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Sunday, May 13th

Taking It Outdoors - National Wild Turkey Federation Part 3

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They gained good morning welcome to taken it out doors gonna talk a little Turkey on today. As we welcome Brian got freed from the national wild Turkey federation into the studio today you may remember Bryant from previous appearances. Frequent and quality contributor. To the program today's broadcast is made possible thanks to Johnson RV country 28 years of creating generations of family fun and Webster Palmyra. And online at JRV country dad gone. Clerides Maceda in bill graves restaurants. Also has knee auction company and Bentley Brothers to vote and Rockport and now the end. Say the lower sporadic to vote Brian how are you man. Some pretty good how are you. I'm good Turkey season has been pretty fun for the 1 morning I got out content how many times you've been out I've been out every morning. Must be nice man well in the you know it. Takes that's all that's thirtieth state. Ten and it's are you tired. Let Obama keep going every day in a matter when you're the state president. The national wild Turkey federation you've all people can't burn out honest American member now I'm. I just gonna be walking zombie forward for the afternoons the rest of the month. He is Brian Godfrey he's been on the program with this many times before frequent contributor always has good stuff forests and coaches as a good food board Turkey season we're about. Halfway through it and I'd gotten from the people I know might just from gone by text messages I get denied happens there on season. Body good birds being harvested there have been as it seems like everybody in those been successful this year. It's so far so good it'll happen man hang in there a child out yet I have like I'm still on opening day that one. Yeah it was a real expert fantastic. You know first thing someone on the start with today is act you know. I'll look to guys like you edited to teach me about Terry keep honing. I didn't really have mentor a girl and you know nobody in my family and it's very keys to be honest I founded in mind. Thirties. To be honest with yet calm but I did take advantage that you fun this year and in the past couple years you know that friends' kids been neighbors grandson. Stuff like that. That if it is as a kid doesn't have a mentor a man. What are in good resource is like how did you how did you learn Turkey. Nobody in my fill in on it either. I got into the outdoors. My dad took me fishing and sort of buy magazines and they had an honing in fishing in them have started fishing with people whose. Families hunted but I still didn't have a good. Person to learn from necessarily somebody that was dedicated like a parent or an aunt and uncle whatever. I actually was at the DC and in heaven at their office on opening day deer season. Watching people get their gear checked in the used to be very popular thing to weigh station head and I wandered into the literally frame building in there and was looking at all the texts that are Meehan and there was one trifle pamphlet on the table this at a premised on her program picked it up and and please put your name in your address and phone number down. And that I got the idea I had was that. They were gonna give me pair me up with somebody hung with and sure enough that's what happened and it giving paired up with a guy that. He was the manager natural resource is the DC and he took me under his wing so to speak in two at twelve years old I mean the first thing we did was go scouting for spring Turkey season and we still hung together to this day actually. What a blessing man probably on tomorrow morning talk about it now homer unmanned learn learn in net from such a good woods man I guess that's fantastic I am just curious man I had no and I am sure it's part of your agenda with the national while Turkey federation under percent numbering in in youth but also you know turn into adults and so runners and and once you do that keep no money. Yeah and it's art and we've talked about this recently is that there's the mission for the Turkey federation now say they have a test saved par save on his recruiting. New owners whether they're young or old Tom we've. We've spent a lot of time with there's this are three community are three is kind of the catch phrase for recruiting. Outdoorsman. Outdoors outdoors man outdoors woman. They. There's a there's a conglomerate of organizations that are very intent and recruiting. Sure outdoors and I know if I'm Nolan RQ do you mania guy comes in here that's one of their four cornerstones he's he's being in this drama about that as well. But what's the best teacher time. Justice in general it's experience it's it's. You know it's being out there that's new and make you better honor it can read all you want you to watch all you want it. You have to be out there and get in sadly for me is. I don't learn from you know because I'm so good. You know what I mean I had to make like 900 own editors should before I finally learns I think that's how most people aren't made. Some people get lucky and they may be good at something or. In May just be lucky as far as running goes Linda for the most part it you you have to learn from your mistakes to. Given he is Brian got freed from the national wild Turkey federation and he is our state president for New York I don't know I