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Sunday, April 22nd

Taking It Outdoors - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

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Hey good morning folks who love and that's taken it out doors were gonna have some fun today. We're gonna fix it up we're actually gonna talk about time some well folks that's right it's been awhile. I guess it's been about a year I had some guys in from the rocky mountain elk foundation. But today we're gonna it's not doing yourself elk hunts and thank you for tuning in today. This program is made possible thanks to Johnston RV country thirty years of creating generations of family fun and Webster. Elmira and on line at JRV country dat time. Thank you to build Gray's restaurant Clerides mass sit and test the auction company and Bentley Brothers go vote and Rockport and Albion. Save a horse riding can vote that we got a roomful of people here so level go around the horn and make some introductions we have Ron darling. In studio went via our is suit. Very Jarron all is well great to see you I've known Ron darling for many. Some more successful than others I'll say. That Ron does introduce me to a friend as Bob Collins is joining us in studio and he speaks very highly of view our you Bob. I'm doing great Smart and so a year the big L Connor. I'd like to think so you can get into the game on even now. My first trip was 1989. I had some buddies of mine that were. Angle all content and have one guy drop out nesby to join them. And that has got the ball roll. Now was this your first exposure de L cunning was sitting guided situation entered yes it was goes there was a guy and his situation. Alms. It wasn't. Is exciting as I thought it was going to be for the simple fact that we were into a lot of animals. And from that point that I decided that if I can do better on my own. And from that point nine and we've been doing on our own never looked good for you. I ninety grew up around here and white tailed is that dead avenues that brought Janelle cunning but what actually brought me to elk hunting was when I was a kid. Ordinary very get a reading. So all my parents got new I really and outdoors. So I used to read the outdoor life in the field and stream they knew I'd read from cover to cover. And so my dad and I would talk a lot about going all content. That was the big mystery you know the big adventure we always talked about when I was a kid in I said to bloodier for too actually come to fruition. But once it did is like it was in my blood and it just. It doesn't leave testing its case can be achieved ideas it. It can be a lot more of our reasonable than people expect they think if they do it on their own. Ollie you know a lot of ways to cut costs you know when you do it on your own. Palme realistically our Colorado troop we pride to a from about twelve our box. That's what licensed gas if you got like two or three people going. And you know your your your your students prep stuff we all done ahead of time. Here you know that's way cheaper than I thought you can't even go to Illinois or Iowa doing get a big white to filter out for that much that's fantastic again our guest in studio the elk hunting Bob. Collins we are also joined by Ron darling. Everybody knows Ron superintendent of Monroe county jail so everybody on their best behavior in here. Now Ron I know you menu go to Colorado as well for weeks Simon in the UIQ and a time right. Is Bob I mean I got into it though in my family wants new mex good enough content knew nothing. And no surprise we got nothing. Saw some beautiful meals here in and bumped a few well the that was about it so well Bob one day just want to pick his brain he was and a in the neighborhood legend when it came to elk hunting you know everybody knew I was a guy. When it was yours ago and just had a long conversation mile an hour two hours and at the end he says are you end. What do you mean he says you wanna go and Mike are you asking me to go you. BC share and said buddy I meant. And just you know made because pick his brain and next thing I'm going I'll con. His dream and that's how I act when needs that big charter boat captains alone invite me out to Asia. Mike yes there I'll money go and I'm gonna take mental notes of equity needed. And then I'm gonna go out without you try to duplicate a yet he can't be careful what you ask for his. Amal and good stuff now if you are gonna do what's the closest we can get to a now is a Colorado. Like where's the closest geographical place today to do well. She would you Gary now is with Al you've got what they call an OTC which is over the counter tag. There's only like four states didn't actually get over the counter tag all the rest draw yet to put in. Our. Early winner to mid winner to get a tag. So realistically collar yes as your best bet to closest to overcome owner hey you can yet. While ending if you go to a state that has a lottery system and you both aren't don't get a tag. Yeah it's did you see that money her way for you go on something