Terry Can't Stop With The Locker Room Talk

Thursday, October 13th

You would think with all the ruckus raised by Donald Trump and his "locker room talk" that everybody would steer clear of that kind of nonsense. Apparently "everybody" doesn't include Terry Clifford. 

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Terry yelled we need to change the odd name this podcast. Why what happened between shifts between shifts is fine but I think I'm. I think a certain candidate gave us a better name. For this op podcasts god this is very for gonna call this the locker room. All we gonna talk about stuff like they do in the locker then now that her bit. Are the names out there before it's agreed to aren't we aren't accurate does that grab you they are just as you guys. All I hear that's what that was all over a text messages this morning really aren't limited are just as bad if not worse than men with the locker room talk well pigs a lot of time in the locker. Number I go to the Y. See I I I ladies are we out of ample. There hydra therapy now. I don't get any of that I get a lot of fun. Well athlete's feet. It's okay. Saturdays at you never gonna have some locker room talk about it already but yeah I went. Matthew McConaughey. Al gross he doesn't take a shower. Who don't like him who do I have to go back in time well I know I'll hold on I got on for your current. I am. Now. It is all good until they found out you know supposedly locker for a jog Burton okay that. It is OK are your ready bag on for a gap. Keith Urban youth. And blew an eight dollar you still. And air it looks like he doesn't watch it but it's just because. Boots is guests coming right out of his Ed just you radiates hot site. Brad. It's the white his teeth in country music I gotta be honest with you and you know he started out. All. On the gosh you remember in him on the apprentice who's also. You know nervous every race. Luke was on the apprentice yet Trace Adkins brought him on the year he was there they tried to make a B model hello I hope there's no. Record audio and Brian from the Fred asked. You may have just tanked it's career. Job everything is now hat they suspended Billy bush. Payless really bush got the group that aren't yet but yeah you know. You know I feel sorry your for the Billy bush and I think I need another name for you than you can throw to me I am. Let's say hello I know I want to start with with. Oh let's go with guys. It's gonna say come on raven that's too easy no common. Don't Colin discount rate blessed my heart now so our international bottom and I talked to today. To. And John Barry is definitely ambulance and he. Listen to the song he's saying to me a song to me over the phone today I'm sure he did not think you definitely very right in the back pro I don't believe I. And by the time he was done I couldn't even remember what the subject allegedly talking about all that man is poised to smell my heart EU's. The mood is bad so the folks listening right now understand what's going on this is locker room talk. This blog or talk with the theory as to how narrow. Donald Trump is everybody does it. 'cause backers everybody doesn't whip play anyway and Texas morgue but hey girls are just as bad as the guys that you thrown at me OK how about you are. Beloved ship and I home and take. I cannot believe this. Your show such since. I'm a signature an object apply a woman I'd talented woman no last. You think I'm gonna sit here and Georgia woman based on her looks do what is right yeah. I. I don't even know you hear it.