moving Genesee river. And they can be caught and then the brown Biden has been fantastic in even leading up to. Today but we're getting ready for Turkey season. Brian let's walk through. A Turkey time let's let's do our best to kind of create with our words. A Turkey behind that to someone who's you know an experience may be a novice at it. So legal shooting time I can start and a half hour reports on and so how early July needs again. And position before. It's go time. Half hour before them fail. And a general rule of thumb is it like deer hunting MR hunt my way to mine must spot. Idea you wanna be careful but it depends on lawyer going. If you know where there is where Turkey's roasted new and ultimate before and Bruce and him. Com. You'll you'll formulating. Plan where you you don't wanna be too close as you probably scoop them out of the Trier at least. Team in that it that your there Anthony's neck and long flight downwind close to you. So you need to be careful going in and you wanna try to get between him where he is. When he's roasted him where he's going ago when that first. Hour of being on the ground so ambush is the name in this game point here. Part of it for sure if you eat it's. You can copy the best caller in the world you can make Turkey Goer he doesn't want ago. So that there's exceptions to that there's exceptions to everything in Turkey hunting. You wanna make it UN try to line everything up in your favour of us can. You know outside to all monetary Ki Hun frenzy guys that are good daddy in the house a man how would rather time with a decent woods meant. Then a world champion Turkey dollar a 100% that probably says that on the show before I mean I'm here to lighten it wouldn't be separate ways said he probably were I've been quote news for anybody here. He's rank Godfrey state president of the national wild Turkey federation joining us in studio this morning. We're going to a little pretend Turkey behind here so here we are aware in position where off concealed on an edge of something. Feel. Hard woods whatever the case may be and you know we're up against the tree we're concealed. We know we're some birds or Bruce did OK and then we hear that doc word flailing about. And the thing decides to get out of the tree what do we do now. Hope that he comes your direction with my car right thumb so you did this scenario do you do. Described. Puts you a better positioned and probably most Turkey earners and any given morning. I I would it's nice to know that their wares turkeys aren't. That doesn't happen you know even if you know there's turkeys on the property they Mina gobble it might they may not be visible so you don't know where they are in the morning. You have more experience than me give me a better sentence so that the scenario is you piece of property one line you have an idea that. Where the turkeys are the reader and edge of the field or in the room when some certain rage or you just. Don't really know. The best thing you can do is not good walking through the woods or through fields in the dark just. Futures are parked a truck parked in a safe spot. And get outside the truck and get to a spot where you can years that property. The best high spot. Close to a field. And just listen. In him hopefully you'll hear one guy. As the gobble malls more. They gobble gobble gobble and treat they will they do double that your program and they got me some most of the times they gobble more in the trees and they will on the ground the rest of the more never knew that. So you get out there play nearly because those are gobbling really years. I've been I was walking in you season two years ago I was walking in. On public ground. 3:30 in the morning with a ground line because that long walk in I want to make sure. There. And a train went in Turkey gobble today train through the its shot at them. So anyways you get out your truck and you listen for gobble. If you don't hear one by. Once you can start to see things and it's about a half hour before sunrise when everything kind of materializes and you can actually see. If you haven't heard anything yet it's time to try to make one gobble because they may not be doubling the reason they gobble astute to. And assemble their crew there in all pens for the day. And if they don't. Here if if they have them all close by they may not gal because it's not necessary if there on the same tree so now's on do the shock collar that's what I meant when the train shocked them is that movement that he's shot gobble would be the the term and eat eat eat its I would say a low cater call OK very good. And that's a little long list of locate your calls pitcher we've and one around over there that's the only one I have so is there a better. They're there I don't think there's one better than the other there's very common that out all in the crow we're probably that the. So standalone tobacco and and it's only been out there. That's. That's a common thing entered because. Hum. So we we you do is blue crew call for most people would have recognized that as the crow called which you blew it very half heartedly. And that's not gonna get a Turkey ago. Aren't well I don't know indulged what lol that how you would load when you're sent outside if I'm in the field I'm really gonna do it yet. That's probably what I would do and then stop look and listen. And that's right but you can be you can make this better very easily let's go listen to a crow a few times. And then do it with confidence and that's usually let guys I'd say this is my dad all the time he's a good Turkey callers and calling as long as I'm Turkey hunting. But he doesn't have confidence. And I really need to let him just Cohen in for himself could here's the deal here's the difference between what you just did what I did through the same call