else lawyer there now Lotta time dealt sitters Willa had tags security in the you have to pay form. Now but these eyes dropped places Aussie after earned or accumulate points. I'm Bob and I've been accumulating points for Wyoming for years now and you know the hopes of someday in Wyoming by. So by hunting in Colorado you're earning attack in Wyoming no number so in Colorado certain zones certain areas units. You'd literally just walk up to a sporting store or or Wal-Mart and buy today. No other units that are more desirous you have to put in for points and to a lottery system. More points you have the better your chances. I said sat and had a couple things written down here had been the hardest part you know obviously out but the tags would be difficult again. And land what who what are we doing for land aegis pick a state park is that it mattered is going year after year trying different places. How do you settle on property done. Well there's a lot of national forest out there the west is very heavily in the national forest there's all lot of blood designated wilderness areas. We're we do most of our honing. The big trick is is I mean there's millions acres and I guess. You can have as much freedom as you were on the work for. So you know you can. I'm not to trail and stay where your truck isn't. Run in the people left and right majors and Al Green then load up your back and you know but some miles on end and get deep end. It's remote promotes club drug isn't. I think that's for our success has come from those in well in the works for. I remember conversations. That we've had in the past site it'll take you days to get to where you wanna go right. Scales will going is that the base camp and then from there is just like cancer in different areas. Go have enough provisions for 234 days depending. Turn on there and see if we need to implement that go back to face it yourself but cleaned up and some good food and I'm awfully good night's sleep and and. And out again. I mean hey it's yet you say I would personally I've guide. Nino years of one why tell experience but if I didn't want indebted to go out on a DI Iraq. Al kind. I don't know that I'm armed with the right information so what are some good resource is other than watching television shows which. I'm suspect of any way anybody they Ian and stalk and kill anything in thirty minutes. A little suspect. But if you want to hone your skills as an O'Connor what are some good resource is where can a person turn to its. The gonna get him ground base of knowledge. Well there's a couple good website so old laurel one. Brought him on oak foundations also got some good information out there. Com this different. Department so wildlife out there each individual state we'll have. A web site there and you can help you can use to help. Pennant giro a basic idea where you wanna gulf. Home and then from there I use a lot of Google Earth. It is that he's huge. As you can get on their and you can. Locate areas that looked you know like it would help hold health care and so you know once you know kind of what you're looking for. And you can kind of hone in on those areas and pick out a few areas this you know your first choice second choice third choice. It may be over on the other Connors so you know you have backup. Good stuff I'm joined in studio today about Bob Collins and Ron darling where Todd can do it yourself elk hunts. We continue the conversation next right here in 925 WP. AJ good morning welcome back to taken it outdoors we are having a conversation today about health guns do it yourself felt guns a new topic here taken an outdoors. This program made possible thanks to Johnson RB. Thirty years of creating generations of family fun and Webster pal Meyer an on line at JRB country. Dot com also big thanks to build Grey's restaurants blaring these massive and has sneaked auction company and Bentley Brothers to vote and Rockport and Albion. Save the horse. Friday to vote Bob Collins Ron darling two local health owners joining me in studio fill me full of great information. Basically you tell me anything and it would be an improvement mrs. I don't know too much about Clinton the do you take that is it a similar approach to white seller you hunt them during their run they run in the same. Manor is as white tailed in. Yeah ideally you're hitting me the writer of the pre Iraq you know the most active. But try to compare to honing something I guess to be like running Turkey. You know you're going out there when it's it's still dark out after. And hit a located Collins the atheist on the respond. We'll say for such big now there is reclusive and and shy and timid as can be. And lesser in the right where he hit their peak for a and it's a whole new ballgame it and unpredictable unpredictable and and you'll you know covered ground in swear there's and help within ten miles then you wake up one more and it's just lit up. That's great so so instead it like it just like I'm running gun insert turkeys I go out there I pick a field edge in a crow caller now call and yeah so