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Sunday, January 28th

Taking It Outdoors - The Firing Pin & Fishing Instructor Mark Hertline

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They gained good morning and welcome to a hot fresh episode of taken it out doors we're gonna have a blast today. Talk a little gun powder and a little led with our friends from the firing pin. We'll welcome Josh and Brandon to be taken it out doors studios in just a moment. This program made possible thanks to Johnston RV country 28 years ago creating generations of family fun and Webster pal Mira. And online at JRV country dot com. Think he did Bentley Brothers go vote in Rockport and Albion save a horse riding the boat that. Bill Grey's restaurants flared he's Massa then. Country living from farm credit east. And has Snee auction company all proud sponsors of taken it outdoors. Josh and Brandon from the fire and then how are you guys doing today through very well. Who went across the firing pin if you don't know is gun range it's a gunshot been a training facility out on the west side of town for nine any exit to cannot be anymore specific than that right there I'll baker how long you guys been an operation out there. We're going on for years. And what's your role at the store. That you are right in in your position and I'm the owner slow. I get all the the fund jobs. I hear yet. To cool man I'm glad you guys came in I definitely wanna spend some time today talking about your gun range. I'm members friends with a lot of firearm enthusiasts and one common theme you'll know as I anywhere you shoot. You know not everybody has a place to safely. Go and in practice and train with their firearms. And your shop is open to the public. What does someone what criterion does someone need to meet to come take advantage of your range. Yeah basically just have to be over the age eighteen in oh for a rifle or shotgun. You have to have your pistol permit that's in New York State law if you wanna come down and shoot a handgun even if you wanna shoot somebody else's. And you come in his sign a waiver and you go through safety briefing where we show you you know just how our facility works and what the rules are and the expectations and then you're in their shoes and. That's comforting to hear because it's not fun unless I feel safe since six year I don't know if that's exclusive to me you guys still the same way about it I mean just like a bomb my station I want him. Mean make sure rom on safe buys. If I'm up in my tree stand I wanna make sure I'm tethered to the tree. No matter what I'm doing safety first so we can Liz to enjoy it another day and now let's have a little fun right out of the gates are ranked. For 250. Points the winner gets 250 points that are basically a no valuable. Right who's caring in the coolest handgun right now. Definitely Josh yeah definitely what are you guys. I've got to say. 38. Stream. What makes it'd have to sink he. T 930 so it's is that a nine millimeter of course that I'm it's a month later it's one of the smallest. Finals. The market. And that's basically. Ong a tiny 1911. Yeah I got that 238. And got 380 yet same thing just minds and. Yeah that's what I'm carrying right now have a chance I got a Glock 43. I like the blocks that is that the new generation. They haven't updated that one yet but their work and I'm sure there always have to south mountain Austria. If that. Now the six hour man not I don't know why I've been moved the bulk of my handguns ours either six hour urge Smith in Wes and I love them he had that in the forty can now. I like it dated Scott enough stunt are the elected it properly protect myself and did you know and I mean Bob and also it's it's kind of sleek as a tall skinny acting carried that mind back to my way spanned. It's easily concealed for me badges on and a lot of gravitated towards those now I also have the six hour. 1911. I'm 45. That's the a nightmare OK so what is what is the extreme poor what's that. Designations. Alone alone I'm handles. On the side and and excites them that this. And that's out that's a most of the six. People people love those blocks of man they do yeah I mean it's what most law enforcement use so. Like a lot of the guys that come into the shop there are there cops are indeed you know some of them know is a cop that just comes recommended and you know I've never been in law enforcement that's just what I gravitated towards it and I shoot well and these are scary and that's what's important. He and that's an outside shot. Clocks before the belong to other people bitches have been. Picked one up for myself though I do see in my notes here again we're in studio today with Josh and Brandon from the firing and that's a gun range gunshot bench training facility. Out on four and ninety if you haven't seen their place anchor Judy go online firing pin NY. Dot com but I've butcher that they were off to a good it's good start here or you're going person meant to sit for nine US exit to their right there. Time and it says that's a full service facility like I said they got the shop they got the range. And the training now weird talking about the different types of firearms and we prefer. Ended when it comes to your shop a CN my notes here the year and blocked blue label dealer. And that's a big deal you're one of