Taking It Outdoors Podcast August 5th - NYS Summer Classic Update

Sunday, August 5th

This week we get an update on the NYS Summer Classic with Tournament Director Tim Thomas.

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All right folks here we go good morning welcome to taken it out doors this morning's broadcast brought to you by Johnston RV. Celebrating thirty years of creating generations of Stanley funding here and Webster pal Meyer rest. You can find them online at JRV country dot com also Bentley Brothers could vote in Rockport and Albion. Save a horse riding the boat LA getting over there you should see our guest today folks he's got his Jersey on and everything Tim Thomas. Welcome back to the program you remember Tim. He contributes to the program periodically he is the tournament director for the New York State summer classic. He's also professionals. Salmon and Trout angler out on the big Blake. Since the Jersey finders keepers. Got a pretty good year for our area. Kyle man I'm tired. Salmon fishing this year is at stake it's what everyone's saying absolutely epic unlike Ontario. Now. Ethic means what he mean met that like long it's been a good long season or legendary. Bernie legendary I mean you talked to anybody in some of that old time charter captains are men around heard me out 34 years fish in the lake. They had never seen it this good it is. Phenomenal athlete phenomenal. But most people know they Lake Ontario. And the tributaries are the southern shores can be boom is world class salmon and Trout fishing so it's no secret to us what did you and we get to finish every day. But you know last year with the elevated water levels they got all the headlines. People were saying in the same thing last year it's been legendary we don't you know what's gonna be so why it isn't what do you think it's contributing. City. Another year to improve. You know we've been talking about it quite a bit time in the circuit and think it just boils down to you know I'll put the key ingredients coming together on the high water last year I think helped it really energized the system so to speak. But it's help the big fish populations are just super healthy. And the stocking programs have been very successful last several years I think the combination of those two things have just. You just made this does balloon into the amazing for issues that have now I mean think about it. Last week I went out I was actually meeting a charter Miley carriers us Otis. We did fifty. King's 5050 Kingston. By 11 o'clock. And you're mister maker win fifty games and it is absolutely insane that's cartoonish video game I mean I mean literally. Do people on both in mind in my handle another ride because they're there for a dire. I got on FaceBook friends and followed some different salmon anglers from our area. And I've been noticing pictures they've been posting you know whether their charter captains or turn him and anglers met exactly why is going. Crazy thank got more rides bit over in their fight you know we're tardy catching fish you know you said at 11 o'clock here edited rides knots. Unbelievable well led the mean is a charter captain that's got to be good I mean it when you ache in the bank and a numbers on a client. They're satisfied they're gonna come back they're gonna tell other people. And then just still on the other ended in in the term limits you know the fisheries perform and at that level. You know are you notice seeing that turn admits being more competitive as well are those same guys. When in each one pet. No they're they're definitely competitive there at the interesting thing when you have a year like this where the fishing is a phenomenal some environments that are the pro am events. Those events we got observers on board make sure everything is is you know bounces your views furs the rules go. And for those events. You have to keep your first twelve legal fish you catch. And so it makes interest same because when you have a hot plate like this. If you mix and a smaller ones in the gonna crash at the same time. Nearly meteor twelve and so. I'm really really makes the strategies down yo go flying and you know avoid a little ones get the big ones but yet you still gag your twelve you know how that all all plays out. Gather bass Singler in me just realize you guys can't call the desert and drive well the Fed's rate can't give more islands are in there and well that's right. I didn't even think about that so you know I'm really his many charter captains in in salmon and Trout turn meaning others that I talked to. I'm still pretty unfamiliar with the formats of these turn it is that because they very. For me each woman's. They do that there's there's court determines now almond blossom over the last several years and you have winds up like mine that are wide open statewide. For a long durations on the lack Germans Nolan goes on for summary weeks at a time in the several lows. Public one of the weekend shoot outs as we column. Like the pro ams or two day events today keep your first twelve that come in. This coming weekend we're gonna fish in the atomic invitational on Oswego. That's just you're six biggest kings. That you had that thing you can you can catch as many. As there are people on board and I answered the F four people on board and keep twelfth kings take the six biggest and that's when you win. There's