needed to say New York that was kind of redundant here. That he's joining us in studio today. We we kind of started the conversation off the air and S enabled let's do this let's do this on the program here. In Darian Turkey season which runs through the month of may spring Turkey we have. Bag limit of two bearded Turkey's RA. You're gonna run across a bearded and every now and then made basically get two birds are ranked but only one bird per day. The heck does it matter if I kill two birds in one day or a bird on Monday in a bird on Tuesday. I don't know the answer to that question there's a lot of states three and shoot all your tags and one shot if you want hum New York that's just the way it is that. I'm sure I can dig around in and figure that now as far as the two word limit as opposed to three or four. Sure that's set based on population they've they've they have a good night Dave being the DC of wildlife managers for the state. They have an idea of what the population is they have an idea of what the heart history is. Obviously fluctuates but they don't make decisions they don't make. You jerk reactions they look at trends and you know they look at the the patterns that establish overtime and if we had so many turkeys that they thought a third bird would be. A good you know a good idea via I'm sure they would. They would change. Yeah. No I mean Iraq I haven't had too much thought into it today I just liken it to. You know boast season I wanna go out there. Track mob and then get back on my bass boat to own guns season starts you know if I had to go out smashed two birds in the face. And then go hit respond bats that's about it do well you know you can only until noon so you can still do that every day that's good but that's a good point. But the sun come up against him better now another thing I wanted to ask yet comic guy that it loves in my Chatzky senile by any. Gimmick about think it's gonna get me closer near perfect country than it exactly United's that's not a problem exclusive to meet the one thing I find especially. During Turkey season is I'll go out my vast right. These generally 35 pounds there got a box of shells in there again. Or teen mouth calls to box calls you know Priestley. And I'll use maybe one mouth call in May be a slate. You know how they say that you know. Beautiful things come from struggle or whatever in just jury in that part where you have to carry around to really every pack. Eventually you'll fine tune everything you'll start shoots more turkeys. And then you'll have to carry as much stuff so a salty better end KG salty veteran Terry Dioner what are you going in the field when we're hearing is much stuff as possible all the time you. Course I can't help it I use the same amusing the same mouth call that I used all last season. I views that all of this season I still have a handful of other dive friends in that little wall is still have to slate calls I have a box call. I've got a random other. Friction calls they are scratching backs have got an owl who grieve annoy you who with my natural voice I never blow that Eleanor. I guess I've done to not vest and at this Rubbermaid and to bring in today I it. I could I would probably feel this this vision is about a foot by a foot. In about eight inches deep and that's a good bit and I can probably fill that with what's in my best and then they have a Tupperware bin that's about two feet by one foot by about foot ethic. That is in the back of my truck. Full of more stuff and I'll never used but you know what if I happen to need I need that one slate color haven't used in five years at least it's better when. And now you know Weathers and sporting goods store on every in every corner it sound as we. You know like he firemen in our pockets is outdoorsman. I'm coming up in the next segment men wanting someone ask you about the weather's been kind of steady this week it's been canonized you know it's been sunny. This time a year aching it's getting you know this weekend is that temperature went down a little bit so we're gonna see swings. We're gonna have bluebird days cloudy days rainy days. Let's start the next segment with the conversation about how the weather affects Turkey hunting you're listening to it. Taken it out doors right here in 925 WEB. Here we go welcome back to taken it out doors talking a little Terry Keenan today as we are joined in studio by the state president L president saying. A the national wild Turkey federation his name is Brian got freed. And he is that provided to some good info this morning and we'll continue to do so and that low pressure onion there Brian. Johnston RV country is a proud sponsor this program Tony eight years of creating generations of family fun. And Webster pound Mira and on line edgy art be country dot com. Larry he's massive and build Gray's restaurant. Also has the auction company they have some poll done auctions come in he conceived them it has sneak. Dot com. And Bentley Brothers to vote in Rockport and Albion save a horse riding the vote it Brian springtime Terry Keenan will see. The bride spectrum of Western New York whether. Let's talk a little bit out her out the weather affects Turkey honing. World as sunny day a blue bird sky morning will it be a different than an overcast. It could be. I don't I don't know how to answer that is it it seems like there the real. Thing the things that really affect Turkey honing our wind. And ringing although I would