the the only in the community. There there's some other ones but on the west side of where the only one and we're definitely the only Glock range where you can try out a handgun before you buy. Still that your pistol permit. But you can come down we have almost the complete line of Glock Pistols and you can try out and see which one fits you and really. Shoot them before you buy it which is important and you wouldn't buy a car without driving it hurts so. We're the only shot he can do that do you think. Sitting good seeing her a bad thing like safer if I don't have mop. And I'm not pistol permit and save my girlfriend is thinking about dinners. I can't take her to the range in familiar her eyes her. To a handgun with mind. So is fewer with out of the pistol permit in the State of New York is there any capacity in which she could fire handgun without one. So state process that appears between the ages of fourteen and 21. And you can issue but you have to be. Wits and generate certified instructors. So well that's about the only loophole. Is you know if you're between fourteen. In all. And. Only Juan but you know after that. You have to have you know a New York State permit so. Big you know there are you know there is. Pros you know and cons to it you know because hobby you know. If you're gonna like shooting if you can't if you can't just tried you know I don't know if you want to spend the time and the money. In all so go through the permit process if you can't. Try it but then. Bomb on the other side of that we get in all a lot of people that kind in house eight under the radar you know and do it anyway is. And then sometimes. They hope that gone wrong and they end up getting hurt or you know I mean something else happens like. I see it on FaceBook all the time somebody really coming out look what I did today in my day you better take that down. You can get and not give the order to keep both of those pictures. Like that belief here shop. It's not all handguns is that he got a long guns they're showing guns everything that's what's this spectrum. Of your inventory. So we've. Yeah we've got everything from single shot all the actions when he two's. Up to. You know sometimes you got ten gauge shotguns. We've got modern sporting rifles which is you know what we call a ar fifteens nowadays. We've got it off and we can get everything. That was my next question going to find stuff for people I know in the past I've been in contact with you guys. I was going through a phase where I wanted the Secret Service handgun then at 1057. And who. I got to save up another. A couple of other houses to get that that voice but anyway that was looking for years like hey you need it not found one if you want it I'll get it for you and I thought that was a cool aspect of the service you provide because I mean it's one thing Digg does say hey -- a new handgun or new long them whatever the case you go to the store and you're limited to what they have on the wall. Not the case he can have your eye on something online in a magazine. And you guys can go hunted down and that's got to be kind of a fun part of it though it meant. Yeah it is it's really nice and disperse. With a all the rentals and we've got close to a hundred rental handguns alone. So instead of keeping all those in inventory just gathering dust and people handle him. Sometimes you go into a store that Hamdan might have been there for a year more people touch and Ed where none at all that kind of stuff. So we have the gun you can try it out and we order one brand new would never been touched fresh from the factory so people really like that. We are in studio this morning when Josh and Brandon from the firing pin on line. Firing pin and wind dot com they have a full service range shot and training facility out on route ninety exit too as a New York State. Her mental pistol permit holder I can go to your place and enrich ever idea of firearms to. Take to the range. That's the army and let's start there in the next segment known as C would which you guys got forming your listening to take in and out doors right here at 925 WBE. Hey good morning welcome back to it's taken it out doors talking a little firearms and firearm training this morning. As we are joined in studio by Josh and Brandon from the firing then. This program made possible things to Johnston RV country 28 years of creating generations of Stanley find. And western town Myron and online at GRV country dot com Billy brother's devoted and Rockport and Albion Szabo horse riding Comodo. Think you did bill Grey's restaurants Clerides Mattison and country living from farm credit east. And has Snee arching company check out their upcoming auctions that has sneak. Dot com Josh and Brandon from the firing pin in studio with me if you want more information on their range their gun shop for their training facilities. You can find it it firing pin. NY. Dot com again Josh and Brandon joining me in studio what's it cost to go down in taken the Indian use arrange your place. Pretty much if you've got all of your own stuff it's thirteen bucks an hour. If you don't have and and your protection you can rent them for one dollar each. You can rent a gun so if you like we are talking about if you wanna try something out its new rule or new audio. It's 35 dollars for an hour unlimited amount of guns