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Sunday, January 7th

Taking It Outdoors - Post Whitetail Season To-Do List

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Good morning friends welcome to take Canada outdoors as we broadcast from the cozy warm studios but WD VD. I'm sitting here was my friend then Williams then how are you. Think we are drinking our coffee mugs with both hands feel it's a series com winter's morning here in Western New York the. What's up dude you meant now much men are you happy new year Diaz first episode of the new year haven't seen in a couple months I was within one point during deer season man as having in here every other week it seemed. So how did the season around off for him. Pretty good film I don't say is I needed to fill. What my clients did actually phenomenal this year so peasant boys democracy late season don't management. Holmes got some good survivor books made it through all in all pretty good. That's fantastic man I dropped the ball this year I kind of told in a text message will get into that later that this was not. Not this white tail season man and it's like dot punted. I did it was uttered the I get to sing more like to punish myself wobble in Somalia then Williams's are against bin is the vice president of the greater Rochester southern tier QDL may chapter quality deer management association. Men is a level three dear Stuart. And he also runs all to Inca habitat restoration and enhancement you can see his work at old tin cup. Dot com and he's also on FaceBook will tell you about a little more about what then does later in the program so basically. IE messed up opening day of those season. And I didn't take it well I'm sitting out there opening morning and you always think awesome would be open in morning's first lie. And get the job done ranked them. So I make my way out to my stand it was perfect to win I'd snuck in really quiet and I'm sitting in my stand you know typical. Open in morning. And he gets to be about 745. And I get a little Hungary and I'm like OK and we'll go offered some granola. Bars I got my backpack. So as soon as the ones that the backpack. I looked down and from mad I don't know where he came for a outlook down fifteen yards away is one in my shooter bucks one from the trail cams and and he wasn't looking that mean. But I wasn't ready form so I stood there with my hands in my backpacks perfectly still to that it won us the local. Right yeah. And that day he ended up wind in Meehan a little bit ran about twenty yards and stopped and started since check in again. Which I thought was a good sign and didn't think it scared the hell out of being you know and I mean yeah. So he kind of meandered away at that point I was like OK it still got a chance. So weary win not watch demon had a pretty good idea where I had a good chance inner set team in the afternoon. And come back that afternoon for the hunt and not seen him but I guess the wrong Stanton and I was just so mad at myself phenomena that book like crazy. And in the last week of both season you know the World Series is going on an ass knocked out for afternoon I'm. And again. He calming myself down and end I don't know man I just was mad at myself I had two beautiful opportunities that we're tips. Like broad side of the ship shots and I blew it and act kind of outage meant I didn't even go out one time during gun season. Through it not once I'm not happening new girlfriend contributed. Yeah Hampshire. But it didn't and I was mad at myself and I do this weird being where I'm like grounded myself from hunting I don't know I just said well. What are you gonna do next year's a new year. But I'm glad somebody did some good I didn't even get a nothing. Nodded dang thing man so at this point. You know with this cold weather that we're having. What is the endeared him and how did they spin their game we guys you know like the other day wind chills minus twenty minus thirty mall this nose comment. What's a day in the life of the deer in this weather. They're going to thermal cover wherever they got evergreen trees you know heavy heavy pockets cover places where they can get into in all ravine or something out of the wind. Especially that wind chill stuff just to kind of keep that body temperature. In northern function best another and then they're gonna be felt the need food com. Misery get back to that. Natural. Browser and vegetation out their form food wise. Because you know a lot of new Yorker now we're under first nor better. Say winner reach weighed down and there's no some of food plots are down under there's no home you know we'll food and then you know basically laying down one there Matty and as it and that's just about it and surviving. So what are they eat in this time a year I mean not remember a couple years ago when we had the polar vortex the Arctic vortex winters that we're really really cold and snowy. I remember seeing in bark stripped. From the trees when I would go out walk in the woods evidence that the beard at Deere being Golan at that Haggis obviously does there was nothing else but what other things that he. You know the bugs of the trees samplings com you know other stuff that might be around is maybe some master thing get down to a but again with the deep snow we get here. A home spam to particular appear in upstate New York in all. It's tough on. In better back gives them enough protein. Everybody has their bodies changeover and that's why you run an issues on people's artist are feeding near Corning and stuff like that the body is like we've talked about before of switched over. To you know handle a more basic diet let's call on whether than that high carb be known diet or something like that that the coroner produce. Basically their bodies can digest of fast enough so they over eat