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Sunday, June 10th

Taking It Outdoors - Post Spawn Bass Fishing

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And what's up everybody good morning welcome to taken it outdoors we are gonna have a little conversation today about post respond best nation as we welcome marker lines back to the taken an outdoors studio mark has been a frequent contributor to the program since we started. He is a fishing instructor locally regionally across the state marks a tournament angler and was once president of the so this point bass club. They impeach him possibly I don't know for sure mark is a pro staffer for sure mono G Loomis our approach. Coasted Del Mar sunglasses and many more fine brands welcome back to the program mark I wanna start with an apology. T used it is about three weeks overdue. Are you talking about the rock bass tournament I am actually I got a handful of apologies for not I. The first of which being im sorry for slamming Iran lockers all day long that. Mark got him a new boat it was my first time out on it and every time I went to grab something from the locker. I wages for whatever reason cited had one of those anti gravity arms right. And on my god I would slam it mark which is strange I'm I'm so sorry about that man I must have done it four times. The other thing Eleanor apologize for it is unknown he got the your new boat and you like being meticulous. In it is eaten me up I didn't Sany being in the moment but remember when I caught that go beyond a crane made. You kill that I might directing yet. I stomped in on the tech in new carpet you know I thought I saw that from like nobody would do that. I wasn't thinking admit mob code I don't care you know I get it dirty I use it I'm. You know your you like to Kate take care entertains and I'm telling you as soon as I smashed that being with my foot. I just I was like oh my god maybe didn't notice I saw reaction out of masculine bodman said something. I see it. You're gonna apologize her catch and every tree in the on the mainland okay that's another thing out a station pretty shallow levs haven't possibly my career worst day casting of my life we were efficient Iraq mass turn amend put on by this notice point. I'd Basque club. Does she was. Second last weekend in May avenue and nineteenth ethics laws so we're out there hammered away man and I just keep getting hung up and it's funny men I've been doing incident with mark and his son for years. The suns get a little more comfortable. Around me busting chops as he was right there man I'd get hung up he was doing. Hey Jeremy sharing and hung out all but today. Or I'd go by everybody's catch him that and it outlines Vincent you cut it it. Yeah I try to pull them aside and says can't get him a hard time he's doing bad as he gets mad. Well he he didn't fall too far from pretty windy that day they'll saga I gave you celebrate the man mark we. Staccato hundred fish that I have they were everywhere it was fun we were out Franken for Iraq bass and I and water and so dismayed really was a fun day but the biggest apology of all of them. Is up for my math. We word you weigh in ten Rogge bass and the heaviest gets the biggest check whoever has the ten. There's brightest way. And work colon through our fish at the end of the day N I don't know if I get frustrated or white. But we're separate non men I'm guess I'll loss count Ott told them we had three fish in the tank we needed seven more or. And I guess we had to so we will certainly weighed in nine fish. Yet we lost by an ounce known you for now we'll it would no matter we can do we earn a medal back. And I counted too so it's not I as much as I wanna blame you its humble to listen I'm the one thing history. Well that it's one thing to do like when you Fisher regular bass turning new way in four finish its army and you know an amicus you don't lead and a keeper ago but rose to cut it we had 99 fish we could've laid end. And they all look the same solid and that's a little bit and all night IA all waited six finished. I had to disqualify myself I lost league. Animal 8900 dollars he tried to sneak an extra Lennon know I had an X one in my libel didn't realize that and so I went out of the way in and disqualified myself. That. And yeah I never saw. Never saw the fish in there and on so I disqualify myself and I had first place and like eighteen pounds and walker. Getting not only is he good looking guy but he's honorable as well marker line our guest this morning this program brought Levi Johnston are in the country where they are celebrating thirty years. Creating generations namely in Webster now Mira. An online at JRV country. On isn't right earmarked one Baghdad and shown in the pictures. Brand new RV you can get in this thing or less than you can in as UV. It's got all the bells and whistles everything you need it's not too small it's certainly not to a and I got a great warranty on it if you're nervous about driving big rigs this things when he two feet