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Sunday, February 4th

Taking It Outdoors - Frost Bite Ice Fishing Derby

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They folks good morning welcome to a hot Tressel and right out of the yet been taken an outdoors and ice fishing episode today we're gonna have a little bit of a floral. We're very excited about it this morning broadcast made possible. Things did Johnston RV country 48 years of creating generations of Stanley fund in Webster pal Meyer an online at JRV country that time Billy Brothers the boat and Rockport and now being Sabo horse riding the Kodak. Thank you to build Grey's restaurants. Blair eighties Maceda in country living from farm credit east. And Hosni arching company can find them has sneak that time not joining me in studio for my masters elite. We have tournament director Mike Rodgers I'd been pal thanks for coming back and agree. It was a play Libyans who drew me visions being good. If there's been excellent. Honey why it was your lap accident I saw did turn out like a big fat fish weighed in Ariane five five or six Panthers will require them pound that's good stuff man the nicest thing everywhere he hadn't made plans and I enjoyed it. You better area man and his plot feel like this season slipping away would probably got another good month. Million on your precinct had. Truth also in studio witness we had said Decker says this from Ted's tackle at the north. And if kinesis lake and lake though Howard you do instead great thanks for having me love in the beard the listeners are missing out on the beard experience. We're eight Guinness it's that is gone April 1. Are real life. To answer those Vinatieri and the frostbite ice fishing derby. Coming up on February 17 and eighteenth will talk to Ted and get some more information about that. And we have completing the forum Josh minor. Welcome to the program here with the ice fishing fanatics yes sir and that's a FaceBook page it is how long you been run in that thing. Well Ron Bellamy was the original las starter and then it started getting a lot bigger than he thought it would. So he added a couple of those other guys on to give them my hand and help run things and you know monitored a page and you know make sure. Everybody's playing nice you know I was first turned on two year FaceBook page about Mike over here. And it what are resource it is man and not just heard. The handful of people that referred me to a district 40000 people ESPN steady he's taken off men in their eyes it mostly New York guises are we hours. All guys across. All states that have ice fishing and even now. Canada. Fantastic so ice fishing is the topic of conversation today got lots of questions to ask you guys. Growth fast let's give everybody the deet tails on that prize spite ice fishing derby there's signs all over. The head down around Kenny should slate. But Ted's tackle is hosting the event and what's the format of this tournament Ted. Well it's a two day event. On Saturday. We have two bands playing its sportsman's club. And chicken barbecue. Final weigh ins on Sunday at sportsman's club equally and anytime you want. That ten dollars that are it's for charity charity were doing this year we mix up every year when those go with a Myers memorial foundation. Which is a local charity I'll Livonia. And then this year gonna do we're doing now out of fighter Rochester. So ten bucks or did she and on the action is there pan fish division of predator division Howard Howard being static her actually got and I'm paying now for play campaign now for four spots Bassam paying out three spots. Can't fish any combination attack and be crappy perched 1010 total pain up three spots are paying out the biggest tiger muskie in the biggest. Wall like. Fantastic Ted I don't wanna talk to your accountant or anything but I drive by your shot minimum twice today. In two and from work and I got to tell you amend the parking lot invites out. It is just been mobbed demand was the last time you've seen the volume of ice anglers on kinesis slate that's been there this year. I tell you what I've been in business over four years now. And it's just. It's this year's been the bass started early in this is going strong amazing. You travel low around a lot Micah isn't that the same law and other lakes I mean the one time only to sodas it was hard to find a place to park. I know it honey noise what that. Parking lot so Dan made there you're never gonna run out of places but lots of people nonetheless always got the ice you know we got guys showed Google us to three years like Terry was saying he had to cancel his event you know he's glad the priority which he took priority to. It's okay and end up that position until understood the party but you know. Yeah I think he's got he's got to liability for gridlocked and sold so I sure don't answer our demand yet known safety first always. And on and we pray we preach it I've had UN here and we've done entire shows on night safety it seems like but that's not the case this year man there's twelve to sixteen inches. That's in a lot of places even went. I guess two of the last three weekends not count in this morning we've had significant warm ups with some war moraine. And still plenty of irons Julia Jolie fear is sure IC SC only problem guys play it out there to get out on the ice. Saturday with a perfect example now anyway. We Yamaichi and and I were you close that might buy