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Sunday, June 3rd

Taking It Outdoors - Monroe County Offshore Classic

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8 folks good morning welcome to taken it out doors gonna talk a little salmon and Trout fishing today as we welcome and some local. The charter captains into the studio please welcome from class a sport fishing to the program back to the program. Captain Matt French good to see it now. More and more germ. I want to thank you for the rope assist a couple of weeks ago my kidneys his leg that was out luncheon my vote in there's some did standing on the dock I guess notice that was half a little trouble. Instead they out grab those roads sand holy crap that was captain Mac did disease again now you're welcome you're welcome. Also in studio once again frequent contributor to the program from crazy yankees sportfishing Rick hi Jacqui I you've been rates. I'm great thanks for having me again no prop men. From what I hear from other guys that do what you do fission is great once again this year yes Serena. Fantastic best I've seen in thirty years I mean I hate gays are today. Now go ahead yet know we've had some some great catches up there we've got a really strong class of two year old fish out there are so. The future looks very brightly cancer. That's good our members last year when you guys were in about this time that Lake Ontario the water was really high and that's saw that we were hearing about and you know I was among those like yes sorry about the property damage bit deficient is awesome. So it's as good. Are better than I. Thank you I think it's better than last year and last year was. Was really really so I mean you're talking to guys that have thirty. Thirty years on Lake Ontario on their saying this is some of the best spring fishing there piracy. Most fantastic what Imus being the charter businesses Berman you guys and Sam busy. There absolutely absolutely a lot of people are in now to enjoy it I'm in the words get now that the fishing is really dude I mean the weather hasn't been so great on the weekends but we've been still been able to get out. Word were busy charter and but it's also great to see we are on the weekday did you see him you know flotilla is out there so the words to get Malick matches said. And people are actually using the resource and joining. Club invited the guys in today to promote the bell Monroe County off shore classic they were in this time last year. I've talked enough the event and it's gonna be held on June 30 and now this is the second incarnation of this tournament drugs. Then last year was home run. Questar were really well in over forty votes in the tournament and official was pretty decent and now what else. So we. Like Rick said the fishing was was really give Nadal. We had some big boxes the kings they came and unfortunately I didn't have a big boxer king's I just had little guys. By and we head the participation was fantastic. What you previews previously said about the high water level. They Canon put a damper on some of the directives that we have available. Like people made the most of it and showed up for those first year was I was really pleased with how many people short. Yeah I was encouraged to incas I remember if I remember correctly from our conversation. Like him we had been with out. Host being turn a man of this nature for many years and and that's kind of sad because were world class destination. People come from all over the country in the globe to fish for the salmon and Trout in our area. Again the Monroe County offshore classic coming up June 30 going to be held out of Shrum Wayne marina. Fantastic and we are joined in studio that is captain Matt French from classy sport fishing. Also captain Rick and Jackie is in studio with this he's from crazy. Yankee sportfishing. So how many votes are we anticipating this year he always evident lol John that next year people want to see if he would no Richard Allen. Yeah I I think we're gonna at least get as many as we have glacier possibly some more bomb. Especially with the it's not. Right on the fourth of July right close to where it's a few days before. And also like I said earlier the water levels pretty conducive I mean the the Genesee river right now is completely load a pleasure boats and and people are actually getting out and enjoying a soul. What's so the competition field like Greek I'll ask you this is our the bulk of the competitors charter captains like you guys pro fishing teams you get a lot of Weekend Warriors and ball some for everybody here. Actually that is not as many charter business terms with. I think a lot of guys. Don't wanna show him sometimes we've got a decent group the guys in Russia that charter that are proficient at turner put this tournament last year. Hold from all over Lake Ontario so we had Bocelli came down from so this important day we had both sick came down from sandy creek oak orchard. So we had. We have some great pull this about