other ones there's one here in Monroe that happened Monroe County it happened a while back where you have to think for both Trout and salmon. And yet to your target multiple species. I'm so your little look at dynamics when the Germans and making game plan based than what is required to command for that particular event. He is Tim Thomas you know him as the tournament director for the New York State summer classic also turning many anglers at school to pick his brain about the local salmon and Trout fisheries. We're gonna get to the New York State's summer classic which is a fantastic event we've been being in the drug. About it very well since it started. Here I know Tim came on at the beginning when the turn at first started and got a pre promoted it. So I invited him to come back for a final push if you are unaware of the summer classic organ it's Helio all about it but don't wanna get back to this big lake. Time with all the wins that we've had recently is that is it me or it's been like super windy the last weekend. It says been windy luckily it's been out of south. Where it's couple weeks back really made things interest into the flip the lake counts yet that's what I was gonna ask you about a forget which day it was Saddam watches the news in the evening and the weatherman. A stock and about. The temperature of the water char lot beach. And I are both from one day to the next it was like forties this or sixty down to forty yup and then I guess it goes back up just as quick. But with stagnant and rapid change first of all you need the science of as to why that happens and and tell me how it affects the fish. So what happened there as we have really strong winds humor back we had like you know thirty mile an hour sustained south winds gusting like forty miles an hour. I'm pushing all the top water out pushing into Canada T take all that warm water and you're pushing it out to the midday you know towards Canada. Is getting larger places and that's the cold water my Ernie nearly a geragos Lavinia died down here we go holder gets. Tom and all that ice water is sitting on the deeply comes up missile itself up Welling power are constantly flipping. I'm saw that warm water piled or Canada minority candidate and fish they had seventy degree water from the top all the way down almost 150 feet. I'm just Calvin over the in the same time we get four degrees from top about a mortgage. Which makes facing difficult is now the food in the anywhere. You know that can be around several times we usually target. But the interesting thing is is that once those winds subsided. Then that watered the the cold dense air likes to go back to the depths and brings the warm water back and literally overnight there was there we were fishing. And nighttime in the evening preparing for an event. And we had. While we had four degrees. Down on. Mike twenty feet down. And it was like like a very very thin layer of of warm water the very next morning we went out. And it was seven degrees from the top all laid under a hundred feet. Overnight while I know it was crazy how fast it piled back in just changed the whole dynamic. And now for specificity bring a case. Now in the lake is normalizing nearing year's summer pattern like where's like in relation to what you just said where's it went dead this dike in general. Finding a place for the third line. So normally he was we use pro systems and so it tells us the temperatures as the probe goes down so. Normally. I like target sixty degrees and find out where fifty visas that kind of sets my spread. And it was some rumors about it somewhere below it to see whether than warm where the cold water. You know where they're hanging around the neck yeah I was just curious because I knew that was the case and again I wanted to compare it says that the war dance and how they dad. Was that's interesting man that says so much more complicated been through with a big fat jig on the edge that we lines like night. It's very very high tech. Tim Thomas is our guest in studio talking little salmon and Trout fishing today also gonna bang the drum for the New York State summer classic. We continue the conversation next right here and taken it outdoors on 925 WBE. A good morning welcome back to taken it out doors talk a little fish in today's salmon and Trout edition mixing it up a little bit our guest in studio. We welcome Tim Thomas back to the program today he is the tournament director for the New York State summer classic. He is also a professional turn and an angler different team finders and beekeepers this broadcast made possible thanks to Johnston RV country. Thirty years now creating generations of family fun there in western town Myron in online at JRV country dot com also think he did Bentley Brothers could vote that in Rockport and out the end. Save a horse riding the vote a little stopped up today ten and I apologize and I sound a little. A little knee is always. This morning so bear with me. I'll try to get a Benadryl or son and then in the next break I do want to continue our conversation we were hearing. I was gonna pick contends brain about salmon and Trout efficient out on Lake Ontario and he was did a great job at describing to us seized some good word pictures there. To. Do explain to us what happens when the late quote and quote turns over year. Anglers talked about that all the time and Tim