Taking It Outdoors Podcast - June 17th

Thursday, June 21st

This week we get ready for the Casting For Character Fishing Tournament and the 18th Annual Sporting Clays Classic. Our guests are Stephen Hoitt, Scout Executive/CEO Seneca Waterways Council Boy Scouts of America and Pat Murray, from Genesee Regional Bank.

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Good morning welcome it's taken it outdoors we got a hot fresh episode right out of the oven so pull up the chair and I'll try to come up with some more puns as we get this morning started. Today's program is brought to you by Johnston are being country where they are celebrating thirty years of creating generations of family fun and Webster come Ira. And online GRV country. Dot com also Bentley brother's devoted and Rockport and Albion. Save a horse riding the vote topics on the board today ladies and gentlemen the boy scouts of America. Casting for character fishing tournament in the eighteenth annual sporting plays. Classic very excited welcome back to the program Stephen boy scout executive. CEO would cynical waterways council. Welcome back to the program from morning to you thank you brown and he had no problem welcome to come. Thank you for coming back and also joining. Since studio from Genesee regional bank that Mary how you doing over their parent morning. All right so you guys are in here it says promote casting for character it's a fishing tournament to benefit the Boy Scouts there's also a sporting play event. Now I'm gonna promote these as best we can but I wanted to start today with just kind of and check the temperature of the Boy Scouts see what's going on. With the Boy Scouts this is a show where we explored everything that's out doors and had to my knowledge of the about Boy Scouts they're kind of similar. And Rick in that regard says Stephen I'll ask you on Noah a few weeks ago. You had your repelling event was that another home run. There was absolutely so I was actually know is the best and we've had in that event it was the best fund raiser we never had an organization. Here locally so is there 126. People repel off Kodak tower. It was a full day I don't know it ever wanted to do a couple they like that again to invest a third rope and do more people opponent time here we went from like 7 am 7 PM on the weather held out great. A little bit you'd love it when he between the buildings but says those are interesting for help for some people but it was a lot of fun great adrenaline rush event and it's up. Six Chancery some money for kids who wouldn't otherwise get to experience discount program. And the same time as an adult and I get that adrenaline rush and get the beautiful girl can again. Yeah man it's it's fun and everybody I know that if it's done is a different person when they get their feet on the ground game kind of changes people of that that art and iron levels you know pick TJ that I work with. The lady is prudence McGee like safety Jones is surname she repelled and now she's like book and sky diving trips here. She was great she did in the Steve did a couple of years ago Tom absolutely and there were pretty were were pretty fortunate we a lot of people have that experience and like you said he you really do push yourself. A cat outside your comfort zone. And so a lot of people this is really tough adrenaline going in its interest in watch the kind of let down effect on people to immunize. As a adrenaline sets going other system half mile per hour there this latest look and drive home yet but the area it and it is a fun event we enjoy doing that have you ever done it. I did I did a year to. And that's gonna do it again this year because it was Kodak own we sold out we were sold out weightless sold out again and couple you'll conduit and and we end up with a way it was going into that was my problem. What about chief pat no never done that and you either never will. No I don't donate every year thumb its three my money's. That that is safe for me man different now the sessions or limit the sporting plays. I'm happy to do something like that I'm just not the I'm not as liberated is that is that some people and I made fun TJ Caribbean this safety inspector. Really it's a defense mechanism on the chickens in motion to grade she differ Allen Robert Allen now why would you want to do another all day in the and you don't want it to be too good that it was so. Doing what actually would we have the option of adding more staff and having a third or fourth wrote a deeper ponds are now real two people at a time. It is just a long day you know where there from 6:30 in the morning and that's same staff there's no break. And they won only through some o'clock at night so they had a rotate from launches because it was even note money and time where we went on hormone thing so it's it is a long day for the staffer volunteering and we. There's probably about forty volunteers that are behind the scenes they can network so it's an integrated community group of individuals a well oiled machine. This is the first year Kodak right per share and that I guess a clip was phenomenal on in the number of volunteers they put up inside the building just to help out with Lucent stuff escorting people through the building. Mean that that is like clock down NASA security inside there and she's coming through. No