my son and I were out on on Ewing and ice mr. guys were getting ready to come off they end up. We are walking off rated. And tried and there and as we were coming off that ice is breaking read underneath our feet so we got great off. But how their and the main ice was like and thirteen inches. He had that's crazy man. If that's where it first starts to melt you know I lived growing kinesis Brothers years. I knew that but I Manson being out there with that much guys it that's like old school. And you guys drew appeared today you down in Livingston county do you remember like a winner festival when you were a kid on home annually lake where they would like. Green cars out there land airplanes in. They said they can do you think is they had two feet of ice absolutely. I remember gold snowmobile races I'm not a loon lake area I don't Louisville's appliance could make his first couple years I sort of makes this evening and dice bikes and on the north and finishes yeah. Dad then I'm telling you I don't know I don't know we can have a global warming this guy. SpinRite ready online man who cares man die hard water is there this year. In the fishing is absolutely been fantastic. Now Josh outside and semi does several times this season. The word you find being your best your best fish in the share. Well I'm more of love a pike in will and must. So I like these might tip ups and and a better place around here than Redick tenacious at the end Teddy hooks us up with some big date you know bigot the batter bigger fish. And we'll get right down in area and see we can do the day he has no ownership and officially under frost McCormick has Cox's little bit of local election. Don't say yes. He took its first three years ago you know first three years so I mean I'm not gonna ask you to give away your secrets but I know what what's your philosophy. That when it comes to added to catch in the east creditors through the guys. I mean. It's just all about finding that species that you're passionate about you know and I mean do you mean pass whatever it is I like things we teach. So I you know just started off he. I started off ice fishing because I randomly went through many ponds park. And saw a guy out on the ice I pulled over walked out there and asked him when he was doing. And my tuition I go can you show me. Is I guess combat tomorrow. I came back tomorrow the next day. He showed me what to do I Randy gander mountain gusty stuff and I just took off from the air data tool called PM on anglers fishing club. And some guys in their took me under their wings showed me no way and it just it just grew from there. And that's a big club lot of dudes a lot of different approaches to fishing I do a lot of their open tournaments and a couple of years I even joined. The club psych you get a break on the tournament on yet another day out with how might actually render their kids are section of the club for a couple of years. But I've learned a lot from those guys you know the more people the US fish wouldn't the more word technique sheer exposed to. And Aaron Bates here exposed to presentations. All sorts. Things like that now with cheered tip ups out there now how many will you deployed at one time. Well in New York you're allowed to use any combination of seven. Lines impact so usually my son and I will get out there and won't play it six tip ups and and then all each have Agee ride their way we can you know kill time while we're waiting. For our flags to go off. Now a year Wear your flag czar that's where they stay all day how Long Will you let them sit there before you move on Iran it's it's give or take usually I keep on and the same spot all day but if it's slow. And we feel like moving. You know we'll get open in June and try and other spies has a lot of work especially when we get a couple we've people with a still. Pick tomorrow. Joseph more holes. I mentioned a couple of times a live down on by the Kenny should censor six years aren't a place on the water there and that was the best because I can set my tip ups. Inning come inside and open the blinds. And then when I see the flag. But the bond. But here and I'm getting better fit and finish is sandy you girl get out there you get an MIS SUS do I lived unless they're looking ahead. I'll co worker who loved me. Who did get on sodas and when he went out to check his legs or is a note on one of them saying if you want to rest your tip box come down to this time he's going down there and it was a PCR clear. I guess it's not encouraged. Note though it says the best practice now and then ended. You're listening to taken it out doors we have a little bit of the nice things seemed forum going on today Mike Rogers reminds masters Lee has witnessed. We have Josh miner from my instinct fanatics. And said that different heads tackle I don't think he should slaves late though there up with the north and he will be hosts dean. The ice fishing derby death roster by ice fishing derby. Next weekend actually two weekends it's February 17 and eighteenth blank calendar and count how many days that that February 17 and eighteenth it will go down we continue the conversation next right here any type WBE. Right folks good morning and welcome back to taken it outdoors 1925. WB EE ice fishing. That is the topic of conversation this morning we have a bit of a forum Golan on. As we are joined in studio today by Josh minor Josh new to the program he's from ice fishing fanatics. We have