Davis says agreed to screw description of that. And you're talent this you know where that is the same and usually hang it out this time a year Biden it's up it's August now. So we're all aware that the season. It's you know gonna be waning sin. In your experience how how long do you anticipate this summer pattern. Performance for you guys. I'm I mean you're no progress rates through race to the end I guess and the differences. That. And we actually am very stared C announced that the kings are gonna start hanging in that warmer water. And against our hang around the tributaries where they're gonna be running. You know later this fall. And so as time progresses I threw I guess you see an increased number of salmon start to head east and head down to the Salmon River. You know a lot of the larger kings at receiver on the lock board for the fall typically come from down that way. I'm with more people fishing down there because there's more fish to be had. Jessica makes sense to receive more from that way but valueless the typical. Transition if you will is that dated him in there canisters stage in front of all that the futures like now can you find them stages right now. I yen fact the winner of last year's atomic invitational. When front Salmon River and cut staging things they're all colored up dark. Almost president and him looking like they're making great to make a run. That's usually that's when I catch up there you know jet black and very left. And today he knows where they can whether stand off. Grave as easily rule where I get them but not so officially I ask because I'm headed up to do some fishing. Mino Henderson Bay Area mean I was carries to knows. You know maybe I F I could strap something nine. In an have a legitimate. Shot attention he did keying in shallow. And that part should know Bay Area. Voter I use iTunes you Enid OK Euro on my boat that I got everything you can think of for bass what would you do if you were in my boat he said Iraq. I'm here. On the shallow bay or wherever they re gonna put nine. So first as getting spoons it's using spoons for math I've geoghan as does it not casting spins so maybe take lihir casting spoons and see you at one might be similar to the stones that we use. That there be my first go to you okay. It's a you know I imagine if I don't have any Dodgers five days. Meet rigs seat talking to death now. But I'll get I guess that's that alert. Yeah I mean for your for your vote and I haven't down read them zooming in style that sort of thing and they cry is get a couple lawyer gets he rides. And in and go at that but. They have with a with a mask you're a pro Lucy was Bruins who were. Us and I love going up their men are found a place where I can take I can tell my vote behind the motor home. And you know that way AM double dip it and you know guys I out of my driveway and making payments on both of a solid and make sure I'm used a note that so I figured out of place ranking goes Internet kill two birds. With one stone but I love going up there man that is probably not it's true. I just shoot away for the weekend every chance I did just that these small amounts station up there I'd just have fallen in love again. Quit catch in small amount in its lending to target among Tunisia is sooner you know go out to so it is cute. 80 atlas evening to you again. By to get out there intention in that Iraqi habitat it's just different position on the Finger Lakes and tree bass angler. And so it's just a different ball game I get up there in the clear water you know. There's not grass everywhere on fishing contours. Parades and it is just different it sits it's a different. In game four meets I certainly enjoyed that now let's talk about the New York State summer classic if you wanna find it it's easy to do so on line. In line as summer classic dot time it is a fishing tournament that will run through the end of this month. It began back in July and it's multiple species sand in lake Trout wall like catfish bass croc feet. Yellow perch rock masks and hand finished are the main categories they also that car. Northern pike and brown Trout as well and silver vest white perch. Are also on that list not sin if somebody has been under a huge rock. It is never heard the New York State's summer classic how would you describe it to him. They're based silicon and a two month long statewide. Determine where you can fish any waterway. Any time a day for a multitude of different species. Only guys upwards of seventy Wayne locations around the state to bring sufficient to. I don't need to have everybody near parity involved in the tournament you can be you know by yourself you can fish by yourself. And you know just a way to pass the summer or opposition anyway he can turn nine million cats and two a winning catch. And that somebody once again involved it's easy to do so you can register online at that website. And why as summer classic dot com. The way in locations. Still another option if you wanna sign up in person as cracks yet. Very good so I just pull it up the leaderboard here to see what kind of damage. Has been done. Across the states. Across the board here in the first thing up this small mouth bass. Where holy smoke. I six point 89 pound small mouth bass is apparently leading that is this it's it's actually large amount both large and small arms together. I'll not that I'm sorry yeah. Okay