the first step to wait rom vehicle up to train hang in getting it geared up and they would have volunteers a screen throughout the entire building. Exit predatory the inner sanctum codec is probably worth the entrance here apparently it was a they were great partner great group of people. Our guest in studio this morning are Stephen holy Scott executive CEO of cynical waterways council also had merry with this friend Genesee. Regional bank where promoting a this year is casting for character fishing tournament in the eighteenth annual sporting plays classic. We'll get to that but I'd just wanted to get some attention to the repelling event. Answer the Boy Scouts and general you know a lot of people maybe it's not on their radar you know who knows but let's take an opportunity to educate people. I'm visits a wonderful organization a year branch and cynical waterways council it's that you got the five county region so how many how many kids are history. 111000 kids and make up our area and so what by year end will be over then number actually went to 1000 kids about 350 different programs we run and then umbrella. Then as a council we run three summer camp or actually around camping facilities but some are considered part of it that we run to support those members and even kids from councils around us. And collectively we run more programs. So the on this program has come scanning that just opened up this year before kindergartners all the way through. I'm great five boy scouting kind of the signature program. That runs from ages 1118 and we have to coed programs. All of which are up fourteen to when he wants that's venture exploring pensions outdoor high adventure kind of program exploring is like you think of that program police cadets but. Markets but also on stem related careers all the stuff is in there engineering science. So that those are four main programs and this year are expanding the girls twosome cub scouting and voice got a mobile expanding to a girls and over the next. Twelve months. It down man that's I got no problem with progress I know and that announcement was made some people's underwear has gotten a bunch but I'd get over it folks it's 2018. Man. And the wonderful things Meehan done by the scouts are are wonderful for every one in my humble opinion nobody asked me. I just volunteered that now is by you don't see the scouts flyer on the and bulletin board at church or the banker wherever those stop this. And maybe yearly an owner explored the possibility is getting my kids and involved in this how do you find it. Good contact in your area your part of town. Yes a stimulus looks up in the phone book and cult you know the man office. 224442. Town but the easiest way is just go online and be a scout dot org. He just go to the website you can punch in your zip code that an aunt and works not just our area but you know even counties the surround us. I you can look up and there and I hear airy NC AM I have a cup Scott group that meets and my church and another that set the public school or my son attends or private school. Com which LA there's another one just that they can use and we go to a weekend so we got a couple varieties figure out which one meets good night of the week the works for you. As your kids progress in the boy scouting they start to take on different. A variety of programs so some groups and anymore backpacking and hiking may scuba diving different themes. Nancy if I Nebraska program that really does work for the personality or your family like to do what does that depend on the day Ares of expertise of the leaders there really it really depends on leadership that runs a program you know we have here we we have a lot of groups like backpacking you know when I'm being so close Enron actually a lot of groups that are gonna. The as a as a team they're trying to back the 46 peaks and so every year they can all knock off a couple. But every year that that kind of rotates through but it. Canoeing backpack in those by the two most popular things real quick ages if you could speak says the financial commitments in the time commitments and involved in in joining the SO groups of very much financially it's 33 dolls Deere B racers a member of the insurance on top that sold 39 bucks. Some grizzled charge more or less cause what they like to do is elect attach tag and that some of the programs stuff. I'm actually group in my son's involvement my oldest. On a minus one now on the military to deal. They sell popcorn cart says they sell Christmas trees and held it up and of itself apart. The with that. They raise the harbor some money than you for their program they'll pay for summer camp and activities but they charge no registration for the pin number which chemical it's kind of earn their way through it. Kind of programs it'll vary from group to group some groups of discharge occurred higher because they wanna bring more stuff than. And then for the most part activities for kids to plant once a week on this program. The other kid's ability by three or four weeks of something in the field trips and weekend for the kids it's a long program the once a week phenomenal season when tonight's. Good stuff he Stephen boy scout executive CEO cynical waterways. Council. Also in studio with this is pat very for an Genesee regional banks had to your vocal