I would. Sometimes don't think rain really affects them much either as far as overcast and son you know it in my dependent temperature. Oh yeah it's been like that the beginning I've opening day I was coming in four inches of snow. I would have killed have a little. Sunlight on the field I did actually that's a it was the start of my town as it was such an open field where and the sun would it in the birds were. Eight they were going for their nine hens came alive but the guy was decided to chase few extra hands another direction but it. That was just that was of deciding factor that morning was where these are easier to go where they can get warm in view of the sun. But for the most part like right now where it's kind of smiled and more myself. I don't know if it makes a difference yes we have. And it was kind of a loaded question now watched an episode. Bill Jordan who. You know real treat guys and they did a whole Turkey episode on bad weather very kinds. And they were killing monsters and driving rain via and you had just found it to be really interesting. That's you know like a setter already that Al hunt every single day in army army tagged out at some point I'm still gonna go take other people I'm still going on every day because I love this. I go out in the rain aglow in the wind. That was my least favorite thing is wind it's new it's really harder impossible to hear turkeys gobble I don't think that they talk that much because they know it's not a an effective. You know. We communicate. Well if you can't ironic I can't hear each other. Right that's union in the you know but then again I've said there with the trees blown over sideways and Henneberg gobble Beatles maybe Exxon flyer of fire operate knew it was going to be there or just our random you know circumstance. What about using aim at like like you know how like will pattern something and bass fishing rules and pick up on something. What about a situation like I'm just sit near like if I know it's been a rainy night. End the weather's gonna break for the day like. In my mind as a novice some sand well after rainy night they're gonna wanna hit a field in the sun and dry out right. I feel that's I say that every time it happens any time it's raining in the evening or rated sunset. I whoever is running with the next day when I'm you I can't be anymore excited and I want nothing more than the hunt turkeys that have been rained on all night. And it's sunny the next morning non. Yes right that you bet and that's why I like him because it makes a more visible. And it when you get to the middle part of the season and later part of the season and leaves around addresses taller. It seems like those birds kind of disappear a little bit you know it had in general we see a lot of turkeys around Turkey season around spring time. But then there's the rest of the year your hardly seemed in my kitchen. During deer season 'cause your in the woods right. Anything they can give me an up and upper hand on those turkeys. Ism is a bonus in my book and if if they're way they do worry you know in those fields and dried off you know they're not gonna walk on into a field with waste IRS that doesn't is that this and you went so. You can find some open Hardwoods. Some logging roads and may not be a field but those birds are going to be in open areas because they're gonna monitor. Our quick quick aside have you seen any funds yet. No in Munich at 3 bucks this morning though with about 45 and use them. No hidden. That's a nice sign you haven't been out too much but I've been asking guys because I haven't seen. I evening you know I live about making the would sell our country so I haven't seen. Seen a lot of activity in that regard but he goods. I don't know if it's earlier normally SE under in Turkey season over the way April was for Pete's sake. Well let's just so. I wolf we've talked about it we probably have do a lot of things in nature happened do for the period. Which is the amount of Ottawa in a time of day and the deer road just slipped Turkey's reading or fish breeding. That happens based on that printed you know temperature and all that can live a little loose swing and things but. For the most part that all happens at the same time and yes this you know we're swirl in the in the first week of may but. Let's talk at the in the next week and you're in somebody's gonna see a phone and then everybody says. All right back to Turkey behind with Brian got freed state president of the national wild Turkey federation joining us in studio this morning. Ty you kind of touched on it there and I've got I want to focus on Sunday you just said talking about that change is going through the season. How does your set up change as we go through and what did you say how does it change from opening day to this point. This year's a little different because like I said opening day at four inches of snow I couldn't rooster bird the night before because there was snow and fog. And here couldn't see any thing was freezing. It was freezing that's why I think the turkeys gobbling. But what's gonna end up happening now is. Specifically in the next week or so you're gonna notice that it went from being. Wide open would lots to it's going to be full fully cheer for Brian and it happens quick everybody you know to salute the leaves are starting to pop. You know things trees are flowering in regard. Next thing you know it's summer time it looks like in that happens. Within