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Veterans Share What Inspires Them on 'To War and Back'

( Connecting Vets ) - On the sixth and final episode of “To War and Back,” Marine Corps veterans Scott Huesing and Kirstie Ennis share their sources of inspiration , and Army veteran Boone Cutler shares a tool he created for veterans battling depression. The podcast is a RADIO.COM original ,...
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Veteran Opens Up on Difficult Recovery on ‘To War and Back’

( Connecting Vets ) - Veteran Boone Cutler is recounting his time at Walter Reed Medical Center, where he was given drugs for his injuries that he said would change his life for the worse. In the third episode of “To War and Back,” journalist Phil Briggs dives right back into the stories of three...
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American kids are adopting a British accent because of Peppa Pig

American Children are Adopting a British Accent Because of Peppa Pig

Some American parents are saying that their kids have adopted a British accent thanks to the international phenomenon that is Peppa Pig.
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