it compacts -- they can't digest quick enough and basically they'd eat themselves to that sort speak. So these guys did have a little secret Polly LA acorns out back this time a year dared to think in their holder in the dear to their property they're doing more arming good and potentially because of bodies like a set of switched over unless they have a regular feeding regiment. Homes you know. They can be devastating to hear the saudis say and I got to the don't illegally all you but do it wants. Well that story and you know people argue and other states feed to your own but you know a lot of times it's your own feeding program and other states. He is our guest Ben Williams been as the vice president of our local quality deer management association chapter he runs old saying cup habitat restoration and enhancement online at old tin cup dot com you know towards the end. Deer season especially gun season I even see him boast season but the switch over to be in nocturnal. For the white so we've had many discussions about that. How to win they win and how do they switch back into regular. Pattern one pressure lays off or in late season punch unit we really get a lot of this year but when. This cold weather like this stars to really hit they really start to have to focus on most food sources solar some of the egg fields might be still standing. Palm winner we feel there's some like to cover crop field. Armed will be targeting big time. You know back when they start to turn to the survival mode like they're in right now. On the one the switch back for more daylight activity and you can you know increase daily activity by just lack of pressure on the property as well. You know one thing I love about the attack kind of weather we've been getting lately. It's my favorite trail cam pictures and I mean I get fired up when I see a nice bruiser in velvet that you get some really cool when insert pictures you know it veered just cruise in their snow everywhere. And now I don't know I just for some reason those are the ones that I save those Stockton near off the trail can pick. Yeah you know disc there for been a wanna talk some more about the white sale also unknown you are a fisherman as well. I wanna have some conversations about this team both on the hard water and on the local streams. Both of which are on fire all over our listening area maybe will touch on that the next segment right here it's taken it out doors 95 WBE. Good morning game welcome back to taken it out doors we have our pal Ben Williams in studio with this today been is that vice president of our local TV made chapter. Quality deer management associations. Once the banquet. Banquet this year is may fifth for Saturday in May and I guess digger for you with your name on. Ice did raffles this year yarder got to button down we got our big meeting coming up next Monday. I first won numerous circuit and in donations in everything we're expecting probably about 300 plus people this year. Never been to a TDMA banquet I've been to a Ducks Unlimited Leno national wild Turkey federation bantamweight and those are great men I've heard good things about. That one as well I'll always love the raffles for their. They tend it's it's in nice savage from long gun or something helpful to cool man at someone's unfamiliar with the quality deer management association and ended interest them you can go online TDMA dot com right. Exactly what's membership entail and that in what is it involved like what do why get out of it and what does studio may get out of it. All so basically it's not for profit well if organization you know just like Ducks Unlimited earned a B tee off or you know rough cross society anything like that. Under severe side of that. On penal annual membership right now I think is like thirty or 35 dollars. Com and keep your child sometimes are only 25 dollar bass pro specially by membership. Always your membership you're gonna get there magazine on six issues a year. You're gonna get on email sent to you about upcoming educational events for like have a ten day is Obama know we usually do and in the field have a ten day. And then we do an educational like in the clash and kind of seminar thing to arm we've done most of the past we got some of those coming out this year. And then also local ball banquets and stuff they're talking about. On the I think we have fourteen branches in New York now offer TDMA I think the newest one discuss started on a Corning. Bob for the new year or so on it's great organization great time great guys on and just so a wealth of information to. Make you better hunter exactly. Better and better man is dear herdsmen better hunting yet four cornerstones of TDMA ash should know these mine now. Herd management. Use habitat enhancement and to amendment of the management. Get more runners on her management and retaining runners yeah. And then monitoring out got a almost three out of four ain't bad did not get their man yeah you do the show another twelve times off finally. Learned this stuff ovary QB in Maine and again that website is fantastic and if you can get your hands on one of their magazines and publications. Also chock full of information and then there's the kind you keep. In the bathroom year round you know talking about mono that's gross design and if you outdoorsman. Know exactly what I'm talking about if you don't know about bins business Ole tank up habitat restoration and enhancement. He does some pretty cool wort and common issue you straight here. This is not I mean it's gonna come across is a giant commercial. Odd but it is not been is not a paid guests to this program. He comes in here on his own time and truth be told. He would help me out by doing this program so much when we first launched it. I wanted to help him. You know like he helped me but it