last year we're kind of expecting the same. Now. If you wanna get involved in the Monroe County off shore classic let's first of borrowing period that's direct people to get signed up if you wanna get in on the competition here. I encourage you to go find the guys FaceBook page Munro county offshore classic it's super easy to find. He can send a direct message that's one of the captains. On that page in the give back tears for registration or you can email. Captain Matt French from classy sport fishing directly. His email address is doomed CSO. 666. At Rochester. Dot RR dot com look NN what's it cost to get in this thing. It's okay it's 200 dollars to get in. Bomb and just like last year we take a portion of every country and we donated to a charity. And who you who it's a charity this year we decided yet did mercy flight I remember right last year it was mercy flight last year we're gonna try to do a different one every year so this year is. Dream factory in victory. I grade outfit and dad there are many couldn't have picked better outfit there they they definitely do great work. All that's fantastic. So we're gonna have more votes this year though let's talk about the competition. In the break down this is salmon and Trout how do we compartmentalize. This. This. Bomb and what their competitors are allowed to weigh in it's it's five fish. Only one of those five fish can be only throw. All the other fish have to be of New York State legal size. When you come to the weigh in stations to weigh in your catchy can only have five fish in your cool. So you know we did that. Trying to protect LH wrote you know Tuesday. They pretty much hang in the same water column. Make it a little bit more competitive for guys to Guan catch fish. But it's also not a huge box of fish that regular Joseph people on the weekend can go out and compete as well. So Mets Matt mentioned weigh in real quick so like Libby said earlier determine is on June 30 which is Saturday and for some reason we have whether. And we're not a lot of fish were moved to Sunday which is July 1. That being said Nguyen starts at 3 o'clock Eric someway marina up on the hill Sonia Poland and Senator McCain left and gone over to the bar you go straight. And we'll be right up on the hill and that's with a win will be in last year we had a really great crowd watched us play efficiently and a couple of news stations that showed up in. And video some of that. And if you are looking for any fresh salmon Trout there will be plenty there free take home I'm sure. Nobody can but the catch but that's on as accurate answer. Lou lame and I your buddy Lucas Faulkner I just happened to be added bald eagle Marino one day last year and he was an attorney men's like. You read some of this puzzling. The man loaded up the color I went home with his. It this prize catch of the day there. That's very good again if you just joining us we are joined in studio today by captain Matt drenching captain Rick and Jackie. Side and captain mats from classy sport fishing captain Rick is from crazy Yankee sportfishing we're promoting the second. Annual I guess we can call it Monroe County. Offshore classic it was a fantastic event last year in the guys are looking to improve on it this year now I know these tournaments derbies would have. Incarnation they are no matter what species they are. It's a lot of work you know there's guys that you show up pay their money and station have fun and that's great that's what they are all about. But a lot of work has to be done on the administrative and and I guess that's where I you guys in the mineral canny charter association. Guy comes into play but these things don't happen without sponsors and so Fiona take an opportunity to acknowledge some of them please feel free. All first off I just to correct you real quick it's the business the Genesee charter boat association. And not everybody has a boat to go on here and in not do this type fishing. I'm so our organization has I want to say probably upwards of thirty or forty charter boats. And in the in the area you can look up. So if if you wanted to be involved in the tournament please don't have the equipment of the vote. You can go to this website. Call a few captains you've got some bodies get three or for bodies together. And Tom you want appears determined on the boat. So. That we did a nice taste of salmon and Trout fishing in term fishing on the same day. Armed soldiers one throw that out there those first sponsors go we're gonna go we go we've got a lot of sponsors that are returning. For the second event but I wanna just throw out some that are local Dan did George and the George ceilings is is one of the local sponsors. We've got. This USA which is an on line tackle website you can now buy from. We also have Richie Lucas and his law firm that's been non kittens and Lucas they're coming back. We've got bill grace stepping up to the plate to reach redoubt in Greece stepping up to the plate amigo pizza so there's there's a bunch of different