literally looked same yelling. Same reads and suddenly be different color acrylic it amenable a little more confidently than you used. Don't you do is listen you can you can do call and answer type things you can do with the amount you can do with give it give it to me again on an amendment or do. Well let's just come any idea thing a man do for okay. So what you're doing is what a lot of people do and when they're blowing. Water phone calls and they and the fact that he got a view got to blow that aero like you're trying to blow up a birthday candle across the room. OK I don't puffy cheeks. Since just like music on their debt column news in the dialect and quarterbacks and do exactly wanna stop that here with the U. New. And it's system it's you have the principal down its estimate are doing and truck back and forth on the work. So I was confident that I can move air through that call in the wrong way. Right and the lead and it doesn't take much to to get something like that there's that there's owl calls those are probably the two most popular. Calls. For locating entered okay in in if everything works right the Turkey hears that. What happens that your view is if they get it. If you get them to gobble that that's the idea you're doing that makes it that doppler. So now we're in the field we know we're there is a bird. And now we're Gannett strategy in the face with our Shiite. We're gonna pick it up from this point the next segment. You're listening to taken it out doors were getting ready for Turkey season today with Bryant got free from the national wild Turkey federation right here. And 95 WEB. Good morning welcome back to taken it out doors were getting ready for Turkey season today and we are joined in studio by Bryant got freed from the national wild Turkey federation. The noses of folks he is the state president and we are apparently walking through a hypothetical. Turkey night when you and when we last month. We were hunkered down we had located a bird we did our shocked call and we got one to answer. And now we're gonna get up from there it quickly must Elliott Johnson RV layered he's massive and bill Grey's restaurants testing arching company country living from farm credit east definitely Brothers the vote. Are all the fine sponsors of this program let's get back to our Brian so. You know the sun's come. We we made a little shocked call we got one to answer us now what we did. Didn't position tranda. Did against the tree that's. Bigger than you are or something that's can and provide a backdrop to break up bureau line. Get somewhat close that birdie ten I have to. Region terrain but. I would save. 10050 yards if it's. Thick and if it's really wide open you might have to be to 300 yards from end to this point we have an employee at any detours are we going to on this since. Specific content it's it's. Specific to each content from deficits in. A wide open area I think it's better to have some sort of decoy weather's just I am or gambler. Whether it's of an adult surge. It I would. Just for the sake conversation NCA JT Kuwait and hand employed. Of the best that speech he wanted Tom to think he can look your people exactly you know on you don't want to intimidate. Ago and even if he's in the do you feel of those in the gulf birdie might just be a two year old birth that is done. Beat up a few times by a three year old Byrd and or a couple of other birds and you know they may shy away from Amos I see it down their but I don't want I don't wanna come down and get involved another scuffle right. OK let's I wanna put it decoy out if it's really open if you have some terrain if that if it's Julie or there's enough arm brush or. Cover that. The when your making a call that Turkey. Might believe that the Turkey is further behind you than you really more than you probably don't need to decoy. So what are we Dylan at this point to get that Turkey to move in our direction now imagine that's where the calls come into play right Pia and there's there's a couple rules of thumb a lot of guys will tell you don't call tomb in the tree. Other people tell you call to only crazy if they're answering you keep calling. Eyes. Had different times in my life where I did one or the other may be there never called bloom in the tree were called to Milan entry. I realize there's no hard and fast rule today. If I get set up any still doubling in the tree. I'll call letter norm there. And I'll kind of take his temperature. And if you responds and continues to gobble without me calling. I am American calling for what kind of call or use in the cover that kind of distance. Something you don't you don't need to cover a lot of distance I mean they're gonna be loud enough familiar that's the thing you don't have to be loud first thing in the morning. He's up in the trees he's listening to the hands around him and they're doing very soft trio ups. And you can get away with something like that if you think that your. Too far away that she's back in here very late trio then he just increased the volume a little bit give us a trio. It will close them. Some them very simple low are Democrat. How bad was that. That's going to be an error that's gonna do it for today folks you should do this and that did take it it outdoors and our rights limits that's not bad if you know not eat. Though we both just used diaphragm calls a lot of people have asleep caller pot style call. Some. Sleet is actually probably the best thing to do my soft called and I'll do one ounce on the same Glascoff actually. Armed but again to reduce looking for subtle quiet calls. I know what are you doing with the strike there are you doing Mike what's the motion and hold the stricker looked pencil. And I have about three quarters of an inch exposed onion and holding the top. Side of the call I'm