was a win win not paid men to come out to the property that now aren't. And do some habitat restoration and enhancement. And nominates Elliott at hand to guide my trail campaign chairs not only did I asked her to get more I started to get better trail camp pictures. Then came out he did an assessment of the property are shooting some general areas were rocked by deer were betting. Where they weren't traveling the court orders they were using and some other things deny he went through in. Disney's magic came out with some chains solves. And we enhance the property. How else could I describe what you do over there. I mean it's basically kind of a one says that all is just everybody puts on a little bit different. On some people eggs so want to have a tea work some people wanna we Connie strategy I mean it's you know everybody wants some a little bit different. And every properties different soul you know I love having the challenge of working when new land owners. Any end in his company name on the machine straight years sounds expensive and it really does better I paid that been about 200 bucks you know I think and we spent most of the day out there. Right and now I'm telling you it paid off what month did you come out was raining that day I remember that we were soaked but it was early summer midsummer right here somewhere around that time for everything and the adjustments and tweaks had been made in the woods paid off bad. The first part of those season and I can see tangible proof today. And the work that he did got deer closers in May. More off to me and I am I just can't say enough good things about. I would been does all saying cup dot com you can find them on FaceBook as well. Now you told me out there you found some sheds already and if anybody else told me that I would column a liar. It's not time out I thought that happens in March you know late February. You know well typically like we all talk about with the sun photo period ism you know being in the trigger for nearly growth and of course they would drop. Like we talked about different things to distress. I'll more than deer might have been injured thumb wasn't pro a year and a half full senate sheds. I'm awfully helpful books so you know he went ahead run down your during the rough this year on chased a little bit too hard knuckle of the too much tax as vice we showed early. In or just and have it as high testosterone levels so they cast early two I can relate to that it's up to. The stuff to say what caused it home Patricia are gonna show Kim pictures on so I know what beer is fun. It's early I wouldn't be out there look and when I was blown cards Ingraham ground blinds and you know someone in their cell. What's the biggest threat to wood gears like this time a year Amin Al throat. Automobile and in there we've eliminated honors from the equation and most are good at yeah there's no hug and a 100% yeah. Poachers are still out there you know in I don't know ye ye can't get rid of Lamar you can't legislate away knuckle headed this you know and I mean yeah. But what are the biggest threats to whom I mean coyotes at an issue at this point they're big enough they. Its own you know especially if they're rundown you know injured and you know from your season or from you know book flights on even if they got bombed by car you know if they're injured anything like that are sick. Home you know coyotes can definitely run down the stuff like you know some of the funds might not have been able to get you know big enough to get through winner definitely going to be. The bigger target for them but the big thing is a winner and have enough food and good cover yourself like then this were. You know good you know habitat program in management plan for your property really comes into play. I gotta tell you it's gut wrenching you know I mean yeah our goal is to go out there and kill these things but I. I you know are referenced it in the last segment the polar vortex years 34 years ago. I walked. On several. Winner kills like. Like deer died right there where they were betting they'll and it's sad there'd be 34 of them are remember we went Turkey hunting. Down in knives Steven counties I believe that Turkey hill down their back call hill down in the southern tears. The turkeys down there and now we were made we were chastened some birds you know we were Colin in running gun and and we come up over this rage and there's like five year. Just like almost in a circle it looked almost like the aliens left them there were added it is really sad but it is is absolutely. An issue it takes a lot of nurse meant to keep these things alive 2000 pounds a year these beings eat that's one thing that is. Definitely six with a dad that's a big number ever remembered that of all the things you've taught me that's the one that I can always recall. So un. You know we talked about there at the biggest threat soon this year. When we finally get to spring I hang on let me back up one sect are they grouped up big like are they running in big groups this time. Knickers are mostly concentrator own food sources you know whatever that might be on some of them I would prefer ones like dog would see Lewis in the some of those what are swamp here areas that red dog would that really had a preferred. Really high nutritional value dietary fire Bernal has stuff so. On that's a they wanted to see him grouped up around you know ever greens you know around pine answer. In home. Stuff like a cedars of to browse and on cedars quite a bit now this time a year or so in other deafening be grouped up on food sources and high quality betting yours you know they're trying to get the most out of there time. Now real quick man I want to encourage people we talked about bends and it habitat enhancement work that he does. How legit really go on