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Sunday, February 25th

Taking It Outdoors - Quality Deer Management Association

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All right here we go good morning welcome to taken it out doors we have our old pal Ben Williams in studio with this today. Nice opportunity to shift gears. Been over the last month. Almost two months. On almost every episode has been ice fishing zone it's been such an unbelievable season it's been about three years since we've that one this good end. Guys have been fired up man the positions been good. And I'm Sonia. I told you this saw a fair bit out by you so dismay in the purge the hardest part this year Sabina park and spot man. It's phenomenal vision kinesis colonial lake. ISO legacy and we've had a bunch of ice fishing interviews the last couple weeks but. As things thaw out Turkey seasons on the horizon. Here Trout and salmon guys are getting ready. But there's still a lot of guys out there that's why tell her owner's bed. Don't just have a season. Year round guys but so I was glad invites you into the studio today if he don't remember Ben from a previous appearance sees the vice president. Of our local TDMA chapter quality deer management association. We have the greater Rochester southern tier branch of which been serves as vice president. He's a level three dear stored in runs old saying cup habitat restoration. And enhancement. Mend the cornerstones. Of TDMA are as follows. Habitat management. Under management herd management and then heard monitoring. On the new H one kind of plays a keep peace in anybody's management for their piece of property cell. QGM goes in and end they're new slogan is we're near owners belong to truly as. Have been his specialty is habitat restoration and enhancement and this is the perfect time a year to come up with your strategy. A lot of people blow you know take advantage of the summer months the warmer portion of the spring. So really get out of the fielding get money it muddy and make improvements that. Start your game plan right now don't don't just get out there Clive by the CD your pants. A little strategy. And some patience and maybe some sweat equity game you can make leaps and bounds on your deer hunting season. Right now hood and in the months to come and so as we go through this morning Dan Allen I think about some that simple things. Then everyone can do well and they Heinz whether it's land they've been on her generation's. Or its newly acquired land and that's another thing now's the time a year if I'm not mistaken. If you had your eye on some property you want to acquire new property on. In your experience is now the best time to ask don't wait till season. Opens up the week yeah I don't because it will be knock on the door of the day before October 1 look at their permission Almon right now is great time to if you can get a new piece aground to get out there are scout. On you know look at a piece aground and is at its bare bones so to speak on BBC the forest for the trees. And you know assuming you're working without their look at. So four is you know have a tea features you know where edges are possible stand locations. All in all this stuff in those great timing or do anything like that. I've been pretty fortunate since I've been hunting in New York State you know on its state lands when I first moved here and then. Got some permissions on some private land. And then I moved to another piece of property. So I know don't really have a lot of experience. Going out and asking landowners for permission to on their land especially feared complete stranger. I'm I would imagine I've had people knock on my door ask him behind my woods before and that's a little log word on my end even. BN. Hunter. But what would you what's good the best way to go about it is it going and knocking on the door is it trying to get a phone number but would you go would you encourage. Oh and didn't I was encouraged people that you know a handshake goes a lot farther than a phone call. Allman in my opinion in my experience with a bomb for me this time of the year I knock a lot of doors for shed on and permission. Armon just kind of solely for that and whether that's you know maybe how you start a relationship with a landowner. Some bloodshed honing com. Or maybe there's something like small game running on some like that to you know carry on whatever might be in the maybe what you build a relationship with the landowner may be. It'll work up the hill big game deer hunting stuff. You know now they just say that I can think of a handful of the situations. Friends of mine dead. Ask say united behind here like don't know about guns while Bo only. I don't know well how about a hunt Turkey season. Okay we'll let you do that broke and then if you're not a knuckle head. Yeah just like you said. Yet that's that's something not I've been pretty fortunate and I know a lot of people you know pound the pavement looking for a good piece of property I mean even if it's a new piece of property or give them permission to hunt land that borders. Where you already nine trends in increased here. Your field there so there's all sorts of scenarios and it and you know you go back to offseason scouting. That's I mean it. That didn't minimum that's something everybody can do well what can we observe end and take from deer behavior right now. That will apply once the season opens. On the negative you'll relative feel for you dear in the area on in the wintertime by you know even on snow's kind of cold away were