warm months you're gonna be up in the next segment. I'm when we get to the eighteenth annual sporting plays classic we'll talk about that when we return right here taken it outdoors 925 WB EE. A friend's good morning welcome back to it's taken it outdoors brought to you by Johnston RB country thirty years now of creating generations of family fun. And Webster how Mira and on line at JRV country. Dot com they show also a product of Bentley Brothers go vote in Rockport and Albion. Save a horse riding Comodo yet welcome back we're joined in studio by Stephen Boyd. And pat Mary Stevens wins does see he's the CEO Scott executive cynical waterways council. Pat Marion studio with this from Genesee regional bank and now we're proposing a couple fundraisers for the voice got some really cool events happening. The casting for character fishing tournament will get to that played in this segment I want it's highlight those wonderful event which is the eighteenth annual. Sporting clay is classic now pat how did you come to be involved in this event. So you know one of the former committee members of this fan asked me probably four or five years ago. There have been shooting in the event for years probably at least ten. And jumped at the opportunity and have been involved with the committee percents to great group so is like sporting plays a hobby of yours otherwise Niagara shooting quit amid a lot of traps back and it was a high school actually had a trap club. And I started with that and then this growing up in a sportsman Stanley hunting fishing it's just tolerated it. Now this event said roster Brooks gun club you remember their match and I am not yet that's sober friends that are so I think I do get to go quite often. Yeah and maybe can introduce needed them I have one friend and he works to gain much dead to ever take me this is a wonderful opportunity man this is a fantastic gun club if you never meant not to Rochester Brooks gun club. It's the look at our caller and it's like the I don't know the Oak Hill. Celebs you can sort search class got just means that an overstatement. Dance silly though it's it's. I know they have national shoots there and there's everything from you know trap to Steve to to sporting clay courses along with both pistol or rifle that's a mean it's just a great facility. With this event specifically. Revolves around the sporting plays and is this something just for expert scanned a beginner somebody that's never done it a novice. Intermediate there's something for everyone here. There's definitely something for everyone you don't have to be to experience shooter to shoot at this event there's plenty of support supplied by the club people every station to make sure people handling handling firearms safely and they're getting top reflect yet that's very important numb I'm glad you brought that up so any time you start talking about. Firearms people's butt cheeks can clinch so. Let's. Wanna make sure we're very adamant pointing out that this is a safe controlled environment whistle experiencing. An educated. As sportsmen and instructors. On hand here so the deadline to registered for this event is June 27 so he still have time today get involved banker digits it to do so quickly. It's limited to a 196. Shooters and coaches and it's almost 200 us a lot of shooters. It's you want everyone to have a good experience right Siena got a bit silly but it cap on it somehow on so we pointed out then it is that opened every one a novice and expert sportsman. So tell me about the competition portion of this I show I'm registered I've paid my money after practice. Time I brought covering my god it's ulyetza Kurds you don't have to do but yes you have one bring it all right so me imam mosque burden and 35 waterfowl shotgun because I don't have it attract gun. Our clay gun rather eyes so what do what happened walk me through Monday. So you walk into registration you get registered get hooked up with a team if you don't have one. A lunch is provided before hand. Briefly to walk around look at all the silent auction items that are there. Than there's a briefing for safety and that everyone must attend before heading out to the field. There are two courses a yellow and blue I believe and one is for more experience shooters in the other solo the last year. Your skill level. When you when you get into registration and then there are several stations of which. You'll shoot several times and each one in Europe you pull the trigger seven plus times a day it's a. Ryan yeah no I remembered from last year when you know we're in from my notes I think there's like 72. Johnson had 72 rounds you get the to send down range and these are fun if you never shot. Exporting plays before. Now explain to people it's not ski and it's not trap. Woods said sporting a glaze apart from the two. So sporting clay is it's more of a wooded setting and so you're standing in a box and there's a series of of plays that we either a match you. Over your head left to right so it's more like simulating actual honing. There it is like trapper ski or stand position you know Warren. The targets are gonna come from it's kind of a surprise and station. There's there's a little bit you know you gotta react correct you know so you instincts there are being on this Lee being mean on the the funds skills you get to a