the next week and a half hours. He is Brian got freed from the national wild Turkey federation. Odd man out I want you to coach me up on some than this can be exclusive to mean. What do you do when you have a gobble there are right and he's responding to you in not close he's not in range yet. That you located on either seen him or know where he is he's responding. But it will not will not break will not come in on it what are some tips. You can give me for a situation like. Dad you have to you have to. Played to that birds. Personality or his attitude that day if he's answering you'll. But he's just not coming in you keep calling phantom. But eventually you might say to yourself this isn't working he's not moving. Then you have to decide why is that bird moving isn't moving because of a topographical feature. Offense still recall or is it because he's got have what those are the two man main reasons. This early in the season it's pretty safe to assume that he's got hands with a I've been dealing with this all week. Birds gobble good in the tree fly down the gobble on calls. They may even come part of the way but they're not coming all the way. And this morning I'm sorry yesterday morning a changed and that I saw the bird fly out of a tree. And it it it hit the ground in. It was 300 geared yards further away than it was when at the ground within a matter of a minute. And the hand that was roost of nexus and set the tree for probably twenty minutes and responded to everything I did. So I mimicked her for Tony ministry. And that obviously annoyed her enough when I heard her flight down. She kept calling I kept calling and mimicked every note that she head. And she ended up walking right in and then when she was there standing five yards in front of me. Doping like crazy looking for this and that was you know mimicked mimicking her and you know make her mad. And that's when the guy published finally broken decided to come and. I can't figure out men are Turkey Smart or just. The dumbest thing in the woods they really don't want that I can tell you that that are I don't know if they're Smart enough there. Their survival instincts are seen these odd scene you know just pull off a Houdini escape. And then I've seen them scared to walk across a puddle. At any time let's talk about Turkey usually preface it by saying that the only thing that's consistent in Turkey hunting is that nothing is consistent. All right coming up will start the next segment I'm gonna give you a little situation and scenario that happened to meet last weekend when I was on a Turkey Heinz. On the novice you know fled I tried to address some advanced tactics Solomon run that up your flag pole in the next segment. And we'll continue our conversation. As we are about halfway through Turkey season if he had an ad time to get out there. No excuses you still have time we are joined in studio Bob Bryan got freed from the national wild Turkey federation. And we continue next right here in 925 WP. They gained good morning welcome back to take it'd outdoors we are enjoying a conversation about us mentioned under chickens right in the face that's Turkey hunt into people that don't speak yet outdoorsman. We're joined in studio today about Brian Godfrey who I just made really really sad at the end of the last segment. Brian is a state president hammered new York and the national wild Turkey federation. Frequent contributor to the program and we're glad to have him in studio today. This program brought to you by Johnston RV country thirty years of creating generations of family fun and Webster pal Mira. And on line at JRV country dot com. Think he declared he's massive and and build brazen restaurants also has the auction company. And Bentley Brothers to vote it in front porch and Albion save a horse riding the voting yes going into the break at the end of the last segment. I mentioned that were about halfway through Turkey season and Bundy mount. Little bit you'll see it that much yet. I need this third expanding my arrange a need to start honing in the south and the midwest select and start running a little earlier. Do you have a have you ever kill one of their scorer. Turkeys in the United States right we have to eastern you know. Then down in the that the. There's southeast. They have the specifically in this offs in the southern part of Florida for the most part Osce Lola you know that's only in southern Florida the the panhandle of the of eastern no kitten and so moving west we have meridia is no things are Rio Rio Rio Grande OK that's from my native land but I didn't hunt turkeys when I lived there at let's go back. If we can. They are yeah they're so they're pretty much everything west of the Mississippi is a Rio Grande and then when you get up into. The Dakotas Nebraska. Over towards Iraqis you have Miree themselves. Is on Turkey's commentary piece there's very little nuances wish I just tell you I've never hunted and the other sub species it's something that's giving very close to happening but I just haven't yet. Do you do on them a little differently especially those museums they tend to. Beyond its fan morally opening sometimes and I think you know they they've they tend to be bigger groups. L I'm sure you have a tech plays a large part of that let's do that is about yanks and now I mean just say I can't imagine hunt in South Florida Florida where he had certain amount palm meadows yeah exactly I mean and it's pretty bad