You're as lame as TERRY if you handed these out to trick or treaters

Tuesday, November 1st

It's Halloween. As a kid, you're all excited to head out and collect all kinds of candy. That is, until you ring Terry Clifford's door bell and she drops THESE into your bag...

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I'll hit lame I'm sorry Terry Clifford how well listen I have gone through days of being candy Shane. I did not need this for you to okay. This night was Halloween does realize what you have got Terry. Hot. Snyder's pretzels and I try to and they were very fresh and delicious. And booed set was the lame as candy ever and that people would throw eggs that are out and we gave it I'll pay. AM team booed on this one. You can you give away pretzels for Halloween pretzels in Tootsie Roll your lucky they didn't rank goes up at the dust and the demeanor gas segment Atlanta. The only nobody got seriously they don't do that ask me what my wife bought the giveaway for Halloween what. Big alibi for the seat. Right pretzels yes. And Susan I can't tell you this right now. The heat was out by August Kirschke did not want my house flooded don't eat it certain you're out somewhere around there I'll get there are only and a not a nice little Buffalo Bill kid said to me. Old's the only. Meant she hated any door propped that door prizes you know can't begin. Now that came out you let the other Muehlegg winning Everett hit anywhere the other you dial up and yet he gets teary. This little while you'll be entered the match for pets and guess specifically pretzels things. You know what I did say Buffy and look at. My husband will say it again you just Exxon. Yeah. So let's get home from work. A 730 years and not the kids are around the vote yea it was crazy it was a madhouse there was people everywhere I love CNN com it was like YE a movie of my childhood because there was hundreds of kids and adults. And people with flashlights there was even a top walking around just keeping an eye on stopped and I love it that's great I loved it perfect weather. And then they get home and like well. And I went to the gym today so I can have one or two cookies are known I don't know maybe it'll be Reese's peanut butter cups no. Like the we'll have size three musketeers no no no no the bucket was full of pretzels. Amateur I have. Let me did your company did yeah Delhi zero. You stop. Delaying you aren't related bait me.