Dolly Parton

6 of the Most Iconic Dolly Parton Moments

Dolly Parton is a timeless country songstress whose personality shines just as brightly as her voice. Her smile can light up a full room, her outfits are worthy of their own museum, and her face made it onto a Post Malone jumpsuit . She’s paved the way for many women in music and has even continued...
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Is Dolly Parton the Next to Jump on an "Old Town Road" Remix With Lil Nas X?

Lil Nas X is the king of the charts, with “Old Town Road” nearing a record-tying 16th week at number one. He has done it with a little help from his friends. First with Billy Ray Cyrus lending a little love to the song, and last week with Young Thug and Mason Ramsey joining the party . But the...
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Mariah Carey Insured 2 Body Parts For $70 Million - Guess Which 2?

Is it 2 body parts, or 3? TMZ reported that Mariah Carey has a $70 million insurance policy on her body. It's $35 million for her legs (which I guess count as one body part) and $35 million for her voice. I get the voice, but are her legs worth that much? I didn't realize that she was known for...
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