these up and down temperatures we've had. You know you can see a lot of the deer movement is definitive and a lot of their travel corridors and stuff like that. Com you know there's no level greenery out there so again to grade ten year look for sheds and see what you're working without property to. This travel corridor Jeanne mentioned how consistent are they from year to year. You know I guess the mainland and on some of the pieces of property that I manage and hunt you know for clients and you'll hum myself and stuff so. All I see is a pretty accurate ill throughout a season home but right now I mean the concentrate more on some of those late season food sources. In a big winner we feel zero crop fields might be standing. Palm venal. Dog would brush known swampy area where they might begin some good high quality browse. On you're gonna have big needle in foxes and areas like that palm but it's still you can get a break down a piece property by the habitat types and look for that edge. He has been William's been as the vice president of the greater Rochester southern tier QBM may chapter he is a level three dear Steward that means he's really Smart. On paper at least. And then also runs all tank cup habitat restoration and enhancement he can. Find him on line at old tin cup dot com he's also on FaceBook. Then I've seen in my mini dear lately though I drive to work. I'm obviously I don't walk. But from Livonia Ted downtown and normally act in C a half dozen a day of sad you know keep my eyes open wide enough. But over the last month or so. Haven't seen any on the right hand a couple times at dusk. Like doubt think Jesse some mountainous feeling it out or decide I don't know if I'm just missed some of them there that some and that's it that's common. Yet they could be you know definitely cast churn up on on you know like cover Kraft feels or another loaded in winter wheat fields on actually just under illness such as in the day and a quick walk out in the winter wheat field. Com you know or Buick egg field because it was so wet this year a little bit in all feeling it crops until later. We're not ahead good enough field harvests on so much left a standard for there is normally not been able give Baghdad to harvest them. So they could be held up on areas like that and they're just over the middle. In your opinion no atmosphere. Lost their handlers at this point. Skin pretty close you know I usually I was just so kind of doing some lumps and train and work with my show dog on that day and it worked out pretty good but there was a live set out there so to speak but you know I typically another mid march yourself. On that way you know at least 90% of men dropped com SA over half a drop. Now for sure how that don't work enough Korea saying he's working real good yeah yeah so it's pretty good self trained up and up turner myself. Nice how we side about Dylan that was my dogs and seems like it's any easier. Lesson to teach then bring him back debts. The other part that us up picture your dog it seem it's not it's not young and as it CDC's three years old now. And it's not a good age they calmed down a little bit. Yes she's definitely not as high Charlene she used to be calm you know our first showed year on issues out there. Couple months old that first year when she found her first one. On the issue is a big ball energy but now she's deathly Modell and when she gets in her head what were doing an amoral they're doing you know he's on the job. Yeah they're they're they're amazing man if you've never been around work in dogs it really is something now saying in training and it is as simple as let her play with antlers as a puppy and then hide them. Yep who's just working on their all the way up through and then it was work and com. You working on visualize and the shape for whatever you know out in the open field stuff like that and then it was. You know working on command centers you'll often to brush cornerback Kelvin just you know work and just like you we've been working in the field. It'll look at pointers on life better out retrieving ducks on the Nestor that's your reward has always been here. Did you don't need a Labrador you don't need a blues today. You know Anita bullet wound. Or anything like that that we did shed you know and I got one body has the York V dealership owner I've ever seen them. I just made that I've never seen that you're working you have an on city is a little bit everything she's she's got black and tan and she's got red bonus he got a little bit lavender Sochi is a little bit of mix everything you that's a good look and men will. Continued the conversation with been Williams were talking about off season white tail that's the conversation today we continue next right here in 925 WB. Good morning welcome back that's taken it out doors were joined in studio today by Errol pal then Williams then as the vice president of the greater Rochester southern tier TDMA chapter. Then is a level three dear Steward and works it'll sync up habitat restoration. And enhancement online at old tens. Cup dot com this morning's program made possible thanks to Johnson RV country Tony eight years of creating generations of family fun and Webster. Elmira and online at JRV country. That time Clerides Maceda and still Gray's restaurant stinky to country living from farm credit east. And has Snead auction company you can check out their upcoming auctions it has state dot com and Bentley Brothers the vote and Rockport and Albion. Save a horse ride a commode that's been the sponsors list is getting longer