employee. In cheating sports I come into play here what are my favorites are what he gets called the ones that roll across the ground autograph that. Yeah I loved those those are fine. Is even if you miss it looks like you hit something that's right yeah it's the best. Since 275. Dollars to register per shooter if you want to force on. 11100 bucks a good chance of grabbed three friends in you know it's a win win win win win in that situation don't make me explain that. Registration visit cynical water ways dot org or you can call. 2418556. Obviously that's 585. Number as well so yet 72 rounds twelve stations on the course. And what's really cool I've never done it that we knew attend these events. I'd be sure to take time to watch the guys that. You know our enthusiasts then like I imagine. That would be. It's really cool it's if you get lucky you can watch somebody get a Willie. And that is one of the coolest thing you've ever seen. And that's went to work come in together right in his and they cross at the moment these things for us you whack filmed both with one round. And I know. Sane and you. He's a cage and on my gosh he could try a million times I could and I never do it so I mean you get to see these guys to us to level with one around. It certainly is very cool sight to see. Now outside of the shooting we're gonna have fun doing that and the registration. In and sponsorship swoop we'll get to help raise money. As as well that begs the gun raffle. Nominates yes and not do a lot of banquets whether it's a national wild Turkey federation and quality deer management association ducked some limited Trout unlimited what. Gets butts in the seats. Is the gun raffle and these guys have a wonderful. Raffles set out for this event again this event. The eighteenth annual sporting clay is classic. You have to to register until June 27 the event is on July 10 at Rochester Brooks gun club it's not rushed. And not too far south of Henrietta for those of you don't venture you know south of the mall but this gun raffle. A maximum 500 take it sets a good man can you put a cap on him and increase your rides. Tony but so gates yet take it and you talked about some sweet sweet pieces of equipment here. And 8400 Beretta twelve gauge that says 14100. Dollar shotgun. That's a Cadillac palace what I describe it that's a good way to describe it is it's the Oak Hill. I'm just getting I was gonna do another kill analogy. Also won here we have a smoke fold at times and senator venture. Sizable I don't know that's not. A muzzle loader I saw Thompson's senate that's a bolt action rifle with a blue finish. I think is a beauty donated by the custom shop gun shop that's nice I just see Thompson's sinners about the same thing but I think it's a thirty six. Thanks that'll get the job done and also we have a hand marine lever action rifle. Dino McKay is at a 3030 Tony to 42. Are those are fun that's a great little plane can go on your like Chuck Connors it's one of those and it's fund deploying with those things may be taken on a squirrel lined. Also as savage model sixteen and 308 caliber. That's a nice gun donated by the firing pin. And then a beautiful. Over under I'm eight CI Calgary cavalry passport twelve gauge shotgun. 28 inch barrel. And that is seeing is a beautiful over under its data Woodstock. Engravings. On it. Beautiful beautiful. Shaq down there man that said that's a fantastic lineup and against when he dollars for that you know withdraw the winner right there during dinner yet. So what's it feel dinner as part is Kitt stepping up to the plating and it is every area state tram prongs in. Unbelievable dinner so. Yet kit I'm talking about it Palmer thrown Palmer's food services are remembered last year you guys argun about what the wonderful dinner he was gonna provide end a lot of people step up to the plate to help this event happened. Rocked capitol. They donate the ammo on the clay is hostile to an auto mall. It helps out patriot towers. About lists jobs. I don't know how to say this Malaysian. Rosie knows seen associates of their Bedford sponsor to stanza enterprises. Is that dreams outfit that is true. Yep I remember him from land here as well. And also Genesee regional bank is the hospitality. Sponsor and wondered they'll be shown at the free samples. Now though not now aren't as figurehead though it out there next year. All right zed says to recap here they eighteenth annual sporting plays classic to benefit. And cynical waterways. I council of the Boy Scouts and our area will go down July 10 at Rochester Brooks gun club. In rush all the information. He didn't write it down can be found at Seneca water ways. That award we got another event to tell you about we'll do that the next segment. This time we're putting down the firearms and taken up the fish in rides we'll talk about that next right here taken it out doors nanny to five WBE. Hey there welcome back to taken it out doors we are joined in studio this morning by Stephen boy scout executives and CEO of cynical waterways council from the boy scouts of America also in the taken an outdoor studio today we had pat merry. From Genesee. Regional banks were given some blood to the scouts today casting for character fishing tournament we're gonna get to that here in just a minute. That's a great event. We just got done telling