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Sunday, February 18th

Taking It Outdoors - New York State Winter Classic

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Hey good morning folks so he got your woods' career is his we're gonna blow your doors off today we got the blowtorch. Tim Thomas in studio with this today. Tim thomas' internment director for the New York State winner classic. On line NYS winter classic dot com. Tim as a pro angler finders keepers team to add that correct that is correct Sutter remembered for him your vote wrap. Tim good to see Amanda thanks for coming in today. Are you healthy. I am now healthy I would as the man that flu is no joke this year and I attend scheduled their I reached out to going to come into. Pump up that this year's New York State winner classic and nick he's like man I got a tap bout time in the hospital with the flu is acting don't apologize man. Get better and I see it did you take heat for not updating the leaderboard while you were hospitalized. Actually know everybody was it was very accommodating very very lax when it. I thought for sure as any flak from everybody but a man I was I was down for a week and a half bedridden man I I couldn't lift my head off the pillow. I just I remember reading on the website is I've been checking in on it as we've gone through in the early part of this year during the competition. And I saw on one year of Gates's like flew us at headquarters are very hard and is in good. That I glad to see your feeling better man we're gonna talk about the classic today we got almost. Two weeks week and a half left for you to participate. And potentially win whole bunch of money also many other opportunities for cash and prizes. We of course will gets all that don't want to let you know this program is not possible. Without my talents I'm just getting I Johnston RV country 28 years of creating generations of Stanley fund. And Webster pal Meyer an on line at JR of the country. Dot com when I think clarity is massive and and bill Grey's restaurants I feel like injured now like I just Rush Limbaugh by idea given myself this is. Gratuitous self compliment. This the auction company has neat dot com is there website also country living from farm credit east and thinly Brothers could vote in Rockport and Albion. Save a horse. Radical boat that was the last time we had. A hard water season as good as this one. Three years ago. No hidden three years ago when we had a rear axle has worsened this year. More six year right gap that's on the big vortex terms came out and that's only had no. Push into two and a half feet ice guys talk about again extensions for the writers that's that's what I was told. He had been it's been fantastic and not only you know what I've enjoyed about ice vision this year I've done way more. Mick and partly because aid it's been a longer season and much more opportunities. But to the confidence in the ice man like unknown a month and a half ago. I was Polk and 1416 inch holes and Anil Indonesia's. And it I don't even I was there are two weeks ago and I think I was like an eighteen inches and yes just been fantastic I've been going to so it is a lot. The perch might there has been absolutely fantastic if you need some perch. I probably got forty pounds flash frozen that it says a freezer. It's it's just been fantastic that your guy. They travels all over the state for the that classic and you know you have a different way in stations will explain all that. But you talk to bait shop owners tackle shop owners other anglers for from all over the state. Is the fishing is good everywhere as it has been here this year. Yeah that's the cool thing this event is that allows me tap into camp like the heartbeat of the fishing Rome and New York State. And so I get the flavor here and it's been on fire all the Jimmy Terry is a Lake Ontario have been fantastic. Singer lakes have been fantastic. Oneida lake has been out this fire on my dad yeah. You know while lying and even the the part by there's been a little bit more sporadic but while I'm my goodness everyone's limit out when you know half hour for to finance being there. Then they're just playing him but they can catch them on my guess it's Airese. You're up to catch and release and wildlife for fund through the eight. On my guess that's unheard it's not so well it has a way of evening out ol' mother nature you know it usually balances itself out and we were definitely due for a nice long good. Season I'm have you fish Danny Ferry you too busy administrative and indirect in the stern. Now sees AM in the past have also run the ice throwing and series and that tied me up virtually every weekend. But now others there's a new series out now the masters. Ice masters series has come out. Yeah right there and here's my shirt I'm wearing their ability to affect. And so they've kind of taken the reins for that time I've taken a step back from running out those events and focus some energy now on the classic. Which is I mean this thing steamrolled ahead it has made leaps and bounds and has sites and where I wanna take this thing in the future. You'll get I'm sure we'll get some the different aspects of that. But it's and I've been able to get a few times sonus obviously it has that's mine my home waters perch fishing phenomenal at pike was phenomenal on early and backers around Christmas time. Tina you know the hardest thing it the hardest part about tension of perch this year on sodas may. This time and place to park. It's true. Jerry I get there early billion. And that is a wonderful problem to have now if you're just hearing of the New York State winner classic and