restaurants bars and local companies that are definitely. That's good stuff bill Grey's loves the fishing community they sponsor this year as well that I love their Amber's missing who does he didn't. The world's greatest tyrant we continue the conversation about the Monroe County sure classic next it's a one day salmon and Trout tournament based right here and our own backyard. Happening on June 30 we talk more about it next right here on the beach. Patrons good morning welcome back to taken it out doors were having a conversation today about the Munro county offshore classical one day. Salmon and Trout German based right here in our own backyard. And it will go down on June 30 there is still time for you to register. We'll get that information to you I hear again and shortly. This morning's program and brought to you by Johnston Harvey country build grades restaurants. Clerides Massa then and Bentley Brothers. To vote and Rockport and Albion save a horse. Radical vote we're joined in studio today buys them. Charter captains from our area we had captain Rick it's Jackie from crazy Yankee sport French fishing. And we also had the captain Matt friends from class in any sport fishing the geysers. Among that group that spearheads this tournament which is in its second year and they're looking to bill. On the success of last year's tournament you know one thing I'm never asked you guys what's your journey in tangling baggage he did stored. Didn't come out the womb a charter cap then tell me captain Rick how you ended up in your profession. So my father hadn't my brother and I out of Lake Ontario at the age of 567 years old soul. I've been fishing out there for over thirty years. I guess as I got older and my. Early teens I was pretty much my father's alarm clock on the weekend so. In Niger about a bad break them up addressed and we were headed out to pick up the boat which restored my grandmother's house we got there. Graham who was walking out with two bags wegmans bags full of Camby and and food. And then we spent the day on the boat so bomb. So basically I'm in my fathers who got me involved in this. So little Manges specialize. And efficient vaguely presented us with dated that's what he did say he he did that when I got turned eighteen I bought my own boat. Which was a bass boats of them from about the age eighteen to 25 and started to do more bass fishing bass fishing tournaments. Fist at the state level for a few years and then. It's when he finally got my Kansas license started charter business and that's where I started fishing salmon Trout tournaments. And started running charters and interest pretty much took over violence in Montevideo. Now loyal why did you get bored with the bass annoy a lot of guys did that fish like you guys fished database for the little time in bass fishing. But is it not as much of a challenge. You know best fishing was fun especially. Drive anomaly X 67 miles an hour that bass boat and and they sure do look sexy towed behind a truck that matches that. But when you're out on the bass boat you're you're out there by yourself for maybe you're with one other person and to me the salmon Trout thing you're on a boat with four to 67 people out there it's. You're relaxed you have a good time to drink in your heat and when your best fission accounts that are rider and the consulate casting its leader is your. When I used to best usually stoic timeout eat anything was when I was rip them up to the next spot yet. So. It's just more social that's kind of like deer hunting verse is talk content Brett I get so. I really enjoy the camaraderie on the boat and let's be honest my used to go for his best tournaments. These big gas the lodging the turn and fees everything came out of my pocket. With salmon Trout tournaments and they don't I can be expensive. Especially when you're the only efficient state turn up in shape champ plainly George we've got a four hour drive and hotels. But with salmon Trout tournaments are out there with our our team typically consist of five people how to split expenses. You've got constant conversation on the boat and it's just. Islam or fund. Is salmon and Trout fishing more of I chess game like is it more of I think demands fishing designer would bass fish and he know your patterns you know and I mean you know the lake should fish you know I'm gonna catch on one of these seven ways that today. But it out on the big lake isn't more of a thinking man's game. So with senate and the differ between bass and salmon Trout bass typically relate to structure. With the exception of some of the lakes down south of the blue back Herring in there are more of a fist at Rome's round policies. Blue back Herring schools up here in the state appear not New York it's weeds rock stocks and made me just associate themselves structure. Lake Ontario salmon Trout fishing is all about her and water temperatures there they're just a alleged mistress when all over the place. And they're going with. With the thermal Klein's own