single oil and. There not yet definitely remember there was this tour three yeah it Ben's been around since the early days of taken it outdoors you know way back win two and a half years ago you know. Fifth at the gears here and now we're talking about our offseason to do Lister white tell hunting. But while I'm doing that I'm also get ready for mass stations season Hulu and I yesterday it was a big on boxing day and I had a big order coming a year big old bass pro shops order came in a cashed in on Matt. Gift cards I got for Christmas is not family yeah they don't know me Sony's. Though bass pro cards that he wrote and I took advantage of their spring fishing that sends us. So that's gone on right now and I ordered a boat load six each of my two favorite mates from last year offers respond efficiently we're about to get into. And I'll share with everybody I've looked at every store from tackle shops to big box stores from Cabela's. And buffalo all the way to. The ad bass pro and Utica who asked dot dad and you can you can find these debates. Just not these cub colors and I would encourage it to go on line and this is an unsolicited. This is not a paid endorsement. But this strike Kenya and KVD read I Chad you get that the bone color. You know everybody sells the the read I Chad you know this is a half bounced here with a rattle him you can also get a silent. But the bone white. And that's the color it replicate Summers any injured bait fish. And priest bond all the way to post bond the Soviet she bass and northern pike like crazy so. When your on line looked in for sales he can get some good deals right now. The striking red eyed Chad it's a look blistering rate dipped in bone white. And now I would also encourage people to get just AK BD 2.5. In square go crank bait them and this is a new color they came out with last year called blue raw. And it really looks more like the blue gill nerve pumpkin seed them then their blue pillar pumpkin seed pattern. I just found that last year and I I had way anymore. I hits on this color as opposed to each is on the match snatched. Roy Manning guy yeah so exactly I had amendment backpack here they fell out as the right man here's a couple of free bass fission (%expletive) were yet. It worked for remain a viking Ketchum head telling you anybody can. So Ben Williams band I said a moment ago vice president of our local QBO made chapter. If you don't know it QD MA is its quality deer management association. We win over the four cornerstones. Of TDMA. Ended basically it's all about protecting. And I conservation. Enhancing. Habitat recruiting and retaining. New runners who buys us could summon up the best I could tell you guys have a banquet every year and these are always a lot of fun. If you've ever been to. Ducks Unlimited and Trout unlimited dad national wild Turkey federation via com it's a banquet and in line with one of those led. I hate to say it's your version of it is every one's is unique to their own kill a year banquet is land and look and I expect. Has come up on May fifth on this going to be at the DoubleTree and so we had a new venue this year which is owned a lot better thing and a lot better offers and at. We've had kind of in the past and working with us and everything like that plus the only candidate well over 200 people in the door. On so it's going to be great I mean get your tickets right on line acute image deck on the events section. Bomb or shoot me a messenger whatever we can get hooked up with tickets. Calm down lots of guns do the go on board every year like we've been doing on forever it seems to be a big hit. And men that gun raffles get butts in seats only you know and the thing is too and you'll see it ill hopefully taking drag Newman onto this thing we also do room. Fifty and he was 54 general raffle tax last year with a minimum value 145 dollars so you've. Got a real good chance of going home something in your arms twenty plus on though live auction and I think 25 on silent auction so. There's Polonia stuff in there. For anybody outdoors. All many outdoor enthusiasts to go home that's for sure. And I found out about this does just before we came on the air this morning been told me he's gonna be doing an outdoor show at Dell log. I haven't even heard that was was coming up there's been no marketing. Did and others who do want a bill Largo and I guess they want Fuller will now siding get in on that loud and then this the following week in the 43 to 25. The donut turning stone or whatever her own amid a seminars at that one. And but I guess the dog almost all of this year's assist another 45 minutes here and it's not a big deal especially on the their way he can drive a hundred. He everybody else does that amount as well man. Let's talk food plots have been none how simple can it be. Adult. Royals downed you know just like bill in the house got a good foundation got to find the best soil that you got on your property or get soil right you know that you work to win so. On my big thing that I wish you know stress to people as you have a goal for what you wanna do with the and then you'll win their goal looking here you know expectations and you limitations in what you working with for equipment. You know it's really hard player over an acre with a hand rate. Com where is if you got a tractor get a hold the guys that. Belly Brothers Comodo rent a tractor I don't know if they do Reynolds they do here they do Reynolds you know he can doesn't work a lot of ground with a nice tractor I'm sure those guys in Tokyo who win every need. The call