long. And now you can get in some room for around 400 dollars a month and Johnson our team right now. But our outlook so you are these no matter what you acting as a motor home it's we will travel trailer they're like TVs and bogeys. When you get on home you'd wishy you wish she got the next step you always want the bigger ones that I got lots of cool stuff going on JRB country died on it is Johnson RB's website also think you definitely Brothers the boat and Rockport and Albion stable horse riding the voted they are busier dogged out. This time a year with farmers trying to get their crops and and the residential people and get their yards squared away so I give them. Thought adamantly Brothers to vote in Rockport and Al the end. Save a horse riding the vote post on gas station mark. I don't know it's weird there's some post on the one right there Islam there is psalms bonding bill one line. And I even think there's some late small amounts that are just starting to stage on kinesis anyway that's where I've spent most of my time what are you find. I was bad cross late in the water temp file their two weeks ago 67 degrees. And we're getting. Some spawning. And a couple post on mats. Yeah Paul months Otis seem to begin the smaller bass now. Which tells me they it's a large amount of spawned and they moved out the bigger ones the females and males are locked back hang in. Yet it's it's interesting dynamic is you can find on the water's been little stain over the last earlier this week and over the last week and I guess with the wind in in the rain that we guides so it's kind of push the finish and shallow otherwise. But you can still see. You know bad guarding grave here but on grass located about responding flats I'm catching some busted females. The gap just worn out. You know like to your pullen and tube sock at a low water. They're so lean inland so if you don't know Daryn this bond when the bass response and they get up on their beds. Noah hatched their fried they'll guard them once they go through that process in which could take weeks because you know others respond and respond. And these fish Loney. No that won't they won't eat I mean you can catch him. Because there playing defense with debate shipped through atom but for the most part they're chase and things away when they'd attack your mates and you catch him. It's morbid defensive news nodded not that's me right rod he had and it it's the males that stayed back and actually guard in the past so after these females leave the nest they had out the secondary areas that generally the same places they staged priest on right at them I believe they move out and the deeper water. Needles re cool yeah they start to like get their energy back up and then something happens I don't know if that today two days three days whatever it is but it. After a couple days of Rica opens some inside that basket of those is time to eat man yet. And they start John and that's when you can really have some fun because they have. No other options they got it eat. And another cool thing. I love about this time a year post on position. Is after like even after the Bassett moved off what's bonds right after the mass the blue real serious. And that isn't perfect and great pattern to run and if you don't otherwise know what to do fish that Lou guilt. Responds yeah and how would you go about doing that. But the Blue Hills yet or efficient I mean you're not efficient ride on those beds are yet are you efficient off to the sides level. How are proud of the blue gills of eagle on the shoreline they're gonna be there. Palm I use to lure call the mighty Mike. That's a little tiny Jake. And I put up our foam bomber on. Pound for pound class then I just jig I think along and you can tip with spikes. But you don't even have to and we RC news that before. Yeah I know how to catch a blue gills data on talk and how do you catch bass by targeting the blue gill beds you know our target amount. Volcano. Effect. They had taken videos as you get me elected us and a simple question yeah economy. Not you know you understand may be asked to ground but that's something I'll do you know at five I can't buy a bite and I see some responding blue deal activity. Fisher around there I mean I'm not. You would see a mess in the middle school him a bully you and I believe the the vast we'll sit off to the sides especially if there's grass there or something. In almost. Pick a mob does think is they come by. So my question would have been better ass it is for again matched the hatch and try to take advantages blue gills bond buying. You know for the bass and after. So mom mates like Lou it's caffeine she had. You can get a swim bay that mimics the collar of a blue gale on there are her debates that are actual blue gills that you can throw while at and wim real real lemon. When I'm fishing the jig and pig this time of year especially on the job bays off the lakes of salt Lake Ontario output a jet black and blue Jay with purple line. To give me a little more oval blue