Why Terry hates your vacation Facebook posts

Wednesday, April 19th

Terry Clifford loves her friends. She loves vacations too. But she DOESN'T love her friends posting their vacation pics on Facebook. She might be a tad jealous. 


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Good for me. I'm tank reverend David Taylor is trying to my gears I am so tired. Of all of these pictures of people city next best know chain. I heard you go not about this on the air this after every play on vacation. So your FaceBook pages full of people let me guess what these stereotypical shot of like. From the knees down on sitting on a beach Roger looking at their dumb for actually pedicure and tell is for crying out up. Ali this one's even better this is the best right. They gotta pretend they got problems. And so there they are crunched down you know hunts down cleaning up the bird poop off of their towel. I guess. That's for your first world problems right there yeah right first world baby. Come and I got nipped at I got of the trio in the last two weeks. 12. Three are probably have had four people posting. Nonstop pictures from the beach owe it all deadly hit the very least for me. I think anyone left that I know anyway in Rochester except for maybe you caught a starter or anywhere go to New York City and a couple weeks ago it. Well I actually that would be on the water. Oh sure. So I. I'm looking at the hotels and and do what should that I used as a school map yeah you punch and all of what you want how much you wanna pay and it just puts dots on the map. So I went to the cheapest ride because that's how I roll up and it happened to be two blocks from the ocean. And it happens to have and you can get the view of the water or the view of the city. Well I wanna take the view of the water pretend I'm in North Carolina or something. This in New York City is in New York right off of the job means the intrepid museum. I have an old aircraft carrier that stands permanently docked there that's part of a big museum. And K literally two blocks away from that. So it's not like you know down underneath the bridge our as far as I guess I'm an actual building that's real. This is the other thing I do I Google. I do the street yielding that's real don't know I do the street view seek go to the map he dropped a little guy and the map that I did you look around because they can take pictures of the building that some. And then you get paired realizes in between two factories. That was the first time I went to New York. Beautiful brand new hotel. That was two blocks from the subway at every port a bad two blocks was industrial. Well knows are salt no restaurants. No nothing well you know that's OK you're still ahead how about you know people selling things that really shouldn't. Ever be for sale now at. I'd PME. Wanna buy a lot I eat all that stuff I was. Yeah I have any of those issues for you on and on her you know there was nobody around because it was all industrial went. And June. To die for weeks and there's one post pictures and some. Harder hears it. Aggravates my wife brought this up to me and I eight head to rethink my whole thing so she's like. Can you not post while you're there may be the date on the way back I'll safety issue and I was like why didn't she goes well everybody's gonna know you're not home. That makes me a little nervous. Yeah like but they're just our FaceBook friends are friends and I don't friend everybody I get a lot of requests that I'm just like yeah. Yeah oh yeah all eyes got no I haven't charging toward adult. Several. I don't know but I can see your side so the last couple times I'd like waited until we were on her way back and then just posted resilient picture she's got no desire to go to New York zone down. What that would require leaving the house and her and my daughter neither one of them wants to leave the domicile. They love you and how's that. Yeah yeah. So okay during the summertime you're gonna be posted these pictures when you're out I'm late what do sake. Not only had to share it and where I'm going this year now this can not do is totally going to argue. Google lake first of all no we're going to Alaska. I love you got the crew Indianapolis via the in all the water is that both. Things are. Pretty happy you know there are jealous of that. Now they'll be there will be no hot flash not this vacation and not act on. I'm not big I'll be out and about the light morning legal immigrants that end of August and democracy and it's cold up there and are just on it it's not it's it's 6060. That's perfect the thing it is is it's a light most of the time yeah we'll only get like four hours ago are that you're going to be posting live pictures all the time or it. What's outside. That sounds like fun to IKEA away and now I don't like those summer this that no summer beach this at this you know. Now now I only have so many funds you know I'm in radio all belly. You have you can rent you could be with a friend on a cottage on a lake and not necessarily have to pay for concern no year old way. You know what they're it's a possibility of a friend of mine who bought a place on. At him like the honey only are okay and she said yeah see pounding used at any time you line. What's that he's out of state I need it but that of the drugs and had taken her dress and it just said dates it's real like what is this. That's the week I'm New York hot DS that I could take edit I.