in palm trees and and those brits down there are notorious for having really long spears and really long beards that lift revoked freezing my off for him off on racks and army. Whatever nice and not yet a Turkey slam that's the big coveted though that that would have that would be a Grand Slam than their super slams and world slams they also have the Gould sub species in Mexico and some of the some of the areas around Texas and it. I'm just trying to slam one in Livingston county Nigeria. And so meant a big help me out here last weekend I know I've learned from me in the past and other guys that I've talked to. Ground Turkey hunt in the you know and it's similar to deer season appear after you know monster but. On the goats hunted those if you want perhaps it you know get around. The mail so I taking your advice on that in I was in the situation. Last Saturday morning and I'm now suns come and I'm doing some soft calling right at first light and I hear a hit an answer and mean rank OK so him comes down. And I she's playing around off to my left front about fifty yards. And I'll do a little soft call you know my amateur calling. In she's responding. Aren't good news and yet she's not coming around some OK okay things and good sense coming up bus or see some black dots across the other side of the field and set up in a corner on the edge right. And I'm at the at this point I'm like to I'd just start built in now with my slate calls loud as I can trying to get these toddlers attention. And I'm probably gonna blow the doors off this pin it's right next to me I don't know what to do. So I just have defined as the ten keeps responding. And I am noticing that Turkey's. The god blurs are focused on him that stock in the me. So I'm talking to this ten with my eyes set on these turkeys in its work it. For about three minutes it is they just got so one point they just weren't coming. You have a decoy I did. You have MD could Hindi Kool Aid and Jake Africa is that a bad strategy. I don't think so. But it could be. Posse always Dotson to go with that they Jake just because I thought you didn't warrant. You wanted to you want to think that the real Turkey. Can kick your. But yet I'm assuming you're a public you have a full stroke treat you know notably after ranks for exactly. That's. I've been using one this year. I've had Jake's circle it and spend twenty minutes thirty minutes literally circling the JT Floyd. I haven't had him actually heated up yet but that's the idea you want your. The most inferior. Intruder in the in the field or in the would lie so that none of the governors mayors are intimidated by. You're situation in particular. They may have been. They may have been some subordinate birds there in the you know there's there's. Mature birds around and they just want to Angel didn't give it good enough look or maybe they've done enough fighting within wanna do anymore maybe there were hands that you couldn't see there was we're closer to them. Now it does your Colleen strata and I I know we talked about how you're set up strategy changes but it is calling calling throughout the season there should use DB mindful of different approaches. As we move through the season. I pretty much do the same thing all year and you know it's it's this situation rule it's a response to each situation really unified. Blake you had that and your rice you do wanna call real loud. That happened to me with that and that I called off the roost yesterday morning when she got in I didn't make of people and then she was looking for mean she was calling a lot slide and. Have to call but then she can we gave up the lost interest and I was nervous that those dollars and turn around and walk away so that I couldn't they work within eyesight and she was she kinda went into feeding mode and she was about. Thirty yards away so I started soft and I Yelp the couple times and she she got tall looked at me and she might yell back porch or toys and ensure effective feedings so I got a little louder and then moved. The governor responded. And she didn't really pay any attention so I was full on calling his louder she was when she was five yards in front of me. And making discovers respondent and they ended up showing up there we never did get a shot at him but I do if she had run off. I would have been too mad about it because as long as the governors were still responding. Into the living wage what you risk is scaring her spooking them and in she runs towards the birds your attempting to call him and it takes them with her you're never gotten them back. Probably not two days ago I caught I had a coyote in front of me and he ran through the birds and they can they continued ago. I got there and Apatow related to. Yeah they've been this do you see channel's pretty collegiate showed me video before we came on the air here. Of this this him growling like like a little should sue or something yeah I don't know what to make hours that's why I videotape to resign. Whose interest things as it was like she was trying to curb she couldn't yeah growl it was weird man it sounded like a little angry lap dog is something of this the most odd sound I've ever heard and that's what it is maybe she was mad looking for that and then that was hearing reports I don't know. I've heard women talk worse than that personally. Then in the next segment Al wants you to give me some tips also. One thing you know the difference between you and means there's