you all about the eighteenth annual sporting plays classic if you want more information on that you can certainly find it. At Seneca water ways. Dot org before we move on to the fish internment. I want to circle back I think we forgot to mention the live auction items that we wanna do that. Hence the bullies and so far for the live auction. There is a beautiful I'm going to ran. That is confirmed that will be there. Also there's another overnight times I believe at Valhalla which isn't in and over and is a pheasant hunt great facilities it is premier honing. Good stuff man that I am wondering and I'm sure that'll bring in some good money are right quick impromptu pop quiz here on the am wonder ran somebody give me the caliber anyone know. Let's say 36 and some thirty caliber yeah ever expose enough third through this game show you went. 900 points. Which. Legendary American general called someone to ran to the greatest battle implement ever devised. Don Imus wants one I'd have to say on I guess time. Cannot lock UN with general Patton without an answer are you don't care if that's right meant. Well he gets it's that's good stuff yet that's fantastic that's now is like two. Suited to do my history on those agree that that weapon came to prominence in our World War II. Also during the Korean and now war conflict as well and that will conclude our and Teague time. Educational portion of this morning's program so let's move on to the casting for character fishing tournament. I'd last year if memory serves me correctly. It was earlier in the year wasn't it like back in May. Yet we were gonna do it in May and then as ironic as life can be spring flooding our fishing tournament have flooded out you know it's kind of crazy we could mean we get docked boats into the dock at the marina because you know they weren't floating docks and I'll go figure. So the there's a week and a half in a movie fishing tournament August which create a lot of logistical issues but. Where the salmon fishing is fun nominal and August and the and all the members talent through and said hey we as much fun we do it again the journalists. I also soared on where we moved this year to do that the nineteenth and twentieth of August 2 point is a prime day that we've kind of gotten over flow already going on of the nineteenth so it's. Be exciting them about. Probably about sixty teams in total fishing out there now. Two days that'll be it'll be great is a charter captain events you don't have to know anything about fashion. Mary vial licensing go. And it ended in the fish we catch them on like Ontario is absolutely phenomenal you never Donnan it's gonna want the best kept secrets our region Helen Fisher has. And I in May be that I do my best to get the word out man I certainly do I mean outside of Alaska. And possibly Washington State's. I don't know we're gonna find a better Trout and Sam annoyed fishery. Absolutely easy would normally we are world class destination people come from all over the country and all over the globe. Today to salmon and Trout fish in our area whether it's on the big Lake Erie even our tributaries. Are just loaded with them. All year round you know for the most part is such a great fishery now lad was last sure one day event. We we we didn't we on one on one day last year so we're girl a grown yet and and import that look the challenge where we are running this year and the LO seed every two C sort of get two for one deal. You get to compete with that so that means if you really you know bring in a nice fish you can wanna cash prize to the OC derby as well which is critical. But that also kind of limits on but the charter captain availability. Miss a requirement to get a bigger boats to their teams of four. So with that you know the small little you know boats and fireworks LLC has some some limitations on a charter captains are actually available to do that. About 25 captains in that market that are able to do that for us that really caps us we have 2 flights however morning group and afternoon group. And then we'll have a late Sunday afternoon group as well. It's not entry for casting for character fishing tournament. I will cost you 400 dollars per individual. Or you can get a team natural cost you 16100 dollars. And just for what it's worth that's what it. Chartered able gosh it's not more what you throw in and all that stuff so. And this is you can do something really good for the scouts he can have a great day efficient. And you can. Accomplish both was less than you could probably do one any other day. So. That school and in the guys that big charter a lot of these guys from our area. And how would imagine with this event you got a lot from the agency river charter boats association. Top notch man those are some knowledgeable anglers out there and they mean it does have such an intimate knowledge of this late. I mean it's it it's it's amazing when you get out there on the match Thomas Trout and salmon fishing you guys do on a bass angler. And every now and now go out with people it's so funny men these guys if they don't hit. The Sam they don't get into the salmon are the same and they won it's like they can go I think catch lake Trout it will. It's like they they're like Colin their shot like Babe Ruth back in the day with that one home run. It is just amazing that talented