in my fingertips. So that the bottom of the calls not resting on the time in my hand okay. You don't that that's where the south the sun comes out of the bottom so you wanna you wanna get in you can kind of music directional if you don't. Over the about it. And I'm gonna put the stricker. On the surface of the call at 12 o'clock. And I'm gonna make little circles are little GA shapes. India backwards Jewish. But I make we'll have circles circles. And I do not take the stricker off the call. Just constantly. It's cut gasoline contact. Okay I'm getting active for making circles that everybody has their own way do and it if you're gonna make circles or. Her little half moon shapes and try to to appear streaker slightly away from me want. And and towards. That some of aren't all right we're getting there let's move on to the things that so with with their home scenario we're using. I'm I'm gonna make a few like calls like that and if he doesn't answer I'm just gonna increase the intensity of that and make you a little bit louder until he responds. If I do it two or three times and he doesn't respond I'm not gonna call too many more she's heard me he knows them there. If he does responds. And me. If if he continues to respond after he answers the first time I'm also gonna stop because he knows I'm here he's let me know hey amber I know you're over there right. And then he's gonna fly down and you're hopefully going to be close enough that you hear that. Hum it all depends on how thick the trees are what kind of cover your input. You're either gonna here and slide down or do you like Jim guy you've heard and gobble a few times in the trees wanting lanes. You it'll be a distinct difference where he hits it may just some shifted left to righter further away or closer yes I've been a message to hopefully he sounds closer. Friends always a good. And a the idea is that once he hits the ground I always like to be the first ten years is I want him to hit the ground. Think our women going and I wanna give them that ammonium the reason come towards me. And then that's when I. Just do basic gilts. And silly gets close enough you can shoot him in the face via. And that's it that's our hasn't gone or some I think some of the had shot a broad heads there as and you shoot them in the body with a ball. Well now menu make it sound so easy what's my problem. You don't have from me is getting you down to a there is no substitute for time out in the woods our guest this morning Brian got freed from the national wild Turkey federation. Guy he's one offers Mattingly is run in the Lima chapter now he's the state president of the N double BT at earlier in the program we gave people some good information about your. Learned to hunt program the wheel and sportsmen now women in the outdoors. All of that information is on the national while Turkey federation website yes you can just go to and WTF dot org forward slash events and you can search there's pick boxes he and you can pulled to a pulled down for New York State. In choose the pick boxes you while whether it's a -- a manner banquet or whatever now we have left one off Jeremy and I had a handful of Vince I wanted to make sure we pointed out to bang the drum for what can you tell me about this. Statewide Stanley fund issued barbecue. Barrett. Site said earlier that. Our big focus is to recruit new hunters and I'm. We're gonna hold this event in July it's going to be at the north Seneca sportsman's club that's just. Mile or so west of the outlet malls over in Waterloo. And it's going to be open to the public will be online registration through that events page online. I think it's going to be a five dollar entry fee. But it we're gonna have all sorts of shooting. We're gonna have deviant mind set up we'll have. Some maybe twenty twos and some by shotgun shooting slump. We're gonna have a much different events for it hopefully and have somebody they're talking about. Ways you can improve your land if you're landowner first for habitat improvement and we might even have some vendors for a Palestinian fishing. Type stuff. Fantastic man that's good stuff again our guest this morning Brian got treat from the national wild Turkey federation. And I would love if you would come back as we did closer if not into. China Turkey season you know this time a year with so much going on I'm gonna all over the place with the shows like deer season where. We can focus for a couple months you know I got a lot of fish and in the mix now but I definitely wanna get him back and I'd just real quickly man I've noticed something new. In Turkey calls and I picked one up just because I wanted to see what the heck it sport these dash Fram mouth calls. Why are they common with this little plastic. Space here this hard plastic space here. On them now unit to these I've seen them they've been out for awhile know it. I don't know that he is in Wal-Mart so I know about what went and I I I don't know the real reason my guess is that it it it. It creates a consistent gap between the read in the top your mouth so that you have won licenses to worry about. I don't know it feels weird and I don't feel like it's its seats properly in Maine that's the thing with every everybody's mouth to shoot differently and it's different sizes so you with every mouthful you have to kinda. Tweak it two years to defeat youth and that's. Those don't work for me either I've tried in the past it just doesn't work for me right on that was a bonus extra innings question. There anyway Brian thanks for your time today man we appreciate it Bob Kingsley is next with the countdown happy Easter. And I did like fear out there after some travel today on the opener I'll be back tomorrow morning. With TJ sharp and Steve announcement in the B morning coffee club have a great day.