and ask for Darryl specifically in telling massive. I want credit for. Finder's fee yeah you heard it here at a. But on the you know and it's there's a lot of different stuff other plant on depends on you know what you're trying to do with a wary detracting holding. Every times a year you know list holds a different soft out there land it sounds like a lot of Wear and a lot of money packages don't frost seed since the employee can do frost seeding if you stuff them draft but you know now this time of the year he would depart kind of fall and on the move forward with it but this is thing that I tell people on. And the same thing was you know being a consultant or whatever is. You know if you spend that if you spend the couple extra hours in the offseason doing your planning and doing your your prep work. It equals more successful hours in the stands so make your investment now so you know wasting your time when you got the bug maturing. And when you year about food plots you know some guys have opportunities others don't have like I know guys that you mentioned an acre to fly right now I got out at least. Awesome and I had a maker says and dedicate just. A group implies and then other guys you know they they got an early season mid season late season. Food plots to go but not everyone has that. The luxuries. Corn growers expertise day simple and equipment says to pull that off. On May just. A general. Lasted the longest deal the most service. Wood grain or fruit in my looking to put it down there. You're looking for something this gonna have the most no feasibility easiest planning so to speak. Amare would go the type of mixed some long lines of today. A winner greens type meaning Brasco is and a reddish has typed the planting witty cereal grain on such as a winner wheat. Or serial ride those alleged through winner oats are gonna die before the first frost so you know he can use them for camp early season bow season. On the mend their way to feed green threw in on November ended December and then these late season and then if Iran and Syria agreement winner we are serial Iraq. Not a feed into the following spring cell known did and I don't play at one thing you give more multitude of things that'll keep kind of green on green and then. It'll design and Leo everything like that in all I can help people with that too as well so. Yet man runs old saying cup habitat restoration. And enhancement weight men does well aren't you tell him. What did so all my work land owners you know reduce some of the site work. You know planting is someplace that I don't do feel anything Willie wood that just because of I do this part thanks enjoyed doing it and it's really hard to get out the aired part time and you know get my own stuff done little stuff like that but. What I really do result be designed to lay out your property so you're not wasting your money you're wasting your time on projects in all of them might not be the most effective most applicable for. You know for what you got going on so. You know I work with you on your budget com. You know working waited I hope you accomplish your goals Obama do do some of the chainsaw work and site work homage you know it came on how to do some. And you know anything like that I'm still trying to figure appease a polio or if it's my job. Then shows up like a competition woods made his get to chat with the power of the safety here and I'm all out there rednecks can. With some cheap sunglasses for our protection but I did at Samir must lawyer and Baghdad that was I didn't have my hard at them. Ocean would have shut us down that day probably weakens. And you next right here it's taken an outdoors good morning folks and now good morning welcome back to taken it out doors talking a little white tail hunting today we're discussing our offseason to do list. Things we can do now to ensure a better season come October. November once both seasoning guns seizing gets here our guest in studio today. It is been William's been as the vice president of the greater Rochester southern tier QBM made chapter. He's a level. Three cheers Stewart and it works at Ole tank up habitat restoration. And enhancement you confining online at old tin cup. Dot com this program is made possible things that Johnson RV country Tony eight years of creating generations of family fun. And Webster pound Mira and online at JRB countries. Dot com pulled the trigger on line. Flew back in December got me 42 foot class C yup I'm about to drive it down to Florida after spring training scenario and a couple weeks excited about that. Also think beautiful thirties massive and I'm bill Gray's restaurant I got Eddie Johnson RV but anyway. Country living from farm credit east and has knee arching company. Billy Brothers Comodo and Rockport and Albion save a horse ride a commode that offseason scouting been. Eight. Trail cam is. Did not feel but Millon set out there was some binoculars walking around. What ordered the best things to do yeah. Obama should know looking at doing is food plotters have attempt products is a great time to get out there and you know strategize for those arm in all looking good locations for those. On so that's really good thing to do this time we're on my true cameras are still up Enron and in our run me around but it's a good time to get an inventory of what you got going in the next season. Com in on the other thing is to is deathly get out there and you know walked the ground and look at it. You don't some travel patterns and you know look you may be a stand location that was tucked back in there