climb a mountain basically you know get up and I point out underage your finger. To where we can you know that you will resonate down through and broadly locate her volunteer. You know hopefully he got another this awful as I think I hope that. All right let this sink the jail it's clamp are aligned with higher rates at. I'm just did you can say that a stereo with the police. So it when you windier out there is that it is so we hear actually. Waiting for that held to tell you where they are I guess creepy behavior on a do it yourself fine you know you don't have time to kind of pattern on pattern there movements. You know I can white's hill. You know especially in the rut is he won on a trophy buck right don't want to but unharmed the Diallo. And so that's not the approach with built here just other certain in certain patterns that that do exist you know feeding patterns in batting and it's. You really question moon phase the weather. And you try to take notice there malls and just that you have to be certainly aware of their noses phenomenal. That's number one thing they'll bust every time better than worse still 00 white tail I'd say better. No kid though an engine miles away miles away I mean you'll see if we go lesson animals you know low. Across a canyon and and think there's no way and act and also mr. rather had gone one guy and you can't recover from that they're China the Asian. You can't catch up to him. Unbelievable man so how do you how do you guys so I guess it's all wind. I mean when your around there I mean EU 100% of the time has to be mindful. Of the wind direction. To the wind in the thermal for everything your Cassidy. And the morgans. Got the cool air coming down see you normally hot from the bottom work your way up. Evening she gets the same thing you get to cool air search colon cancer almost coming down. Amid days are tough because which you guys got to win change in director thermal change in direction wind swirling. Can can really inflation. When she had about 10 o'clock or so through the mid day till the evening he gets the animals. Grieving the science uncommon now income low vs the UK. The shift things drastically you walk around with a when checking accounts were me and we have offers left and right you know everybody's interests Rihanna. Now will. House or vision. I mean with the knows that did things million mile away are you still haven't move around with the you know ninja silence through the woods Elin say silence me mental make a lot of noise and ironically there. The mother of success we've had only minutes on a noise because you know and elk expects and other help make noise. You know and analyze cents special bulletin right you know there rape and treason bang. Passion. The noise. You know he's trying to lock sampling taken an affair with what's going on where they are location distance win. Or is actually work and I don't think noise because Illinois. Now he doesn't seem to bother him or. Then they're they're used to move and they expected they're looking for cower some sort of notable they're expecting movement you know. And soap and Hamas that they can I'm used to hunt white tail on. Four to 600 acre farm and now we're talking and a big bowl. Yeah 50000 acres I don't know Vega though there are thousands and thousands. Billions it. Now as you're going through their so there's never a situation this is strictly as stalking deal so there's never a situation we'll tree stand pre trail on after or no time right. Oh and six trees and we'll sit on the while Owens while specially he laid in on your pretty beat up and fatigue you know oh Wallace and seeing some action notes it had. And you need to break main pack we're load 101000 feet were camp and that generally and up to 121000 feet. I'm in for articles that are extremely. You know challenge and we have been studio this morning Bob Collins and Ron darling their coach in me up funds and do it yourself bill kinds. And I'm telling you it's it's been a law that some guys informed local rocky mountain elk foundation. They came in a couple years ago it's promote their banquet and that's been the extent to L cunning conversation. Then that had a around here. So but let's get back to the actual harm he knowing you described a situation like were run inning gun and for Turkey. I think that's a great example so Lou led let's scan to hypothetically walk me through this time so. Yeah it we get to wherever we're going to be we get still were quiet we put out our locate or call. Okay in we hear something. So now that you have to figure out where that sound came from where the winds coming from. And how to ambush this name. So would off comes into play what's your strategy there. Exactly first thing taken to church in the consideration is to win. You work your way around a lot depends on tour and how how aggressively he calls back in all if you put a bugle out there and they're just kind of give me a little less and day's goal bugle back patch yet there then that really two winters did. So you've got to kind of guilt closer. Played