Rochester-Piece Theatre Is Planting Kindness with Native Gardens

Rochester-Piece Theatre is back with another fantastic play on stage at Geva Theatre! Native Gardens is a wonderful play about two neighbors, a young latinx couple and a more established couple who live next door to each other. It's a tale of neighborly kindness, communication, and boundaries that...
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Rochester-Piece Theatre is back to talk about Smart People at Geva!

It's Round 2 of Rochester-Piece Theatre, and this time we head to the Fielding Stage for Smart People! No, it's not a pre-requisite to go to the show, it's just a very smart and entertaining and thought provoking play. I get the chance to speak with Shannon Tyo and Bryce Michael Wood and learn what...
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Class is in Session for The School Of Rock!!!

This is the show to introduce your kids to live theater!! Put down those screens and let entertrainment come to life!!! (and YES the kids really do play their own instruments!!
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