go patter and Mike my most productive crank bait has banned all the blue bill crank the right square belt. She had big today cave media as their strike team yeah I use them for practice. Values like Jack also practiced too many flicker at a boy again that's the number one away from me to miss a good Leuer is yeah. It's like you know brand new flu or throw it out no doubt I will not happen paying off the FDI. The other not lure as ban on. A us issue my boy yes you know this girl always says post bond thrall fraud. So it it didn't take me to cast before I started sticking him with fraud and that and then if you don't. A price got six or some of them in the next half an hour with a fraud. That's funny you say that let's start there in the next segment is that two. Have read your phone upon high. Top water side as well I got to where it leads to early. In announcing okay imminent right wind and it was goes times let's start with some top water options for post on bass as we begin next segment. You are listening to taken it out doors right here in 95 WV. A game that morning and welcome back to taken it out doors stock little bass station today more specifically. A host on pattern. Retention these dance if we're not there we're headed in that direction. This morning's broadcast made possible thanks to Johnson RV country thirty years of creating generations of namely bond in Webster pound Mira. And on line at GRB country that come my Abbott that one of their influence here in the studio I've showed marked the motor home this I've been. Kampman and this is the one on one. This alliance a 26 next. It's class today and have you tried backing up the bull with the other more home yes small yet again that when it it's at the little I've practiced in my driveway. First blog it ended in between two trees and a ticket to kinesis late. Eyes and launched it there and when it wasn't that busy. Its logo meant when he two feet long and you can't see the trailer behind its varieties in meters and back and a camera. It may not be the prettiest launched job. But it's effective and it's done I get that thing in the water yet Johnson RV country JRV. Country dot com is where they can be found on line. Camping season is in full swing. Just like Bentley Brothers could bode in Rockport and Albion there are very busy this stymie years while Anchorage to check them out again Bentley Brothers to vote and Rockport and Albion. Save a horse riding could go to our guest in studio mark hurt line. Mark is a frequent contributor reason Phishing instructor tournament angler member at a sodas point bass club past president. And marks approach staffer for good brands like should mono G Loomis or pro Coastr. Jack all mr. twister. I can keep going let's get to this top water by mark. When did you know it was time because I just wonder how many top water bites out last on the late. I've fished top water as cold as 58 degrees. Effectively. Yes. There was an accident I had a rough bout with me in and a few top water bait and he won me to try and out. And I started catch in the large mouth on. On the proposal tell you sixty Ford is 68 as a general rule of it's a general. Okay. But I've gotten in the shelves and so what is doing that off last. Two weeks of us draw on the fraud. And then on soreness I was drawn a fraud all Saul. And a pop. Now when you fish of fraud I'll always keep one tied on either on the tankers in the rod locker. I don't really have a law that is success and I have trouble set the hook on him I can get the bites. But I have trouble said in the hood do you throw your frog on braided line yes I throw and forty. 65 pound brain as well so let me. The ever get a five pounder a mineral that slop try get out of there yet but how many of those are ye ye. OK good point yeah yeah Melissa you know when your tournament fish and you want you wanna controls much as you can. Yet we'll get appointment and I've got a splash I got to know on fraud rod that I use now when your fish in this frog is a good a couple different ways to go about it on a lot of people will walk on just like viewers and news' anchors Amy your son and I know a lot of people that kind of would economic status nudity cross had Shimmy across the top and a venue guide people that'll just trying to touch them. And then they even made pop and frauds and have you know this bitten mouth out. So what would you like to. A lot of times I'll just do my usual skipping it across the top pulling back game with a rod tip. And then you know you always find out people assisting your top what officially I was signature on the talk to somebody else and I got to hit. Well that's a sign maybe move a little bit and then just let it sit there. Man and a lot of times that will happen. Yeah I don't mean you know it's funny I'm mindful of that when I'm using a jerk made. Yes but for whatever reason and I'm efficient top waters that pauses an eternity I guess it's because I can see it's it. Yeah but sometimes it can be deadly. Yeah the other thing I do. My frogs