Mike Rogers who's been on with this before he is from. Ice masters elite either so many idiots are dead keep them straight. I he's a tournament director Mike is for ice masters a leak tournament series and also we have ten Decker in studio with yesterday. Dead is an avid angler himself and own. Ted's tackle of the the north end of kinesis lake. Now the frostbite ice fishing derby. We talked a little bit and though last segment about it but this isn't. Just poor fishermen. There's a party that goes on after this thing. So you can fish all day and party all evening and for you can party Ali and and and skip deficiency is that you write that matter. Absolutely Billy said I can't we can't showed ice fishing term a going to throw a whole party and in the end I think okay if it doesn't go through this year we're gonna just on the ice fishing tournament August. And I think what's up with the raffles will chemicals that he got actually get at least we're given away two halves of The Hague. I don't it's a whole hog it's all process and everything. On that's part of one of the raffles and hasn't Livingston. County rise of its Internet. Not directed at the you know what else. Com we have. Lot of ice fishes stuff from a local vendors. It's unless we get a lot of mugs hats T shirts from all local lenders. They Ouattara won a bottle booze the F Budweiser is good to us and thanks he had his. They hook us up and they hooked sportsman's club up its its its pretty wild is a good time to bands played Saturday night good stuff. One more information it's easy to find your you can call 4290587. And get all the information you need there again Ted Dekker from Ted stack all hosting the frostbite ice fishing derby February 17 and eighteenth. Now let's let's advance the conversation. On ice fishing you guys there are far more skilled and talented and experienced and I am. And I know you guys really have a good grasp of your electronics. Broad spectrum of dates and presentations. And you know I'm I'm very limited in what I do but I know homework. Is very important I moved it your goal and efficient tomorrow. Your trips arts today doesn't it. And my my next event starts on the Sunday. Prior to what what kind of things league guys do I an advance of an ice fishing tournament well it was sudden all. One of the best tools out there everything's a tool between. I I picked saudis brain when customers are bringing in and yours first Fisher work actually lobbied their casual mall called petty. The Warner one of the best schools doctor is is Josh and ice fanatics EO. Used type in whatever you want you know like they had to confusion Khamese is to tell park. How's ice conditions arm and never caught up like before we're should argue these guys to answer back instantly you'll have five or six different guys talk and he had to give you tips. Give me all the information they need Natchez it's a wonderful thing. Does your approach to. I should differ from my ex. No not really. I have. The new avionics at bomb my phone. And I love using their finding the contours of lakes. Of random unique spots bowls dips pumps anything unique that that the fish might hold on. And then not. And then like he said I'm constantly online talking to people but I've over the last year built up are pretty good network of people especially around New York. And I can get a hold anybody in any any part in new York and say hey how's how's things looking up there. And that's great man what is valuable resource again that's a FaceBook page to. If you wanna check it out ice fishing fanatics his name is Josh minor. Let me ask you guys this if I were to take that in this step into a competitive. Ice fishing. I'm not never done it Meister. I'm Buddhist idea how do you like OK Sam fine is school how do you catch the big fish in the school you gotta read. Germany that's why we electronics like Bakalar and stuff. You know last week I had a lot of trouble with fish common office there and end debate and I'm watching I'm waiting for the body in the new swim away. Now guy got many different thing that's why I carry six sevenths when he runs on me I got smaller digs three millimeter formula in the final here. You know I got to whenever there fish once in you can sit there work after all the way from Brad Miller rod. Put on a red spike is opposed to a MacKey plastic drop down just try to you know you gotta give what they want. I was stock and in this old bird. And I asked to on the same question you as an older Fella. One of my neighbors and he told me that when you find the school of fish he'll tell me if this is much about this. He says when you find a school with Fitch. Don't finish the middle of the school. Fish the outside its debt above the school below the school that has your bigger fish in that pack. The small ones aren't gonna still comfortable. Jumping out just outside the pact to get your base but a big wine may make that little trip back. Actually if they give your perch fishing you can log there was little JV coach duke actually hurt. But the little ones justly be settled rabbit every time you put it three or three in Swedish blonde hair. The little ones are gonna touch Noah and and that the big ones are using more aggressive wants to. A little want to sit there stare at it I have the off the view underwater camera speak next season finished you can see how they're reacting to your presentation. If you need to switch it up. And on the day's winners a light