phone in the school's debate so it's just a little bit. It's a little bit tougher to to dial the men and this because you had a Monday it has mean you're gonna have the next day. It's just there's always sums always changing it's making it tough so it's it's never the same day we get out there. He is captain Rick had Jackie from crazy yankees sportfishing Republican forum on line that don't have an enemy Casey Yankee sportfishing back on yes daughter remembered that from my previous appearances. Now captain met French don't speak for 12 you escaped the biography. Portion of of this segment. What's your story you grew up here right they'll open Barack sisterhood introduced you insufficient bug made users sick and twisted angler reforming today. Bomb much like brick my dad he took me out is. As a kid. We he would tie me into the boat though when I was at toddler going on the boat that was as his. Weekend to get away I hear that David get away let it take me along my brother. And Nam I fished the very first a slow back in the seventies with the men. Went to Michigan Lake Michigan finished over there. And ever since then every family vacation we had. From when I was a kid and so I moved out of the house has all been geared around fishing weather was. You know going down to Florida and fish and salt water and Venezuela one you're. You know going to Disney and fish in the bass and Disney which I've done a bunch of times we're going to the Thousand Islands we used to go to the Thousand Islands all time. And then. You know I started getting into you know taken my friends out salmon fishing and Mike annoyed. Gas is getting expensive valiant men and the equipment isn't cheap then. In those morbid challenges of of taking people out there it had no idea that this resource was in our day care. And to this day I still get people from the area that have lived here their whole life. Never even knew there was salmon in the way can never knew it was that much fun to go. And they don't understand that we probably have one of the best salmon fisheries in the entire country. When you think a sand and rethink some Alaska and they've got a few rivers have produced some real slobs. But for the most part that fishery is on the decline in their closing those fisheries off because are getting horrible returns from the ocean. Feel Michigan there have a decent mystery still but as far as numbers and size go Lake Ontario is probably one of the top salmon fisheries in the country. Now our crown jewel of salmon in his that you note in the code around here rank position rules that's that's the one that grows the biggest and fastest twice the artist I mean if if a call hole worth 1134 years and get to that thirty pound mark. They would thrasher Chenault but that just doesn't happen your typical call us. Right now fifteen to twenty inches and they come fall time will be ten or twelve pounds went on those are your two. Most common salmon you finally. Ontario why did those thrive here. In the others down just. Habitat like you said would mean I don't know I just like other lakes are probably known for other salmon might what is it about Lake Ontario that so conducive. To the Chenault. We've got some you know it is as much as people don't like the dirty water. You know the high water last year all that rain brought a lot of nutrients into the lake. We've got the algae blooms on Lake Erie which nobody wants to talk about put all of that is good for your for for your food chains so you've got your bottom levels your food chain. And then it just starts going up so that phosphorus level that nutrients. In the water. Really help the bait fish we've got a great basis for at least right now and it just you know it just goes rep chain him and that's why we have such great pressure. When fission is your business do you ever go out just for the holiday just to have fun not for work are you still able to do that. Why do I am solely due to in his qualify you have like. Say have a trip on a Saturday and I have a Friday evening off. A lot of times what I'll do is jump in the poke while try to find fish for the next morning. Get him get an idea where there are and then command in this way carts down I'm a little bit of hunting time and Irsay. On Monday night there I jumped in the boat run over its mobile Barbara 6 o'clock. And I showed back up my front door is it's 5:30 the next morning and never never batted an iron fist on the right. And the guys I think I'm living the dream I think I've got the best jab at its eye on the come way down the list nine maybe attacks in that you guys are definitely. That the top of that we're joined in studio by captain mats French. He is from class a sport fishing if you look at for him online with your website man thought classy sport fishing doctor am I probably gonna figure that out and candidates reacted Jackie next in on the other voice you hear in the studio from crazy yankees sportfishing. Tech crazy Yankee sport fishing that time. I somebody's just award joining