you're wondering hey that sounds fancy what's at all about. It's a really cool concept in ten has been hearing your. Blank here this is the fourth season for an and I think we met probably two years ago maybe three African I think have been doing this two and half three years or. Any nonetheless. I've seen this event grows. Incrementally each year. And I knew your vision back then when Ito told me and it's really cool Manny should be really proud this is a big time tournament how many anglers at this point. Are competing in the 2018 winter classic. Right now or just shy of 750. I think it's 74240. Threes like that. And we are getting there though winter classic explain to people what it is and because it's it's. And it's really a broad stroke. It is different than anything has been right in the past and that's finally does you know the way we designed it was to be just that is still open up the doors. Get rid of all the way is it your own guys normally genial determines the one day of the weekend events you holding fish over things like that. You heard of all those. Open it up weathered Willard changing weather patterns I mean one year we've gotten a super warm temperatures no i.s and X you would get two feet eyes never know what's going to be. And so opening those doors ups that you can finish anywhere in the state any time during the two month period using any illegal angling method. Robert de profession had just one species is there were talking and you know in the winter classic seven different species. That's fantastic man it is is it's really neat and it and they cash payouts on these things that are really unbelievable and it's Tony five dollars to get Chan. And you know I've been in the past have been hesitant to sign up myself because I'm not. A competition. I Singler I'd do it for fun. And now that the summer and bass I'm right there with him now. But you know what to push me over the edge is I was like dude it's like planner raffle ticket right. You know there escalated there that are a gun option or something. Because the prize opportunities are. Now I don't wanna say limitless but there are abundant and they don't even have anything to do with fission. Right that's the thing with the win this tournament. You know without those connections I have to the network of pro fishing. And determine Rohm and all the different avenues that I now working in in the fishing around. Hillis is one of the most sponsored tournaments in the country. And it's an avenue for new companies to get exposure for their products so their come enemies in hand wanna I want you to give my product out of people. And so we just get flooded each year now with all kinds of new products which is awesome. All kinds of high end products like you know hummingbirds on board were this this year you know it the new helix systems that are out which are just phenomenal I got used mind. For the first time this season and all I can say is while paying is fantastic. I haven't really gets Oneida and yet that's one place I haven't finished this one area but I can't wait to get over there and fish for the lie with the with the hummingbird unit. You know there's a lot of people the fish tournaments and only a handful of people that. Put on the tournaments the directors such as yourself and you know have been sponsors. Can make a fun tournament good. And it can make the right sponsors can make a good turn immigrate. And I think that's who we've seen here. And as a winter classic is a vault. We're gonna pause briefly Tim Thomas is our guest in studio today and now we'll continue the conversation about this year's New York State winter classic fishing tournament. Ending quickly we can encapsulate it real quake an attempt on it did earlier. All waterways. Open and water frozen water can be a farm pond too extreme so Lake Ontario. Your legal fisherman and you use in legal techniques. You're qualified to interdict winner classic in the next segment let's let's pick up the conversation and we'll talk about the price structure. We'll talk about each category and eventually only get to the leader boards man because there is some phenomenal. Numbers being posted on that website. At this size of some of the wild life. The volume of the big northern us. Yeah there are precedents here the salience dad in spoiler alert believing crap he wasn't Wayne Bennett heads and lake that I just as soon as I cotton kinesis. It was like two over to the Tucson thing yeah. Phenomenal so Tim Thomas our guest in studio. New York State winner classic as the topic will be back right here on 925 WC. Good morning welcome back to taken it out doors talk a little fish and today it's been such a wonderful fishing year on the sits season but the whole year. Has been phenomenal for us anglers and we couldn't live in a better part of the world. And everything just lined up men and certainly hasn't been an authentic fantastic year. Our guest in studio today is Tim Thomas he's tournament director for the New York State winner classic. When it's not winner he's a professional anglers out in the Great Lakes with the finders keepers team. Time we're talking about the winter classic do you have for about a week and ask don't let me count days here but. There's still time for you to get involved you can register online nerd anyway and location. We'll rattle off a few of those as we move forward but all the information you need disease NYS winter classic. Dot com you know if you had not already taken it. Your logo would be an awesome tattooed. Back at anybody ever said anything like that at times didn't design that. Actually that's it's a logo that we borrowed from savaged year it's actually