you don't wanna go Boston under Enders isn't that some kind of ground truth some of the stuff that you saw or you know we might see from an aerial map. You know stuff like that too. You know you bring up that aerial map map I'm glad you did one thing I started to do towards the end of this last season is that disappointing Googlers who hand printed it. You know. The property out Heinz. And I would take that into the woods with me and I have some colored pencils group and as best I can and I'm mark travel core doors loop I make sure you know I know where there water sources and different food sources. The bedding areas I know about which ones they prefer her. And I try to mark all that ending comes season like he said once everything gets green and then I can navigate my way around the place with about. You know Boston myself would dragons isn't through a certain place our. Or even knowing where did to put trail cameras and you know it was it was you that kind of planted that seed. You know keeping logs. You know I was just gonna say that was some and I've pitched way back two years ago or whenever we started doing this stuff that was some of the first off we talked about was. You know keeping logs and you know look and information and only be said has helped new. It'll looking your property and a lot different kind of light and hope you know hopefully more and more successful in the future. It's definitely made me a better woods meant them you know just because I pay him closer attention to thing in philosophically. You know a few had the opportunity to go out. And hunt with. That you the most decorated. Truth the white so under you could loop or go out. In the woods was just solid woods who who would you go one way it always been definitely the NBC man. I mean I know there's one thing you know you've. A lot of guys can kill allotted beard but to see somebody that true toll gates. The the dance between new in nature you know like I have I think the best Deere owner I know has never even been hunting and I got a little hippie friend whom it is just an environmentalist. I mean this guy. Knows the woods I've been on nine hikes will Clemens. In the things openly now. And it's like what I'll walk they're looking you know since that point things out to meet. That I would know what they where it's all their pointed out to mean now I can see it. All other places and my knowledge base continues to grow yet there's no. There's no lack of I'm O Otto I see this there's no substitute. Armenian a great woods men and there's only one way to become one and that's to be out there and and observe and take these notes because I don't know but the older I get the less I remembered Luke and to have them a little notebook in my back packed. Is is really cool you know shooting lanes yup doesn't get time. You know their term Romo for sure palm you know and if you look at it like it's a new stand locations to agree Tammy year to undermine an -- be using. Is specific here on stand during the wintertime on some great time to get in there now put. In a lot of stress or pressure on him. Yeah not in the so much I like to take mine down to you know we've talked about this you have probably. Three times the tree stands I do day Tom I'm curtain up curtain down you know every year number whining is and the opportunity to do safety checks that make sure everything's good because you know some stands up that 67 years yet. At this point sometimes they need new straps are. Seats weeks or you know whatever the case so it gives you good opportunity to. You know make sure you're here all buttoned up there. Now you know this time a year you. You know when there have been a deer drop in their handlers and we're getting into the season to Wear those really start there is vigorous Sandler growth. You know you hear so much about he knows supple meaning. Minerals look into their diets help they're ambler growth even if that were legal. Here in New York State doesn't really work. Referred you know there definitely is a lot of minerals and stuff that's required for them but a lot of people overlook the fact you know if not more. On at least a comparable amount is used by the dose produce milk for those phones you know so there is definite benefits for that and what if I told you that you could put some then. Now put something literally bode make something on your ground this off season that could produce mineral content. Fairly comparable to what you buy out of the bag all right so weakened replicated naturally time doing so there's been a couple studies out from on Mississippi State University. On the you can look great on their website. I think a post a link on on the FaceBook pages loan if not all riposte that. On and what that is as they looked at the mineral content FT took tree off the ground. Basically that fresh growth coming up from that stump stump shoes were. Double or triple time the normal animal value of the chutes at the top of the tree when it was living. So does that. Changer inch cutting strategy now because those girls broke from that as well okay nor on the stump a self like that but they actually broken down with a mineral contents. And stuff like that and the protein content are well above those is well known as at all trees. Yet this about all choose across the board. I looked at it across different Harwood soft woods you know eccentric but you know again out there and drop of some trees and no like we always talk about us the food people's government would have to test of so I mean you've taken their eye tree. Peter we're