you can read every single gun we have you today's down by our AM. So that's just reliability reasons we don't know some people bring in re loads are all Lamo might not be safe. So 35 dollars plus ammunition and you can shoot as many guns as you want every single one if you want to do our Gatti here what are what are my options here so for handguns we've got. Really handguns we focused on what people are buying what they want to see saw a lot of concealed carry. You know the blocks the Smith & Wesson she killed the Ruger Elsie. Smith & Wesson handguns Ruger handguns. We've got some other Springfield armory you know some very high end revolvers. And date H and k.'s gas so we've we've we've hit. You know like I said we've got close to a hunt red handguns so some like the clock Smith & Wesson Springfield we've almost got their whole line. And then for the long guns we focused on more of the fun guns. That you can't really old anymore in New York think yeah so we've got a lot. You know those modern sporting rifles that are. You know on modified their colleagues should be in New York because we're a licensed dealer we can happen that way. We've got the. Are you that on the call of duty we've got a lot of college duty guns Seattle weekly we get a lot of students from U of RR IT. You know a lot of international students that they never seen a gun outside of call of duty in the movies. And they come non and we put them with the instructor and they just have a blast. You know one thing I I always enjoy shooting the latest in technology it and went separate news in the marketplace. But also like through and it reversed a little bit Mosul cowboy a style action. Revolvers. I don't know why apple Motorola like aired age yeah I know. Sony to just for I don't get in the backyard fervent and not good more browser that thing them probably all of my other firearms. Combined it is a fun gone there yet what are amount like to tackle buried on you guys may be too young to know what that is young noted tackle Barry Ghana's. Member of the movies. Police academy Ali okay ask why we have the we we got the the dirty hair easier area. Yeah we know we've got some of those we definitely we've got a big Smith & Wesson combat Magnum 44. Yeah we've got we've got all the fun toys do you have the judge is really good firearm because I see that being in the store shelves and unlike. Certainly looks cool. Don't know if you don't know the judge it's it's a handgun. That'll shoot 44 longs. We were I'd Longoria and all alien portends well got stuck sells its its analysis sizzle yeah that's a good. I hand held shotgun. But what's the word on those things you like them. Mom they market those kind of is like a nightstand gun. It altered because when you load them the shocked themselves obviously. You don't really have to eight you know as announced by its moral us kind of a novelty item yeah I'd say it's hard. The interest thing but for some of that serious about self defense there's better option yeah that's kind of where I am that's the dial they enter dialogue I have one standard to ten honors lieutenant those things diplomat I never knew that about the firing pin again Josh and Brandon are in studio with me this morning here it's taken an outdoors. Firing pin in line dot com is there a web site. They have a full service firing range they have gun shop and also a training facility in your gunshots there is it. The meeting give full spectrum of ammunition what about other accessories targets. You go that far with your inventory. Yeah we tried so. You know everything that we can. I would say well what kind of set us apart from. Maybe some of the other shops in the areas that we tend. Com I'm only sell stuff that we would use you know sell. Them. Yeah they've it's not so much recommend to my mom or dad or my best friend when we don't carry it you know. And when people come in and ask us about certain guns were honest about you know if it's a gun that you really want we'll get for you but. Does your range facility cannot take Diana slowed them down there and cited in the Ford deer season. Absolutely for shotguns that that's the only thing shooters lives okay gatherings yup. They are assessing what about like at 243 year thirty got sick shocked and handle them facilities for that as well. We can handle anything up to recap it about 300 went back. 330 data com where actually rated for fully automatic fifty bmg. But this year concussion from that would blow on all of the you know in the Justin inside of light it up concrete on. Blacks. Studio that Italian side would be. What a cool I'm nowhere to be in man am envious really am tell me about your training facilities you do group things individual. Training sessions. Would what what's the spectrum of services you provide there. Yes so we do a lot of Juan. A low one on one classes on those runs that decrease. Sixty bucks an hour now disembodied take this class before or after they get their permit they can do either wanna honestly. Further one on one classes. We kind of cater to whatever you wanna learn. Be in a handgun along gun is you just wanna learn how to clean your gun. Com and also it's pretty much ups what you wanna learn really wrong. And we show you. In the desert the actual instructors you got a complete staff very easy to pretty hands on that. We are an IRA