a win on them occasionally sometimes you get a bull you Buell he'll hammering back I mean he just streams. For you know what. Are set up you'll have time even you know you're you're not gonna narrow here you grab your range finder look for holes to shoot him. You can happen that fast you don't know we can tell you. What you're really responsible basically sold in all. That's that's how what. It all takes place I mean you they're gonna come quicker you gotta go to them. That's where oysters are to are in the hunt. Was trying to figure out what their boat was always you know is the young both hopefuls oppose them are it would stuff but they've both. Izzy you know deep in Iraq is the judge is beginning his casings herded up. No they I'll act differently it's like you know like Turkey and on it panning got to figure out. You know what that bowl isn't and you approach it differently each time nominee honesty have to go on before you say I got this I'm confident. Forget about Allen's that it takes about one big thing. They're really good stuff. Now I know in the and none in the white tail world Dino and went on trying to pound it out I'll take I would rather go hunt. With the best woods and an idea no then dead. The smartest deer biologist in the world I'll take a train woods meant no matter what the species is. Any game that the one thing a good woods and we'll tell you run wide tail. Is he really got to put yourself into the what is it for an elk. Most still six feet is all yeah I mean your your condom on the ground that's all we do behind him on the ground. So it's still the same. And it just like the white gently trying to get inside your head and figure him out you know it's. What sir die consist of them because I know they'll say in our region of Western New York whites no leak 2000 pounds of food a year then and there what a third of the size of one of these things. Or less yeah you know good mister Bozeman ago. Pushing 800 possibly. Yeah. Edit raisers in on a winner time depending on you know the resources that are available on though. They'll switch or browsing and and the Aspen trees from the wintertime are all scarred up with that you and Astra Merck and getting any idea nutrition and dads kids that. Man and what time here you go on the sun's winds that winds elk season. September they we have played a moon phases you know. Forecast some crazy weather but generally speaking and that we pretty. I'm gonna talk T you mention a couple times the the moon phase. I wanna dive into that a little bit in the next segment and in explained to me why's that so important and also wanna get into level firepower. I guy I know you mentioned not in an air of a few moments ago thing I'll kind of wanna get into the different. Out weaponry I don't want to save the different ways to to harvest. And now there we go spit it out one of these days. We're talk can do it yourself well because this morning I'm happy to have in studio Bob Collins. Enron Carling near taken it outdoors we continue this conversation next right here. In 925 WBZ. A friend's good morning welcome back to taken it outdoors happy to be talking a little well content today we'd been a little fishing centric in Turkey also. Over the last couple weeks so nice to mix it up. And discuss do it yourself elk hunts this morning I'm joined in studio Bob Bob Collins. And Ron darling this program made possible by Johnson RV country thirty years of creating generations of family fun and Webster Elmira. And online at GRV country dot com also build raise restaurants Clerides Maceda in. Has any auction company can go to Heskey dot com see some gun auctions they have coming up. Always cool stuff on the board there. And doesn't think he's the Bentley Brothers Billy Brothers to vote and Rockport handout the end save a horse. Variety of vote I've learned a lot guys that is we've done a couple segments here talking about L turning now we're. Continue the conversation. You know it's it's it's easy to come in there and say hey what's different between net. Hunt now can Hun dear but what I'm finding more productive for me in understanding that all kind. Is seeing the did the similarities. Not the differences and it. And we ended the last second. You brought up the moon phase and and that to me I don't know its moon phase are men in position. That I pay more attention to arm. You know uncertain times the bids the moons in a certain way they're going to be on the hook at a certain time. So coming gimme a bribe to you know just kinda what how does the moon factor end like it isn't it phases and position. Well they they say the the rock really kicks in after this full moon in September. But when that being said. We found when the moon is rising and setting. Is more important than actual phase as far as the elk activity. You can Hahnemann night I mean basically now legally fractures so. You want them all on their feet in the morning in the evenings so he got a moonless either rising or setting an early morning or in the afternoon. That's when you find out activity picks up. If