these guys and if you can get on a vote with them. For 400 bucks that that that's a good deal there. So let's talk about the competition portion of this that we gave everybody do the logistics of it what important again we don't need any poachers so go get your station license that's one thing we ask that you do. Before you you get involved week we mention it's a two day event your year different flights so let's talk about the competition now is out is that canal. Yes there's really two parts so from a participant you have the whole LC's Jerry opportunity so there's Dave prizes and another two week tournament prizes well. Who has 15100 dollars up to Indy prizes to I think 25000 for a two week experience penciled onto the LOC group and and and there rules apply but for all that but they'll won those rights don't present the prizes within the season and tournament. But for us one of the things is really NASA's one of the founders of the of them launching 28000 dollars in prize money for the charter captains. Passing your fishing experience individually you play in the LC derby but your captain plays a mr. So he's going for about 8000 dollars in prize money anything get past that he's going to be ecstatic he gets a thousand of its mix of very good payday for him. So with that they're motivated to make sure that you purchase and have a good today. And that we had a captain in their last your first time in the tournament and these group and in last year in the tournament and he just let them vote and open water and full throttle right. To where he wanted to go and when they put 42 browns in two hours and a vote. Four guys and and honest series on fishing. And they had a great time doing and of course you know Iraq if he wins prize for most fish but I mean you just at all times in two or threes. Brown's McDonnell times it was is grant and the captains really have a great time and they really want you have a great experience and and it's it's not uncommon to have people command within a fifteen point sound like trance having cut that many browns in my life. Like a cumulative. Yeah it is -- it's crazy how well listen these these guys are phenomenal and I know the water that we don't you when I go on the boat with you know. Trolling will play official day and I can Jennings bank utilities guys and it's unbelievable experience and what they do and where they take care and and that they know the lake very well and good channels that's for sure. Dead mandated them die you know I think over her while I'd sounded like out overstated. The quality of charter captains we have in our area that you guys just backed it up. Even more Sosa yet that that 8000 dollar pot that's a tight line awards. And I blue lane he said Moulin GM lane G. Is there were we Astrid pony up that kind of money I should pronounces the name properly. Now did did I mention did you mention in your answer there that there's a prize for most fish net. NASA will do lose prizes they do largest fish in each category so. They'll do five price categories the largest native first second third they have kind of a sliding scale for. Prize of the of the captains and also most fish caught so what captains and they come on the boat Dolan will ask your front you won a lot of Fisher you wanted to push. And depending on your answer depends on where he's going. Handsome and depends you know it's no you to point pound. Now seminar lake Trout on there that may take you twenty missed out party get an end to dynamics line it pulls out so it's. By not gonna get a lot of those are of course reform half hour window. Actually be like a one or two of those before I've won them but it's gonna need a lot of time in a gonna catch a lot of tension but you'll have a lot of fun. What would jeer a preference be what you wanna do for numbers are on to joke. I like the they're going to meet today in about yeah absolutely yeah Ali efficient the other weekend I mean in my girlfriend and we finished Hartford two days and tie it. Probably eleven small amount fast which we were targeting but every one of whom was over three down to is like I was a terrible weekend we hardly got anything. About that we had you know we're in a tournament that's today's word. Big sex there's so yeah now I've Micah hunt for the Baghdad's. You know one I'd rather fight one of those than thirty small ones but you know. It's not heightened tension numbers is boring or anything when you're out there on a day when you're getting insulin like the volume he said it's like a video game. Now it's absolute immediate gratification. Out there on the water so we we talked about the the entry into the lot derby that is a big deal until onion paint there's guys that have been generations. Of have. Anglers have been competing. In this event and you can double dips of that school as well so most fish big print big fish may recession. That's coming from Palmer's two big fish prize. And that goes to any angler to catch is a brown Trout steelhead. A lake Trout or salmon. That breaks the New York State record while they get their late cut work cut out for a but I guarantee there's a win. And it's their settlement is X and a couple more recent years that have ordered really close to that line. But yet Kim Palmer Palmer threw 2% rise up plants in another prize opportunity for the participants but at