rated Josh and I we don't do as much of it anymore just as were were more into the management roles. But we have an excellent instructor John user. Has been an instructor for many years and we just get. Consistent just five star ratings from him and just every every student that works is John. They they leave much much wiser and he is just. A guru. That's great to hear MMI guess said the last segment if I don't feel safe and security it's not fun for me so that's off. Great to hear man this is good stuff again the firing pins located on four and ninety exit to online firing pin. NY dot com what would you encourage it see right now I just have my New York State pistol permit. What religion you recommend. Like what should obtain attain rather to have the most reciprocity would it be the Florida the utes are. And the all offer those classes as well. Yeah Florida's a good one to get. It's easy you just have to take. Any kind of training. We have a class specifically. Cater towards Florida that teaches you some of their laws and some loss of the other states that you're gonna travel through. An and there's a live fire shooting course at the end seed you have to have your New York permit free can take that course. Both Florida and your New York permit you can carry an over thirty states though. You definitely need to be careful and know every State's laws that are going to be going through. But you are legal to carry in over thirty states with those two. Fantastic this is a great opportunity to unity for me to see reciprocity. I got Arabia yet that every day you get to use that word also up the deficit spectrum like seven times to admit that the course of the senator beer or good stuff man when I think you guys for your time Anchorage every once it's it minimum check out your website. Firing pin NY dot com but it dear hand Gunner firearm enthusiast and you don't have the facilities. To practice. And you know him. Sharpen your skills I strongly encourages to check out the firing pin. And if you're on the market for some than in the first segment they said if you got your round something he can't find it in the store you see an online or in a magazine. These guys will go hunted down Fauria and so it's a full service situation there with the range. The shot in the training facility wanna think he offered feminine men it's not everyday I get the talked gunpowder and lead here taken it out. Doors so it was cool to makes it and by the way you do win the coolest concealed in the room. The saying goes there. But more in the next segment right here 95 WBE. Here we go good morning welcome back folks thanks for joining us this morning here I'd taken it outdoors someone that they Josh and Brandon from the firing pin for stopping by after you segments with us this morning. Again if you want more information about what they do with the firing pin with their range their shot and their training facilities. Firing pin in line dot com is there web site. This morning's broadcast is made possible thanks to Johnston RB country 28 years of creating. Generations of family fun and Webster how migrants. And online at JRV country dot com Bentley Brothers who voted in Rockport and now me and save a horse riding the boat. Bill Grey's restaurants clarity is Manson and thinking to country living from farm credit east and has sneak arching company RI. Next up in the studio mark. Kurt Klein welcome back now you've been good good how about yourself living the dream mark is then go out in buffalo. And he was part of the order Niagara Falls as the greater Niagara fish eating in outdoor expo mark was out there rep presenting should mono. And all the many grants he's on the pro staff for markets you never heard him on the show before he's a local fishing instructor. Does seminars regionally all across the state. And is really good. Bass anglers well serves as president so this point mask club. And all around great guy so mark your out of that expo over their my first question CA is. Every year SA acts too far but I hear it's an awesome time it's really worth that the trip out. Yet it it was I worked Doctor Who shows up I went in Monday night and we had a triple washed shell which is a dealer show. And that was Thursday. And after that show and we had a terror boost down moved fifty feet. Down parlor set up our boots for the off Friday Saturday and Sunday nighter show for the consumers shell. Now one reason I don't go out there is just looking at it online and this is an condemnation by any means. It seems pretty salmon and Trout century and a and a vast gap. It was a lot of salmon and Trout and wall like guys. There was a couple ice fishing who set up. There are worse on pearl bastards and joggers and he was out there Amar Fernandez was out there home. It was geared towards that a lot lot of the some artwork. But kinda the cool thing I found out when I was there was silence at wanna show all this loss seminars and there's kind of a sinner. You pretty much can ask him anything you want him and mark were to gather and we had him for like an hour and a half mastermind anything you want it. If I can't had a chance to be in her arm one of ten people in her room was Shaw Grigsby legendary pro bass angler. I would drive probably 250 am he's fantastic to listen to. From my goodness CAA's drain on TV he's got that show one more