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Wednesday, October 26th


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Eight seat he's ready Kerio dot immediately vote on what Beckett OK okay great. My name again you okay. Night. And it. Jared you might argue and how are you. I have a whole lot better now that I'm talking yeah. Talk talk talk talk all you sweet dog are you okay. Are you I you know what I am doing great how about yourself. I am actually doing fantastic on cloud nine. While you're out eleven I think. Bonnie Schneider Tony and I you. Our great guy I was just talking to. Though wonderful woman that set up this radio tour about the day you stop by the B. This past winter and it was a member when you left I said to Billy Kidd. Hi a light sick guy you know there's just something about you that is just soul. Old school and and I don't and I love. I met a girl I love that song. I can you know there's I don't know it's it's a throwback maybe I it's it's a traditional sound I don't know what it is but I can't be UN arrived in country music. College endemic stimulus spending. Kind words and that is we thanking. Now you are around your biggest right now. Yes mail and it landed. Maybe about an hour ago as Bose. So you live and got into the casino yet. I don't know I haven't got no money yet which is a good thing the longer. They think it will us. No no because Tim McGraw has got a brand new. Slot machine you heard about uh oh goodness so you know I can get serious. It was just unveiled this week in. Well I guess double had to drop a couple dollars. It meant. It took just drop one in their from me please we are up an editorial want around kicking butt and get good good. Good you know we it's going to be for ever until that when makes it up to one of our casinos I have feeling. A little. In the ultimately keep up facetime you have got them on don't. Sent. Him a day here's the deal. Com we have something called guitars and stars like that I mentioned this to you when you're here I mean on it but. It's like it's it's terrible you know everybody just brings a guitar in May be one or two a company innocent yeah. Get a putt and so we get another one and it set for June own and I told Billy Kidd yesterday I was going one bite you I. Well Betty you best believe there were available via. Well and I think you would fit perfectly I think it would be absolutely awesome we just had one couple weeks ago went well but. I think he would fit in well so. Well I don't think. It's a what do you do what bright in Vegas what we're where are you now on the schedule. Well we're just doing all this this radio step here and then a moment ago of actually playing tonight there's a but we're going on here and a I think it's not being close in the show out so. Never met Jason man but he actually. Said of a really nice comment about me recently. Am so I'm hopefully I can get philly's ticket and they think keep of that. Only gash in the how did you hear about it. I heard. To I'll order chain based in it to me and they said. And they said that. You know it amid linked to what he's dead in and basically I mean he could have been any nicer you know for somebody that he had never met especially just some. Young kid coming in the scene you know. Academy in the world's CEO time. Oh my god I don't want to say I have said that a lot today it means the world to me because all of this is literally means the world to me yeah. Understood Ole Mississippi boy you know I mean. I've always dreamed of this and wanted distance and operatives. But I never stab them to this. Yeah could actually come true what are you don't come through good for you you actually deserve and I mean you work in hearted Sally you're just sitting there waiting for everything you arrives. You know and you know we did our way you know we didn't have any of the TV step wouldn't have any other. Of this or that you know we we did the bar room saying no we do is that we did at our way we win we got out in the trenches and we and we spot we. We did it just overdoing it should SA. It's interesting because you met them I think in EEU I watch the boys have watched American Idol is great you know and and the various shows and I know it. Specially some of the the artists and end up on the police have actually worked long and hard but. Still that Rais that rocket happened so fast. It really and since it that it. That's with a time overnight success comes. Yeah yeah yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. On a cell I read just a number of things that happened to you. Just this summer we you opened RF DTVs. The American at. And that's Dallas cowboys' first Obama huge doubt cowboys fan so. But the amazing for me. That he had to see I'm mean and those kind of days when you just pinch yourself like a dream man and a. I don't know now wait to wake up. So I'm way down still await the way. If you could tour with anybody. What do you wanna start off with. Well I mean I think it's a no brainer I'd wanna I wanna be with George Strait. While. I don't know how. How easy Beckett beset that. I don't I don't think he's indeed to a much anymore. Lot of old Croatian. So. But you have that would be my dream obviously. But. You know I mean anybody that I'm given a shot with some I'm actually gone out on tour with two month big heroes. Of today you know I'm going out on tour with the just in more in the with Metavante which I really look up to those girls who have. And in the spring we're going out Lee Bryant and just more so it via the B aisle to get out there with those guys. And scream and along with their music you know. You know if you can tour wins George Strait Justin Moore is a pretty close second because to me I just I got up. I can't let you know what you are coming to Rochester I just. I I'd look down year I looked at your website I don't see it but I look on the website of a local establishment here that. Is bringing in artists one at a time see you are gonna be an anthology. In heightened they got February then got the month of February here. So I'm excited about that they've done let off the hook now you can go and valid deed can sing your brains out but I still want tickets artisans are. Welcome Bart and I got there that were available you best believe. All right I'm gonna start working on this one. I tell me a little bit about I met a girl at the I'm I was really shocked if I can be honest with you. When I saw Sam hunt's name on it because he seems. So current so contemporary so. Hop and you are sexist or. Else so delighted to be surprised by that. People say that didn't but I think it's. I think a great artist and a great songwriter is just that they're great artists and their great songwriter it doesn't matter. Tom what people are what people say well labeled them as. You know with Perot country you're pop country and I like to call my. Style heck country. Let's do it and don't even like say and that is our country music. If you noticed there's one common deal there in this country. Don't country music you know and it's all the same message it's all the same concept just a matter how we present. Thank you I yeah you. I'm very wells and I and I couldn't agree with you more I. I mean it now I mean you got to have the people that are saying about. Because you know not. People have to work you know there's not just you know they're not always just sitting around a bonfire drink your beer. The domestic analytics. It also have to work have to have realized that. And I say that with the most endearment because. Com people would do and that which feels that rank which means that. You know. That's not my style also prominent try to do this right are again meeting world meeting in the middle for the same goal. So true that it does it makes perfect sense to me really does are you going to see an amazing November. I. And it came up first come Walcott Manama have a beautiful piece of eye candy would it may not beautiful girlfriend Jennifer Sheila QB make him look good so. Our home that final I don't. Good for you what you enjoy every minute. Men got it to soak it up it's such a great night out I am so loving the the compilations on the forever countries on this it. You know meets artists frowned when I first started in country radio to today and it did respects. And that the journey I think in and I know it. So too I love what they did there. Look what they did. I think the doubles the Imation it was going to be absolutely awesome and I think we're gonna need it because it's right after Election Day so. Today all all well anyway either way it's our minds off things. Yeah. Sort don't know but it. And thank you so much you'll. Yeah you bet you bet you have a great day. Attitude and and you let us know we can do anything for you hope moving target that they had to open. All I'm determined I'm looking at the missionary program go oh. Well I bet like a plant album I it's gonna fire ball in itself and it. I excellent William Michael Morgan not met a girl thank you so much for giving a few times today. Take care but you cute.