is I'll take a warm rattled and I Shelvin up inside there. Just to give little extra noise I don't trim my legs felt ultra mobile little bit but the the same on both sides an old guys who played different things. Again I never got got that a lot of people let's say you that you trim one leg shorter than the other and it helps you walk but I you know had Milwaukee not alone yeah I tried it didn't do anything and same here you don't have. I wall sometimes spread the hotel a little bit. And I use an open water the other day I was casting a wide open water Allison casting into weeds under dot anything I was in the wide open. Wu would then go back what you do the I'll gravel and I'll just primal part a little bit quieter heard. Like a little bit wider world are sticking out from the body a little bit now will that also throw that hook mine up Blumenthal you've you've I can't even count and Alabama that's gone to sleep in forever it anyway I can split off its really thick weeds may be I won't but I do just to get a better hook up and the and the key is. Not to set the hook when you see the fish hit it you need to feel all the way on the rod. He had that can be in eternity sometime yes it's so exciting when even if it's not a big explosion even if it's one of those literal threat. We're the S suck it down it's it's so important. It's away you know one thing you ever fished the soft plastic products like the old school horny toad and Seymour got another holds a little broader and drinking makes one rage rock OK the buzz fraud is that the buzz date with a soft plastic fraud. It's a fraud and then it's plagues. Girl along the top and not likeable as they were the prop spinning but the legs go up and down in little. The top CSC guys use that on ammo left but with they use looks like a soft plastic corny to with the flap and links but it also has the prop. OK nine avenues that and neither and I haven't even seen that rig in the in the stores yet you run trailer looks on your all the body frogs. They make all those now he's seen those yet no I don't that's nutty man it's it's a trailer. With this little why it's got two eyes shifted up over the yeah hoaxes and open water because you know and if you're in a frog in open water you gonna get better hook ups and if you're doing in the weeds. Now did you ever yeah every is that whopper proper regalia because I'm telling you that's been the Hyde made for Mimi and the small in the three I just I haven't done yet. And I'll have to try and finances it's in the news media win when you're not here. Plain trade top water debates over the side of the boat on its left as the whopper Popper. You decide you that. And I like it man I mean it it's a simple. Cast it out real and it's brought me here in the shape of astute and they are extensive man that if you are not efficient line. You should be and in my opinion I'm not the most skilled angler in the world that is an overstatement of the day. But I'm telling you it's high confidence date for me. I mean it's DC goat of top water that is my little I am not Fisher cats kill it takes to yeah I'm Alan on the diehards are spooked. Proper guy loved Mike was Bates and my frogs yeah it's tough to find them and whenever I find them on an even cares if Kerry Eric care what color it is. But everybody's got the rebel pop far. You know the old school rebel yeah that's fine the the Jumbo wing. I use a Magnum pop are yet old Zell roll and pop are. It's about three and a half inches long. Bob we got makes it okay. Yankees always have for whatever reason I go with the old school pop. Please let me know also by everyone of them design goes through my trees and now I don't know all if I may I was like Hugo last year Fisher with our buddy Jeff holt fan. And he had one of Mosul Livingston. Pop ours on the make the goings he had. He was smacked him I could barely in the headline you know it's funny I have on my notes here I was in that bring up those Livingston maneuvers it signatures. Union on him I'll body couple I don't know a year and a half ago. And I fished him like crazy and I can't if you don't know Livingston lowers they have. A little less sound and Nadine system and it mimics schooling made it. As soon as this to call attention to the years fish and attract them. Now he won the bass master classic edition with this thing so I know girls. But I don't know it's the 21 dollars price point on this thing is you know if it's that much better Lou word and farmers. You know let me ask I actually won like five or six of them law when I won all but Champlain they gave him watching. Them and haven't I haven't tried them. We'll give them to Neiman you mean those you know you're whopper plotters that your Knight using marker line is our guest in studio we're having that conversation. About post bond gas station if it's not post bond where you are it will be soon our conversation continues next right here on the B. They gained good morning welcome back to taking it outdoors we got marker line in studio and we're