a 101000 dollar cash prize if you're able to. Rick a record one it's actually six different categories through Trout salmon. Our right to view of people wanna get involved US send them to the same website as we did for the clay shoot naps Lusaka waterways on our works. To perform 42 times in my mind it was all we can put up as well. All right one more segment one more segment to go you guys get just a handful of more minutes do a stick with me absolutely I got another fun quiz my sleeves again you guys that this one won't be so hard it's doubts related. Stephen Boyd is in studio with me today you're taken outdoors. You know Stephen he is. The CEO. Of the Seneca waterways council and scout executive moves well boy scouts of America. Also in studio with me today Pat Murray from Genesee regional bank. Again we encourage you to visit cynical waterways that working get all the information you need for an eighteenth annual sporting plays classic. Also casting for character fishing tournament. Both of those are fast approaching all the information you need. Is that that at for mentioned website one more segment to go and that happens next right here in 925 WBD. People overt good morning and welcome back to take in and out doors having some fun today with Stephen Boyd had marries Stephen as the scout executive and CEO of cynical waterways council boy scouts of America. Pat Murray in studio with this year's sprint Genesee regional bank forty news there either boss no net quite know about commercial wonder if you you'll meet docs somebody gets you promoted radio and Internet can be pretty convincing pat. Casting for character fishing tournament and eighteenth annual sporting plays are too big fundraisers. For the scouts in our areas the cynical waterways council which services our. Five county region. And so we've invited him in the studio today to promote these two events this morning's broadcast is made possible thanks to Johnson RV country thirty years of creating generations. Both Stanley fine and Webster. There in palm pal Mira. An online at JRV country also Billy Brothers to boating and Rockport and Al the end save a horse. Radical voted again if you want more information on the testing per character fishing tournament. Or the eighteenth annual. Sporting plays classic we encourage you to visit Seneca waterways. Dot org or you can call 2418556. I know nobody wrote that down but you could remember cynic go waterways. Dot org ETA Ian missed the info in the first couple segments. You can find it there but don't you guys did to speak to the importance. These fundraisers. I know the sporting plays event I'm hearing your eighteenth year you told me that it sells out every year. Wildly successful event. Fission dirt. That is how long have you had those are saying your dad but it's 25 in the event we took over from another nonprofit right and you've doubled he turned it into it was a two day event now so people that are participating. Their get involved and people don't do that just if an event is boring these are great events. Yeah but how what big picture. What did these events mean to the scouts as a whole now I mean these are. Really help us raise money to help run the organization and it Morton when things you'll realize a Boy Scouts local councils exists all around terrible dollars. I know we we sit here and amp has to pay a fee to join 33 passengers and dollars. The Microsoft to insurance company or the national organization the fund down for us everything we do to mix kind of formal occasions they can purchase spare cars Esther is money. Bomb otherwise in Moscow and and only exist rich kids united being in our box or whatever to join voice counts and and knowing you go to camp for twelve morals that we can you know have experienced but only the most affluent as we get to experience itself. Thanks to programs like this every kid can have an opportunity and they go to camp and fish for the first time they'll learn to shoot or how to handle firearms safely. On the one lifesaving skills with the beef for staying there emerged a parent as these are gonna take with them throughout their life and make meaningful impact. To their adult life as a child so that's great what's coming can do for them and it's really thanks to a we do raising and that's like that's. Steven do you ever gets rocked the uniform and hearing and I do actually it's announced its ultra I think of I've been in I guess I've never been studio with a uniform are going up next on radio I can say a year and pay you look great now uniform. The united. Not just this has got to trust where they know or underneath. Can you continue to speak a little bit too you know if someone's. I don't know if the scouts are firm I catered it maybe it is maybe it isn't. But in your experience what are the types of changes parents see or benefits. Parents fine for their kids in their involvement in the scout yes I'm Scott. Really about character development front parents perspective and it's absolutely amazing to watch kids that come into distorted voice and for example. You'll come to the voice can program their eleven years old. They're running around with 1516 some general so your first of its experience is apparent is they're gonna get broken into and destroyed in this older prefer kids. Playing whatever game they're doing. But it's