was still quite an impressive. The large amount that is well it's gone yes 689 and second places 531. Hanky Indy you can beat that. I hear. Acting tenacious. He can do that that's cool so there's an opportunity. There. Yeah all the way down to three pounder. What are all these prizes that seat next the names here these aren't the heaviest days but they're still winning prizes what's going on there. Drexel then we did this was a suggestion from my from another tournament. And some anglers that we're involved with it. It is to put random placement prizes to people who are placing in the money. I'm yet to watch the way it was with some nice mid term. And say I noticed that the names highlighted in red TOR onto the leaderboard the names LA in red. Prayer needs that is as a surprise that at the end determined and there's still that plays like right now that the bass sixth place. You know Brian there if he remains in sixth place he's gonna get a free will away bank. You know Romaine sitting there like seven near eighty dollars we bags. It's really really nice having beauty. And you'll like the way it would it would definitely meant even though he's not in the month. And so we have randomly put these dollars place you see out flailing finish mats. Around those things matter later taken off from everybody's just raving about him I'm very very cool product that they haven't seen them yet. Ayn Rand analyst Jeffrey will open up markets nets those that are around in the salmon there. I'm a pre will harkat snapped by the way is a 290. And 2240 dollar net it's like the Mac daddy of all salmon nets. Yeah ice is so cool. It's couple things one is at its its massive time you can find a salmon that's not benefit men Matt it's vague. The netting itself has rubber coated so that the hawks don't go through it. So they don't get stuck in there and takes forever to get amount. And the neatest thing about it is that on the bottom side there are weights built into the net. So when you go to scoop and you drop the net it goes down into the water. So that it's not running on top. Announced for trolling the whole time your own while we're efficient out there nets ten to you right on the surface and then the nuggets Connor. The puck in the news that this drops and down into the water for yeah that sounds expensive and you're given those away. Yep he couldn't you meant retail would be here for one of those Tito let me ask you guessed that that harkat say they retail I think for 2.2 for you come like that and it's there it's. They're pricey but there there are some. Why don't you guys just awaiting them into the vote like this mess anglers did that. Well we could actually and we actually saw what the maximum wind he hit you with a cane before ripped its mountain gorilla hole eighteen pounders over the back. If you grab does your school apply whatever it is you can pull on eighteen pounder or by the story team pounds. Those little hook around that's the threat hope that they had done this is our guest in studio that tournament director for the New York State summer classic let's continue to roll them this leaderboard in the next segment. As we continue to bang the drum for the classic. Tim Thomas will return will be back right here at WB would taken an outdoors right after this all right folks welcome back to taken it out doors we are joined in studio today by Tim Thomas he is the tournament director for the New York State summer classic you may remember him from earlier visits in contributions here it's taken an outdoors. Finns also turned in an angler with professional team finders keepers. In this program is made possible once again by Johnston RV country thirty years of creating generations of family fun. And Webster pound Ira. You can find them on mind at JRB country dot com think he'd Bentley Brothers to vote as well Stanley Brothers to vote and Rockport and Albanians. Save lowers. For writing the vote did a quick question about the New York State's summer classic. Visiting there have to choose because I know the lock very Beasley going on for generations. And the New York State's summer classic is fairly news. You have to pick can you do both. You can do both that's cool thing about this is that you know were running both tournaments consecutively. Amber at the same time and so you know all the anglers are going to be fish in the fall lock on for you on the grand prize there. Can Oslo with sufficient for the summer classic at the same time and a lot of our Wayne locations are the same. And he can wane for both at the same times thanks in convenient. And you know that the main difference between the lack tournament in this term like you mentioned. This one is relatively new we don't have that you know thirty plus years backing mr. block those have been around forever. As a the main difference between the two is that the lack chairman has guaranteed pay out. I'm which is great you know you know exactly what you're gonna get you know if you place you know exactly where you're going for. The difference would this mean new thing on that financially wealthy running this thing and I wish I'm not not yet anyway. But mr. ms. Ryan your solely on registrations more registrations I commend the bigger the pay out yet and there's no captive it. It's just a lot tournaments anglers get into this the same numbers round 101000 or so timidly in the