with a consultant in all hope so or if you're working with a consulting Forester almost timber management plan. On the can help you advise you Macon in all the right decisions com. In all the countries who is in old Kennedy is broad brush strokes stuff like an imperfection defects com. Got a big spot on the bottom word as skater on the roster governor to timber harvest your hometown. You know stuff like dead the doesn't make deny history. If he's suture is got a nice big straight all the way up 3040 foot. Don't cut that one down bound for the most part. Amorphous you know 23 foot through you know it's it's especially if you haven't you know come a lot of trees down in the past you know big trees are. You know a lot of weight there are a lot of you know force pilots on deathly something and in regal looking use and sought take on some smaller trees. Com. And you know that India would just be just as beneficial. Now about win on the calendar and what happens biologically. Today triggers them lose in their gray coat did not read when Lou are green or brown you know remained. And way. Happens biologically to trigger handler growth. So that's all basic good we talked about forward triggered by the sun him on a daily we got during the day. Com you know and again to that we've talked about kind of the past episodes. On the Taylor growth for their buck is secondary to his body conditioned so he's got to bring his body up to par so to speak. On the sailors are going to be ill and lacking are lagging behind this recede here might take a little bit of a bomb. You know on a drought year or year where they would have you stressed her you know hit by car you know got shot by harm whatever yourself. On death please just say change in the non daily we've got. Good stuff then then as the vice president of our local. Quality deer management association track chapter of the greater Rochester southern tier bends a level three here Stewart. Always learn a thing or two have been doing this guy he runs all things up habitat restoration and enhancement he's on FaceBook and online polls and cup. That com one more segment to go when that happens next right here. Taken it outdoors on 925 WBE. People have heard. Good morning to you and welcome back to taken it out doors having a conversation with her pal Ben Williams this morning. I know we've been a little intensive on the ice fishing. And rightfully so it's been a wonderful season and you know so that a lot of great conversations here but as the lake start to thaw out. As the days start to recess back into the big lake. I've figured VA nice opportunity to Russia on our offseason to do list as far as white tail running goes. That's why we had been in studio with us today. This program made possible by Johnson RB country 28 years of creating generations of family fun. And Webster Elmira and online at JRB country dad gone. Flair he's massive and build Gray's restaurant. Country living from farm credit east as new auction company and Bentley Brothers could. Oda and Rockport and Albion save a horse ride eco boat had been Nassau on line that. The official cam no pattern. Or TDMA. Is mossy oak break up country via how much of that cost mossy. I have no idea but on the official gamble for enemy TF and ducks Illumina now I'm OK and then they've been the official camel for those two for awhile. On the end of session or whatever is for turkeys and unknown. Whatever evidence of being for the water followed as they edit the fish camel all through those now for profit organization so. For your line and they're definitely and they're definitely. You know deeply rooted in conservation in the outdoors with everything going on a mossy oak so. And it's cool man I've never you know that I've had all patterns the minute and I got nothing against my CO author real tree or any of them that's for my money man. About three seasons ago I switched over to the retriever who pattern from under armour I like that can mode designed then. Is built for the gears I as opposed to our I wrote I think it's these it's a more affordable. Approached it sits dead takes you know I mean under armor isn't cheap they're not given that stuff away. But it ain't what sic it costs right at Gaza rich man I don't it's but that's Sitka. A round green that live out of every. Every season. Approach to it but man I'm telling yet. I can I think I got away with more like little wiggles small movements I just don't think they deer gets your outline. Is good and you know I'm pretty fortunate as a skinny guy can Canon. Stay inside the truck you know in my tree stand so I'm sure it's a nice combination of the two bit. The house I keep seeing that break up country I'm an up everywhere and I did know that. The other fraternal organizations. Iraq remind. As well now bid as we continue getting ready third deer season. You know there's a lot of work we can do out of the wood in the woods we talked about scouting we talked about some habitat restoration. A project she can take on whether it's improving bedding areas. She shooting. And cutting shooting lanes rather. There's all sorts of stuff he can do and you know make a list. NB systematic. Yeah I get off men into fear anything lined main. All I can think about when I'm not they're doing worker or scouting is the missed opportunities. Who wrote it I had the close and towners you know. If I had a dear it 62 yards Daryn those season Brooke you know how to why gates. 