you don't Millen day also you can get elk activity and Milla dates is that moon is rising or setting. If the move comes up at like 9 o'clock at night and is up all night. You got no Al activity during the day because they're wealthy and powerful moment. Legacy just as good as he can't during the days that you hit and it's like think they shut right down and you just you know you feel like you feel like you're wait till honing in on. It's funny you say that you could have been talking about like detail in that explanation their they're very very similar. And that value find the same to be the the absolutely. Yea you know the full moon night. There batted down unit changed tactics in the day that I going to be on their feet tonight and be responsive so no we tend to do is mean and heavy timber or just people long. Well quack how call China you know basically find where the bad news if we can. You know put a sock on him and going now will help response intense honing pressure and just go to nocturnal. That journalists around. Yeah yeah or the they're actually if they get too much pressure they actually move out of the area. There's so much yeah I mean there's nothing seemed often overreach. And you'll have not changed what's blitzer range turner turned down. Marines and like miles aisles now kid Alia there's nothing for them. Actually watched the ball pusher herd cows come off one ridge. There yet remember this is like 2000 feet. From the top to bottom. It pushes Cal's off the top. And a washing ball often over the side that I was on. Which is another 2000 feet they drop down 2000 feet and up went over 2000 feet and never slowed up. And they'll dock in published just like the right tilt does yes he pushed those that or decals. He was pretty clever to because he got the top of the ridge he bugle. We do we'll there's a couple of bulls the pupil he took them callous and maneuvered him right between them other bulls. Teenager he kept only from the marbles and pushed around the other side that is is impressive site. Nice to be able to manipulate women like that went to college and those skills that diminish and then we'll go yeah I think you Ron darling I guess there's studios always there with a a wise response Bob Collins also joining us today as we talked. Terry behind now the college okay. On the waterfowl hunters. When I first got in the water found and my friends wouldn't even let me bring them all along. How how do you get good Colin L. You against the collar about who know how do you learn Bob you have learned somehow you had to be that at one point. Trial and fair trial and there you you you get out there and see what order channel and you don't have to be. Elbow waterfront and onto Wi-Fi due to Turkey's. But you can miss notes and with Turkey and some of the worst calls they made during Turkey hunt I got responses. I'll do the same way they've all got different voices the voices cracked they'll make the make different sounds that review rules exactly the same. How calls are pretty close but like so what comes of Bulent. It's wide open. And those young bulls though you know there squeaky me. And consistent tone. Others like. Kids and purity and other voices and then. I alone. It really is like Turkey hunt more than anything else I mean how would it before you guys came in here I would ish trade have done a parallel to why tell lining. But even from the the run in in gun in the stalking their ambushing. To the calling is so similar to Terry Kenya are exactly right I'm a terrible Turkey collar. But if I mess up I just start over in eagle and usually they don't mind right. You find to a lot of older bolts they did you learn so much of their halt their voices actually get hoarse and they sound terrible. Using a source collar alternate world into big ol' ball because she is it just basically wore myself out. Now archery guys that what you guys mainly due artillery behind nearly any guns involved whatsoever I take a Mormon Muslim oracle. What's what's an optical distance. -- visit the same or he still didn't when he forty yards from these things. And stalking them with your both not mean we practice. You know. Whites are running thirty urges the launch after come out there. And we practice seventy hours a year influence while even with elevation change yes yes I mean your shots are you don't have the underbrush like you do around here. John FC itself could be out in the open meadow. Are. You know we as a much like to kill zone I mean they're an elks longs extend very far back at them. You've got a pretty big well at least there's three ahead is that what you're trying to do double on them yes definitely is it too risky going heart chat. Well double and as your best bet you know and this first that distance you shoot. It's like white tail. If you're a cultural fifteen yards only shoot fifteen yards and you'll that respect the animal here you know all kind if you're if you're Coppola for your fifty. I am not from people taking their chat you know but if you're not. Know your limits basically. Amen that's what