cash cattle forecast and that's fantastic now I love theme just even on. Major League fishing and stuff like daddy eased his very educational and entertaining to watch. Got a little nugget for Yemen hold on to that we're gonna circled back to jog Grigsby he may or may not be making apparent sign taken it out doors. And now we're excited about that potentially at that they're going to be the case so what not cool new products are out there would. What's the what are they marketing to us anglers now what's new. There is quite a few things that they had out there one of the things I at a mine was they have all rapid efficient solutions is the name of the company. And they made snaps and they're almost like a desk and the effort trailer hawks. And their for your drop shop rates in its around this and a tool and pops over the hall. And it slides on so if your. Look for your drop shot a city like this your pay equal stakes straight out it won't drop down. An apple went on inside and won the outside and holds it right there was Michael's inner mean. Now it's an actual plastic desk and mostly departure and outlaw. And and it's it's got a flat. Tool what that is sad and the role and he does push all the talk okay gantlet that yeah I bought the tool and I bought probably 45 packs. And and it's also great for the trailer looks as you guys to use the tubes yes and to get him off his. Pretty difficult and how many times you gauge a short strike on on your drop shot made you reel it in and then detail of the he had and that this holds the right place. By evening he had months ground yours. Here you can really on any plastic he had at the hole that I into the bay. And in the drop shot is so popular man gimme that what's the name of that join again it was called rigid solutions missing solutions rigid fishing salute yes I believe that was the name that. Yang and hey look if you finish around here it doesn't matter expert perch bass what you cases you're drop shot. Yet and there's another way act included others layers. Hooks on that thing I'm all for yet but it's a great gatekeeper. Yes absolutely I didn't even think about that application and this is you last year I remember when you came away from then X. You're all jazzed up over the spring may look in small amount jinx the abduct Kumar and that this. This is pretty cool man likes for the hot says I'll still jacked up about who spoke with the now how we get hurtled. You know they have the big show and different promoters and on the sportsmanship. And we've had. Variations of sportsmanship come through Rochester. The big ones like he did and Niagara Falls and I guess now. Jumped us and went to Syracuse right I don't I'm I guess there's some sort of regional marketing strategy there. Yet because people watched it will travel to either one album now we I there's New York State. One Syracuse is next week likely end the week after I went out to that when I'm not gonna work yet but my head out check that one out we used to have one at the dome. Yet that was a good one. And they even they even moved it to Rochester tech part rather than there at the end dire I don't know if it was the same one that was a good when they have the 3-D. Archery she's all right and nine anybody can enter the tournament it was a fun deal man and again they had it was content fishing camping and you know on. We do yeah I think part of the problem to though is you know what I salt dome once it was turning into a you know. Guide trips yet that's all it was an and they want me to pay ten bucks to get in the pace spend more money and now not to and a. And that let's get a little and a higher. A charter captains I mean you get the Internet I mean yeah league on the ship to a show and mean Newman putters and it c'mon man give me thirty minutes online offline. That it charged with that. A good show up I mean that dishonor for the salmon were just packed up pocket 8090 people when there. Yan and there's a big mark. It for him yeah I mean this is world class Sam annoyed fishing in our region especially in a nagger river for Pete's a up and there was guys going out fishing the river while we are out there. But they they've already talked Tom. Aubrey more best often next year. Salty immortal makes it because he only carries also world class smalley finance. On mouth positions at its finest out there and I got a couple more things are gonna get zero quake bled you know let's go back to the Shaw Grigsby. Situation if you don't know who shot is. He's a legendary. Angler he's one of the more active elder statesman. A professional bass fishing. If you consume any sort of bass fishing television. Programming. You know who shot dreams. I mean he is than those that happy is fun loving guy seemingly. Easily he's like that on and off the year the. I actually got the no job by doing some shows and stuff salt. Called when I was there talking to him and won't we worked other shows together he he's always like Danny we want just me and him talked him. Es is had he comes a process happy as a guy should be that's made millions of dollars fishing via. The happy happy happy. Exactly. Well anyway mark was out there at the show shot Grigsby was out there at the show in Marc mentioned he has. A bit of a report was shot and they had some downtime and shot agreed to let mark interview him some mark