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Friday, January 6th


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Student joining to monetary Clifford and see it we have bright sunshine we have got the nineteen degrees. Downtown I mentioned a couple of minutes ago. That there is and yet another shooting this one in the airport since it terminal B the luggage area. In Fort Lauderdale and right now I'm joined by IE. I candidates to jobs and other gentleman who works for. Dan Edwards who owns all of our local and local vision. Dealerships Dan you are in an airplane. In Fort Lauderdale on the tarmac correct this. I don't think first of all power you. Now and what's what is huge it it is Jarrett of were you flying in to the airport or were you leading the airports. Our client and I took the allegiance sorted out this morning as stocks and 44 and we are skeptical is just truths. As. Oh my goodness and do you do land on time. Ali we're actually costs half an hour early and we're common to land and they re directed at how little Padilla percolate just tennis over. Oh about sixteen minutes. And we landed. And they did and it got stopped and I'm looking at the America crime should mean there's probably 98. Or nine plane stopped. Groping. Or type I helicopters in the sky. I'm on the opposite side of the planes like it either terminal. I'm the one who would come into the terminal to another redirecting must either one nurturing. Am. Oh my goodness oh my goodness. Did they tell you on the airport are on the airplane what was going on in there. Actually just told us about ten minutes ago. Our operator that they didn't Ellis put my body down the year awards a Dunkin' Donuts texted me going to be coming on the scene and then. Like all in the Lewis. And move on all through dinner tonight and it ducks need that sleep I was in that and that so they told me. A home okay. Oh my goodness gracious. And I'll I can say is and and very very grateful it. It worked out the way it did treat them I'm not that bad it's dead square and may. Our thoughts and prayers for the people that would be an airport slowly. There aren't that early lead paint or anybody. You bandages he Betty this. And thank you so much for sharing some time with me use Stacey I'm sure it's going to be. A bit of a complicated journey to get out of the plane and and where you need to be but hopefully you earlier doesn't. It's and they had ordered it will review a few hours and got a late here on the plane put. It is very safe or so it. So if so you're planning are you have to plan on the next couple of hours in the airplane. Armed maybe wow. What can understand that I mean there's. And I'm looking at those that television coverage and it it appears that on the tarmac there are airplanes. And people walking and being you know ferried here in there and it just looks like a very confusing. Scene right now so. Yeah I think it's going to be. It could be Cameron. But again all my purse should the commitment that are bald and people. I I couldn't agree with you more and I thank you so much for just for sharing your thoughts and and and what you see out the window and what have you I really do appreciate it Dan. Using data. All I want to annoyed at my kids. I'll play. I'm quite certain that it was a frightening period of time for them to I'm so happy that you're okay. And and okay I'm Terry I thank you very much I appreciate your time. You take care now okay thanks I give.