22 yards from that same dear Lou next season are you pick up patterns you know use. You'd think it tears come in this way that you notice. Their common another way says sometimes a twenty foot arm tweak you know I can make a difference yeah ads could be all that you need. Bid but what's it wondered. See I've been accused venue in you've seen this too you've seen some of my assets out in the woods. I am just because I I don't do heights well hang in on who I lollipop myself alive through but how is at the where's the balance between being brushed in in your tree stand. And still have enough enough room it's. Get ready and be in position. Right yet all comes down really you know design and illness and I say about doing some habitat projects on as you can like we did you know. On the a lot of cases on clients pieces. And you know a little bit too we kind of built a spot around in poetry a little bit more now know they do some basic and manipulation is some of the trailed by. You know blocking some kind of trying to steer him we know one way to bring him by a little bit better. A home. In Oleg said there's a great time you get out there and do that. And that we on the tree comes enormously analysts are sprouting grown in only everything's locked up from the start getting accustomed to moving those who is. Don know a lot of big guys it have the shooting houses they stay out there year round you know a lot of this still hunt not a ground lines look I'm and that's not something you can go. A couple days before opening day pop up in the woods I mean I'm sure you can't I'm sure you guys have done it. But ideally you wanna get that thing out there get them used to it can get it brushed and what would what's it when should I do that midsummer. Home via a densely get it out there you know move toward usually say don't want to help their weep for what I also don't want it to get caught up in a lens storming Roy Teixeira and that's in order comes into being mistaken and down properly I know it's kind of a Baird put this tent stakes off to side with the ropes and you know biggest stakes in the bottom. Palm but you know like you said a saves you from you know fine and a three fields away or whatever. You know blown down the header line how many other stuff too is if you don't get out there. Early summary can stage of phenol plant just a couple small build. Grows or whatever wanna call it corn sorghum and found that give us some nice natural brushing namely can cut that a little bit of freer windows in Russia right then. Listen to us. If we take something that has been so simple for hundreds of if not thousands of years in complicate. The crap out of it will be out there doing all this work from and I'll still be a guy and it pulls his gun boat off the shelf. On the last day of September and go out she's a stud opening day I mean that people will get lucky but I have. People like me have to work for these are some of the steps. You can take. And Antonia and that's why I had been to come in here and back me up with his working QDM make if you do the work now you reap the benefits. Come deer season we got a couple minutes left then and earlier in the program you gave us the I don't did not write it down so he could give me the that dates and that kind of a quick rundown of what to expect it this year it's TDMA banquet. Gibson is going up on May fifth thus first Saturday may. We're due to DoubleTree in this year. Com and any information or anything like that they're looking for army Nokia made act concerts in the events section on the as a link there for tickets. Com or you don't get a hold of me in all through my FaceBook page or whatever inequities set up with a paper copy. On T is well. And you know. We got to go on board Cohen Bakley you know probably fifty general raffles and elegant 125 dollar minimum value on those. In all twenty plus live and silent auction and each on shall there's a bunch of stuff they're going on you know definitely great soccer great opportunities to go home. Palm was some great arm quality products on the as well as may be meet some you know and other like minded homeowners are Salt Lake that is well have good car stations and you know good and a good meals well. Going it's a good place for us all to get together and lied to each other about the monster nearing counters them that we pat alright quick quiz before we get adhered to start the show ID 82. Hot glue or tips from her respond bass fish and I mean winners as soon as the ice melts you know we're going to be out there what word today. Definitely look at the litmus crank may get that not. The ivory the bonus for your wishbone is Bahrain and and then the other one is the the blue crawl which is a little bit better imitation of the the blue yield on the blue gill pattern and it's a small square that frankly. There you go man I figured I'd teach you something encourage changeup learn so much from you through the years now real quick got a couple seconds left here you cern YouTube channel nips 32 channels old tin cup there's a video of there now improving basic so great project the send your get out there. Identify and then release some fruit trees. Homework and transfer my FaceBook library over to it. An and I got a new things on the we're gonna go dear to Cullen of the wealth. And follow along and Nielsen Co. will be more info on that you're too busy man take a break and download I'll live and breathe that I love it. Then Williams thanks for your time now quality care management association then as the vice president we thinking for his time today I'll be back tomorrow morning. Put TJ sharpened Steve announcement in the B morning got beat club have a great day.