a wide but your room and act. Active. Turkey honor I've had the ball to my success being passive. Turkey hunters like you're running gun and I'm more of setup and what I think is a good percentage area from. And I hope I get lucky I've done a lot more. Why and honing this here and in the past we that I thought I would but it's it's because I'm adapting to. Let's get into that the next segment he is brain Godfrey stayed president of the national wild Turkey federation joining us in studio this morning. They have a family fun day coming up in July will talk about that the next segment. And much more right here taken an outdoors on 925 WEB. 8 friends good morning welcome back to taken it out doors we are joined in studio today by the national wild Turkey Federation's. President. Of the State of New York Brian got freed is in studio today Brian's frequent contributor. Did the program and is always a valuable last says. There in Turkey season and today's program made possible by Johnston RB country thirty years of creating generations of family fun. And Webster pal Meyer. And online at JRV country that time. Think you have flared he's massive and bill graves restaurants also has the auction company and Bentley Brothers have voter. And Rockport and Albion save a horse. Writing to vote. Brian here enacted thirteen under on the passive Turkey hunter. And and what I'm trying to say is he you know running gun in your mobile in the woods. I find I'm more successful is fun. Hunkered down you know I've never been successful. Chase in a bird to the woods trying to cut line off I've tried. I think it's fun. I just haven't been successful at any bird I've ever harvested has been out of a ground blind or you know natural cover featured on the ground. What letters some tips you can give people it's. I mean visage this isn't like deer hunting is it that simple I mean you said should be coy is out there and wait what what's what senses some good strategy you can give me. Yeah this setting IndyCar is out and wait that that's more what years. Accustomed to years and scalp and have a good idea where those birds are where they're going. And set up. I'm there row and and hopefully intersect them. I I always strive for that to go for sure thing you know try to ruse to burn the night for the try to find 1:1 thing in the morning. If that does that doesn't work so I just walk around until I find one it did it's it's an aggressive. Formally you're saying. You know the way I look at it is a menace are walking through the woods my innocence and Turkey's. Yes because they don't always respond to your calls but if they're not responding to make calls she is the deal I've had a lot of I have a lot of property part. I can afford too injured to walk around and I can spoof those turkeys that trend make nor is out just fine when I look I wanna find on the won't play the game. If I didn't have a lot of land so conflict I don't have a lot of land on here in the Rochester so I have to be a little conservative and I you've. Some of the mornings this season already have backed out. Because I didn't wanna screw up for the next day and I take what I learned that morning. And apply tomorrow rather than saying all right we'll go find one that's willing to play and I go walking through forty acre would lie in sports attorney asked and it. In other areas where I have a lot more land to tune to Rome I'm only gonna go look for the ones that wanna play the game and by that I mean. I'm gonna stop and call. I'll call three or four times that might wait five minutes among only wait a minute depending on the situation I just don't feel that I'm moving around. I used to walking good ways I've learned noticed a slowdown and to call every. 10200 yards it depends on your train it's fairly flat and fairly open you can kind of stretch it out. Leader in the season when the leaves come on the trees he calls the lowest far you can hear you got older if they're further away so. You got it you got to tighten up your calling. In even if you do trying to pinpoint it. Right you know in the beginning of the season Turkey's always sound. Blake they're really close but they end up being far away because there's nothing in between you began and then as the season moves on they sound further away so you walk more and then you know pumping the burden because there really weren't that far ways has been muffled by the foliage. Among. Not Jerry. You're pretty lazy Turkey hunter always start out in the blinder hunkered down somewhere. And in an area that I know is conducive to haven't turkeys there's meters from prior experience in the woods or from scouting and re staying. The night before. And I'll sit there. 