I do that's why I practice not president right shoot your post seventy yards as is so I can be confident of four and a exactly that's the main reason you know and it has won an analyst told you Diaz this off the air and not practice to. That far because I get nervous I get excited. And yelled or showed me pictures this summer your harvest these magnificent beast. And I know how I shake when Abbas Tom Turkey comes in front of her I see a Big Five the ambassador to whom much less than ten point bought in from enemy. Unshaken like a leaf I. You know I'm excited that's why do it. I can't imagine what it feels like when ache now two dollars that's seven by seven he showed me the pictures that monster thing has six places it was six and it did what's the mass on that thing since you're not. Well I'd taken today got a normal ceilings in my house and and has brought times there's a communion I and it and is. As of as beamer in my field it's pretty damn hell do you ever get used to it is unknown guys time gear their whole lives and they claim to to not get nervous anymore. And one of these like that comes in front. I get excited or semi here if you will let alone see in the wind who's on whose bumps in the bag. All right. The next segment here's what is this going to be kind of groups for some people been in wildly interesting for others so here you've done a great job you gave me a good base of information for do it yourself well kind. Let's say unsuccessful. Let's talk about get this thing out of the woods as he told me how difficult it can and will be differences. The spot now line. And if you're able to do it right you harvest some things. That's a lot of animal to bring out of the woods so let's talk about that in the final segment that happens next right here. You're listening to taken it out doors on 925 WBK. Folks good morning thank you for listening to taken it out doors today we've had a great conversation and we're continuing it. Talking about do it yourself cell comments we are joined in studio today about Ron darling in Bob Collins both of been kind enough to come in and share what they know about old cunning it's not a topic we get to. Very often here taking it outdoors you know we live in such. I think seeing it and world class fishing destination white tail running so that it would be cool again expand. You know the topics of conversation here today now we've addressed a bunch of stuff visit it refers to hunting the elk. We talked about stalking and down calling down. The right time the moon phase of their diet all sorts of things that shooting distance let's set the goal what is it. One thing we haven't talked about as wide. Happens. Once you know harvests one of these beast I guess that's where the room. The work begins I guess the fund is that continent but once you get one of these things what's that what's an average bull away. You are we talking a thousand bounce us. 602 point 68. In that neighborhood and you're not dragon that being out whole aria in that area anywhere any aren't good that's what I wanna talk about as we continue this guy number station and I also would throw this out there. I don't think he guy like me can just decide they only go L content this month. Some wildly out of shape. You guys saga about high in your way in you know the the the debt elevation and the distances you cover as he stalked these things. Look at athlete the have to. To be his success. All content of this so much yes please just dedicated to Nolan and doing something every day. Bob and I both front allow local. You know I get on the trail running in the end facing imminent park and take back back and Kelyn earnings and where fills out Gupta tells them locked down as. Different and across people who were trail runners had to know it was five Lumia book Cameron Haynes. World famous O'Connor. Fitness guy and you know we run. Year round pretty much you know and I I if I really I in the running to ultra marathons and don't compete mound marathons and things that. Sure but it's you don't have to so much be an athlete is just whatever you do weather's cross that. Some robe and exercise and and yet be determined as well. It's tough say you're a guy like me and I you get time for now that run instant. What about a horse her four Wheeler can achieve with one of those. Not not really in that if you're if you're really you're serious about getting elk. If you're not in a running I do a lot of basically I load my pack up. North Hampton hill which is out there in Rockport will ski hill now hike up and down it off for a number in half to two hours. That's huge that is usually gives you endurance. And gives used leg strength in or strength. You know you have to be a runner to to go out there enjoy yourself. The only thing I'm picking up on you know you guys have did done a very good job a point now all of that preparation. And he goes in to the science whether it's with your fitness that are doing your homework on top biography here whatever. They case may be. And you just can't stop saying go do this this is. Not