fall. That same number gets and will give out the exact basically the same pay out as a lack it is giving and you'll double your money. You know so you're going for toy five Graham of the Lackey gossiping or for Tony five grand here he had that winning catch at the fifty granting checkered potentially. So they can in the same fish can compete concurrently. Grand vote again man that's. You know I think you get a you can't deny that beats does the locker. I mean it's a generation old Elsa and a new name. Lately dimension has been around for generations and people been fishing for generations and mind my devastation in many got us into it now I'm passionate announcer and get my girls into it. I'm not they're getting in the fishing and so it and that's waiters and everybody everybody you know that's one thing that you do this specialized ones. One great thing about the New York State summer classic by the way registration information can be found it in YS summer classic dot com. It doesn't matter what kind of angler. I'd you are either I mean what Julie piers salmon angler lake Trout wall like catfish bass crop be. And fish is yours being northern anglers. At the Trout car I mean whatever is your poison there is a category. For use in the New York State's summer classic which will run through the end of the month alone click on the leaderboard here we talked about the bass category. In the last segment. Now as I'm looking at the salmon leaderboard you gotta mandatory minimum air rights when he pounds correct yet some within seven have minimums on some don't. That's again just to curb some of smaller fish can come and ends. Shares so bit twenties no slouch. Well least to me is somebody at my level in May be based CU. Out of looks like 26. Point 30. Is winning I like to look where they were weighed in so likened dining guests. Which body of water they came from the leading Sam minute just over 26 pound was weighed in and thousand island bait shop. So who. What his dad. That's Eastern Shore of Lake Ontario she's in charge their fish enough of actually had a Henderson. I'm surprised fish now know the shipping lanes would be my guess. I'm Marion and I'm not just Tony six that day. Funny sixes is decent size. Me you know typically something in the in the low to mid thirties when's the lack last year an exception in you know as upper thirties around 41. Wendy surprise to see some some monsters like that are on this year. Good deal yes 26 point 30 current as the period leading salmon in the New York State's summer classic as we go down to lake Trout category. There's still room for some English to get involved here. In a legitimate shot it went in cool prize here. Got the two leaders atop the board. Lucas thought is that captain Lucas Faulkner friends make the turn. I believe it is he had no Baghdad. Bald eagle marina yet that still nineteen point 27. Is the big late track. Doctor Arnie knew better than that right. I'm like and Terry yet he can push thirty pounds and I lakers. Without balance wide open in the thing the interesting thing is that I normally here. This click this link or be full round coming full. But again as we're talking earlier became fishing is just phenomenal so everyone's gone for kings and these other species are just you know kind of going by the wayside this year. I knew Ben makes sense to me you know as I was gonna say anything but I looking at the leaderboard here in my case it's not like the salmon leaderboard. Is ours the numbers but dad I understand what you're seeing especially. Yeah I mean if seeking goatee if you have your choice to catch them and a Laker next big gold silver salmon. I don't blame him going after the teams as well so let's give him the wall I don't these are being others. I truly indeed you know I've never in my life caught a long line a live Duncan needless Laker. Almost six years. Station off the dark day in and have all the fish in thousands of hours. I've never even accidentally caught a law lie then. And I just I am unimpressed by the guys that can go out and in target him we'll be their missiles. By anti death. When you're when your Kasten rubber worms time might need to switch up a little bit and me and my young life. I do I'm used stick makes man on the train main guy in. And yet I hear you and you're right I am I plastic worm century allotted times that a mandatory minimum further while I category in the New York State's summer classic is four pounds. And looking at the top seeded here today and the bottom. Ranges four point 70. And to top Dan de current leader is almost nine pounds eight point nine Ford. Well so I mean I'm not trended diminish this eight point 94 bit I know guys that have cut 1213 is up to char lot Pierre. Yup absolutely and if you remember back to the winter classic with fifteen pounders being cut that that one it winter classic has passed trash tomorrow. A lot of lot of big fish being in you know that can be cut especially at a Lake Ontario. But the interesting thing about this year is that if you look at the top two reverend Joseph yet wait and it kept bugs and she amaze those two fish came out eerie. Now Ontario. Uh oh no kitten yep. So Lake Erie taken over is as some of that the Fisher coming in here. While we can't stand for that not for one minute this. That will change by the end of the week mark my words next category catfish of course captain