Trailer Choir's Vinny Hickerson Fitness Story

Tuesday, June 6th

Vinny Hickerson is a performer in the country duo Trailer Choir. He's also a song writer, actor, motivational speaker and one of my personal inspirations. At his biggest, Vinny tipped the scales at over 450 pounds. After appearing on NBC's "The Biggest Loser" he dropped about 200 pounds and now weighs around 285 solid pounds. Unlike many of that show's contestants, Vinny has not only kept the weight off, but is now working towards becoming a competitive body builder. - Billy 

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Hey it's Billy Kidd welcome to another edition of to be fit podcast every week we chat with somebody. About fitness might be an artist they might be a nutritionist it might be a trainer. I every week we try to mix it up a little bit but today we got one of my biggest inspirations a guy named Vinny was up any. What you are impressing me everytime I see your pictures on its current dude picked. Up. Have you yeah I've been awesome we're we're chat with it Vinny Dickerson. You might know him from a couple different places I trailer choir he had a bunch of songs on the radio not to long ago you were in Rochester like a year ago. I. Played with side trailer choir also Vinny was on the Biggest Loser. And we'll talk about that a little bit later but. You're you're journey your fitness journey. Is one of my top favorites because you have gone from one extreme to the other. And let's let's just go back a little bit when you were in high school you're a big dude in high school right. Ariel increased seventy my senior year. And big boy. And that was that was not all muscle it wasn't all that it was a little bit of both you're your bit. It took over out an athlete but also a we overweight should. Yeah and and as you've got older. And trailer choir came around. You're kind of a funny guy in the overalls that that use the way like you're doing the dolphin onstage and and just slowly add to your butt off. And then something changed in you end up losing the weight how did how did you end up going from first of how were you at your biggest. My biggest. I'm not record it was so he was trying to acquire. 300 accountable score down. Of course you know that I got farther away from Haskell all of Palestinian. Almost about Iraq's deputy mark I was powerless in that but I got ordered it three pounds. Most worrisome so. So what. What happened that made you change. Well I was actually definitely auditions are part of the number two. And they you're gonna put him could be but the woman who was right in the things she said look. Chillicothe think that you need to be. A real actors not just via comic ruptured on the loose some weight. I was too big beating because economy you know governor on the beach in ST you know it sees it soco you're almost 200 pounds. And help quell. You know big city you know at the soul and ego thing of like I was supposed to be taking it was okay terming. And basically what happened was. I'd gotten I'm really bad not a mile away from the time that it was because I had type two diabetes. And it calls lea. I think talks a lot less in LA and Alice about two days away from was symbolic. Because 27 years old so that would ask that you know I don't hear you know. No matter who you are now you know how much money maker how much. But the last few live what you do and that these jokers think you'll you know being right didn't actually you do you and bring it on its. Same thing will cancer and other other reasons but. You know maybe just stop and think like not there. We have lightly armed with a lot of certain route as. It's not have. Allowed the Leo so but so mad I wouldn't let them nappy or thirty. Registered 33 so. I. You hate germanic change and and how did you end up so okay so there you were saying holy crap I need to change my life. How long from that moment and Telluride Biggest Loser. That was our only on Super Bowl Sunday. 2011. As whatever. When a doctor in surgery February 26 so it isn't the Biggest Loser and a slew of people might be the same year. That's that and I don't you lost like thirty. Failed and so. Before I left as Iraq at this dirty dot attic. And you know I didn't eat certain car and cut out certain parts sugars and things like that well you know. I would on the show only sport needs Citic. Outcry this show started. Of course you know lost a 183 count on the show but to an eleven council. It. Six months as. Cyclical when Lawson spent the last five years. You know going to go and for different goal you know which is kind of cool isn't it risk there's so many different things that go you know if you wanna run bear arms. You know and and view long distance running it takes one type training acuity bodybuilding. It's another talent you'll be strong manner you Libya crossed that are repeat just lose weight or if you wanna game also like. There's so many different ways ago that the ultimate privacy be healthy. And and do the right thing for your. Pet and you know the hardest thing for me was allowed and that that number on the scale. What are what are you you know is that the numbers are your blood Reid and a year prior art and I QBs or do it and you know a lot of us you know so it took me a long time ago that now is also worried about that normal scale go to. And be on city at India's Biggest Loser outweighed. 242 I don't go to war that's 38 genes. And now only two and an eighty bout announcement or that or. That the body go in the way I have changed my body in the way out for us as completely different. Yeah is that your goal at this point is obviously being healthy and you know kudos to you for making that change but his body building the kind of a light at the end of the tunnel now. Article reports that for me come out strong man. But it apart from Canada. Between that without altering power lesser console so it below the heavy lifting thing that is more about I'm under tension. And developing the muscles in a way that is symmetrical. So that you you know so that you look rate. We're strong you know strong that is more based on how much you can lift overall. The something about. Biggest Loser maybe a year ago word some reporter just followed up on where everybody wise and a lot of the folks around that show whether they won or lost on that show. At what a lot of the weight back god if now more what what do you think. Why are you different I mean couple years out at this point and your change man and I'm convinced for the rest your life your change man why. Why are you different way of doing it. And I appears well I think what happens is you have to face. The demons and the situation got to their you know most almost everybody have their own Biggest Loser remember that a couple lazy people but they didn't lose the weight militia leader. But if somebody goes on social network card and lose the weight. It's because they didn't face the other team and it's because they didn't basic things that really made him think the wait and for me it was you know literally rust out and it would a lot of things and so. Being able faced that you know those childhood things forgive my mom for what I went through. An and China re rethink the way out with a glass. They're really helped me keep my away at all but also. Competitors in Obama goal oriented person. So whenever I have some but I want that they you know are