bite. You got out fish people that are going by feel because you can actually see them so that it was the other people are gold mine field. That now how does your line. The very I know you brought your case in and you got here combos and the case. I noticed some weird lines greens some of its blues that just the visual and the NBA here it's just always lying yoga. Just different callers. In the advantages to an ice line over regular floor row or modest element. The icelanders. More. Played to a more it's more limp you know it won't like for permanent or regular mongol oil open Cole while there. Immunity can give you problems drop project online of the sport offers evening should an airplane when it's just it takes up too much. Have any of you guys ever played with Bob top line and not only is it a couple times but you know there ice fishing combos and had a little fly real. Soap opera yeah yeah I like that I like to feel that how I can. Just hold that all in the palm in my hand given it any experience with that Josh we do that in mind reels yet in yes yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah I have I have I'm on mix of spinning and in mind reels now. What situations will you go to the end line dance track called it a fly real that's just what it looks like well looks like. For better area I thought that's who you're Tomo but palm to be on the site it's. I just have a couple different ones I don't really have a specific situation that I use it on armed some. I'll rod state they just fit better on so again like you said they can it raise your hand I use and dom. The bar of my pomp as kind of like a little break yeah. And then you as you read dropping it downer if you reeling it up or whatever Canada. May add duck makes a pretty sweet new ride day actually looks like a pistol grip. Okay and satellites instead of you laden. You holding the digging ride in your hand like most people do wind up with that and sticking out like this and you're doing this. There's actually a pistol grip bribe in your real sits in front like this. And you and it's. A lot more on how comfortable it's a lot are not so much stress on your wrist a buddy of mine has a couple and and they showed it to me and it's pretty sweet. I mean just duel in the hand motion here. It would almost feel like you'd be little more sensitive because out its battle yet in your hand and and indeed just find the right real that balances would that rod. And you can literally just don't sit on your hand and just watched one assist it's at your watch you injured your rates almost to communion. Good stuff he is Josh miner from ice fishing fanatics we are also joined in studio by Mike Rogers from mice masters a leak and Ted Dekker print heads tackles. He's in studio with this promoting the frostbite ice fishing derby February 17 and eighteenth on the next segment might. I want to know what's coming up with vice masters elite what's on the remainder of your schedule. For this season and I also wanted to talk Jake's. Mick says there's 900 million kinds of Jake's and you guys probably know the differences are subtle nuances. Each of them I mean I just see how much they cost only shot at a hotel yeah we'll do that the next segment right here taken it out doors NET five WP. A good morning welcome back to taken it out doors were having some fun and enjoying a little bit. Evan ice fishing forum today we got quite the crew assembled in studio today I'll introduce them to you in just a moment Alan let you know this program. What not be possible without the sponsorships. From Johnson RV country 28 years at creating generations of family fun and Webster pal Meyer and online at JRB country that come. Also Bentley Brothers could vote and Rockport and Albion sable horse right it could go to. Thank you to bill graves restaurants Larry's mass today and country living from farm credit east. And has me arching company. If you want C would cool. Items has the has come and has need dot com. Is there website in studio with me the owner operator of Ted's tackle. In late build New York up the north indicate needs his slate. We have Ted Dekker ceded to hit is right is Mike Rogers and Jason and so that. Then a little confusing there. Mike Rogers is from the ice masters elite tournament series he's won their tournament directors. And we also have they have hitting Wheeler all around great guys Josh minor. From ice fishing fanatics all three of these guys have been very liberal with their information. And when it comes to guys they can really get on the. Fish man a lot of former tight lipped. And I understand that so with that in mind don't wanna think job Caribbean so open and and now Sharon so much as we go through these conversations. Now we teased in the last segment how wanted to talk about jigs here. And she gigs there's I don't even know how many different kinds of JH you get to tears head GA eggs. He get more ball here lines he gets slow murdered wines he got some letter tungsten some that are led. Coached me up man ideally. What a mile look in four and AJ. Well I like the tungsten because the drop faster than Latin and to give back down to the fish quicker school. There's a school come and go Christians you know passes you know yesterday. So I like going we're all more almighty ginger tungsten or use a lot of eighty KJ is Ryan Nielsen mix he gave their all and painted. Com I got some Jakes from pens tackle that are also talks been. They were going