one of their logos that they allowed us to use as the term logo. So it's a northern. I mean look in cartoon over northern. Eat no bass or while I have. Eaten a law ally in the law lies eaten a perch yup in and is not hardly a man I have a big bass tattoo so I'm I'm about fished out on my arms bit. Every time I see that and that's a cool piece right there. I so Tim. I wanted to. Pick up where we left off in the last segment. We talked about the rules and the regulations of the New York State winner classic and again if you just joining us. NYS winter classic dot com you can find out all that information if you missed it. But let's let's boil down to a premium reduction here. The prize structure and kind of forecast. You know what she seed being paid out here. So I can throw out where do we begin with a seven categories I mean it's it's like him at the casino here all the filtering it. That's Aaron there's there's a lot to it and that's that's one thing that a lot of anglers have a little bit trouble grasping is all the different ways to win we've set it up so that. It's spread out it's not you know congregated to only those against the biggest finished. And so you know. Right off the bat when this thing first ticked from day one and ten grand in door prizes we are bass pro shops lives unloaded those I'm still delivering those around and probably will continue that during the spring by atomic you know those out I mean literally trailer full of stuff. And we have another huge door prize drawing coming up. Or just had one this past Friday. Missile will be delivering those as well to all the winners. And we have another round coming at the awards ceremony on targets in just a minute that's going to be a huge party huge celebration and lots of prizes to win there as well. The way that the regular turn it works we'll start there you've got seven categories. And we paid down on the number of places that the number of fingers in the terminal supports. So the more anglers in the internment that are participating. The bigger the price structure gets and the more we pay and the further down we pay. So this year our overlooking that is paying down five places. Top plays right now as a hundred bucks. And goes down this place is 25 dollars. Again we want to make sure that the top five in this case even in fifth place your money back on the nothing else chair. But not to mention usually most of those saying there's they're placing in the top are also winning the weekly prizes every week in every category the biggest fish. Wins a prize package now are pause. Cannot win two weeks in a road nobody beats me correct nice area continues on in fact one of our anglers for the pan fish has plays I think in crappy and pan fish for the weeklies he's got like 45 packages come into on. I'm he's just been been slam in the big blue Gillen and sensational season and that's one category that has recently picked up. To put up close on FaceBook that really took jobs and targeted him to try to get more people going in and as and it worked it is get more people don't want. Because he was is down he was just you know week after week. And dining. This has done phenomenal this year admitted he made it look easy peat lists are gonna Florian that this via. But so yes every week biggest fish in each category Al seven categories get prize packages and those very. In size and in some of them include Hydro lighting and talk about you know 125 dollar lighting systems in there. Got out to a micro spikes as an eighty dollar sets. Is a lot in there and there's a lot does that listed on line I haven't had time put it up on there those packages you basically get them a bucket five gallon bucket full of crap. You don't have enough time to post all the prizes now the price factors is just so huge I mean you some Iger rash. Earlier on before I we offload that ten grand literally my entire drives topped the floor front the back was stacked with stuff. Now I've known you for a walk and she straight. Yet I'm glad you just explain that Timmy because I feel like I'm trying to crack that the Vinci code when I'm on your website with what. All the and it's a it's like there's so much kick in cash and prizes flying around you don't know which direction it's it's come and from then again that's not a negative and a all right don't take it that way. Not this a semi it's one of those things that you know it takes a while to describe all the different ways and aimed. Even now we talked about for what several minutes immoral and growing scratch the surface Jana yes even mention the Shani drama. Right yup every single one of our Wayne stations has a Cheney to go away. And started great the very beginning if you were to register at one of the locations you guys an entry for towards that Shani. And in the entire season all two months every time he stopped into any one of our stations Yi and her for that Cheney. To petition the Finger Lakes are Gurode Oneida you have enough the last guy your comeback or hear eerie. Everywhere you go Stapp into the waste Asians get entered into those Shani drying us and you didn't know wind up winning one and I'm while we only limits of one Shani the person. Last year we had one or two English when two or three Jennings. And so they made them pay commend you we we we drove forum but yeah we got there's six. I think in the first door prize round we gave way out five or six cheneys. Begat freer for at least that we gave away this past Friday and we got another house 67 you know on the we're gonna giveaways to awards ceremony coming up do. Thanks guys for people like you man not easily show up in fish. Wow that sounds like a lot of work