all users units and it sounds to me like it's not a situation where you get lucky very often you gotta be good. Well it it's the old saying. When. Being prepared each opportunity. In el sol. With that being said you got to start planned missile and nice may do in the show. This early in the year. Does so he's actually think about doing that they get time to get in shape. Planned out their hunt you know. Because you're taking a week off for. And who wants to blow week off work. And an have a toll run home. Nobody nobody I mean exactly we issue we drive we drive out there. Let's talk about our next year's time an oath and a way home from this year's hard. You know what do we learn what would we wanna shift to realize trend if an area of water here. Mean that's pretty enjoyment doing this thing it's a year on adventure. North tacitly. Techno new gear and equipment. And shooting. A Bose. You know China's. Fine tune our abilities staying in shape nutrition Khomeini and in my life I probably feel dress. I can't even today at 650. To sixty year. Through the course in my life whether or mine or for other people you know. What's his what's the biggest difference field dress and a dear verses and now just size. Well we the size is huge but we don't feel dress them first day. Well you know we've gotten on there and I got what we do as a golden no gut method. He actually and we actually. Skin the hide off. Pull it back in new cut the quarters off the layman and Christian based in the east you split announced by. Then went. All of them then was what amounts but then we'll take and Diebold all meat and got meet banks get to meet bags we put to meet bag. We get I'm trying to get involved forty pounds. And imminent three. And we just go through the hole all indeed going in and basic so we left you never really go in other in little slit along the backside there to get that ten airlines out. Can't believe you leave that portion hold because. The bones and up to a lot right hundred pounds of extra weight you don't care. You're 34 mile back end. You know he may have in a couple thousand feet up and downs to go. It's gonna take couple trips has taken us with a to a list takes about three trips. Team U one L academy alumni out of the woods it's not it's. It's gonna take you basically about four hours just to the bone the whole thing Nokia to prepare. So there's no it is there's not like a process you just get your sharp and I found just start cut in the way. Well other there there are simple. Saw a futile basic butchering of an animal in all you take your backstretch. You you you follow the the lying there on the back leg. Where the meat of the muscles separate you know work your way around that. Front sure she got to T bone there you slide your nitrate on those edges of that. So you get the nice hunks of meat out palms. Gym bag out rating go so. Vested in half and all that gets it you know you get to the meat down to a trail. They hang it over create the thermal effect quote keep to meet both. And he had to hike out where you can get cell reception you'll now that are resources they. You know and basically iron outfitters to comment packet out of equities because I was not to ask Joseph wanted to revisit my four Wheeler idea the campaign. That like in this stuff out. Now what if you earn a situation where you want to memorialize. This harvesting he got a nice died. Rule and so you're happy indicate that thing right there in the woods into there. And then what do you do with Iraq are are you take in the whole head are you just. And what are you doing some surgery some field surgery. Mary does feel surgery caper all out what you gotta do is also is. It's kind of gross but you've got to pick all the brains out of the skull. Because of the CWD that's prodding and wasting does Ronnie wasting disease you can that import any animal. Bring parts. Can't take cross state lines so that's a big normal so what base who we did last year when mine is we took it to the Carol martian power washing the skull. I have to. Put generate soon. The union or is it power washed away again it's like a scene from Dexter you know you know I think though we had guys and we you'd be surprised only people drove up and wanted to check out the L. You know and tell us about their elk hunt and or Ireland if I saw some guys power wise in some schools I might have to stop and what's going on months. Well gentlemen I want to thank you for coming in here this morning is absolutely flown by they only gave me an hour. I can certainly continued the conversation with you guys but I do wanna thank you for your time I've learned a whole lot I think our listeners that is well. Kicking around at different aspects to do it yourself L times. So one thing Ron darling for introducing me to Bob Collins today and think both you for your time and come in and sharing your information. And knowledge witness. Before we let you run beyond any questions for me. When we go efficient but as soon as it warms up I don't know asinine as it warms thanks guys have a great day thank you.