on in men's eyes. If the fish it did that goes back to work your backs are you gotta watch into the fish want. If they'd done their spirit down and they don't want you might have to go to work three millimeter which is a tiny tiny little jig. You are usually start to be offered a 45. And if the fishing active then I'll you know a lot of stare downs and swim way I'll. Mix of off yelled Perot will postpone any JR will play a stickler. Are you don't put me like I said before he can't beat me. I'll know what to output to you know little lost quite gone there and. Or wax worm is trying to entice a net. Josh. To be honest I shy away from the big names they just cost too much. Yeah I like to go is off the local guys who are making their own custom jigs on he mentioned Ryan Nielsen AD caicos and Jake's. Did you draw some of the pain looks great go on and arcs are awesome. I only go custom you know if I can find somebody in New York that's gonna do it Austin put it that's cool ma'am. Just it's just the price of of ice gears getting out of control. Meg has liked to handle big hair stuff like that debt coming out angler and I mean we're we're in petty shop every weekend and then it you know week we gave we can get a good guy like Ted. We're gonna support in ten what he's still the most stuff. Expires jigs I'd you you adieu I'd carry like Kodiak switcher similar needy K and I haven't hooked up with the 88 kids yet on a war why it's like you said I am all local I have another guy. They've stock he's been making jigs for years eat pizza comes out great guy hilarious. I have grumpy grumpy Laurie good now is actually the one his donate the pig for my internment. For RF all these things through you got down there it's. A group for sure bet that little voice that at a so he had he makes he makes a great little Los suns finish looking Jake that he paints it's amazing globe paint myself on those they're a little pricey but. I use of a usable water and I use them. Through the ice or you know I don't get out that much is the ice is I do open water fantastic Jake did you get to. Same problem Mike my buddies and Joan archery shops or whatever they miss out on those seizing because they're in their. Shot Bob a time man when you wanna be out on the ice that's your busy season then make money so. That's a lady did you gotta make hay while the sun's out quick question here when it comes to these jags as a bass angler. My brain is wired for weeks. You know when I think it OK I got a quarter ounce jig I got hat bounce the ball. NB one ounce. Vegetation. Engine won't Jake. Hot but with ice station I hear you guys say millimeter a lot so are the jig sold by signs or wait. Bob ball millimeter is spitz this size in the wake up OK I three millimeters really tiny. And then a four millimeters bigger so a little bit bigger so it's obviously Javier. And our five millimeter and a six millimeter also criticizes Jerry is the way. I just I didn't want to because a lot of times you know to stun stand men you never know guys you know they can be solid you know they can end. Some meat companies will employ like a hollow version of it so it's still heavy but not as handy. And so I was just. He curious about it. How they categorize those things. And so when it coasted to pick here Jake Lloyd no matter which wine and you decide on line and you don't win soft plastics. Or your going lies based what's so what's your philosophy there trash. Com I'm more of a lively guy. As far as digging like this that I'm more of the tip up guys did a guy I think it's kind of yachts a work in progress for me now. But around. You can't you never you can never go wrong with was with those spikes or wax worms or anything like that. It's a situation. Like the opposite of most guys don't most guys know had a jig bitch struggle with the tip ups and stuff yeah I mean both Lamar and I'm still learning I would I'm like Josh I've always. For thirty years in my life orbital flight usually. And Brad May was my home behind so. Ellie and gagged Stoops is our starter official vice masters. I didn't realize that there was all the stuff you you do you should know in could know about jiggy. And Noam yelled then there's when each ones are tall yeah and the especially nowadays with the all the different products that they have altered a tip downs and you know that John Jack here's automatic fisherman's there's so many things now it's. It's W you want you want a little bit everything but hey you know you gotta kinda. It depends on what you're doing is the job Jack you're a gimmick I've seen it only in magazines I never say it ain't. I have the they work I guess you know. But I'd rather see the flag fly them. In and around the old school you know an elitist you don't know what it jaw Jack here is I've only seen them in print ads then you know our assignment magazine you gave me yes that ice fishing magazine without a national you know turn Ahmanson and that's where it first got me. To read about them there to me again. So the job Jack here is some sort of contraption. It's like arrived older and it keeps the yes. There's a loop that you put at the very end of the of the rod. And then there's a little. Like kind of like spite. At the bottom and you put debt spike through the loop and then. At the very bottom there's like a little trap door that holds that spike in the tip of the ride down. And you run your lying through their down the hole sues a fish polls on your line polls