that saying Norris that's good cheer on jab second job I mean it is alive it's an enormous amount. And you know I mean a lot of people think we've got this huge committee in and people all over the state helped me out it's me. I'm the mastermind them the man behind the scenes run and I'll. And you have my name my family members my dad tells me not allowed to see him and a lot of the show's over matter you know. Different Wayne locations things like that. I'm my wife. Oh my god bless her heart that she puts up with all my shenanigans. I for the literally since we had that first drying laid back that it ended January 1. Until now. Mind living room has been stack of back to my girls have been playing making houses out of the boxes of stuff. That we've been coordinating since then. And we just now have moved about half of it. And we still have a couple snacks and next thing I. Well I hope this past Wednesday you do something nice fair and holy smoke can leave we've got a guy couple's massage scheduled in. For you bad news for you gathered and then you've been an honor and even wanna know about the mileage on your vehicle drive and all over the state. Didn't sound as our guest in studio he is the tournament director for that fast growing. An ever expanding New York State winner classic. You'd still have an opportunity to get in on the cash and prizes they're still about a week and at two weeks of competition left. You can explorer registration. At NYS winner classic that count that's at the leaderboard the next segment about that sounds good we'll be back right after this games. Hogs. How lose c'mon help me out what are some other. Wetlands slabs okay c'mon. Other names he called big fish. Thanks a minute 94090. Good morning folks thinking for tuning in to take in an outdoors our guest in studio today is the director. Of the New York State winter classic his name is Tim Thomas. In his spare time Tim as a pro angler on the Great Lakes with the finders keepers team. He's got his vote wrapped and everything needs the real deal folks would have some impostor. And here's that we got a good time talking about this year's winter classic if you miss. Any of the prize structure are the rules and regulations. Portions of the conversation. You can find that online tends website again in YS winter classic dot com. As we move forward Tim on one make sure we budget some times it. Because like I said. In the last segment are the first staff forget. About the sponsorships and how important they are to the growth. And engagement. Of a turn him in any tournament that's so so I respect that so I wanna budgets and time for you to give your sponsors some love. I will tell you one organically right up to date top here I am not sponsored by any company. I'm not even Entercom that I worker who work for here. But the fish match the filet away fish man you know I was able to get my hands on one of these. And it is a masterfully in fish and I'm telling you once she'd get one of these things you can to put the clip board. The way you're not gonna need it. The best second describe it CA is they take the format of year an old school floor mat not Bellwether tech ones of 2018. But the little spiky parts. It's like it has those but more. And their flattened on the top and you can full play a fish output crop beyond there church. I even chopped up in northern it was a terrible job man those things are hard. And I admit anything anything you want to blame injuries though it on there in its stakes. It doesn't move and there is sponsor rock and people in one of those that are. There Rossum. Every single one of the the top three winners are are going to be receiving them. The the weekly prizes we've got 66 weekly prizes are given out throughout the course of the term it every single weekly prize has won in there. And we gave some house door prizes earlier around. But hope I have some more of those at the awards ceremony talk about that here in a minute but you know lots of stuff coming up and the F slightly mental things that are the army's alum yet I don't I've never even seen him in the store man. Not only plays there's cub plays that have now some of the way stations have them Soviet accurately your local Wayne locations some of those guys some early if they still have they may have sold out by now. I feel the stream carries on Henrietta so much you know they're they're down and then bass pros also down in. And I. I can just feel my sales manager cringing at odds free advertising. Where is doling out here on. The big be are right so you know we started the segment we tried we were rattled in off different. Names. To called big fish talking to those decade tanks did you know there's there's endless people who are still Texan amendments funny. I was just joke and tablets are. But I let's dig into the leaderboard. They're seven categories in the New York State winner classic. And I'm gonna rattle off some stats here and now you can can net gimme the what's up on him we mentioned it briefly in fleetingly earlier. The but the top crop beat. All right and that is the crop be its own category here is that the pan fish category that that's by itself crappy is that press. Well the New York State winner classic leading crop the it is two and a quarter pounds. Or just shy and it's adding wound up at 224 yup 2.2 four they schematic any Sicily on May. But from Ted Dekker. Yeah tens and in that chair you're in two weeks ago yup and it's amazing that's a huge and he got to think a keeper crock these nine. Nine inches is spot on a crappy yeah operator on the areas that that's a mig one man I unduly that she probably put your fist and he's two under my belt