always. You don't read and I was not ram one of the top sonic travail and in the nation. You know international got a record deal border towns and out at. Songs that have done you know its final form Biggest Loser in. You know I just how pleasing thing out there about reader open well most of I think that's the main ingredient has. If you wanna change some and if you wanna be better sums and if you wanna do something in your last. Outside of what I normally as. You have to wake up and let yourself and just realize that your worst that changing work. All the things it takes to do that and from me you know I just have always believed in myself in that manner you know. I want in my questions I always ask people in this podcast is. What advice would you give somebody who is looking to make their life better but I think you just gave it to look into yourself or did you know and find out why. Founder reason line up so people I think your recent. Visit by talks about the reason but a lot of like. You know what your reason want to model previously he has made his sister maybe it's that it's going to be you you know I mean are well you can just speak. Well it's because it would be better from my personality better. You know my kids are this is that it really keen has you have to wanna be better. At all and others. It is at the end of today. And while. But what really woke. Up that we got our. Our Google's about a change. So you know you gotta you know it is not so yet on something that's bigger than every single reason but because that basically given up or somebody else. Will not be big enough reason not to get up to go 12 or three miles or not go to the gym weight today it. So for me not suitable you know love and so actually just sort of not not Booker caught outlook. And that's sort of gotten a book actually sunny. I don't I had started working on a couple days ago which they have finished my final chapter that we have chapter today. In in the book so. It. That's crazy you are going to accomplish palm's success in that world just like you did in the music world just like you did the fitness Wear up. Do ICI and your answer Graham you have about them you have endorsements now. I am sponsored abroad administration there supplement companies the number one body in a world. They want anybody now comes supplement company at the year the year that. It's from a guiding legal product and he was amazing competitor backed and late eighties early ninety's. And he's so what my story after Biggest Loser and decent man he says a little suspect that your folks don't bodybuilding in peace and I honestly think that. You know we would love to work what you and so I get they were on the work mobile plans and settler. All the other stuff you know and and one of the things and I think it's part of my successes that. Surround myself with people. Do want to. Had those things successes are sort of possible people who have knowledge has deeper and faster than my prayers so that I can learn most people. You know Michael deter you know past that out of the world and why do motivational speaking schools and other churches and do it. You know corporate audience and we're having because it just. I enjoy Britain and let them know and the art even do this right here right now open you know we never know about this crisis. Does not make an ultimate decision to get up and noted that change whoever it is and don't let it be when you think he has any decision that is about change. It's just like an addiction that talk comes from the same place it's all about you make of that little statement and the middle decision in your mind that you're going to be some and which your last. Other than that it just as you know now and what you make that decision put together planet you follow that plan. And it's something is not working on the planet you make an adjustment but. You know that's what I did you know also. You know people played and equal as sweaty and your message on FaceBook or go Turkey and two Canadian you're you know you're starting to get those weird looking muscles and. Oklahoma. I appreciate. It looks good right yeah. This is Marco let's put on course for a woman said are you got a weird loan in your arm that's got to trust. Hit a bit at a if five people ought to read job deal what's easy is ready get your attention on line. Optical FaceBook or in the grand you know FaceBook is just under. Big Danny BI GG BI and why and then mines the Gramm has he had Gigi B I didn't lie in the K. The best way obviously got I'll not answering questions about sending a message try to help. Anyway that I can sometimes I take a little bit like it or some messages and invaders days and I get thirty or forty messages they don't get any. You know especially. And here's what little is short and you know I think really wreaks now as they wanna make a change so app that things and I. And doing a column I have resolution. And it's about you know stopping in a New Year's resolution and figure out what you wanted to for the rest of Latin make that your goal you know soak. Oh the other thing that these others are not. Created Meehan a couple buddies that are professional strongly and have created a strong consideration to international strong consideration. And we got our first showed you can't down in new Brownsville Texas. And we got some of the world's strongest and competitors competing in our competition. Get to world record holders and several others. That are competing in the course would have. Several country explained that all sorts of can be also. Erica how to people follow that we're gonna get information and that. I'm single market but obviously they can also go to Internet consideration. Very cool pity you abandon an inspiration to me personally for various reasons ever since the day I met you and guy. I love real life is now he seemed happy. You got a beautiful the wife. And it seems like I I. Are the only way how congratulations. Holy mackerel. What you guys are wasted any time. Now you know Clinton what was best. We chat a bit as much as we could and when he sixty's so we can try to immediately separate the good Ole. We got engaged October personally got in November well we got pregnant December 14. And or some other fuels September's six. And we're just super satirizing a beat jagr van Zandt sort of local. Man. I am like I say that impressed every job my doctor you brother I I appreciate. I'd rather listen we worked out together and I was browbeat. You kick some butt man that that train he got Leno you know so. No he's not going to beat the crap out of me a couple times a week which is that's why there right. I'm hoping it like I don't run a whole life you know just does not part of my plan to do a lot moralistic adding more sprint federal express but I don't. Do you like okay you're gonna run this quarter however immediate and looking hole but the hole but I know it to court each time. Six rounds LaMarcus. That amount has some pretty sure. Yeah if but it may statement as it works so that they'll come back up there I think will be at the Nashville again. But Iraq's September. Holder cool. We'll definitely have our party and I think I'm sure we'll be attached between now and then and we'll help you promote that show but they give predicament I'm not yet man really appreciate it. Any credibility if you know appreciate your thing who was there for us.