having a conversation. About posts bond asked nation Johnston RP country. Range in this morning's broadcast thirty years of creating generations of family fun. And Webster pal Mirant and on line at JRV country. That time also think he accidentally Brothers the vote in Rockport and Albion save a horse right to vote then mention I guess. Mark Hurd line frequent contributor to the program mark is a fishing instructor. He's eternally and anglers you gotta be chomping at the bit to get this season an area. Start and soon marked fishes with that is so at this point bass club also state why tournaments and very active on the tournament trail in this very kind with this time. Its image here and though with this this morning marks also proves staffer offered G. Mention mono power approach. Coasted Del Mar sunglasses and many more I keep saying coasted Del Mar sunglasses and and hopes that marks boss boss hears me say coasted Del Mar sunglasses. A it has manned those that are. Great glasses severe problem especially when their free and can I clear up some early you said that I was impeached by the so this point bass club I wasn't impeached I literally got each is thrown at me are I figured it was time teller in all resigned I was speculating I just assumed well there're there are Manning. Martin thanks for coming in today man wanna get back to different techniques and now tricks to catch these posts spine bass but I want to talk a little hardware with you Laura rotten real. You know when I'm when I'm stationed in Baghdad. I don't know or care from their own a wait list learn Murray crane Gator a big top water today. You know I team did a decent Catskills and you know I'm not content to think forty yards. You know sometimes. Maybe not that far. But whenever I watch these pros and and I don't know I've never really paid attention what kind of distant she did. When you watch the instructional videos they don't talk about the importance of the line cats right. And I see what I can did and then don't watch these guys on TV or and you two whatever the case may be. And it seems like these guys can throw a three inch drop shot days. Seventy yards. Caddie get that kind of distance having the right real rod combination the line we'll talk. Well first of all most of my fish that I catch off the bolts are within 1015 feet all of the ball if I'm drawn. Drop shots or plastics are flipping I'm not chalking the bay way out there they'll like come on throwing far is the top water. Crank bait Spinner bait out of debates that I use I make sure my my reels. We are all greased up and make it sometimes in the lineup with a real magic on it. Nearly spray it right down their makes a nice soft silk the com and it's just emotion its its kinda like golf. A lot of guys will get up there are no you know all I can hit the ball really far and they try too hard and they swing too hard and they screw it I'll walk and same thing with casting. What I'm casting I bear I dislike my wrist most of the time. Sometimes I have to do the back Qassam which I don't like doing but if he got people in the ball like we did the other day sometimes you have a choice but Ullah in the rod do the work. Yet and it it it's just being small thing getting out there. Yeah it's there and it's gotta have something to do with how people tune in those broadcasters to bully and not mine is not I think guys pick up. My big casters it's and they can't use them. Your country it's everything's free gas Seattle lock those. Breaks down my brakes come in usually about half way I'll lock them down but I ride that tension non. Roy is well on soy is that try to find the perfect balance between the the breaks in the tension are non. And let I think judges settle on a place where unknown locked in through it is harder as soft as I won them I got him back right and. I would give free and values might bomb. If it's given windy out I'll go to the attention. Now and put a little more attention just slowed down a little but what I'm out the other day I was thrown on strength made into the wind no problem. Does it fishing instructor you teach people things all the time bay and it's not often that I can help people. But I a lot of times I'll take people fish and they don't go fission alive. So I hand them a spin in Korea and they talk about day and try to break castor and they're intimidated by. But one thing that I do and can pass along to people. Is how to use it they Caster because once don't be scared of this thing once you learn how to cast it you can't run learning. In it opens up so many doors Croats as far as pitching goes I mean I've seen guys. Pitch in and flip them on a spending combo and I'm just like. Oh my goodness guys. There's there's really nothing you can do with a spinning riding into the bay castor it's just more proficient unhappy castor in it does open up more for you. The the big its practice. Is just like anything else people say how do you flip in the consulate because I sat there. And just practice. Hours on end throwing in the