us they probably missed on the information on Monroe County offshore classic that is coming up. So let's kind of read recap that in the beginning of the next segment. And continue our conversation about these salmon and Trout that happens next right here on the beach patrons welcome back to take in and out doors and joined in studio this morning by some local charter boat captains we have captain Matt trench from class say sportfishing. Also captain Rick it's Jackie from crazy Yankee sportfishing we're letting everybody know about the Monroe County offshore classic this morning. A one day salmon and Trout tournament right here in Monroe County. This morning's broadcast made possible things that Johnson RV country thirty years creating generations of family fun and Webster in Elmira. And online at JRV country that guns. Think you'd do a great restaurants also flared he's massive and instantly brother's devoted in Rockport and Albion. Save a horse ride it to vote yes. The Monroe County off shore classic one day salmon and Trout tournament in Monroe County. At that somebody's just joining did the program missed the first segment only gave out to be tells when he as one of the the that in a nutshell real quick. Yup it's the oh Blix said one Dade Trout and salmon tournament the top of the ports of Rochester and Iran according pay. Bomb it's five fish total only one electro. 200 dollars to get in. Her bowl. Many guys is you want in the bowl. And fifty dollars of each entry goes to a charity and archer he is Rick dream factory dream factory. It's us. So this is an opportunity fur salmon and Trout anglers of all skill levels. To get involved it's you want more information Anchorage you define their FaceBook page is probably the easiest that. Go to phase could just search Monroe County offshore classic and it pops right out. And you can send a direct message there if you wanna get in a on this action. Now with that pay outs and this event. The off just have a predetermined number spy chief pay out or will that growth with the number. Entries that yet. It's about. What I want one out of every four entries its it's great yeah we're we're we're shoot net at least at least ten payouts this year I mean there's that. Obviously all the puns and how many votes weaken and thought I'd like to CA it is time and gunboats this year. So what would approximately. He had just throw and number two so I can be envious what's the winner gonna go homeless well short of the 2000. That's all right that's a good day compensation for sure Bernadie efficient. Now one thing job I'm always I always admired about you guys have fish the big lake he really. And I know you don't have to beat but a lot of the really talented successful guys really have mastered. There electronics. And that is just something in it that I can't get to hang I got the fancy crap. And I don't know what the heck am look in and I can see bottom I can see grass I gotta side scan I don't know what the heck I'm going on. How do you guys it just trial in there how do you get the hang of it is just time spending with that because once you really learn how to league use your electronics. It puts in a whole different category right. Yeah we've got differ electronics for all we do verses one Tabasco I have. Might have on his post we've got electronics or give us. Speed and water temperatures speed because were trolling or constantly moving so we wanna hit that writes Peter whatever speed works for our our spread. Water temperatures very crucial ones is the thermal plants that's up in the in the summertime. That's for your you'll find a lot of your bait fish in your predators are going to be very far behind those. So so temperatures very important around there but as far as your fish undergoes its. We don't use a lot of the down inside imaging like they do and all I am bass fishing caused when I look at the structure and that's really what that's fours looked infrastructure. Words issues you are traditional sonar which is a a comb that shoots down. And you'll see arches on your graph and then indicates. Official. So will you just head to a specific area you know it's on or will you just drive around until you notice activity. Yes on airboats we've got transistors that are pretty much. Through the hole the ball and on the transom so we can run around 152020. Miles an hour and we can mark. Bait fish pots as a bait fish. The school up and they treat this big blob and fish finder so. We can run around until we start market those and you start marking day like I said the predators are we too far behind them. And you can tell by looking at certain types of day. On your screen whether there are predators around or not so when we've got. Based so under fish finder you've got different levels of intensity on the colors. So let's say for this example red is the strongest return on your fish trying to when you've got a pot a day that's bright red. But big doesn't partners around as they just they ball laughs they make themselves