titles like I think fifteen and a half for sixteen inches on like that so I tenacious man I hear people you knew you referenced the ice masters at least at least I series this year have been. Have a building a report with those guys. But that they can't talk enough about the crop bee population in Kinney says. And I lived on that lake for six years. Fished it probably 150 days a year and not know it over estimation there yeah and I probably cut a half a dozen prop eight. In guys or limit and I'm obviously limiting out but they're getting good stacked so yeah again against the Serbs I don't know what's going on that there is certainly a revival of crop beyond kinesis lake and also. Perch but as we move down the crop be leader board where where also they come in front. So just like last year. We got quite a few coming in down in the the southeastern part of the state on through a sports as down there and Walden New York. They were. That's where the biggest ones came from last year as a there's one waterway down there it's it's a smaller lake and just monster crappy in there. And so sadly that's where these ones are probably coming from. Is it public. It is public we write down the name on it and slide it over at this. If I knew if like if I knew the name I haven't you are right yes because it outlook because on the leaderboard added New York State winner classic dot com. It says where it was weighed in the way. And it's Daimler will disclose it tell you what he caught a month right what is date was. Yep but so that's a hotbed for the crop behind it is and that the cool thing again about this tournament is that we're stern opened up. And there's I assume other locations to find. Targeted fashion as the U lack crappy. And so you know you're you're accustomed to the Finger Lakes while sunny start seeing all these coming up from through a sports. You know in your gonna take a trip down that way. Staff then they'll let you know where those waterways are. There and I just looked and three of your top Tony five. We're out of conditions. Yeah and crappy he got a 142. And a 187. Holy smoke. Got an on AJ says strategy Frontline. I would lie I wouldn't tell anybody what what I thought it on. Does so let's you know the other categories include while alive the wall lies always been pretty elusive to me. I can't say that I've entered the calm good enough student of guns you know be better at it. Yeah but I know big wall I want SE it you know I'm from prince with a lot of while lying dealers. Good almost sixteen pounds. Yeah its lead in the law lie kid and teams did you imagine being one of the two people that have a fourteen pounder in your not evenly now. It's it's insane that the wallet by this year and Shimon particular. Has just been phenomenal. Anglers up there says it's one if that the vast years they've ever had and that waterway with a big fish coming in. I mean 1010 plus pounders are counting every day. A that are multiples and is Tim came into the studio before we get started this morning innings I don't know if you got a text or would easily there's another ally. Any showed me an assist guys like leaning. It shouldn't hold this thing. Beautiful beautiful fish. What about the pie and I did see you get three in the eighteen range we get better than that right. We can in fact that I just wanna make make a shout out to. 21 of our anglers who actually weighed in in nineteen and a half pounder. Earlier around and it's not lord now. And after it was late and we we verified it and I was up on the leaderboard for for a couple days. He's flew back to the way station as he looked at the rules a little bit closer inside he can't use a gas and the fish. And they did and so he did while I get any you know cotton yeah having used one. And so we let the PlayStation know they can't take two mile Mino and so we end up having the DQ the fish. I will be rewarding him for that I do have some things come up my sleeves to give him for being honest. I'm like that as you know I really do appreciate that. But doesn't it was a nineteen and a half pounder Condit was out of one of the Finger Lakes classic Q can or some lake that's not really known for tight end. No monster I came out of there he is again on some picture of them whether it. But unfortunately we had a DQ that. Odd man you know way. You know us us fisherman that's it that's great to here because stories of integrity because they're not to one comment. We know us fisherman we may sit down look you remain a lot eye and lied to you about who would win where now this isn't the have been clinic thugs still integrity on the leaderboard. Yeah we all of fall on the sword there's so yeah absolutely that's. That's admirable man that's yeah. That's very cool to hear lakers went what's the lakers seemed look like this year. So that's the truck category in general and one has been cap on the light side. I'm NL because again has been a colder season a lot of the tributaries lot of the places anglers typically target Steele had in particular browns. Lemon iced over and confessional. Or we get these melts and that it was just raging and again that Mary fissionable. I'm so the conditions in the tributaries and been the greatest and we haven't had its. A lot of people targeting the lake Trout either for that I'm for that matter. Dammit because a lot of the Italy cup fisherman and going for the law and the line basis been so hot forget the lakers they're gone for these you know monster allies are coming and and a few lakers have come in while the division for the for the lie because you look at those as well I'm on a small bank. But the Trout division is is one of two that isn't full right