8 o'clock and it's now been happening. I get on the and I start run and around taxes I'm not big on moving mob binding to a different a lot of care of liner in the woods but what is I did it the other way around. Like did you do I mean I guess that doesn't make sense I was seeing start out on foot and in and then hit the blind. And it's a lot of sense if you know if you have Lou. Spyware you think those turkeys and a mid day yeah leave your blind there that are in or just have the planned to. Set your blind up their mid morning and I've I've killed. A lot of turkeys and I believe conventions say that that the majority of the birds that I've. Shop or been a part of being shot have come after 9 o'clock and the majority may even be between 10 and 12 o'clock it's. That's a that's a prime time it is too strict open goblins is. He's there's a good chance that and he was with in the morning but pulled him away from you. They've all been bred for the day and they're all off to their own mess to leave their eggs for the day and that traveler gets lonely. One of those exact match when he days after this hour incubation. Now it's somebody's week has a week's down make you me one turn the radio down or appears serial killer you may wanna turn the radio. How do you clean room patty clean the Turkey is shy. Laid and it's back. And separate the bye in the highest point that Turkey wants flame out spam. And separated fathers. Sometimes it'll just be void of feathers there's a little round. And might look like softball or baseball. And make a slit with a knife there I did two fingers from each hand in there. And pull it apart just like towards the wings dad I'd do it just like a goose yeah if you've cleaned of the burdens of services by the united I. I clean the Turkey the same way the unit but. You have been I got ideal that government tax impairments that's why got a nice sand mountain instead although we usually densely you're gonna mouth rinse. You have to be a little more careful if you're gonna mount the birdie there is it was my first one you know your first division. He thing unseen here and lie whatever it is is usually pretty special and yet. So I shot does this Jake right as my first Terry Keon Obama's I'm so proud. I get their take on the uptake shares have breasted out in the field then goes straight to the attacks of fairness Indies like fan mounted is betting that the now what I got and live and learn is all about and learned. Two battling those full strike mounts are really expensive so I was probably doing mine you're different doesn't do personal favorite O'Brien Allan thank you for coming in today man not only is Brian a heck of a Turkey -- here and serves as state president for the national wild Turkey federation you know probably New York chapters. But he's a heck of a bass angler have you a penny to any. Well Lou means they're SMBs yet this year no idea comes into focus Gunter adding that monster season's over and give into it's being good man I've hit Kenny anxious. Probably. Four times over the last two. Two and a half weeks. And it's been good man there in shallow their stage in and I. I terror really aggressive right now I'll say it on the air astounding before seven northern Thai. I'm not Tuesday of this week. Just with the same crane may he's in his time here to be fishing do you have in you don't have to be good it's awesome and it's why I absolutely love it it'll get it and now while you can because in the middle of the summer when things that appreciate the days theater really look at them. On the dog days July early August says when you're begging for a mightily with somebody please and a Lackey winners and if anything. O'Brien things good luck to you out of the woods man were always grateful for you coming in here coach in this. Teaching us all this stuff about Turkey hunting you guys have agreed and then come and nine in July on the Tony eight. The national while Terry keyed at federations namely funding what can people expect there we're gonna have little bit. Briefing we're gonna have archery BB guns. We're gonna do some skeet shooting was shotguns. And we're gonna have. We'll have a few vendors there with outdoor. Stuff in general hum we're I have biologists there for. If you're landowner and you wanna know how to manage your property for or wildlife whether it's for hunting or otherwise. Like habitat in handy as an agreement they're gonna have to echo would walk took thing in and and hope people. You know given tips for. Managing there there. Leon's. We also we're gonna it's gonna turn into a barbecue and we're gonna have a live band at the end of the night have little you know campfire settings. You put your band yet because I got to cover band Newman in the new maniacs at what stood and we do all eighties hair metal. I hope that's what exactly clear what can Florida. But I I do wanna say that if you're listening to this and you you're not honored that the you're the person that we're looking to have it attracted this event we. You know the people that come from hunting families are the ones that are gonna are many ways and we really need to reach out and if you are you're at all curious about. Shooting whether it's guns are Bos or if you're curious about hunting or just getting outside and enjoying the enjoying nature and in trying something new it's worth a shot you know it's. There's been good five dollar registration fees. You can find more information about the event FaceBook page dorm finished with a look up and didn't TF New York. You signs of that. That's awesome and it's their you know nominee do you know again. National while Turkey Federation's family fun day is July 28. As you know look for all live in busy lives so I'll go to the FaceBook page and I'll share it. On the WD. Brigade is every couple weeks leading up to the event. And it's funny how we came full circle talking about maturing young hunters and Leo in the program with that conversation and and it's comes up again as part of your family fun day again is Brian got freed national wild Turkey federation the state president. Right here in New York. And men I'm always grateful for your time hero is a fantastic guests have a good one they threw him.