look bigger. So we can tell by looking at that cloud abate that there's probably some salmon or Trout there if you got a club date that's really loose in the returns aren't as thinkers are smaller fish. So let's say in this case. I'm blue might be the weakest return and it's blue and they did this really doesn't look like it's ballclub. There's probably that much around that so we just keep going. Yet they're not there but seats are clinched breast so when you find this big ball that's it's monster do you try to get your beat. In the middle of that ball and run with standard you fish behind it. You wanna be right and you wanna be right where right around that they see one of to the good news of the day we'll hang around thermal line so you wanna put your a few bits above with a few days below the few dates that it's we've got. Multiple down murders are on the bowl which basically you hook a heavy lead ball to it and you can send them ball down the whatever. What ever doubt you want whether it's 2037. Your hard fought however your marking fish in a large or bring allure down to that area. That's crazy man I mean me as a basket I mean if I catches fish in 27 feet of water on track I mean add it. You know go to the deepest depths for this thing so it just blows me away the debts in which you guys station house seasonally with the Sam and how do you captain Matt. I'd during the summer date they tend to go deeper rally I think made that transition already know that we're getting the warmer weather place not employee. Not quite dead the other day there was get numb. In the top fifty feet of water it was still cold the water is. But look like he's the later on in the summer you're gonna get him relatively deep. I mean I've caught him down as deep as. 14050. Feet down I've taken Fisher and over has taken them deeper than that. Bomb by. You're you're looking for a that their colder water. And it also depends on the the time of the day to bite first thing in the morning those fish may be up out of temperature and they may be feeding animals bait fish like Rick said. The balls abate that are all. Mash together as a defense mechanism that's one of the big things but later in the day is the fish become negative and less active. They tend to drop down in the water column and that's where you'd have to move your base. Here and it because in New York State. The salmon fishery Lake Ontario whether it's summer on the lake or fall on the river. Pretty much drives and more lice fishing places are sold because of the salmon fishery in new York and it pretty much anything else. So hard to beat RDC is really starting to study wanna understand what these salmon are doing. And we've got tags on them that are giving us 200 data and it's nothing for salmon and go sit down on the bottom and 45600. Water. When mayor not eating so. You know once summer comes and if you wanna go on this deep salmon you definitely do an author. Are dumb question of the day brought to you by Johnson RV country. Is tension has tagged fish like tuna banded water now. That's more where I think yeah you'd catch a fist as a pentagon right now would be. I mean. Want her to get caught a year and not tell them not taking a lot of fish die area so have you ever caught on tape fish Rick I caught a tagged fish from the critter ever it was a steal that that was materially you know. And Z just like a little needles they stick and let the barn and it's like a little looks so drop shot later some. Yup so that one wasn't that was done by the it wasn't done by the American candidate was more private club that did that tagging but now we've got. Yemen are in the DC working together on the salmon tags in these are actually the size of maybe. I don't know. Little bit. But the size were those floating key chains you know you put your boat key right. And it's that it's attached the salmon and after two years of pops off floats up and it shoots Agee GPS signals over and they go on the ground. But. Lake Ontario is littered with transmitters as well there doing all I studies and all other types of studies are retired official inspired this. This little this little lot transmitter and records and then they go out and they receive through the the thick of these transmitters in the record data so they are doing a lot of he studies only. And morality out on the water I don't know half of that stress going on that's great I take all that stuff for granted that it's awesome note that this that's happening there. I'm in studio with captain Rick did Jackie from crazy yankees sportfishing also captain Matt trench from class a sport fishing. We're promoting this year's us. Monroe County offshore classical one day salmon and Trout tournament right here our own backyard at a chum Wayne marina. Yes it will go down on June 30 fiasco at the time for one more segment I'd love to throw a couple more us salmon and Trout questions that did he get time. And it's so we can do that next straight year nanny to five WBE. A friend's good morning