that trap door open and it lets the tip of the rod. Fling up and automatically sent. The hook on the fish you know one thing that's hysterical that I used to enjoyed living down on kinesis. Is seen in the guys react to their flags going up when they're not ready you can see in sudden. Quick twitch movements on the ice from these people that Obama guy is one of the best comedies you cannot especially since half of rumor has been a bag. Absolutely meant nothing wrong out there which that's fraud while the worsens and solution of the fish is run into you there's no zero I'm guessing dropping. Well Dan that's that's a good point man that flag version one on one or I'll man who has always that first wanna get around it is they just relax and vision weirdest couple he's he's unable betting on you wanna give official minutes of tape dat beat down especially me when I'm using kind closer who got to give them the minute it it dead in Maryland and get in you know you're gonna ultimately out of their mouth. He is Josh miner from ice fishing fanatics. Is his left there I don't know whatever size ten sectors on Ted runs text tackle upon kinesis lake. He hasn't frostbite ice fishing derby coming up next error to February 17 and eighteenth we also have Mike Rogers with us today Mike as the tournament director. For a nice masters a leak we're having quite the apple world this morning on ice fishing with one segments ago and that happens next right here and taken it out doors. On 95 WB. Good morning welcome back to taken it out doors talking a little ice station today as I'm joined in studio by Ted Dekker from Ted's tackle. How late build New York is obligated say New York after essays like velvet beds tackle right there at the north end of Kenny should slate. He will be host Steen the frostbite ice fishing dirty February 17 and eighteenth. And chicken barbecue there's a raffle and the party goes down kinesis slate sportsman's club right here on stone hill road. If you want more information about the cross by ice fishing derby. I you can find it on line or you can even call 429 Z. Row five. 8710s. Let me in the studio today so is Mike Rogers. Might become an bit of a frequent contributor to the program he's one of the tournament directors for ice masters. Believe now during the break there or do you guys talk it. And you were going on and on about colored spikes I think it was this there now is that. News ten ice fishing is why don't why associate dying in years days live. Like salmon and Trout fish. Right I I want to say I think that's what they feed the spikes they called heroes that they have different colors they have ones that are yellow green. He falls so yeah not Diane no I'd buy it that way and it gets its. I didn't know if you weren't doing my guys will do exacts her daughter's gainers some tonight that you play around those colored Bates. Yeah yeah yeah they actually I'm. It they actually have to be forty ones are you. The and there are Burr poll you'd girl different color spikes like the old forty problems. Now. Okay are you your match the hatch guy right that's it that your philosophy. How does a fruity Pavel match that hatched at the I don't know brew works. Good. It's something you can't you can't explain your and I didn't where if you did answer that I would just say good backhand now would have been back here tomorrow we learned that that was always floated that water's got to look like poverty level and we. So what are you sell the most visited. Josh that was in here he was talking about the big suckers is that what everybody's user and his is still the emerald the dad had this big pipes shatters my biggest seller but if you Fahad without them nothing compares to the bigs big show writers for the plate can ask guys in nine you have an always talked about this in the. Pass but you know we're so paranoid of break in the law when it comes to by and made in one place and taken it to another. If you buy your stuff detectives say I go by date for news whether it's Sanders. System larvae whatever it is you're shot is certified. In a way were acting travel with that made anywhere in the state. Absolutely yes sir yup certified all seller I'm a certified dealer I get him from holes certified wholesaler. Nice. Now. So you don't have like detained since Steffi or not breed them there in your chat now know about it I mean I guess. What the lie is as you can catch him on the body water your fishing he just transportation's a thing yeah. What are you like to use as far as. The menace ghetto. But I really like Niagara is Spiezio Fleisher Angel. You know and now like you know petty was seen when it comes to apply the bigger Scheyer and yet you know the better. I know a lot of times you can't get the big ones you know because the suppliers restore him. You know she got to deal would you know then I'll I'll switch up the deadly commercial and notepad cells are hearing. In other like what nine inches you know indeed they were. You know you win number eight on the bottom Bernama two inches off the bottom it's a nine inch. No they just as Parnell oil you know assault. There's a various different basis all of the fish while we boils down to. Gary hook in those things usually Wear a trapeze rig when he got a medal at bay hill two leaders are come down off one girls rule. Would too troubles OK and it will be imbalances are right now I got out of trouble behind had a in trouble behind at at the tail at them but