interesting to watch the transformation of this eleven year old kid as it comes in adjustable activities in science skills its bond games. And slowly this young man over the course of the period of time starts becoming a patrol leader senior patrol leader and also and one day you realize that your sport channels on. Is running the program. No there's no adults running at its that your kid who just somehow went to an estimate of eleven year old. So the kid in charge and it's amazing to watch this leadership transformation and kids it's almost magical. And it happens so we really through scouting scanning is that one program that really develop that leadership and and brings it forward and challenges kids to take responsibility trying new things and give direction. And leadership so as a parent watching that happen is that asymmetrical. Ernst and great dancer man yeah that was very well said and I do want to point out. Stephens boy scout uniform he gets a short side I thought he had long pants but I just notice the cool. Theater of the mind savings and you did anyone come in a smartly dressed nobody nobody knows and here. Now I know I can I looked it up earlier just refresh my my own memory and I'm not trying to to get on utopian. On every one year base. The world we live than right now. Acutely. I believe that scan it changes it's off the pendulum swings back and forward. But we live in such a culture. Constant. Commentary. Criticism. Mean as the news funny. You know I mean and it's all these characteristics. And it just goes against. Common sentencing in good nature. Andy do you know the twelve points to scout law can you share with the NASA I think this is something that. Every line should take a minute and look at these twelve things that they teach the scouts. And I challenge you. And it whatever Ager and whatever stage here lie to cheer us pay attention to these and appliance they aren't. So got tests taken so trusts are they loyal helpful friendly. Courteous kind obedient cheerful thrifty brave clean and Bremer let's break it down trust word what are you talking about there and actually just teaching kids to be honest in what they say and do. Melky consumer trust your interest junior behavior both in your actions and your words. None wrongly that everybody agreed asked. Loyal oil being fair. To those you're involved with to work you know loyal to your friends in your beliefs or ideals be helpful helpful. The couple dozen says to other people helping people's be courteous which they run together but. Helping people what you do reactions now obedient let's talk about that well all Aussie known as it as a country we exist the government of laws we follow those laws we understand them. Now and we do our best to follow him. This is a good point cheerful I think people forget this way maybe not kits. It's tough to grown folks SE you know for ninety it is tough to be careful some days but it absolutely. I'm and we can't we can keep going with them but it really is that simple so sought out her clinical pointed that and full full disclosure I guess different radio broadcasts came back from the national jamboree in three weeks. With 141518. Year olds house on staff managing a 400 kids in the national jamboree. Clean was not their best virtue. The because I got put on the radio station and like don't pay I got back dogma that and I forgot tort claim while it's probably force habits are and how we got to work. Even scouts they've been working all column at all times. What may be that may be clean is like the though why. You know that though as the why is to bowels clean as to that's also Iceland and anyway and it's been immunized as an adult leader when you work with the kids and you're really working to bring for those different values. And and how they apply and you get some kids who come in who exemplify you know reverent. As an example on their faith and you get other kids who are than natural leader but you get kids who come in the program who. Boy there in their struggle enemy all twelfth. And how do you work without going that Sam land for its interest in for a lot of adult to volunteer in a program. The fine here you get this kid who comes in and and for the first time in their life you're the first positive adult role model he leapt into perhaps. I'm and it's say can we really moving experience belong to an organization it's that's. Even Alan thank you for coming in today pat awesome and I'm very appreciative of your time anytime I can bang the drum for the scouts I believe and play and what you guys do with the scouts do as a whole. And I anything I can do to help you guys staying in business and I give these kids these wonderful opportunities. I am right here whenever you need me. Actually this is an annual event now this is our second annual visit. It's so it's good to see if I out really is again if you want more information on casting for character fishing tournament. Or the eighteenth annual sporting clay is classic anchors you to visit cynic. Water ways dot org did I leave anything out is there anything we're missing here. And I think he's got an all these anyone have any questions for me. I have a great day god bless you I'll be back tomorrow morning with TJ Sharpton Steve announcement. With the B morning coffee club the countdown is next. Have a great day.