welcome back to taken it out doors it shows we do each and every Sunday morning and all about hunting and fishing and camping anything under the sun. As long as you enjoy it and it happens outside. It is topic of conversation. On this program today talk a little salmon and Trout fishing we are very excited. Byrd the Munro county offshore classic to return a one day salmon and Trout internment at a sham wave marina. On June 30 if you wanna get in on this competition. And it is a wonderful event this benefits that dream factories. And some great competition. Great camaraderie. And all things come to seeing great event if you wanna get more information on it. Thanks very jaded business face that page for the Munro Kenny offshore classic. You can also email directly captain Matt trend. From classy sport fishing is email address write this down. I MC SO 666. At Rochester. Dot RR. Dot com so that that road runner address on no sir hang in on data death grip on and bad boy. At three that is captain Matt French from classy sport fishing. Online easy classy sport fishing dot com also in studio with this today mentioned before captain Rick a Jackie you can find them online. And it crazy Yankee sportfishing. Dot com can you guys tell me about this seasonal changes in a Sammons diet can you walk me through the calendar year. On like oh let's just are right now what are they chomping on. Either there or start to feed and I I caught some always smelter and on the other day bomb and then there are starting to. Didn't choose the L wives that are out there from some smaller allies are getting caught earth did not taken out of the fish now. That I've seen armed. Steel. What we have steal that they'll be out eating bugs off the surface we get a little fog had child only. They'll be off the surface probably one of my favorite ways to fish for steel that is off the surface offshore and time your brakes and stuff. Bombs record UC when you're pulling your. Upper west we're at right now is in Niagara county we're gonna lot of animal signers in the co host in the steel and so that's another. Forge base out there and then in shore if you're around some of the bays like around quite. Soda sport day so your Trout your browns rounds of a buried because your chair. Very good another dumb question that's too dumb questions of the day. Can you guys speak I mean do you have any experience stations and the northern shore of Lake Ontario is that a different ball of wax up there Victoria that we do down here. Yeah an actual way I finished. I fished this week go and up that way hum. You know the northeast part of of delay Q official over in Canada oh there bomb I know there's a tonic current up on the east and the delay. And you gotta be ready for some big waves up that I and also the fishermen. As far as the North Shore goes right fish. Basically about the sun relate to the west's home near the Toronto area. They've got a much different fishery are there it's it's basically just a salmon fishery there. They don't have the trust issues we have down in New York in New York you can go on is what any port you can target brown Trout lake Trout steelhead salmon. Obama nor shorts just a salmon by and it can be one of the best sound bytes of the season up there that's where they go in the summertime that's a lot of Amare. Cooler water up there that's where they hang out the North Shore before they make her journey back to do their spawning ritual. But the nor shores the foreign Fisher. Com Clinton legacy some how much of the pain in the butt is it to get legal. To fish that sadly. It's really not that toughest us across my vote to call. Customs you answer your questions as long as you don't have any bad boys on here. I your boat they don't really. Most of the he can have a day camp from al-Qaeda or anything like and they can now utilize up their souls your buddies had a DW I don't bother going. That's you know I've heard that you're not the first person I've been there. Heard mention that how many lines you allowed to have in the water does it does depend on how many guys are in the vote Thursday just X amount SO. So it's three lines per person New York State that is legal. But I don't think there's many guys that are even taking advantage of that and it's great if you get two guys in the vote. You can run six rounds but on a typical charter we've got four people the captain and me. To me I don't run more than a proper in the summertime when they get twisted fair but yeah I mean these salmon don't just. Hit big comment and you when you catch a salmon that's it's pretty it's an pretty epic battle. That they they strike. I've had him take seven or 800 feline out before they even stopped after the initial strike. There man you've got to battle back they take second and third runs this time a year when you're coaching in the top fifty. Because the water so called there's very spotty so bill I have one passed a vote on Sunday. We have to turn the boat in he just gave us all sorts of held back to a