Eric scored I've met him he's in New York State record holder. For the channel catfish. I forget when it may have been it was a obese men are huge here he is he is a beast of a freshman when it comes the cat for a few years the man he's admitted here he said it very chair you're sitting in right now we had to live here gash. Howard a week here too after he thought that. A state record finish last year comedies in north country fisherman he needs admit he's the only. Guy and I know that just exclusively fish is catfish. Deaths year round. And I got some studs on and on its unity sanitation. Cop more catfish and acts and it. Not quiet ten to fifteen pounders there. But to tie the members place catfish is. Is still don't listen Tony Tony four point 37 pounds I mean that's massive in itself and second place at seventeen. Point three colon and then third place as nine point 54. Look I don't know too much about catfish and you're gonna have to do some tend to catch first place by it the rest is reachable. Russ is definitely reachable. For sure and again as we go down places and several. You know awards on here to play Wayne mad. Yet tackle blacks there and another player with the bottom. It's done away we go it yeah as as SA wanting to clarify teal and if you I go leaderboard you know some of the names Havel has strict ban them. That doesn't mean they're under questioned. I steroids now what those as streaks means that they entered the longer Fuller longer pull anglers. And so the top three in each each one of these categories that are larger pool anglers it's extra pool money are gonna get a second Jack. I'm should they remain one of the top three on deploying their sets of those bastards make. It down man what's him everybody we can you cannot see this leaderboard that we're looking at it in my as summer classic dot com it is a statewide fishing tournament. That's underway there's still time for you to get involved in plenty of opportunities for. Well you'd win back your registration fee or games prizes. This value that's. Values surpasses that Americans speak English today that would help on being at the radio again if you can get involved in Hawaii this summer classic. Dot com. Now Tim a couple things you know I'm already. Last week I did it here on an episode. I'm getting ready for deer season I know a lot of guys are tough and it's a bit. And Brett in advance of winner station around here I station. Thousands if he is never heard of this summer classic. Chances are you've heard of the winter classic Wilton as the tournament director for that so maybe in the next segment weekend. Get a little look into the future to see what's in store for us with this year's winner classic are hesitant studio. Tim Thomas we continue next right here taken an outdoors on 925 WB EE. All right folks here we go good morning welcome back to taken it out doors where have a conversation today about in New York State summer classic our guest in studio is. Said classics turning it director Tim Thomas. Tim was also pretty forthcoming in coach it is up with some salmon fishing tips in the first segment sends a professional salmon and Trout anglers. On the team finder's. Keepers this morning's broadcast made possible thanks to Johnston RV country. Thirty years now of creating generations of Stanley funded Webster pound Mira. Online at JRV country dot com also vividly brother's devoted they are in Rockport they are and how the end save a horse. Radical load that New York State's summer classic no Tim you did a good job in the first segment. Explain it to every wind. Efficiently because this summer classics a big. A big deal there's a lot going on a lot of moving parts a lot of opportunities to win. I cash and prizes in many different ways but it's somebody's just tune in and they miss the first segment. Here's an opportunity put it in a nutshell the New York State's summer classic. Ego Isaac for 25 dollars. You can get into you eighth two months long statewide tournament where you can finish any waterway any time a day using any illegal angling method. For a multitude of species. And again there's there's Wayne locations across the entire state offered a seven either you bring your attention to. And online leaderboard briefly checked to see when you get to catch where it's gonna placement it's worthwhile to bring in. Now did he can I I can't like go efficient. Ending catch at thirty pound salmon didn't check the leaderboard and in the delegate count gonna sign. Yet doesn't work that way the rule is you have to register by 7 AM on the first day you wanna start and are in session. So if your plan going out tomorrow he with the earning taken turner out on Lake Ontario and you wanna get into the summer classic. Need to register by 7 AM. Before you know you had ran out otherwise at least catches in the count we'll start next. And it just checked in I'm you know on the Internet in lieu of that skill I'll look for other angels. It can't enterprise it in this. Not against Tim Thomas. Our guest in studio this morning tournament director for the New York State. Summer classic you're given away a boats in. Is a stereo potentially yes we've got a 34000 dollar question Bo. Team potentially give away Tom. September 22 we're gonna do when a an outdoor show. Prior to that throughout the day. And the last we can determine the last week of I guess you wanna make