it would fail. And you just had two attacks going out to the same level yet when the daughters is a trapeze how does not get twisted. Fingers are spread out via one behind the head of the middle and one by the tail. He also won the fish takes it balances the men ought to focus when Russert here when the first day season Gamal forms. Profiles of key with those. Yeah yeah yeah absolutely. He had just had to hang in for it's yeah that's the same. He is Ted Dekker from Ted's tackle he came in this morning to share some nice fishing knowledge with this also. Mike Rodgers is with this tournament director for ice masters elite. Coming up on the ice masters elite schedule what are we had we got. Actually fair worry time is commutes is linked to tell park. All that did so go week to four pennies there's going to be a good one. And Henry fish yeah exactly. That an affair February 11 did on this Sunday weren't you go. I'm not in any empire. And February point four where should talk one. And marks are rare Brad May. And job easiest way to follow school right on FaceBook. And type device merits of the week. And that's viewing determine the schedules are the we have the points race are there. Theory now are our top three in the in the Panthers division is Jeff Snyder junior. On Jerusalem magna and might it might mafia or right hand man mark who's blond is in the race number three for repair and fishing predator. His mark Harrington. And one of our female anglers Melissa long ones. Is a mirror to the front or division. And Mike Rogers is number three days ago gathered about the only the game he's a winning thirty year if it could get it and always a believer in the leaving. Pioneered turn in the series are them I knew you guys finish all over the stain. But two years does the field also come from all over the Stater do you notice just a bunch of guys from our area. We got some guys they're dead dead follow us and Leo last week at honey wipe. Com we had fifty anglers and the only guy comes opening he introduced himself and he was like I came in from Cleveland. Are you completely wrong one new York new York and Cleveland Ohio. I go Raleigh he had a where you're standing goes in Victor Gorelick. He wins three other three other guys did did not know each other from our Cheektowaga ball flew. So Leo geyser bureau governor distance because they loved the series of global were Dolan. And numb he knows it's the biggest do we run the biggest. Terminator series in New York State. Yeah I'd say they're great events again you can find out how the information for the ice masters a lead. On their FaceBook page and like Sadie just mentioned their tournament there on kinesis lake on February 10 he can go do that. It's open right anybody can get involved. Registration is 536 early were dual registration. Rate at Ted's tackles all. You know will be in the warmth become a new year every greater be breaking bad. You register would. Dead as a tackle shop and bait shop owner. How many lies are you subjected to wanted to. It's I have less. It's that that's an honest sixty years normally on Saturday I'm buying habits you hurdle and finally tonight that it's like. Like I tell you how thick the faces same scene is when he's Sonja biggest nations in the belly ice is a thought was really eight inches and. So the frostbite ice fishing derby will happen February 17 and eighteenth that designed Kenny says slate gets a heck of a party it certainly is it's so community event. Ted shop is located right there at the North End it kinesis lake. Just across the inlet. Meyer outlet. When his outlet outlet. I'd just blue cross is Brandon. The water there is. But how apart from Ted shop there and so you can fish in the event all Delon and go home take a shower come back to the sportsman club. And enjoy live music he got how many bands playing this year two bands to airlines I got us grapple what's there from day as well. And then out open G was so I think that's from around here at the had an open jeeves for the last couple years they Iraq. I had. And that will go down at the kinesis lake sportsman club on stone hill road again February 17 and eighteenth it's a great event not only. Is the ice fishing tournament in competitive. But there's a charitable aspect of this with all the proceeds going to benefit honor flight and mired in the Myers memorial foundation. So he can have some fun get a full belly enjoy a good party in hopefully win some money. All stuff that their I mean pretty much anybody that goes there is gonna walk away with something interest at in in the guys Iran. They get so much donations they ran across almost all. And young between the Chinese auction or bank it's amazing I mean Margaret Margaret was more on one of box our show last year 500 dollars. You're going on a dollar rep ticket. And I'm going Alicia and what did you win something who wish. And I know now and Russell mark last week. Hey good stuff guys I want to thank you for your time I know you've both got lives in and still live here in the weekend work obligations and stuff so. I've budget in some time to come in here and tackle I station with me today. Color us today is certainly appreciated. Mike Rogers ice master easily Ted Dekker from Ted's tackle in lake though they street time thanks for coming in you know I've been a great rest here day I'll be back tomorrow morning with TJ sharpens Steve announcement. Right here in this very room for the B morning coffee club.