vote. Now do you just put something different on each each line to give them a variety and you'll see with their heads and then you'll maybe go to that how does your strategy worked there as far as. What AG which are trolling list. Absolutely I I'm I'm a match that hatch guy I don't I think. You know even Guam by a million different colored movers. I look at what they're reading if they're reading. In sum the with a little bit agreed that it you know green is always might go to Collard greens over. Black and white black console or something like that I'll start off with that. And then if there and I get chewed it that I go to it you know it you have your secular lineup here your plan B. Bombs second string. So I like the polish leaders second string out. And as soon as it's used start getting chewed on one spoon the military which spoons didn't get chewed here. Maybe I try to switch it out so it's something similar to that. Now you guys I just admire a year your expertise soon and this fact that your competent enough to say hey man you pay me money eminent take Q out and get on fish. If I had that skill I wouldn't be sitting in this room with a used to today I would be. Promoting a fishing tournament somewhere so I just did admire that that skill set that you guys have. It wasn't always easy though and I started I mean it was there would bug into early on session now. You know I think I've built enough confidence up where's that I am I getting bit in the first hour to. You know we're out there for eight hours and it's it's a big lake we've got lots of friends you're gonna figured out eventually in that day you're gonna get some bites so there's no skunks you never gets done anymore. I got stumped once in my age twelve years of sharing and it was an afternoon trip and they came back the following morning and I looked up and an arsenal are you here. Thousand barest and a and we went out that next morning fished. Very similar one that we were in the night before actually smoked him in their locker with a thirty pound kid if you are a pro. Fashion all you know Major League Baseball pitchers that had one bad outing in his career you'd be down payment absolutely. Congratulations. How much you truth there around them on Jimmy straight. You know I I've had some bad bed. Charters before I mean you go out and you want people we catch fish. Floyd. Until the point now where it's like okay it's my job to get the rugs to. Took a walk off that's the customer's job to bring and then you lose a fish he'll lose official I mean it is what it is. I mean am I gonna yell at your programs and a finish. Liars and Sheila I how could say I'm not a young men express now live eat and beyond that he hollered. All that. Hi every year passionate as you are rationing dad is her on the same way when I see people you know I take vast nation and they're trying to muscle. A three pound fish bats of the vote on six found line and the way. That's our shot not to take their time and I'm glad you you Jazeera just in the moment it's not there it's enthusiasm. While and that's also all about having a good time in on. You take people out and you want him to have a good time you want to experience the lake. I mean like I said before a lot of other people that live in this area have no idea that we have this resource. O'Sullivan is this resource I mean this town isn't Rochester is a huge on the outdoors but we've gotten just in New York State along we've got. The most amazing wall I fishery and we're hearing. Lake Ontario has probably one of the best salmon and Trout fisheries in the country. You've got some of the bass bass lakes and when you see really serious come up here efficient Hugo Oneida. Saint Lawrence river. We've got world class bass fishing so and then. Look at the Niagara river and a sailor Trevor and you've got some of the best musky fishing I mean your state has has at all and attitude people really need to start taking management. We need to take advantage of it as New Yorkers I don't want people from out of state community too much now. And they started to administer if we can otherwise have gotten into all very good points man I I shouted from the rooftops. These two gentlemen in the studio with me or some of the best in the game. He is rated Jackie from crazy Yankee sportfishing. You can find out more information on captain Ricky crazy Yankee sportfishing dot com. Also captain met prince with this class a sport fishing. Dot com if you want more information on captain Matt again to recap quickly. It's coming up quit June 30. A one day. Salmon and Trout tournament and Monroe County to Monroe County offshore classic. A wonderful event benefiting the dream factory this year. Who fits. You guys improve upon last year's success. And anytime you need help get the word out you know you can always count on us. Side here taken an outdoors so bestseller teacher then guys stinks for your time permanent. And not be safe when you get out of that water right. No sir thank you guys during.