Who would you haunt?!

Wednesday, February 7th

When it's my time to go, I'm going to haunt a few people. The first would be Terry Clifford. Then I'd find Shania. The list goes from there. -Billy 

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Married live turn. There. The U bill again. Not really this is the ghost of bill. I'm the bodies of freight in your ghost is I was of your. Mortal form Asian or whatever you want to call it luck lack. I've decided that what it's my time to go to the never never land and you know we're up their flowed surrounding got. What do you wanna do I'm gonna say I need to go back and haunt a few people. And the first person on my list. We do you. Oh yeah I. You can't tell me I pay down on me. I really wanted to see if the stories you tell about you who in the booed stirred the dog or Alter. Do you really make all those wonderful. Dishes on the weekends that you post pictures of on the FaceBook I did. Do you really have such a good time when Europe with the girls are why do I think we hear the Ed. Edited version of what happens with you would your girl or rather your girl I guess. Oh we have fun we have not found. You would be the first line. And I would probably fly up to buy Canada and finds a nice place apparently caught her her a lot where she is she Switzerland or something no no this. And things over what got. OK so she got divorced. Her husband cheated with a woman and I and she's now married to the woman her husband of that woman that the husband cheated with idol makes this basically basically yeah that was Switzerland so maybe they still live answers I. It doesn't matter I'm eternal I can go anywhere well it's true I guess objective. That didn't work and I guess so I don't know that I just and I would be out my list and I know this is gonna be controversial don't calling kill me. Donald Trump. I would say I would I would consider any day and I wouldn't wish anything off for Schaub to try and scare burning. I do you wanna I just wanna watch I just want to cede to show that guy whether you're a fan or not bad you have to admit. It would be entertaining as hell to be in a room up in the corner just give me 24 hours at Donald's place. He doesn't sleep that much he's up he'll only sleeps like a lot of hours a day or hours today so you have a nice long I get some ghost popcorn and I feel like. No he. We're being I think it would be caught. All I am totally not in crap off the shelves. I am turning lights on why would you message people like I was allowed human being I am going to be allowed go I can't imagine you is an old style my god I hit up. I would bet it would be my kids tell them I'm fine I am about to hit some fond. And then a I'm going to maybe. All sticky. Let me think well yeah. You are right say neighborhoods don't know though if you are alive you'll feel my residents as well you know wells lived out there. I'm on Norman's doubt that there's there's another guy named monster that lives down the street Google and I don't look at just the tip my husband hired Andy Roddick. You are not fooled again me. Listen here's the deal I'm bud and Bob. Enough did. I went but I'm. I'm not gunning after him but tell us. As you got me and Norman called god and I guess is that a mess would norms so bad it is an even funny or else let's see Han let me see here apple I I probably stay within the confines of this building for quite some time overlay because there are offices here that I wanna take up residence at the you. And what I didn't get it an employee I'll definitely get kids in the after life. Just open the door present ever yeah chick.