FaceBook got nowhere all on most of us anyway are on Facebook. Wait too much wheel when you're on their next time. Though have been spade jolting cup you've got your client picks on there together they wanted to show it is the new new vector a picture cover picture we're oracle wanted to beauty man so people about this dear it was a client of years so they've been on in this land as similar to him to mosque story in the had she come out go ahead yes. So I'll make CIA brand into them Turkey banquet dinner this year palm they've bought one of my visits that I donated on split with the with the local chapter that I was working whether that time. And this guy bought it and should M c'mon to this place. Com we did son bedding areas some tweaks from some of the food plots you know stand weeks. On basically they're good understanding their good owners and already has some great gear. On in and around the property and taking a couple might steer Europe. On first week both season is debt issues are number two book I mean you can't read this anymore pricks picture perfect out a book on. Third week season. His. Home it's father's girlfriend choose her first book with the ball which is their number three buck on the list and they're number one block when I was other don't have its network showed up in this dear. We knew we was something special meaning he had ten plus inch browse twelve inch G two's. 150 inch just about salad he owned New York a pointer. An eight point he's beautiful man always absolutely huge. I mean the horns on that being art meaty you need to meet yet these huge body body was unreal as well. But we got pictures album was literally when we were checking cameras after we did some of morehead its network out there some shall develop that and knew it was just something big. I told Marie was around for awhile early part of November was there late part of November after gun season. Is seemly disappeared was not cameras anymore nobody in the neighborhood she commerce on four's first. On last Saturday gun season he came strolling out of one of the letting your sanctuary areas cut across one of those old field habitats. Go into another kind of betting you're probably looking for maybe some of them fallen star and circle Leonard goes on the second or third cycle. A second cycle rather and down. But DR 670 yards and dropped him right there on beauty and it was just it was unbelievable. Home. Can't say enough about it. Yeah I am in I'm telling you if you're one of these guys and there's a there's a lot of us so I'll say time and odd because some moves there man. You hunt all the time you don't CD here you do see deer figure not close enough to loan I'm telling you don't be afraid to ask for a little help. Man look outside. That it's us it's it's just unbelievably frigid and god. So how can we sit here not talk about I station and seriously man we finally got some good guys I was out on condition San honey wait. Last week you know what listing that the next segment let's shift gears stock global vision. Pins all over though white tailed but he ain't afraid to wet a line will do that next right here taken it out doors 925 WBE. They gained good morning welcome back to taken it out doors we are broadcasting about six inches away from space heaters here in this cold studio I'm joined by our old pal Ben Williams then as the vice president. Other greater Rochester southern tier QBL may chapter quality deer management association. He also runs Ole tank up habitat restoration and enhancement. We've been talking about what the deer doing this time a year kind of put the vote. On deer season and kind. You know looking forward what we can do this time a year in into the spring and into the summer to make us more successful. But don't wanna shift gears men I've been stationed like crazy lately that's my favorite thing to do it always has been. And we finally got some safe iceman please tell me you've been efficient. I don't personally have not been men have been pretty busy agenda do stuff of the house calls those men a little bit on the Fritz lately so. Banana deal with that with the cold we've had bought on some analysts panel has just excuses and it was for you would deer season doing. You had that still problems earned your season you'd still in the hunt would yeah. Oh yeah our our. Hey yeah point 81 points for the news here you know. Nights being good everywhere man I'm telling ya I spent some time line Tunisia slate last week and and it. Drilled through to five inches device easily. Even more than that on honey way actually I want to annually on Friday. And there was about five inches went back on Sunday. In there was about six inches so it is really good. I know people are getting not everywhere. The ones being I haven't been seen a lot of people on Iran according bay. Efficient through the eyes. I haven't seen many people out there when I've driven over the Bainbridge. I don't know why am meaning act in guess I think because there's so many air pockets in that vein. That that can be a little shaky out there. But years Wayne county right what's what's hot fishery out there would be your Brazilians. So notices loaded right now I don't get a bunch of buddies or turn up on sodas and parts accumulate to -- couple buddies gonna Kuhn told omitted pretty good. So locked up at the ends are son. There are men and no wonder it's over my own user they fished down by the US Seneca river and looked so long around that area usually. All don't know exactly where they were. We got a couple spots thank you that you you produced pretty good and our right you're going to hurt suspicion what's your poison what you set out how you gonna chase them does Jagan a man really that sense about the long or short of a cent Cheney would think Peter Carey cannon. I don't get on the spot