cops. At the the key is an and I can I can explain it to the on the radio I mean it's easier to show yet. But any every time you time on a new Leuer with your bait cast. Okay you get it tied nine reel that all the way up to the into the ride give yourself six inches of slackers. Hold that thing it's forty at a 45 degree angle from your head. Engage the real. And you wanna just that tension not so bad date. So low. Balls down a slow steady fall it doesn't sit. Proper rolled down and it doesn't stay exe got to shake it and let it drop. And she can find that balance on that tension Rath. That alone will eliminate two thirds a year backlash. Yeah and and a backlash. Is when you're lying. Is moving slower than Europe's pool is schooling let's say it yeah. And soul the school's morning faster flooding more line off in the line is actually coming off the rot so you get what you get is backlash I get professional entanglement. You give backlash. I get straight at correctness and I pull the mover out cast it out. Not fatal hit the water and Murray will still go yet and such as blue. City and how many times have you done that. And when you finally get dead. Their nest out there's a percent nine Vienna yeah Kenya that you're kind of doodling and it and get over what are they remember with the backlash is especially with off. I don't know so much a mouthful that are I'm not a film and it does but on the floor carbon I'm sure it. Kind acts the same as if you get so many backlash is your point out that's gonna break the line sooner or later they usually in the middle attacks these kinks it for sure bright soul you know you'll get it they'll be deep down to really be casting and also in. The lines just gone. He had nine and if they if you got a nick on your floor apartment you re attack it's not you liked Monmouth element he can muscle through a few fish med. Because that that floral carbon. And it if it's not snapped like a cut. It strips. You know I mean it's it's like like a carbon panel like you're I would do if you broke it. And once you give one global once that integrity is jeopardized. That line. It's broke city. You know what mark and ask you to one thing I did this is horrible start the next segment one thing I did last year in last year was the first time really. Employed this practice to the full season because. Oh I got into late. But I started straight at user leaders. On everything has talked about how had learned how to cast farther I pass farther with grade. Weather's been in her faith tester for whatever reason so I started uses in the lead. On just about everything other lingering updates to its top watch them like that it. A lot of nothingness tactics. I'm wanted to pick your brain on how to attach leader. Says super line. Time aren't we utilities barrels little money in the Dallas that I used in this deal later on like they'll still use the steel lead. Not. Just tion on line yet long directly so yeah there's a couple different ways to do recognize some guys don't even though line the line billion they'll use the contraction in between. So global continued the conversation and we'll start there we get back right here taken an outdoors 925 WEB. Hey good morning welcome back to taken it out doors we get markers line in studio with us today. You remember marquis is a frequent contributor to the program. And when he's in studio chances are we're talking and gas station parts of fishing instructor return amid angler. Also past president so this point bass club marks a pro staffer for great brands like should mono G Loomis power fro. And many others this morning's broadcast brought to you by Johnson RV country they had thirty years of creating generates and the family fun. In Webster how Mirant and online at JRV country got done. Also Billy Brothers who voted in Rockport and Albion save a horse. Ride it to vote all right mark we ended the last segment I was telling you how I started to incorporate mortar. Leaders and tonight finishing. Most of most often it's not been as. Tactics you know I'll have a basis some parade. Ten to fifteen pound braid and I'll attach a floor apartment leader you know prominent drops chat shaky. Whatever wacky worm. Whatever the case maybe I found that I I get a lot. More distance on my cast little increased sensitivity. Some time especially shaky had dropped shot situations. Wacky warrant you know week but it tie action that leader is your back your baseline most opt in a parade. Can beat there's different ways to go to about it the most. I guess I don't know I hear the Unita you need is. The most integrity you can have an alliance aligns nine. Yes when I hear about the malls problem is it takes it thirty minutes to tie this thing especially if you're me I gotta get my reader glasses out. And as a whole thing. How do you attach leader to your base. I first of all what I'm doing my drop shot. Or use intent pound power brawl. And and I'm attaching and seven pound floral carbon sun line and on that I'm that one I do use a barrel