now there's only fourteen weighed and the entire tournament. You know for Trout. And we did put them minimums in places Syria did you know there have been a lot of Trout caught or less than eight pounds. I'm that would put a minimum eight pounds on there it's that we don't you know keep a lot of smaller financial wanna make it there. Yeah I get it meant that there that that hurts a guy like me I can only catch the browns there's no amity get a brown to compete with Danielle says cal lakers that have. I've seen on there but it's been a tough gill man with a with that guy son. The true is that adding a good day on ironically creek a couple weeks ago. I'd pulled the move Laura brought a sandwich abrupt lunch busted up the ice. And then a and then went back and face mental blocks and there and I audience. A Browner to bear that got Olin Browne one came on button on me but I candidate nozzle on his in the culture and he gets that day. Now another fish as that's a category. Of its own in the New York State winner classic is the pectoral. Man I get time for no pickles this it's only time at pick grows ever done anything to me is that I used it not lie. Whenever on fishing for bass on skinny endless. When you're outside of that Finger Lakes. Went you know catch and release. Jose Serra got vision for a pick girl. That it has that that's the best they've ever done or your blood I know think one when I see it and you gotta. As a sixth rounder here actually two deaths had to their questions six. I think last year's. They're colas was up in the sixes or remain low sevens. Monster monster pectoral. It would about it. And I mean it hurts now don't even know like how exciting this portion of the commerce Haitian will be because so many people. Having catching so many perched unity catch fifty you know. A good handful of armored going to be some studs. Right so but still men who are we up anybody over to. Yeah yeah we've got the top four are over two towns. And I guess some guys going hen head I'm great at it I mean that the top two places. Are separated by a hundredth of an ounce. Com or hundreds of pounds. You know point 01 and it's Tom Allen leading he's got 2.2 two pounds. Is leading for the biggest right now and and bad B Joseph frosts. Is a rape behind them 2.2 one. You don't hear as much about cynic anymore. I'm looking at the leaderboard here at weigh in stations and I don't. You know I just associate Seneca with the Jumbo perch. Yet big adding that the senate is hard to finish and you guys know how to fish those bursts they're not like gear your sodas perch. There's some hold different way and I would be pretty confident to say the timing owns came from there he waited in a bass pro. And learn and so I'd be pretty safe to bet that they people that I Seneca. The 2.2 one though came in at Cabela's operation they came from Lake Erie. And so we're start to see some fish come from there now I'm actually that while I I showed did this morning. They he was on as weights you can bounce the way and and so. I think that when I came from Erie as well and wrote. Quigley will hit the pan fish here this and that's the sun fish a blue Gilliam pomp concedes. Guys stuff like that and this is this category out love because it's everybody from two to 99 with anybody any if you can. Hold a Jagan ride at. You can compete in this aspect of the winner classic and I just pulled it up here and we got it just says sun fish. Oh my goodness she gets three overpass and yeah we got three owners out there some Presley and at one point 08 the current leader. Now when somebody says the sun fish. They just now and save it's a blue Gillard pumpkins seater. No it's it's a predominately upon concede though that pretty much the two pumpkins Eden and Blue Hill adds up five Madison is I think I know everything somebody like que Como onion. Well there are some there are some posh she's like for the summer classic the summer event that we Iran. Yeah others there's some waterways that hold some of them that Tom cousins are are different op shoots like the green sends you're familiar with Green Zone and honored offense. It bases the I cross between the blue the on the sun fish where the as the sun fish coloration that has green fence. Not coolest things I didn't see him until I search and I am the milk sign and walk it hasn't. If necessary fish that the bottom of the falls you can catch or green friends out there now elegant things and other awesome coloration and. What kind of look good by attacks and Aramis give me a five brought in one of the things that's so that'd be cool little piece on the death the law. That adds proudly Maceda feed them and never want to. And meal like that they go to waste. Oh good fielder Tim Thomas our guest in studio today one more segment to go I want to. Point out some of your fine sponsors. You have this year in the next segment. And you know we talked about how to get involved. Was prizes are available to be one of what's leading we've talked about every aspect of this things. Except. The awards ceremony which takes place at the in this day of winter classic which ends at the end this month at the end of February Pepsi still have a little time. To get involved in there and now the only thing I think we've left sauces telling people how to enter their fish once they've signed and you catch a fish and you wanna enter it. We'll walk you through that process next right here it taken it out doors in 925 WEB. All right good morning welcome back to taking it out doors talk a little fish in today folks we still got time to get involved in the New York State winner classic. A tournament opened up so all anglers and no matter