and you know draw a couple holes find some cover find some something you know change in elevation down there that that's looking for those judges. That's what's so awesome about fission in the winner. Is it's not that hard men in three years well you find the fish are they hard right right I mean that once you once again on the media's gonna sit there there's not a lot you're not casting you just sit there are open in the mail. No drop and it down hole unless you're going after the predators yet and he gets hit butts are more aggressive rig. You know that it is fine men and it's it's way more social like when I go bass vision. I'm either alone or have one other person with me but. When you get out on the ice man it's a community where you get out and finish is everybody over there then you got neighbors and all of the sudden everybody's best friend and it works both ways feel classy bunch you guys running around I'm moving closer to home where I'm sorry am I gonna get right up Bonham. I'd definitely and I'm I just didn't like him drop shot create this like I would for bass that's all I do. Cool. Little minnows little little wax worms anything like that you know I like those little shelves you can get fat heads are always good. But to shoot nine years menu get those low perch niners that are real flashy. And they absolutely. So there a month now the thing on the bite was good on honey 08. We were used in spikes in wax worms out there but that's mainly blue gill yep blue gill punt concede your get in there. And my next destination. Bad time herb. Actually am I going now I'm gonna let it warm up a little bit. But only go down balloon late ever been there done in the southern tier no rate trot the fish in there man. I've got until a couple times really good nice out and I wanted to go down there and try to get them through the ice that's my favorite next to a law lives you know which I can't catch by the way so that's why go after prop beat as my next best favored eaten stage you know your searches. Right there with that. I know they're being. Then I've been doing is hit in the streams man you ever done any flat efficient loan not a big fly fishermen not to be a big when I'm not a big slap fisherman but I still do it. You know all it takes is catching your thirst fish on the fly I didn't see the point and it outside it was a antiquated. Was like why would only go out there and fish like my great great great grandfather. When I got this suite mate castor real and in graphite rod over here. But I finally sit it out man and I got my first fish on it last season. That's got my first rate for Christmas snow last year and only up to four mile street can Webster. Thank Scott you little brown Trout and I've been straight up quotes. Ever since none little unorthodox. I'm self talks all right so you if you watch me fly fish and I'm very functional where they don't copy me you will learn some bad habits rule. Quake in the next segment let's get and talking him they should those streams man in the brown Trout bite. Is really good people are still didn't steal and I'm getting reports. For Maxwell creek to a run equally creek. Will touch on that the next segment good morning folks thanks for your time today you're listening to taking it outdoors right here in 925 WEB. Welcome back welcome back to it's taken it out doors good morning and every one thing's for your time today we're having some fun in studio with our pal Ben Williams then as the vice president. Of our local quality deer management association chapter. He also runs old tin cup habitat restoration and enhancement and nice Pope re going on today the little deer on. Been talking a little station as well we talked about the hard wider. In the last segment and I wanna touch on the streams right now they're loaded man RC loaded that's not true but it. This Fisher there to be caught right now in the streams in the tributaries. I've been doing little fly station. I'm also taken up the old center pin them here lately I've been playing around with that more and more it's hard is HT cast then I'm getting a little better every time the real quick here. We lost. Very significant person in this out doors community. And we wanted to give them a little time mapping bend you're probably. More equipped to handle this an island am but we lost. True true great yep Charlie so turley all tremor actually passed away just recently. And you guys might know from Deere and you're on magazine user editor. Her own seniors feel editor whatever his title was then. On since like 79 so he's contributing to dear. And your running forever and then brought the concept of QPM it was a real pioneer for cutie I'm in New York you know ended. The eighties in a way that when do you know anything was even thought of anything like that and he was a great guy whether he set and a seminars. Are at one of those articles are got a chance to us and on top of them like I was fortunate to do and thanks situations. Many. It was it was cited new Charlie pretty well but don't kid you know not the greatest book. Pushers people who went better than I did well. Planning additional aid keyword logged by woody go a bit depth that we are out there awesome did well it's you know it's one of those things words and we're homeowners man did you know deep down wrong honors as the same thing if I see you walk in on the Streeter. Anything like that man it's not you know not big deal or anything by any means but he's a great guy home. And you know don't office again we had out there Manning got news. It be sure in this man for sure. I don't netted out Jesus and especially on a Sunday morning and as your I didn't mean period knotted saw well. You know we're tip and our cat here in the studio the taken it outdoors flag is at half stat. Today for sheer was certainly