pulled a cell phone now and just started peppering him. With questions and he brought me that audio that tape today. So next week here in the week after the latest I'm an invite you back in here and you can walk me through. The clinic was shot RT yeah we'll do that and so our analysts into its first note and I don't know how wet because the stuff that happened that was pretty fawning I'm sure it was damages Nolan knew that I don't need to blindly put us. I wish I winged it too I didn't have I had the inner auction down and that was it everything else it was just. Our man in the next segment I'll Lawrence and go to your backyard sewed this day I know people at all levels. Ice fishing from first timers to seasoned pros. And to hear people talk I'm surprised there are any hurts less well that's a good discussion right now so this day. I'm gonna talk about that specifically in the next segment are real quick. Did you tell your boy about. New law. No my daughter. Oh really really bad ass is going to be fourteen he can on this year. They rooms is going to be twelve and April that's us so I called her this morning when I heard it at 630 and she didn't answer the ball well if you don't know New York State DEC's lowered the hunt in age from fourteen to twelve yeah I mean it's been going on line. Without them known about it for generations and general science and I know those guys and cracked their first year. You know nine to eleven yes I think it started well but it will. Oh man I didn't know if you had heard about that and that makes me the Nat fears did your kids are excited about that. So sodas may that's the subject when we get back right here taken an outdoors 95 WBE. A good morning welcome back to taken it out doors got some good stuff for you today things opportunity in a big thank you to Josh and Brandon from the firing and join me in the first and second segments. Of this morning's broadcast and we have Earl now marked her line in studio. Two around there and bring us home here in this final segment. If you don't remember Marc from previous appearances he's a local fishing instructor. He's the president is so this point bass club pro angler. I use that term loosely and that more importantly he's pro staffer for a lot of fine companies like should mono G Loomis. Coast mr. twister Mets and he goes around from shows like the greater Niagara fishing and outdoor expo last week in. He goes to those shows and represents these companies and every time I run off your list of products that you represented. Always forget one they your rent there's always a don't you forget. It is. Our Oprah. Our approach is part of some model. Okay that's the one yank your others another one goes Aaron and owner looks now that may take up my whole segment is with failures and its. That's cool man that's that's cool these companies believing. In. In year out there. Let's me know the least I'm not crazy I am not the only one you've suckered and says they given a microphone to. So mart sodas may man of first of all Johnson RV this wouldn't be possible without them. Johnson RV 28 years of creating generations of family fun and Webster down Mirant. And online at JRV. Country dot com sponsors also include Billy Brothers the boat and Rockport and Albion save a horse radical vote. Bill Grey's restaurants Clerides Maceda. Thank you to country living from farm credit Eason has seen arching company. You wanna see what has the has come and has seen that count on is their web site. Sodas a day man I hear people from nine denying being. From little girls little boys. Old men and old women varying skill levels. Going to so dismay and just fill in up buckets with relative to eat it's how does that main performing so well this year. What's different I think a lot of days our I've guys over a primary been doing really well couple guys catching some law lies. I've talked to guys this week the roper small and they're getting them there. You know I think it's all over New York but so Otis is as. Just but I employer. Again I mean it's been ridiculous I had a just examples farmer buddy of mine. I'm known this guy probably 78 years right I've never known him to go fish and he's no water Allen guy and he's pretty good with that stuff so he sends me attacks on Friday night. Says hey don't wanna take my son ice station I hear you talked about hot so notices many listeners that the show no armor around the barn. And he says would take serves filled the stream have everything I need so he had nothing. He got his boy in the truck went to tell stream and then drove from straight from there to say Otis day unlimited out and yeah. It's it's been crazy and I went out of the show the guy across the board threes or tails out on sodas yesterday. What got in we'll have the Obama he goes I don't I live iron Niagara Falls but I drove all their defense and you'll let you know I slam them bought. I've been going out a few times. And I've been hit some good ones. But you know we hear people saying all I limited how. I mean if you're keep it seven injures here say in your element and how I mean everybody's lemon and now. Yet they demand a commonly claim. Ten finish of the clean fifty you know prominent do them an enthusiast. I don't know I don't fish her trophies and I'm perch and ambition to fill the belly yet also you don't Saul mind most