what species you target there is a category for you. All the information as it NYS winter classic. Dot com we have been studios this morning the tournament director Tim Thomas Tim has done a fantastic job. The vault being this tournament ends. A night that it analogies but I think the monster event it really has been especially because I know where you were two years ago. You know where you are today and I know what kind of work you put into it. And I think it's really cool. So I wanna let everybody knows this program if you enjoy it you like talking about hon station camp in the outdoors guns. Visit our sponsors without the on this program is not. Possible and they include Johnston RV country Tony nine years now haven't seen 28 years for two years so I'm gonna go wouldn't add a year. A 129 years of creating generations of Stanley fine. Johnson RV is in Webster Palmyra and online at JRV country dot com what's going on. This I just received Darwinian mouth. See that's out best. The fish are coming in here quickly has seen auction company testy dad time you can visit their website and see what conical gun auctions they have coming up. Flared he's massive and and bill Gray's restaurant also. Country living from farm credit east and Billy Brothers could vote at. And Brian port and Albion save a horse. Radical vote that aren't we talked about the rules we've talked about the prizes we talked about the leader board. Told people how to get registered. Now walk me through the way in process hypothetically speak and I go down to a contagious lake after we get done here and I catch. Thirteen pound high. And MIK tunnel put this in the classic might be able to win a weekly on this seeing their units at what do I did what do I didn't so. You I do is that's what those things whether you I'll pull lines and and hadn't or whether you wanna stick it out out there and yes he can catch it some bigger another species perhaps. But if it's during normal hours time ago I get into the nearest weigh station severe and can he says you know want to head over to tens tackle. I can wait in race there and he'll take care of you for. BCA just figure in there is gonna ask you for your driver's license numbers which we week take everybody that's how we track everybody across the state. I just wondered why you needed that and are registered the Pacific if you dealt leaguers places down I'm a PO I use that we can use your birthday yearning to. On this multiple ways we can we can track people. I'm a driver's license easier cents. And then I and then they send the information us headquarters we update the leader boards Armisen as we get to weigh in Sao implement a plan that pretty much and in real time. And it just keeps on going from they had back out try to you know it's. Tim you've made it really easy for people to win some. Big money checks and some really cool prizes man again it did you miss Danielle they've in previous segments this morning. NYS winter classic dot com. We'll also have this show and podcast form. I'd WP. Guide com but don't waste time with that I can't believe I'm discouraging you from the podcasts. I just don't sign up. He go fish in May and that's what this man's life is all about now earlier I said something really brilliant I don't know if you noted that but I had a quote. The right sponsors can make and good. Tournament great. Brilliant Graham brilliant stayed there steadily now Tim has got some fantastic as sponsors and in this none of this would be possible. It's not for his mound so. Thank god. I know so man up I'll I'll just go to the top winds and then some of our new ones this year that I wanna and then want to bring it straight into the into awards ceremony. So afraid of Plano they've been our top sponsors break from the from the get go of these tournaments Tom huge come now with all of the Shani is in the tackle boxes and everything we give away. Huge this year was Colin bird coming on board with high end electronics and you ice helix units. I'm we have those giveaway would link master chips had a glow has been with us for many years now with underwater lighting systems. I'm app reviews and other one with a underwater camera systems we have some of those to give away. Automatic fishermen has been with a south from the get go as well lots of those units to get away if fully away fish mats talked about those earlier. I'm big sponsor this year and and new land and actually I'm clam has always been there was as well on the one of our larger sponsors. Steve Nielsen it has another one of the stainless pieces the way till largest steel had its way to end. Seven's gear for there there imagery in our logo like we mentioned I Katula. MacKey plastic deep freeze. Ran down Melissa Hersh taxidermy. I'm given us a free amounts gamma to not give away this year. And then another a couple new ones that are on board this year line cutters and bucket. Couple. Yep newer designs may seem line cutters that shark tank. Cooling units got a bunch of those that was given away you need almost done I just got a text from a sales manager pieces. But nobody's gonna run against bush asked this USA polar Vioxx. Good how are you gonna mean there's a list a mile long at battle are bigger ones the bad more time I would certainly let JJ just texting nobody's gonna die in the count advertising. If I keep giving people. Free email hey man that's what it takes did not some tournament. For all of us to be a part. Soviet thanks for your time today he's still got about we can have two weeks left. To get involved with the New York State winner classic Indians at the end of February 10 thanks for your time but they're about bishop narrower here.