miss Charlie's contributions. To the white tail content community. Man I don't know how to segue off that by let's get into some efficient hog by it or streams and tributaries. There's the brown Trout are in there. The steel header in there axiom I can't catch him. I'm catch in the brown Trout though the Obama mentioned moments form off tree up and Webster. And I tell you one thing I did hurting guys still in this thing. When you stations in the streams in treads right now you know there slow movements so they're gonna locked up on the top layered atop the column that water will freeze up. And how you gonna present your mate soon you know what I've been Daylon. Get them there is when my waders in just jump in on it. Breaking it up a little bit again man there I get out there and I'd jump bonnet and grab a stick up break it it's washes downstream I go to the car. Have a sandwich or what I kill some time to sit there are no play on the phone and it'll reset. Right there you know and I'm acting either drop muffed fly in. Or you know dependent on the environment acting get a good drift presentation Dolan went to senator Penn. But I tell you I'm very new league in both the senator and and fly fishing and my biggest troubles man was dead link to these rides. I don't know how producers around 1012 for easy yen in theirs for peace actions in in the waters that that I finish at least here in and around Monroe county and in Livingston county mostly Munro. It's skinny water you know losing their of that. Yet narrow trees bushes you know naked mile line didn't caught up in stuff not only tested I'm talking walking down to work being so I don't know if this is Smart or not. But I'm gonna give that a try you know right now there's deals on everything no matter what your hobby is no Amazon owner's son you go find some smoking deals right now. And not found an eight foot fly rise to pieces move and I'm like man that's perfect them under and I don't know if that shorter rides. Gonna make me more accurate I know lacking get more distance. With the longer ride just like gas station. But I don't know if the principles the same and fly fishing has to meet Kasten. Within say six and a half foot ride vs a seven foot ride right in gas station. So these just came in on boxed them yesterday's moment get some real man and Donald. And had out there and especially with the senator pin. Cast and that being emption I think it's going to be and I got a plumbing leak at that house and that's AP the climate plumbing colony. Sorry about that it's wildly. Unprofessional. I'm bit when you get out there with this center pin Manning you can get it out in the water does really throw it out in front Nia. Do you familiar with the center pin. Not too much. Okay basically. It's a it's it looks like a fly real and RA and its use its afloat presentation meaning use of Robert Byrd. All right so anybody got a barber he got a split shot there below Lleyton in your vote Daniel put an exact Trout deed whatever you want. On the bottom but the center pin real is like a fly real. Except that. It is. Did the bearings on that thing are so unbelievable it's like a Phidget Spinner who. If you spin that real you can walk away come back five minutes later and that things still going to be spent and now what that allows you to do when you have let's just say we're using an exact aren't we go down the local bay chopped. Most of whom have egg sacks and your rig it up on like a little number two and hooked. And you got your float above that don't go get the written wide cheap spend some money. It's the little pencil you know long skinny ones that and I need you can get don't get the last scheduled break Obama at least I do I get those balsa wood once they get that job done for me. And always like to go with something really bright because if you get a good long drift going. You've got a seat that Robert go down. It's a searcher hooked. So anyway this sinner and it's so fun man because once you get it out there with the gears in that real. You just like go and you get and your statement is that the natural speed all the water of the water and with the what I've learned brown Trout position in steelhead fish and it did don't look natural Lou you're wasting your time. So you know that's the mindset you have to take in that natural presentation with that float. Is just beautiful you don't have to be that good if you get your setup. Just right and I'm still working on mine I work what they got efficient shall I do on ESPN captain can't get he's a big senator pinned down and it is taught me a lot about it. So I'm still learning and men it's it's not yet they're kind of pricey to get into I've bought mine. On Amazon this time last year I think I got it right eighty bucks feel you know I mean that's that's chi. First senator pin real that's a lot of money he beat. It's been an on a piece sufficient equipment. But I'm in love with that men are really have looked up talked for like seven minutes on that are that long winter we gave some time to Charlie in fact there. For bin Allan thank you for coming in today man I'll buy you have a great new year. We always appreciate your time. And ninety you don't remember you're just joining us bins that works at all things up habitat restoration and enhancement plain works there and it's his company. And he does great work man check them out an old tin cup dot com he's also on FaceBook. And the habitat work that you do it's not just for white tail isn't there he sees is not too far away Turkey's gross everything you can see you know benefiting from that. Well then things happy new year and now we'll see down the road my friend. Everybody that have a blessed day I'll be back tomorrow morning with TJ sharp and Steve house and with the B morning coffee club the countdown is next.