of the time. So basically man I mean I know we've talked about a hundred different ways to go out it's to any local today and get after these states which are able to be cot right now. But if you had to give somebody. You know this is your last chance to catch a fish what do you what can Bader you can use or what kind of GA what presentation. Give it to me I'll. I've been going out and know about when he when he won four. I have not been efficient around anybody else have this many people are on that day. I fish out near my house. Law. Basically I'm running sweetest temples. And some warm girl to a quarter. And outline. A middle on that. Shiner that that head you don't it's not rocket science out there right now. Well as well last week. My body came over John Bolton was in here for the docs. Walked in my ten couldn't believe the size of the perch army had. I said oh this is I'm not running mate I'm running a crank bait you look at the strength with nothing that. Geoghan Jagan off the bottom watch in my backs are. And what I do as I lay it on the bottom and I picked it up next our pop it makes them that he was using the sweetest temple. And he had the fan he was kitten probably 21 forever fish idea but every fish I got was it was a good keeper I prime bought. Fifteen or sixteen of them home eleven inches and. Bigger. Not ever done a nice fishing tournament I've had the guys from mice masters lead him Mike Rogers most guys yea he's been turned out to to be a great guest in here so until about the format exit fishing in nice. Turn him and you know learned derby. But if I. I've never done it competitively. Only for fun. But how do you target the big fish each other than just stumbling upon a day like that plaintiff Diana minute turn him in size matters how to lie. Pulled the big ones at that school. Well. I think he angle something different. You know I I actually was watching YouTube video values and you'll atlas crank baits for wall why. So I got sent up on some bigger rods to vault Oneida and hit the wall with that and I was practicing on sodas with it to get the feel the rot. Well I set the ride down for a couple minutes is just another odd and that rot started going off and I got some perch on salt that's the Helm. Also the bay I got the white fish on last year and sort this thing. Now in a year and nine drop an ounce and have quarter earnings may that Stein says yeah as little bitty tiny rattled track that. To which is that a quarter ounce. And it was sexy shad. And I was just drop it down their pop. It's not a man now are you also hear about that urged them back and can consciously. Naw I can be honestly I'm an intentional and just like yeah I got some guys. Imminent next week we're gonna talk about Kenny should slate but you know you hear how great urge missions band gap and any kind. Weighing the eight Kenny should slate. But I'm here in more and more fishing reports read them online more and more guys catching more and more purging kinesis now is just curious if you had heard that as well. I do wanna ask you you know you have a lot of experience on a run equally day. How come you don't see. Ice fisherman the ice anglers out there like he used to when I first moved here. In 90000 or 2000 by 200630. Guys right under the name parades right in their everywhere Ireland it channel. On the nowadays you rarely see any idea. Ironically pays changed a lot. When I was on doing good term is their winning there there was weeds and ironically today. There is no weeds. And you know there still is but there's not weed beds like they're used to be. Others still big fish in there I got some bodies that are die hard fisherman there and they get a lot of while life on other. But the perch fishing you just don't see the guys on and the at all. That'll be honest I'm not a fan of around aquae bay just because of the the channels deeper in the eyes those it is frozen this tickets sold as Steve and also personal work twice the size of around court. Did you get those pockets to me and you can be in one spied on Iran aquae and I remember this from years ago. And you run your auger through eight to ten inches you go to move your spots when he five yards and he just went through foreign. The gap Anderson brings an Arab man I mean I had a modest don't trust that. So I can stay off of it and you know I status and I live on soda so why would I go anywhere well yeah I was just curious man because that's. No it up five. Was going on yeah I'd you know I'd like you said you're on centric around kinesis and I anyway because enough. Proximity bright house just like you are. With the so this man. That's good stuff man I want to thank you for your time again. If you missed the last segment Marc has hook this good. Within we're gonna hat featuring an interview with legendary. Pro bass anglers show off. Grigsby that'll be coming up next week. Marches brought me the ideas today he had that opportunity to visit we shopped at a greater Niagara fishing and outdoor. Expo in Niagara Falls last weekend and says thank you for that mark. Touch base with you only get you back in here when we feature that shot brings the interview if you get out on the guys these say. At first and foremost sidelines to yes and I'll be back tomorrow morning with TJ Sharpton Steve announcement in the B morning coffee club have a great day.