Sewell. Because I don't want to twist and and so on this planet from. My power paroled to the swivel and then. The four carbon some lying down because of the west how do you keep that turn gone through the eyes a year ride I don't really look that far. Now OK while long of a leader are you using. I'll start out with. Wall muse and a 72. For my small east Iran drop shot ride a semi large mouth drops out rods. Are sixty and hurled at the pariah so I just don't make it that long and then I'd like stop drilling for. Everything else being a fisherman I don't lie I don't know what I straight I Thai straight to Mike jig look draw straight I don't do a leader. One because I'm horrible at tying the line to line. So I don't even do it but if you're really one ought to do it. Gerald from Dell does that farmers not on YouTube to watch him I can't give a voice insult and I'm horrible. I area that I have watched the G man's Farmar not before and it is pretty and but I found. Much more simple away. Two time lines that line. And I'm not gonna lie it breaks I'll lose I lose they sometimes. That overwhelmingly. I find that it fails just as often as any other not and highly recommended. You know you get you to what the two lines you're Tynes again yep you put them together in a straight line. In the aegis tie that thing around like you're gonna time basic non okay yeah you Lou bring it over. Don't Pulitzer news loop letter round four times. You know you can go seven but it's gonna make ruled that there. To get through that dies but outside veteran four time sometimes worn a hat. And I give Edison. But the tags. And that not founded on not wars you know on your right school app state and it's even TV should believe and yeah I think this is that. And not founded on there and that's something in the day. I asked founded act in time in primary if I break something in on. On very you know like mentioning it nicked floor apartment leader it's something enough and not act in time really fast and while I'm on the boat get not be right back in the water. Now the night before wouldn't get ready. It's Unita unity on every day you've got playing time though when I'm out on the water I'd just do that straight at swear nine except I'll do that over 44 and a half times. And it works just as good in my experience on nine out there catching seven pounders. Regular ride but I have got size on these nights as a matter of fact my girlfriend tested this nine. I had fifteen pound rated days to an eight pound. Leader. NC pride in probably when he pound car. Last night yeah candidate to the torso you can't be taking time it is but sometimes it will it's not that than. The not fails it like the the the braid cuts the floor apartment like he asks those two I eight. They'd Italian issue. It's weird but Jerrold said that he brought his not the farmers not to the not organized any beat them. On it yet you look up on YouTube I was watching that. Is that some combat that so I was watching it but you know like when I'm fission I don't Islam because I'm fit going after aggressive fish yes I might get a couple more whites. When amok I know Michael measles is either good or bad and a and everybody's different sir guises we are faced with thanks where. Ironically there. I don't know manages founded knew when I tried it. That I did more lives you know at my and I don't I don't knows that it. Dash it just in the dog days of summer around here we're stations such pressured. Betsy you know by the end of the season today. No I think they do hurricane Indian line shy and and I have the option of coming out of little hoarse now. That may give me an advantage again you know next to me doesn't and a. And that's true. That that can help with that. Marker reliant on one I think you for coming in today mark you've been in great friend to this program since I started it mark you cannot find them all over town across the state and being a fishing instructor. Term limits seasons about the start of her for mark so I wish you well out on the circuit be safe out there. Well you catch some bagel. Fat sacks of mass. And good luck to everybody attitude so this point that's a good group of guys. Spent some time with them at their rock bass tournament a couple of weeks ago I've never had a bad tonight. But you can't when you're catching fish constantly had been on telling you mini got a good group of guys out there gather font you know a lot of bass clubs can get flaky bunch knucklehead driving around and I've never witness that you guys. It's always. In the good times and thanks for having me out to that. It's gonna do it for this morning again think Peter Johnston RB country thirty years of creating generations of Stanley fine goes Dielman Webster pound my wrath. Or online at JRV country died down also Bentley Brothers who voted in Rockport and Al the end save a horse. Friday the food I'll be back tomorrow morning. We TJ sharp and Steve announcement in the B morning coffee club the countdown is next march take care everybody have a blessed day.