sure you're registered by the end. Because we're gonna be randomly drying fifteen names out of everyone registered for the event. To have a shot at this 34000 are class vote. Now lying that we're going right along the lines of the casino theme we've got to dice rolling games titles fifty anglers are gonna have a shot to roll the dice. And if it comes up big fish. You walk away with a 34000 our quest vote. Holy crap and beer this class I don't know if this is the fishing derby here. It's like the gun raffle at the elks lodge bands like out yeah I'll buy tickets there to win nag guide. But I'm still in the rented for the water that cooler you know what I mean right. They've been guided hunt all that stuff gets tons of opportunities. To win in the New York State summer classic. Now it's Mike Zimmer and since then a good job described in the classic T yet but it's it's on the heels. A very successful effort. They've since been gaining momentum went through the last several years with the New York State winter classic. Tim just in the last three years day that I've known yet other theme C started to get bigger in bigger. Each year and I age I'm sorry but I expect nothing less I'm ready for you to wow me. With this new this great team to be involved in the winter classic. Yeah we're getting there common fact you know it's where we're talking summertime we're talking salmon fishing. But in the background. I'm already making ground in making headway and planning the winter classic. Just this past week secured two new sponsors. For this coming season. 12400 dollar sponsorship from one company can mention the fact as of yet. They're sending me CD units to giveaway. And then another line. You're gonna senior all around the state in any and in news. That truck or an avenue to Herman's trailer never gonna get wrapped and CN CA a new billboard hang around with music tour of the state. For the winter classic and that's part of another sponsorship of the local trailer company. It's. Men and that website isn't why as winter classic dad got so bad time still have time just a little foreshadowing. Here since nine million a year all over the big lake but to my knowledge you know once. This team and entrap start new evidence at the trips you mean you back off of at that point. Right correct yup let's get a September it's it's still my decent some promo events you know we get pictures videos that sort of thing in the lake. Says it wouldn't do any dean gear like how do you still the time until the lakes trees back. What couple things schools back in session so that puts me back in the classroom. You know feed if you don't know me Hamas science fishing around I teach high school science. And some come back in the game in in the classroom not on Saturday morning need to know is true so when the follow switch gears start turning perch in line. I'm a do quite a few of the the the events over on Oneida lake for awhile line and and I love my perch on going after the perch in the fall. He ever been deer hunting I had never picked up again. What about a blow. Back when I was younger I did some target both practice. But I have never shot anything about any interest. Beth pianist. I really don't have time. Why. Have time to go salmon did you need it. Well. Maybe it maybe you and I can both make time odds on the woods you can -- a big vote for me that's what I'm getting that we'll do I hunt for a time we'll never know salmon and then we'll hunt white tail all right here we he's getting itchy lice like go to Wal-Mart gets salmon legal you got to take a class I would imagine that that's at this point to that moves that raised mezzaluna flies it dies down with the same background in down is it's kind of antiquated approach. The same guys and says subscribe to that philosophy fleet. Are snagging efficient engines are kept as. Both big Alexia. I know you're in the you know your round in third head no hair with a New York State's summer classics. I encourage everyone to learn more about it in NYS summer classic dot com. As you know the seasons change in its RCA colder outside. We'll check back in with the I wanna gonna get big conclusion at the end of the classic Internet. Touch base with you bend it definitely. We'll get him back in here and now promote the winner classic as well designed know how popular. That event is Tim Thomas is our guest in studio we think you three times today certain. Thanks for having me on the show it's awesome being here and no love of staff then and again. Just want to emphasize this the classic events was like classic summer classic. Are not four professional. Tournament anglers this is for anybody this is her nose Joe Schmo is going out on is is back deck. You know down the back gonna throw a bomber in the water catches the legal large mouth plays and then boom can win. The check or anybody object in the leaderboard here on the scene Joshi those names. Means this and he's he's he's he's venturing now the canyon sending text. It's been attempting to carry yourself until you racked up a lot of miles directed this fairness to be safe on the road. And I things for all the hard work keep that in create this great event for anglers not only in our community but across the state. We count down to is next that will be back tomorrow morning with TJ chart and Steve announcement. With the B morning coffee club have a blessed day.